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My wife cuckolds me and i love it

He made me cum four times

"Hello?" I picked the phone up as I sat in the couch to watch my lovely wife at work washing the dinner dishes.

"Hi Paul," the voice said in my ear, "Is Gayle doing anything tonight? Only we have an important client flying in and I was wondering."

if she would escort him to dinner tonight."

"Hang on Danny," I said, "I'll put her on."

She dried her hands and stood beside me whilst speaking to her brother and made no attempt to move away when I slipped a hand up beneath her skirt.

Danny ran a very large insurance company in London and had often used his sister to entertain clients when needed, he paid her very generously and she always enjoyed her nights out.

"Yes I'll be glad to," she said and wiggled her sexy little bottom as my fingers slipped into her panties.

They made arrangements for her to be picked up by a company driver, discussed where they'd probably be going and approximately what time I could expect her home, by the time they'd made all the arrangements, her panties were on the floor and she was writhing with pleasure as she pushed herself down onto my mouth.

"Mmm, you dirty, dirty man," she smiled as she replaced the phone and drew me down to the couch, "Can't a girl have a decent conversation with her brother without being ravished?"

Then she moaned and wrapped her long legs round my back as I entered her warmth, I was rock hard just like every time when I knew she was going out with another man.

We loved each other deeply, but she had a far higher sex drive than me, higher than most I imagine, I'd known her enjoy six screaming orgasms in one evening and she'd still been ready for more, that was when we'd first met at a sex party about six years ago.

We'd married less than six months later and in the second week of married life, her brother asked if she'd be available to escort a client!

We did a lot of soul searching and I admitted that the thought of her having sex with another man turned me on like nothing before.

She went and later when she returned with that "I've just been fucked look." I got incredibly turned on, she loved to tell me all about it in bed and the sex was mind blowing for us both.

We both know our life style is not for everyone, but don't blame us, we're happy and as I said earlier, we love each other.

After our little session on the couch, I ran a bath for her and then fixed us both a drink while she washed, "Stockings I think," she said as if she ever wore anything else, I had the pleasure then of rolling the sheer tan stockings up over her shapely legs and clipping them to the tiny buttons on her garter belt.

"Should I wear panties?" she asked with a smile.

"Oh yes" I replied, "Give him the pleasure of removing them."

"You're so considerate aren't you darling?" she smiled at me lovingly as I handed her a pair of flimsy little panties, "That's just one of the things I love about you."

I slid them up over her thighs and hips, kissing her beautiful, hairless slit before covering it with the delicate garment.

With a final, lingering kiss she went out and stepped into the limousine, I could feel the ache in my groin as she waved and the car swept out onto the main road.

As I always did on such occasions, I went down to the local pub, more for conversation with a couple of friends than the booze, I didn't want to be sitting at home thinking of what Gayle was doing.

At about ten thirty I went home and went straight to bed, I was hard again but resisted the temptation to masturbate, she'd want me hard and ready when she finally arrived home.

The next thing I knew was Gayle sliding into bed beside me and snuggling into my warm embrace.

"Hi." she whispered and kissed me snaking her tongue between my lips.

"Hello beautiful," I breathed into her mouth and ran my hands down over her naked back, "How was it?"

"Feel for yourself." she said softly and guided a hand down between her legs, she was leaking semen, a lot of it.

"He came in me twice," she said as I probed, "And made me cum four times."


"Mmm, yes, twice with his mouth."

"Was he big, you know, his cock?"

"Very, he made me scream."

"Do you want me to eat you?"

"Oh God yes I need to cum again."

"Tell me while I do it"

She moaned softly as I kissed my way down over her stomach to the very top of her slit.

"We ate in the dining room of the Dorchester, Paul, he kept saying how beautiful I was."

"You ARE beautiful." I said as I flicked my tongue over the swollen nub of her clitoris.

"Then he asked me back to his hotel room for a nightcap."

"Did you want to go, or did you go to please your brother?"

"Well you have to understand darling, his manners were exquisite and he was big, very big, he's black too."

"You've always had a fantasy about black men haven't you darling?"

I licked down into her slit, tasting him as well as her plentiful juices.

"Yes and he was everything I've always imagined, he started by saying that my breasts looked gorgeous."

"He was right."

"Then he leaned into me and kissed me with a hand on my breast."

I pushed my tongue up into her slit hearing in her low moan of pleasure, "His hand slid into my dress then and he squeezed my nipple, he was so gentle, it was lovely Paul darling."

"Were your nipples hard?"

"Like bullets, I wanted him so much, he picked me up then like a paperweight and said, I think we should go to bed now."

"What did you say?"

"I said, yes please and snaked my tongue between his teeth, he laid me on the bed then and eased both my boobs out so he could kiss both nipples."

Her juices were flowing as she recalled the events of just a few hours ago, this was just another aspect of our life together, one that we both enjoyed immensely.

"I don't really remember how I lost my dress but I can recall his hand inside my panties, a finger inside me, he was whispering things, telling me how sexy I was, how he loved women in stockings and how much he envied you,"

"You're very wet darling,"

"That's what he said," she laughed, "And then he kissed me through my panties."

She lifted a leg and hooked it around my neck as she continued.

"That's when I came for the first time, he said I looked incredible as I came, he stood up then and undressed, he was magnificent Paul, his cock stood upright almost touching his belly button, I was scared for a second, scared it would hurt me."

"What did you do then?"

"I took it into my mouth, he tried to pull away saying that he would come, but I held onto him, God I could only just get my lips round it, he was absolutely huge darling."

I eased a finger into her wetness alongside my tongue, she squealed and I was rewarded by a gush of juice as she came.

"Oh fuck," she gasped, "That was sudden." then she giggled, "Just like when he came in my mouth."

I pushed myself up then until my rock hard cock nudged in between her vaginal lips.

"Not there darling" she smiled, "I want it in my bum tonight."

"Ooh yes," I laughed, "He must have turned you on."

"He did," she smiled, "Oh God yes he did, he wants to see me again."

My cock jerked and slid in past the tight ring of her anus causing a moan of pleasure to escape her lips.

"I want to bring him here darling, I want you to watch while he undresses me, I want you to see me playing with his big, black cock, sucking it, licking his balls and then watch him fucking me like you're fucking me now."

She wrapped her arms round my neck and I felt her lips on my ear.

"Would you like that darling? Would you like to watch him shagging me?"

My prick was harder than ever at the thought of my lovely young wife being fucked by him.

"I'd love it." And she squealed as I rammed into her savagely, "I'd love to see his mouth on your cunt."

"Fuck yes, while I'm sucking his big, black balls or tasting myself on his cock."

I felt my spunk rising and from how she was gripping me, I knew she was about to come again.

"I want to hear you screaming."


"I want you naked."

"Oh yes, I'll be naked all right, my legs will be wide open for him."

"And full of his spunk."

"Yes, oh fuck yes, it'll be dripping out of me, I'll be the dirtiest little slut you've ever seen before."

"Will you let him ass fuck you?" I was about to cum.

"Ooh God yes, if he wants to, but you can't get pregnant from that can you? That's what I want Paul, I want to have his baby!"

We came together looking into each other's eyes!

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