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My Wife On The Porch - Part twenty-four

Our wedding day has arrived and my surprise

It was our wedding day and Pat was my best man, it was a small ceremony with just fifty family and friends attending. When I caught sight of her in her long flowing wedding dress I almost cum right there and then. She looked amazing, her dress was strapless and her tanned slim shoulders looked beautiful. Her dress showed just enough cleavage to look beautiful without looking cheap.

The wedding went without a hitch and you could tell from the photographs that we were so much in love. The reception was held at the hotel that we were to spend our first night as husband and wife and I could not wait to have the first dance with her.

Her wedding gown flowed as we danced and I moved my hands to her ass as we smooched. She pulled my hands away and whispered in my ear.

“Not yet baby, you are still not allowed to touch yet.”

She danced with everybody during the course of the evening and around eleven o’clock I saw her chatting to Pat so I walked over to them. Pat shook my hand and kissed my bride on her cheek and asked Sara, “Are you still sure?”

“Yes I am, positively sure.” Sara replied as Pat left us.

“Sure about what baby?” I asked.

“I can’t tell you baby, it’s your wedding surprise gift from me.” Sara whispered.

Thirty minutes later it was time, we said our goodbyes to the guests and went to the elevator to our room. I could not wait to get her naked and make love to her, I had been starved of her body for a month now and I was eager to have it. As we left our guests I could not find Pat and I said to my bride.

“I wonder where Pat went baby.”

“I am not sure sweetheart.” Sara replied.

We got to our room and I opened the door, I picked her up and carried her over the threshold and kissed her passionately. I looked at our bed and it was covered with red rose petals and there was a chair positioned right next to the king bed.

We kissed again and Sara whispered, “Are you ready for my wedding gift to you my husband?”

“Oh yes baby, I most definitely am.” I whispered back.

She pulled away from me and walked to the bathroom door, she opened it and Pat came out. I looked confused and my new bride said.

“Tonight baby, I am going to make your wildest fantasy come true,” she continued, “tonight, on our wedding night, you will not touch me, Pat will have my body, I will make love with Pat all night long while you sit and watch, the first cock that I enjoy as your bride will be Pat’s.”

I could say nothing as she said, “Tonight on my first night as your wife, you are not going to make love to me, you will spend the whole night on that chair while I enjoy Pat’s cock,” she continued, “Pat will be the first person to fuck me as your wife.”

Pat was trembling and Sara continued, “You will watch as I suck Pat’s cock and you will see him cum in my mouth,” she went on, “you will watch as I take his cock into my pussy and make love with him, you will see him cum in my pussy.”

I was in heaven, my wife was to fulfill my wildest fantasy and on our wedding night!

Sara said, You will spend the whole night sitting on that chair watching while Pat and I enjoy each other’s bodies in our matrimonial bed,” she finished with, “and he will fuck me bare back, he will not be wearing a condom, I want to feel his naked cock in my pussy and I want to feel him cum inside me.”

I was about to cum as she said, “He will fuck my mouth and my pussy and he will cum in both, he will be the first person to fuck your bride.

Pat looked at me and said, “Is this okay Malc?”

Sara quickly replied, “This decision is not his to make, I have told him what is going to happen,” she continued, “he will have to accept it, I am going to enjoy your cock tonight and not his,” she finished with, you can do whatever you like to me, nothing is out of bounds to you tonight!”

I smiled to Pat to acknowledge that I was happy with it and said, “Sara is the boss tonight bud, if my bride wants’ your dick tonight instead of mine then I have to accept it.”

Sara replied, “Yes you do have to accept it,” she blew me a kiss and continued, “now come here and take my wedding dress off for Pat,” she continued, “come and prepare your bride for her lover for the night.”

I stood in front of her and she kissed me passionately, her tongue almost went down my throat and I could hear her heart beating as I slowly unzipped her wedding gown. My hands moved toward he ass and she grabbed them and said, “No touching, you do not get to touch me until tomorrow.”

She whispered to me, “Is this okay baby?” she continued to whisper, “I am going to be sucking his cock in front of you and he is going to make love to me in front of you,” she finished with, “he will be my lover for my first night as your bride.”

