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My wife cuckolds me and I love it! Chapter 2

Shag me, you dirty bastard!

My wife reached up on her toes to snake her arms around his neck and kiss him tenderly. Her light summer dress rode up over her bronzed thighs revealing tiny white panties clinging to the curves of her gorgeous young bottom as they began moving sensuously to the soft music.

She danced away from him wallowing in his lust, offering herself, watching him, loving how his eyes undressed her. Her breasts jiggled delightfully with every sinuous movement, she smiled at herself in the mirror, her eyes flashing with lust, telling him that he was the one, then she moved back to him, hands caressing her breasts, inviting him.

“We’ve been talking about this,” she said softly to him, “Paul and I both agree that we want a baby.”

She turned her back to him but reached around and took his hand.

“And since we’ve found out that Paul is sterile, we’ve decided we want a mixed race child.”

Still, with her back to him, she guided his hand up to the zip on her dress.

“So we want the father to be black, intelligent and very smart.”

She moved her hand back down again, still gripping his, which in turn held the zip fastener firmly.

“There’ll be no comebacks, no paternity suits, no requests for money, nothing like that, all I want is that big, black cock.”

And she stepped out of her dress.

“Oh, I forgot,” she laughed and bent down to whisper in his ear,”You’ll have to take my panties off first.”

Jason was transfixed by her naked breasts bouncing off his face, laughing he kissed each nipple in turn then stood up and took her into his arms, he dwarfed her easily as he kissed her wanton mouth.

“There’s no guarantee that you’ll fall pregnant the first time though, is there?”

“No guarantee at all.” Gayle smiled.

“So it might take more than one session.”

“Yes, it probably will,” she agreed, “It’ll probably take an awful lot of sessions”

As they kissed, he pushed the tiny panties down over her bum cheeks and she wiggled sexily so they fell to the floor, closely followed by his shirt and then his slacks.

Jesus! I had to admit he looked amazing, no, THEY looked amazing, her, all four foot eleven of her standing naked in his arms, her head against his muscular black chest. But it wasn’t his chest that I was looking at, no, it was the nine or ten inches of his hugely thick penis in my wife’s tiny hand that caught my eye, then I realized my wife was speaking to me.

“What?, sorry darling I didn’t catch that.”

She smiled at me, her eyes gleaming.

“I said that Jason isn’t used to this, you know, being watched, would you mind if we went upstairs alone for a while?”

“No, of course not, take as long as you want, er, need.”

Half an hour later, I was wishing I hadn’t said that. They’d obviously left the bedroom door ajar for me and I kept hearing Gayle’s low moans of pleasure, followed by a series of rhythmic thuds and my wife’s yells of ecstasy. He was obviously doing things to her that I never had!  

After one long period of almost complete silence, I went upstairs on my tiptoes feeling like a naughty little boy and risked a peep in through the open door and I wished I hadn’t. They were lying in each other's arms kissing and talking softly like lovers, then Gayle giggled and moved on top of him.

“Yes, oh God, yes.” she squealed and the dull rhythmic thuds began again.

I left them to their fornicating and went downstairs again to pour myself a drink, then another and another trying to make sense of my emotions.


“Well, how was it for you?” I asked her at the breakfast table the next morning.

“Oh Paul,” she smiled, “It was sensational, I’ve never had sex like it, he’s an animal.”

“I wouldn’t know,” I said dryly, “I didn’t see any of it.”

“I told you, darling, he’s never done anything like this before, give him time.”

“You might be pregnant now.”

“I might be, but according to my charts, I’m just coming into my most fertile period, so we’ve agreed to try again tonight.”


“Yes of course darling, you want me to get pregnant don’t you?”

“I suppose so, but how long will it take?”

She smiled and came round the table to straddle me. “I can’t answer that one can I?”

She smelled like a dream after her shower and in a sheer baby doll nightie, she looked like one as well.

“I’m still buzzing darling, let’s go back to bed and then I’m going shopping for something sexy to wear tonight.”

