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My Wife Cuckolds Me And I Love It! Chapter 4

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take me home and fuck my brains out

I slept late and awoke to blazing sunlight streaming through the open window. Gayle had probably only just got up; her side of the bed was warm. Naked, I walked to the bathroom, and then into the kitchen in search of tea. Jason had left out a new box of English tea bags, so I filled the kettle and switched it on as my wife’s delicious giggle reached my ears.

Looking out of the window, I saw her and Jason kissing. Both were naked, of course, and she was holding his cock but I heard her say, “No lover, I promised Paul.”

I knocked on the window and indicated for her to go ahead. She laughed, waved, and blew me a kiss before dipping her head. God, I loved that sexy bitch. I heard two separate splashes and looked out to see them cavorting in the pool. I picked up my cup of tea, walked outside, and Gayle was now sitting on the edge of the pool. Jason was treading water, his head between her spread legs.
I browsed through a newspaper while Gayle enjoyed a noisy orgasm courtesy of her lover’s mouth. She then rushed over to me and plonked down in my lap.

“Good morning, darling.” She smiled and kissed my lips. “Jason knows a tattooist in the village and he’ll take us down there when we’re ready.”

“Yeah,” Jason said, joining us, “but I didn’t tell you that she’s my ex-wife.”

“Oh, cool,” Gayle giggled, “we’ll be able to compare notes.”

“She’ll probably try to seduce you,” he said and we waited for the explanation. “I caught her out here with another woman enjoying a very noisy and very wet sixty-nine.”

“And you didn’t join in?”

He grinned wryly. “Well, normally, I would have… like a shot. But the other woman was my sister.”

“So, you were cuckolded?” Gayle said, unsuccessfully trying to hide a smile.

“Yes, I suppose I was.”

My wife got off my lap and straddled him. “No suppose about it,” she laughed. “You were cuckolded.”

“All right, I was.”

“Are they still together?”

“No, the last time I heard anything about my sister was three years ago. She’d joined a lesbian commune in America.”

“Look, Jason,” I said, “if it’s going to be awkward for you, just tell us where the tattoo parlour is and we’ll go ourselves.”

“Hell, no,” he grinned, “we’re still good friends.”

Gayle disappeared to dress and came back in a tiny white sundress. “I thought I’d better wear panties.” She lifted her dress, revealing a minuscule white thong that barely covered her slit.

Jason and I stepped into shorts and we all walked to his garage. He had a World War Two Jeep: no doors, no seat belts, and no roof. But it was in pristine condition and I loved it.

“We’ll go in this,” he said. “Want to drive, Paul?”

Wow, did I ever? Unlike all the other vehicles on the island, it was a left-hand drive but I soon got used to it and we trundled along at a top speed of forty. Gayle enjoyed the ride, too — but I suspect that had more to do with Jason’s hand being inside her panties.
His ex-wife’s shop was next door to a bar in a small mall with a beautiful, long beach opposite. She was outside, waiting for our arrival, and greeted us warmly.

“I’m Precious,” she introduced herself. “Precious by name and precious by nature.”

After asking Gayle exactly what she wanted to be done, she turned to Jason and I. “Clear off you two… go get a beer, ogle the girls or something. I’ll be about an hour.”

I saw what she meant about ogling the girls. The bar was waitress service only and they wore tiny g-strings and high heels. Nothing else… oh, except a welcoming smile for Jason.

“Precious and I own this,” he explained. “It’s a place for husbands to hang out while their wives are being, er… entertained by their black lovers.”

“Are there many men like that here?” I asked and he chortled.

“Look around you.” He gestured with his arms. “It’s not yet lunchtime and there are what, about twenty single guys in here? And they’re all spending. Look out there to the beach. Almost all the white women are with a black guy; it’s what the whole economy of this place is built on, cuckolding. Before cuckolding became an international past time, we were a poor island, relying on exports of tropical fruits or our famous banana rum. Now the place is booming.”

“Somebody did well to see the opportunity,” I said, watching him smile.

“That was me. I’d been in England on business and I’d just played a game of squash with the guy I’d gone to see. In the showers, I noticed that he kept looking at me, you know, at my cock.

“Anyway, to cut a long story short, I ended up screwing his wife on a semi-regular basis. I made half-a-million pounds out of that trip and I invested half advertising in swingers magazines all over Europe and the rest in building this row of shops and clubs.”

“Quite a story.”

“All that was ten years ago. Fair to say it’s made me a rich man.”

“And a very sexy one, too,” said Gayle from behind. “You,” she said, poking Jason in the arm, “never told me that Precious is lovely. She’s really kind, a lovely, lovely person.”

“Let’s see it then,” I said and it seemed everybody in the place gazed at her as she raised her dress.

It was a black heart-shaped design with a large white “Q” in the middle. It was only about two inches from her gorgeous slit. “I had to let Precious take my panties off,” she giggled, “but she didn’t seem to mind. She kept them.”

“Yes,” mused Jason, “she’s a very helpful lady.”

“She’s made me very horny,” Gayle said, putting a hand on Jason’s groin and squeezing. “She told me that I’ve got a lovely cunt.”

“Well, she was right. It is a gorgeous tight cunt.”

“She told me about the parties you have here every second week.”

“Oh, did she? I must have forgotten to mention it.”

“Liar.” She grinned. “It’s tonight, isn’t it?”

“Er, yes, I believe it is.”

Turning to me, Gayle said, “Tonight’s Cuckold’s Choice. All the cuckold’s names are put into a hat and one is drawn out. The winner can then choose another cuckold’s wife to do a set on the stage with his wife.”

“Sounds good… but I didn’t think you were particularly into women.”

“Well, I wasn’t, but Precious has a way of selling the idea, doesn’t she, Jason?”

“Does she?”

“Hmm… she certainly does. She whispered all the facts to me while nibbling my ear and stroking my pussy.”

“I did warn you.”

“I want to come to the party tonight. Precious says she wants to dance with me.”

“I’ll bet she fucking does.”

“Oh, something I forget to mention, Paul.” She giggled again. “Bulls are not allowed tonight.” Turning to Jason, she said softly, “But, to make up for it, you can take me home now and shag my brains out.”


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