I whispered back, “Baby, I fucking love my surprise!”

I helped her out of her wedding dress and she ordered me to go and place it on the table. She looked fucking amazing as she stood there in a white lace strapless bra and matching lace thong, she had body glitter on her chest, tummy and shoulders and I wanted desperately to fuck her.

She ordered Pat and I to remove out neck ties and told me to sit in the chair by the bed. They used the neck ties to tie my hands to the arm rest of the chair.

“That is to make sure that you don’t try to touch,” Sara said as she kissed me again, “it will also make sure that you don’t play with your own cock, the only cock that will see action tonight is Pat’s!”

I was tied to the chair and couldn’t even touch my own dick while my bride fucked Pat. She kissed Pat passionately, I could see their tongues tasting each other, his hands were caressing her ass and she was tugging at his shirt. Within thirty seconds his shirt was off and she was unbuttoning his pants.

I looked and he had already kicked his shoes off and she eased his pants down, they broke from their kiss and he stepped out of his pants. She sat on the end of the bed and slowly, teasingly, eased his boxer shorts down as she was kissing his tummy.

Inch by inch, she slowly revealed his manhood until finally his boxer shorts fell to his ankles. I watched as her hands went around and held his naked ass before they moved around to his shaved dick. She cupped his balls and kissed the end of his now fully erect dick.

My own dick was painfully uncomfortable and with my hands bound to the chair I was unable to do anything. Slowly she licked his tool before sliding her mouth over it. She started sucking and licking and kissing his throbbing dick and all I could do was watch.

She had been sucking his dick for about ten minutes and I could sense that he was about to cum when he pulled her up from the bed and kissed her deeply. I watched as his hands moved to her back and he unclipped her strapless bra, with ease it fell to the floor and her naked tits were now his.

He hooked his fingers into the waistband of her lace thong and moved his mouth down to kiss, lick and suck her nipples. She let out a moan as he worked his magic on her tits, his hands were slowly pulling her thong down and as it fell to her ankles she stepped out of it. My bride was now completely naked for him.

She turned her back to me and showed me that she had gotten a little tattoo. It was on the bottom of her back and it showed a three quarter of an inch red heart with my name above it in a semi circle and our wedding day completing the circle at the bottom. It looked beautiful and she said, “You will remember this date for more than one reason now baby.”

I smiled, my mouth was dry with excitement but I somehow managed to speak, I sure will baby, I love you.”

“Marcus got one of his friends to do my tattoo baby,” Sara said, “I got it done three weeks ago after I left work on the Friday.”

“I love it baby,” I replied.

Sara teasingly said, “I got it done on a Friday, and you know that I don’t wear any underwear on a Friday,” she continued, “I had to stand while he did it, I tried holding the hem of my dress up but it kept getting in his way,” she smiled as she concluded, “so I finally took my dress off and stood there naked for the ninety minutes that it took him.”

My dick was throbbing as I said, “You stood there naked in front of him?”

“Yep,” Sara replied, “he saw my naked ass, tits and pussy and I had to stand like that for thirty minutes after he had finished for the ink to dry or so he told me.”

She moved back to Pat’s dick and again she sucked and licked it, she was like a crazed animal, she tried to take it all in her mouth but his dick is a lot longer than mine although it is not as thick and it almost gagged her. Ten or so minutes later and he shouted.

“I’m Cumming, I’m Cumming babe.”

I saw his body jerk and I knew that he was Cumming in her mouth. She continued sucking for at least a further two minutes before she slowly eased his now semi hard dick from her mouth. She turned her head to me and tilted it back a little before opening her mouth to show me that she had indeed taken his full load into her eager mouth. She swallowed it slowly and licked her lips and said.

“Delicious, I can’t wait to do that again.”

I could feel the damp patch in my boxer shorts as Pat eased her onto the middle of our matrimonial bed, pushing the rose petals away as he did. His dick was already starting to grow again as he kissed her deeply on her lips before moving his mouth down to her tits. He bit and kissed and sucked her nipples before moving down to her tummy.

