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My wife cuckolds me and i love it! chapter 5

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Jason told the bar staff that anything I wanted was on the house. I nodded my thanks, watched them leave arm-in-arm, and turned back to the bar.

“Your wife is a very sexy lady.”

I looked over my shoulder and saw Precious smiling down at me.

“Yes,” I smiled back, “I think so, too.”

“Have they gone to the beach?”

“No, they’re going home to bed.”

“Oh, sorry, I should have known. I came to return Gayle’s panties before I went for a walk along the beach.”

“A walk sounds good. Can I come with you?”

“Yes,” she grinned, “that would be nice… as long as you don’t mind me being naked.”

“Even better.”

We walked outside, her arm linked with mine.

“What did Jason tell you about himself? More to the point, about us?”

“Oh, he told me how he started this business about ten years ago and that you’re both very rich.”

We stopped next to a notice which read, ”Clothing optional beyond this point.”

Precious wasn’t at all shy about stripping and, mentally shrugging, I followed her lead. I removed my shorts and casually draped them over a shoulder while she swiftly popped her clothes into a string beach bag. She was definitely a curvaceous beauty with proud breasts and a smooth pussy which begged to be enjoyed. Surprise, surprise, my cock stirred.

“What else did he tell you?” she asked as we resumed walking, her breasts bobbing and her hips swaying. My cock stirred some more.

“He mentioned that you like ladies.”

“Yes, I enjoy my bi-sexuality.”

“That was about it, I guess. Why, is there more?”

“Hmm… he never mentioned films?”

“Yes, Paul, films… blue films, to be precise.”

“No, they were never mentioned.” My curiosity overcame a growing bad feeling about the subject. “Tell me about them.”

“Well, first of all, you have to remember that Gayle isn’t the first lady to come under his spell… or under his cameras. Not by a long way.”

We’d reached an area of the beach that was relatively empty so we sat. I sneaked a look at my cock — it was just about under control — and prepared to listen.

“Like everyone else on this beautiful little island, Jason and I were poor, dirt poor. He knew about my love for the ladies, as you put it, and he actually encouraged it, joining in as often as not. A friend had an old movie camera and Jason persuaded him to film us in a romp with a lady. Actually, she was a business lady who’d come here for a break. We’d met her on the beach and, to cut a long story short, the three of us ended up in bed.”

I had an idea where this was leading. Precious licked her lips and continued. “Turns out, she loved the idea of being filmed with us. Over a period of two weeks, we made five films. Jason contacted a company in Denmark and they agreed to buy the films. Later, they sent a top man over here with cameras, microphones, you name it… in fact, everything needed to make so-called amateur films was put at our disposal.”

“Black Bull Productions,” I said. “I’ve heard about them.”

“Yes, that’s us,” she said, nodding. “About six months ago, we paid off everything that we owed to the Danes and now Jason goes his own way. He’s bought dozens of micro-cameras and secreted them all over the house. He has friends doing the same thing, and he makes dozens of films each month. I can guarantee that your lovely wife is being filmed as we speak.”

She shifted her legs then and I was treated to the glorious sight of her cunt lips parting, revealing delicious pink inner flesh.

“Er, Paul, if you don’t mind me asking,” she said, glancing towards my groin, ”why have you got a hard-on?”

I gasped as she gripped my erection.

“Precious,” I said, my gaze roaming her face and shapely figure, “you’re sat here on a public beach, stark naked, flashing your lovely cunt at me, and you’re asking why I’ve got a hard-on? And now you’re…”

She smiled and lowered her head.

“Oh fuck,” I gasped, and thrust into the warmth of her mouth. “Precious, Pre…”

Too late.

I erupted. It had been barely seconds but I couldn’t help it. Thoughts of my wife being filmed fucking — and having a beautiful, naked black woman sucking my cock — were just too much.

 I started to apologise, but she swallowed, shook her head, and laughed as she stood. “I guess you’ll be at the party tonight.”

“Wouldn’t miss it for the world,” I said, picking up my shorts and getting to my feet. “And I already know that Gayle’s looking forward to it.”

“Me, too,” she smiled, grabbing my hand and leading me along the beach.

My cock was sticky and still pulsing as we walked. I looked straight ahead, trying to dismiss thoughts of the gorgeous woman by my side. If I continued looking at her, my erection would never diminish.

“You know,” Precious said, squeezing my hand, “I really do love watching a beautiful woman being eaten out by another woman. It’s sensational, lovely.”