The something sexy turned out to be a long, sheer nightgown that fitted her like a second skin, built in cups lifted her breasts without covering them and I thought it was the most blatantly sexual piece of “clothing” I’d ever seen before.

“So do you think he’ll like it darling?” she asked when she showed it to me.

“Christ Almighty,” I nearly choked as I looked at the price, “He’d better bloody do.”

“Just don’t blame me if I get carried away again.” she smiled.

He arrived on the dot of seven which I thought was a bit early for the kind of shenanigans Gayle had in mind, but I let her have her way as usual.

“Welcome, Jason.” I shook his hand at the door and invited him in.

He was carrying a very large and expensive looking bouquet of flowers as well as a bag which clinked.

“Flowers for the lady,” he smiled, “And a drink for us all.”

Then a slight noise behind me made him look up over my shoulder.

“Oh my God, you look absolutely stunning Gayle.”

She did. She was the most gorgeous thing I’d ever seen, I felt my cock stirring but then I realised it was for another man. She’d done her hair up similar to the old sixties beehive style, tiny gold earrings twinkled in her ears and a little gold pendant nestled in the valley of her breasts.

The nightgown fitted where it touched, it really was a fabulous creation with a slit up one side almost to the hip, displaying white hold up stockings and a minuscule white thong, barely covering her hairless sex. But it was her breasts that held my attention, the built-in cups had done their job wonderfully well, her nipples were erect and practically poking out through the gossamer thin material.

“Wow.” I croaked and she smiled shyly.

“Will I do?”

I think Jason lost his voice temporarily too, but at last, he managed to hand her the flowers whilst croaking that she was beautiful.

“Thank you,” she said simply and turned to fetch a vase for them giving us both an even more stunning rear view!

I offered Jason a seat and went into the other room to pour out three drinks, but when I returned he wasn’t there. I found him in the kitchen standing behind my wife cupping those splendid big breasts in his hands and kissing her neck. Gayle was moaning softly but not resisting in any way at all, she tilted her head back as he caressed her nipples and I saw her hand rubbing his cock through his trousers.

“I poured us out a drink,” I said feeling like the original spare appendage at a wedding.

“Later Paul.” Gayle gasped and turned in his arms searching for his mouth.

“Yeah right,” I said, my voice loaded with sarcasm, “Much fucking later.”

As I turned to leave I heard her say.

“Paul, no darli... oh, ooh mmmm.”

The pub was busy even that early in the evening, which I was pleased about, I got roped into a darts match playing for money and managed to win twenty pounds. So I bought all the other players a drink, it came to over thirty pounds which just about summed my life up.

Nice one Paul.

It suddenly struck me then that I was in a pub gradually getting pissed while my lovely young wife was getting her brains screwed out by a guy she’d only just met. I imagined her lying there with her long, stocking clad thighs gripping his waist while his massively thick cock sent her to her own idea of paradise.

No lights were visible as I approached the house, but I let myself in quietly, there was a light, I realised it was our bedside lamp, so feeling like a burglar, I took my shoes off and tiptoed upstairs.

Jason was lying on his back with my wife squatting over his face, she was panting heavily and grinding herself down on him.

“Yes,” she squealed, “Oh fuck, yes, darling, I’m cumming again, oh you dirty bastard Jason, you’re making me do it, I’m pissing in your mouth.”

My cock was as hard as a rock, I really wanted to take it out and stroke it, but I couldn’t move, I was afraid to make the slightest noise in case it broke the spell.

She’d actually called him darling!”

He flipped her over easily onto her back as if she were a doll, her legs parted and her arms snaked around his broad neck.

“So big, darling,” she moaned, “So very fucking big.”

She ran her hands down over his back as he pumped, her nails raking his skin, I watched in fascination as she clutched his buttocks.

“Shag me, fucking shag me you dirty cunt, God, I love that black cock, I fucking love it.”

Then as I walked silently downstairs, I heard his roar of triumph as he came, his roar and my wife’s scream.

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