I watched as he went further down her naked body and she parted her legs to allow his mouth access to her wet pussy. His lips kissed her pubic hairs before moving to her clit. He kissed and licked her throbbing clit before running his tongue in between her pussy lips. She was moaning with pleasure as he teased her clit with his tongue.

“Put your tongue inside me, “Sara cried, “I want to cum on it.”

Her legs were spread wide open and I saw him part her pussy lips with his fingers and ease his tongue deep into her. His finger was rubbing her clit as his tongue feverishly licked deep into her pussy. Suddenly she screamed.
“I’m Cumming, oh fuck I’m Cumming, oh God here I cum.”

Her body jerked and she was screaming loudly as she reached her climax.

“Oh fuck,” Sara screamed, “oh fuck, can you feel me Cumming on your tongue?”

Pat continued to lick her pussy out for a further five minutes before moving his mouth up to her tits. Sara was holding his dick and working it as he sucked on her nipples, she climaxed again within three minutes and screamed, “I want your cock inside me and I need it now.”

I watched as Pat positioned himself to penetrate her soaking pussy. Slowly, inch by inch his shaved dick slid inside her awaiting pussy, her nails were digging in his shoulders as he fucked her slowly at first then speeding up as he gained momentum.

My dick was throbbing painfully and I was powerless to do anything to relieve my pain. Sara was screaming and begging for Pat to fuck her harder. He was biting her nipples as his powerful tool pleasured her intimately.
Ten minutes of intense fucking and Pat shouted, “I’m Cumming babe, I’m Cumming!”

“Kiss me, kiss me when you cum baby, cum with me and kiss me as we cum together.”

Pat obliged and their mouths locked together again as I saw his body jerk, he was Cumming inside my bride! He was filling her pussy with his love juice and she loved every stroke of his ejaculation.

Finally after almost three minutes of jerking he slumped exhausted on top of her. The only movements now were of her stroking his ass and him jerking every thirty seconds as he pumped the last drops of his love juice inside her. Finally they kissed deeply and he rolled off of her and layed on the right side of the matrimonial bed, his now limp dick was glistening with a combination of their love juice.

Sara positioned herself to kneel on the bed level with Pat’s limp dick and bent forward to lick it clean of their love juice, she had her legs apart and had positioned herself perfectly for me to see their cum oozing from her pussy, drops of their mixed juices were dripping onto the bed and I knew that Pat had cum a lot.

I was in heaven; my bride had just been fucked by my best man and in front of me. This was the perfect wedding gift for me and I craved more. Sara licked Pat’s dick for about five minutes before he went to the bathroom and Sara kissed me, I could taste their cum on her lips as she said.

“I love you my husband, how was that for a surprise?”

I could not touch her as my hands were still tied to the chair but I replied, “Sara, that was incredible, you have made me so happy, I love that you did that for me and I love you!”

Sara smiled and said, “I wanted to give you your wildest fantasy and I did.”

“You sure did baby and I can never thank you enough.” I told her.

Sara kissed me again and said, “I love you sweetheart and I actually did enjoy fucking Pat and boy did he cum a lot in my mouth, it took me two swallows to drink it all.”

Pat returned and Sara went to the bathroom, his limp dick was swinging between his legs as he walked to the bed, Sara kissed him as they passed each other and Pat lay on the bed and said to me, “I hope that you are okay with this buddy,”

I smiled and told Pat, “Pat, this is a perfect ending to a perfect day, I love that she did this for me and I’m glad that she chose you, I love that you both did this for me.”

Pat smiled and said, “She is incredible and I really loved making love to her,” he continued, “I could fuck her every day.”

Sara returned and pulled the covers back and slid into bed and Pat gave her a kiss and said, “Okay, if my services are no longer needed then I will go and leave you two alone.”

Sara grabbed Pat’s dick and said, “No…You are spending the whole night with me,” she smiled as she continued; “I am sleeping with you for the whole night.”

Pat smiled and asked, “Really?”

Sara was still holding his dick as she replied, “Yes the whole night, I told you, I am going to spend the whole first night of my wedding naked in bed with you,” she continued, “yours is the only cock that I will have on my wedding night.”

Pat replied, “What about Malc though, where will he sleep?”