I nodded, an image of her pink slit flashing through my mind, when she suddenly announced, “This is where I live. Come on in; I’ll show you around.”

I followed her up a few steps, her bare buttocks jiggling temptingly close to my nose, into a spacious and cool house.

“Wow, this is beautiful,” I said, looking at the sumptuous furnishing and the paintings decorating the walls. Every picture was of a naked woman — or women.

“That’s a hobby of mine,” she explained. “Every one of those ladies has enjoyed my mouth on her most intimate parts.”

“They’re all beautiful,” I said. “Do you intend doing one of Gayle?”

“Yes, would you mind?”

“No, not at all. In fact, I’d like to buy it from you.”

“She won’t sell it, she never does.”

Turning, I saw a young black girl holding a drinks tray. Truthfully, I was immediately struck by her nudity long before I saw the tray.

“Oh, there you are, Jasmine. Would you like a drink, Paul?”

“Please… a cold beer would be great, thank you.” My mouth was, indeed, dry.

‘“I’ll have one, too, please, my sweet,” Precious said and kissed the girl’s mouth. “Paul is Gayle’s husband.”

“Yes,” she said, hardly glancing at me. “Such a waste of a beautiful pussy.”

I gaped but Precious giggled. “Don’t be offended. Jasmine is strictly a pussy girl, aren’t you darling?” She put a hand on the girl’s firm buttocks and stroked between the globes.

“Yours is the only pussy I want,” Jasmine said, writhing sensuously under the probing fingers.

“And you shall have it, my darling, just as soon as you’ve fetched our drinks.”

The girl immediately trotted off to the kitchen and Precious explained that Jasmine lived only to serve her. “She has more than enough money to go anywhere in the world, but she absolutely refuses to leave me.”

Jasmine returned with the drinks and I watched almost in disbelief as she knelt in front of Precious and parted her beautiful full lips.
Having taken a step forward, Precious lowered her cunt onto the open mouth, and I saw droplets of urine trickling out. Jasmine licked the gold drops before pressing her mouth against the source. I watched her swallowing.

“Did you… ?” I wasn’t sure how to phrase the question but Precious laughed.

“Yes, I did… I pissed in her mouth, Paul. You should try it, it’s more common than you may think. Drinking pee keeps people young, you know. Tell me, how old do you think Jasmine is?”

“Er, sixteen, seventeen?”

“Tell him, Jasmine.”

“I’m thirty-two.”

“Extraordinary,” I muttered.

“Yes, isn’t it?” Precious smiled. “It’s also extraordinary that you’re getting another hard-on so soon after coming in my mouth.”

She turned to Jasmine and held out a hand. “Come and join us upstairs, Paul,” she said while Jasmine slid an arm around her waist, “you’ll see what two ladies in love get up to together.”

“Thank you, but no. Not now — but I’m looking forward to seeing you tonight.”

Precious looked disappointed but Jasmine seemed pleased as I stepped into my shorts, struggled to tuck in my throbbing cock, and left them to their pleasure.


Jason and Gayle were snoozing by the pool when I got back. He was naked, Gayle wore a tiny white thong.

As I approached, she opened her eyes and smiled at me. “Hi.”

“Hello, beautiful.”

“I should go in, I think I’m beginning to burn.”

“You’re turning a lovely shade of brown.”

Jason woke and waved a hand at me. “Hi, did you go to the beach?”

“Yes, your ex-wife and I had a nice stroll. I met her friend, Jasmine.”

“Ah, the lovely Jasmine.”

“Yes, she’s certainly lovely.”

“She doesn’t like me.”

“I’m not surprised, Jason.” His eyebrows rose but I continued, “Where are the cameras hidden?”

He was silent for a minute or so before smiling. “Let me guess… Precious?”

“Precious,” I confirmed.

“Silly woman. So what now?”

“Paul, what’s going on?” said Gayle, standing. “What hidden cameras?”

“We’ve been filmed ever since we got here. He’s making millions out of people like us, filming us and selling them on.”

“Hardly millions,” he grinned. “We’ve made a few thousand but not even close to a million… yet.”

“Hold on a minute, you two,” said Gayle, glaring at us. “Are you saying that every time you and I… well, you know… you were filming it?”

Jason nodded and then ducked as Gayle swung an arm, trying to slap him.

“You bastard, you absolute bastard.” Her eyes were sparkling. “Look at my hair — and I’ve not got any makeup on. I must look a right fucking sight!”


As always JWren has worked his magic.




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