Sara replied, “He will sleep in that chair while you and I sleep naked together in our matrimonial bed,” she continued, “my body is yours until breakfast tomorrow and your cock is mine, I want you to fuck me all night long.”

Pat looked at me and I said, “She is the boss bud, she is yours for the whole night.”

Pat kissed her deeply before turning her over and I watched as he licked down her back to her ass. He used his hands to part the cheeks of her ass and licked down the crevice. She screamed as she climaxed and I could see his tongue probing her ass.

He licked his middle finger and started to push it inside, she was shouting, “More, push it in more, oh God that is wonderful.”

I was Cumming as he pushed his finger into her virgin ass, his finger was fucking her ass and she wanted more.

“Use your cock,” Sara shouted, “try to get your cock in my ass.”

Pat asked, “Really, you want me to fuck your ass?”

Sara was gripping the sheets as she screamed, “Yes, fuck my ass.”

She looked at me and said, “Can he baby?’ she continued, “I have always wondered what it would be like.”

I smiled and said, “Go for it baby.”

She replied, “No, I had better not.”

I looked puzzled and asked, “Why baby, I don’t mind.”

She was still gripping the sheet and Pat was still fucking her ass with his finger as she replied, “I want him to but I would never do it again, not even with you,” she continued, I don’t want you to hate me for letting him do something to me that I would not let you do baby.”

I smiled and shouted, “Baby, I don’t mind, let him fuck your ass, its okay that we will never do that, I want him to fuck your ass.”

She shouted, “Are you sure baby, you won’t hate me for letting him do something that I would never let you do to me?”

I shouted, Pat…Fuck her ass pal!”

“Yes sir.” Pat smiled as he positioned his dick to her ass.

“Are you sure baby?” Sara asked again.

“I want him to baby.” I replied.

Sara shouted, “Pat I want your cock in my ass and I want it now.”

Pat put his finer inside her pussy and used her cum to lubricate his dick, he dribbled onto his finger and lubricated her ass and slowly and gently he pushed his dick into her ass. It took over fifteen minutes before he had gotten about half of his dick into her ass and she was screaming with pleasure as he worked his dick in and out.

My bride was being fucked in her ass on our wedding day by my best man! Pat fucked her ass slowly at first but his thrusts got faster and deeper. Ten minutes later he shouted, “I’m Cumming babe, I’m Cumming!”

Sara screamed, “Wait.”

“Too late babe,” Pat shouted, “I’m Cumming.”

He jerked as he pumped his cum into her ass. He was pumping his love juice into her ass for almost three minutes before he had finished. Slowly he withdrew his dick and I saw his cum oozing from her ass.

“Did you cum?” Sara asked.

“Yes babe, I cum in your ass.” Pat replied as Sara turned around and slumped onto the bed.

“I shouted for you to stop because I didn’t want you to cum in my ass.” Sara said quietly.

“Oh babe, I’m sorry,” Pat said with sincerity in his voice, “I didn’t know.”

Sara kissed him and said, “It’s okay, I enjoyed it, I could feel your cum hitting me inside my ass and it felt amazing,” she continued, “I just didn’t know if Malc would be okay with you Cumming in my ass,” she finished with, “especially as your cock is the only cock that will ever go into my ass.”

I smiled and said, “Baby, I loved seeing him Cum in your ass.”

Sara was now playing with Pat’s dick and replied, “Thank you baby and I’m sorry that I would never let you or anyone else ever fuck my ass.”

I assured her that I was okay with that and she said.

“This is the first and last time that anyone ever fucks my ass.” Sara said.

They both layed on top of the bed and just kissed and cuddled for fifteen minutes before Pat went to the shower.

Sara asked me, “Are you upset that I let him do that to me knowing that I would never let you fuck my ass?”

“No baby I am not upset, I loved watching him fuck your ass.” I replied

“I always wanted to try that once in my life baby,” Sara said softly, “your cock would be too thick to slide into my ass baby, that’s why I asked Pat.”

Sara kissed me and continued, “I just don’t want you to be upset because I have done something with him that I would never do with you.”

I blew her a kiss and said, “This has been the best day of my life and so far, tonight has been the best night of my life baby.”

My hands were still tied to the chair and I wanted to touch her but she would not untie me, “You have to stay there for the whole night baby,” Sara whispered, “tonight, I spend the whole night naked in bed with Pat,” she continued, “my body is Pat’s for the whole night, you just have to sit and watch as your best man fuck’s your bride all night long.”

“Sounds wonderful baby,” I smiled, “I love seeing you take his dick.”

“I love sucking his cock and I love feeling his bare cock inside my pussy,” Sara replied in that sexy voice, “I love swallowing his cum and I love him Cumming inside my pussy, and I loved that he cum in my ass, it felt amazing.”

Pat returned and Sara went for a shower, Pat asked me if everything was okay and I smiled, “Everything is perfect buddy.”

“So you are still okay with me sleeping with Sara all night?” Pat asked.

“Pat, she is yours for the whole night and the more times that you fuck her the happier I am.” I replied.

“And you are okay that I cum in her mouth and pussy?” Pat asked.

I smiled and said, “Pat, you can cum in her mouth, pussy and ass as many times as you like, tonight she is yours buddy.”

“Thank you Malc,” Pat replied, “I am honored to do this for your surprise,” he continued, “but I would fuck Sara any time, she is so hot and I have a thing for her.”

I was shocked that Pat was talking so openly with me and I said, “Even after tonight, if Sara ever wants to fuck you then she can pal,” I continued, “it’s not like you haven’t fucked her already now is it.”

“Wow thank you Malc,” Pat said in shock, “I will keep that in mind.”

Sara returned from her shower and she looked and smelled gorgeous. She kissed Pat deeply and started playing with his dick.

“Get into bed my lover for the night.” Sara whispered loudly.

They got into bed and pulled the sheet over them and I could hear them kissing and whispering. They fucked and sucked until four o’clock in the morning when they finally kissed and fell asleep. I had cum three times in my pants and finally fell asleep a short while later.

I was woken by the sounds of two people making love around eight o’clock and sure enough Sara was sucking Pat’s dick, the covers were off and I saw him cum again in her mouth. She went to the bathroom and kissed me as she passed me; I could taste Pat’s cum on her lips. She finally untied my hands when she came back and she layed on the bed with Pat.

He was still touching her naked body and within twenty minutes he was hard again. Sara said to me, “Baby, would you mind going into the bathroom for a while, this will be the last time that I have Pat’s cock and I would like this fuck to be in private.”

I replied, “Sure baby.”

Pat said, “The last time that you have my cock?”

Sara smiled and said, “Yes, this will be the last time that we fuck.”

Pat looked at me and said, “Malc told me that I can fuck you any time that you want me to babe.”

Sara looked at me and smiled that sexy smile and said, “Oh, okay, but don’t expect that to happen too often, I am a married woman now.”

I went to take a shower and left them alone to fuck in private. Sara called me about thirty minutes later to tell me that they had finished. Sara went in the shower and Pat called room service and ordered breakfast for us all. Sara finished her shower and rejoined us, she was still naked and I kissed her and went to touch her ass.

“I’m not yours until we get home baby,” Sara whispered in my ear.

Pat was still in bed and I was dressed when room service knocked on our door. Sara looked at me and then looked at herself and said, “Oh, room service is here and I am naked.”

Pat smiled and said, “Well, open the door and let him in babe.”

Sara replied, “Like this, naked?”

“Sure baby,” I replied, “make his day!”

She walked to the door and opened it, his eyes popped out of his head when he saw that she was naked, “Come in,” Sara said with a smile and walked in front of him.

He walked in with our tray and placed it on the table next to her wedding dress and she said, “Thank you, this is my first breakfast as a bride.”

“Congratulations.” The waiter said as I gave him a ten dollar bill. Sara walked with him to the door and he left.

“I don’t believe that you both made me do that,” Sara said with a smile, “he saw everything.”

Pat replied, “You just made his day babe.”

Sara stayed naked while we ate breakfast then Pat went to the shower and Sara put on her thong and bra and she looked amazing, she had chosen a very short white mini dress to wear that was almost see through. You could see her bra and thong clearly through the dress. She got a lot of admiring looks as we checked out of the hotel and headed home.

Finally we arrived home and Pat opened the front door, again I picked my bride up and carried her over the threshold and into our home. As soon as we got inside I kissed her passionately and Pat started unzipping her dress. The front door was still wide open and we were on full display to the outside world. Pat had unzipped her dress and unclipped her bra and we broke from our kiss.

“Pat, what are you doing?” Sara asked as Pat pulled her dress from her shoulders.

“Naked when you are home babe,” Pat replied, “remember the deal, you are to be naked when you get home.”

Sara’s dress and bra had already fallen to the floor and she stood there in just her thong and said, “That was before I was married, I am a married woman now, and the door is still wide open, anyone can see in.”

I was just staring at her beauty and didn’t care what was going on around me. Sara looked amazing and I was in a world of my own. Pat eased down her thong and she stood naked, the door was still wide open and anyone could see if they passed by.

“Do you hear him baby?” Sara smiled as she asked, “he says that I am to be naked.”

She looked down at her clothes on the floor and said, “Shit, he has already stripped me and the door is still open.”

I was hard as I said, “Honey, I would have you naked every minute of the day.”

Sara smiled and said, “Then I will be naked, now take me upstairs and consummate our marriage baby, I need your cock.”

I picked her up and carried her to our bed. We spent five hours making love in every position possible and it was incredible. While we were making love we talked about last night and how she and Pat consumated our wedding.

“He really does satisfy when he makes love baby,” Sara told me, “and he sure knows how to make a girl climax.”

I asked, “Did you enjoy having sex with him baby?”

Sara replied, “Yes I did, very much so baby,” she continued, “he does cum a lot that’s for sure, and it doesn’t take him long to get another erection.”

I kissed her and said, “I’m so happy that you enjoyed your night of love making with Pat baby, I alos loved seeing you and him in bed together.”

Sara was playing with my dick and asked, “Are you sure that you are okay that he fucked my ass baby?”

“Yes baby,” I answered, “I loved seeing him fuck your ass, it was so hot.”

Sara asked, “You are not mad or upset that I let him fuck my ass, knowing that I would never let you do that to me?”

I reassured her that I was completely happy with that fact and I told her that it was erotic knowing that she had done something with Pat that she would never do with me. We finished our love making session and went for a shower to freshen up, it was only three in the afternoon and Sara asked me if I wanted her to put clothes on or stay naked?

“Naked baby, I want you naked as often as I can.” I told her.

I put a pair of shorts on and we went down to join Pat, he was sitting on the love seat reading and when he saw Sara walk down the stairs naked he smiled and stood up and walked towards her.

Pat said, “There’s my little hot body that I enjoyed last night.”

Sara blushed and Pat gently kissed her, he held her naked ass with one hand and the other hand he moved and squeezed her right tit. Sara looked at me, she was unsure if she should let him touch her or if she should pull away from him. She pulled away and whispered in my ear. “Is it okay if I let him touch me baby?

I whispered back, “Sure baby, I don’t mind at all, he can touch you in front of me, but only if you are okay with it.”

Sara smiled and whispered, “I certainly don’t mind him touching me baby if you want him to.”

She moved back to Pat and his hand again found her ass and he said, “Hey bud, do you mind if I steal Sara away for fifteen minutes?”

“Sure bud,” I answered.

Sara looked and asked, “Steal me away, what for? Where are we going?”

Pat smiled and said, “We are not going anywhere, I just want to hold you for fifteen minutes.”

With that he moved to stand behind her and his hands came around her front, he grabbed both tits and started fondling them in front of me. Sara looked at me for approval and I smiled.

“I thought that you wanted to do something,” Sara said.

Pat smiled and said, “I do and I am right now, I wanted to hold these perfect tits of yours.”

I watched as Pat squeezed her tits and nipples in front of me, Sara had her eyes closed as Pat enjoyed her naked body. Suddenly Sara screamed, “Ouch, that was too hard again.”

Pat had squeezed her nipples a little too hard.

“I’m sorry babe,” Pat said, “I just get carried away when I squeeze your amazing nipples,”

He moved his mouth to her tits and softely kissed both nipples and said, “There, that should make it better.”

Pat moved his hand to her pussy and rubber her clit for a few moments before Sara went to the kitchen to get three beers. Pat smiled at me and asked, “You sure that you don’t mind me touching her buddy?”

“Of course I don’t mind, you fucked her last night bud, so seeing you touch her is no big deal to me.” I replied.

Sara and I had ten whole day’s off from work to celebrate our wedding and when she brought the beers to us she asked, “So do I assume that I am to be naked for the whole ten days baby?”

Pat quickly shouted, “Yes babe, naked the whole time.”

Sara replied, “Pat, I was asking my husband not you, it is his decision not yours.”

I laughed and said, “Pat thinks the same as I do baby, I like you naked.”

“Okay then naked I will be baby, to tell you the truth I actually love being naked.” Sara replied.

Pat suggested that he take us out tonight for a meal and Sara said, “Unfortunately I will have to put something on when we eat, I can’t go to the restaurant naked.”

Pat suggested that she wear the see through white dress that she wore to come home in this morning and Sara said, “If my husband wants me to wear that then I will.”

I agreed that she should wear that dress and Pat quickly said, “How about wearing just that dress with no underwear babe?”

Sara looked shocked and said, “It’s see through, it’s almost transparent,” she went on, “I know that you could see my bra and thong through it this morning and I know that you could see my new tattoo as well.”

Pat smiled and said, “But it will look so sexy babe.”

Sara looked at me and said, “It is my husband’s call, if he wants me to wear just that dress then I gladly will.”

I kissed her and said, “Baby, I would love you to wear just that dress, but only if you are comfortable wearing it with no underwear.”

Sara smiled and said, “That’s settled then, I will wear it with no underwear, and I will love going out like that.”

We did some chores for the next two hours and on several occassions I saw Pat touch her tits and ass, every time that he saw that I had seen him he smiled and bit his lip as if to say “Oops.”

I smiled and at one point I said, “Bud, every thing is cool, if Sara don’t mind you touching her then I certainly don’t, you don’t have to worry about touching her in front of me.”

Six o’clock arrived and Sara said that she was going to take a shower, Pat said that he would take a shower as well, Pat went to his bathroom and moments later he came running down stairs and me that the faucet on their shower was broken and he could get no water to come out.

Sara whispered to me, “He can shower with me if you don’t mind baby.”

I got an instant erection and said to Pat, “Why don’t you go and shower with Sara, she has seen you naked before.”

Sara agreed and said, “Pat you are showering with me, we are not going to have sex, we are just showering together, understand.”

Pat smiled and said, “I understand babe, but we can scrub each others backs, can’t we?”

Sara smiled and said, “Nothing else, just wash each other, I mean it, nothing else!”

They went upstairs to the bathroom and I ran up and listened at the bathroom door. I heard him ask her if Marcus fucked her when she stayed at his house, and she said that they just slept toghether and nothing else.

I could hear what sounded like kissing and I heard Pat say, “I love kissing you babe, your lips are so soft.”

Sara said, “I like you kissing me.”

I heard Pat say, “How about letting me slide this in here?”

Sara replied, “No, I told you, we are just taking a shower together, you are not going to fuck me, I won’t ever fuck you unless Malc tell’s me to.”

What I heard made me so happy, she will only do things when I tell her to. Sara then said, “I don’t mind you touching me because Malc likes it, but nothing else.”

Pat replied, “Okay babe, I understand and I’m sorry for asking, I know how much you love Malc.”

Fifteen minutes later they both walked from the bathroom naked and I could clearly see that Pat had a huge erection. He slapped her ass and she came into our bedroom and told me that Pat wanted to fuck her.

“I told him no baby,” Sara said, “I told him that I would only ever fuck him if you told me to.”

I kissed her and said, “Thank’s baby, I love seeing him touch you but I don’t want him thinking that he can fuck you any time that he want’s to.”

She put her almost see through dress on and we went down stairs, she looked so sexy. You could see the dark patch of pussy hair showing through the dress and her nipples were quite distinct and when she turned around you could see her tattoo, although you couldn’t make out what it was you could definitely see the shape of it. She got plenty of admiring looks at the restaurant.

Part twenty-five coming soon

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