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My wife's fantasy finally comes true - Part two

Part two, my wife continues to live out her fantasies

So what did happen after my wife's first double penetration?

Once we returned from Amsterdam things definitely didn't return to normal. For some reason her first double penetration had stirred something deep inside my wife. Her sex drive had now found a new level and she wanted to experiment more and more. For me watching my wife with them two guys was maybe the most amazing thing I had ever witnessed and I would be a liar if I said otherwise.

So after some serious thought we both decided we were going to take her experience with these two guys a lot further. We started to plow through internet sites looking for willing guys to fuck my wife. We put adverts on swinger sites looking for guys to join in our fun and help let both of us live out our fantasies.

My wife finally found a group of guys on the net that she liked to look of, she would spend hours each night online chatting to these men, I never really got involved as to what she was speaking about with the guys but we had decided that if she was going to meet up with anyone the one rule would be that she brings them back to our house to take things further. This was also how I could live out my fantasy of watching her fuck other men.

I work for a security company so I got myself some high quality CCTV cameras and set them up in our bedroom so I could monitor any action that might take place from a computer set up in the spare room. I had four cameras, one in each corner of the room, they were very small and you could not notice them there unless you knew what you were looking for.

Anyway as I said my wife had been chatting with some guys she met on the internet and arranged to meet them for a few drinks and to see if they were what she was looking for. Since her first threesome my wife had told me that something she really wanted to happen to her was to be tied to a bed and treated like a complete slut by a group of horny rough guys. I was slightly worried as to how this would pan out but if that's what my wife wanted I would be more than willing to witness it.

The night finally arrived of her first meeting with these guys. I really knew nothing about them or how many of them there was but my wife was bursting with excitement about meeting them. Now as some of you may remember I like nothing more than a woman that wears tights and no knickers and as part of the deal with my wife was that if ever she met with any guys and I was going to watch her then she must weartights. She was happy with my request and the very night she got ready for her night out with her mystery men she wore black tights, a short skirt with a split up the back with a tiny tight top that made her tits look stunning.

When she left the house my mind was racing as to what she was going to do tonight, I paced the floor back and forth as the evening wore on. I got a txt message from her about nine o'clock telling me she was with the guys and they were having a great time. My mind was doing overtime. I was hoping that if she did decide to let them fuck her that she was going to bring them back to our home so I could watch her.

It got to midnight and suddenly I got another txt message. She said she was coming back with the guys and that she would be their in about fifteen minutes. I instantly started shaking, I made my way upstairs to the spare room and switched on the computer, I tested that each of the cameras in our bedroom was working and set in the right place. I was in silence for my wife and the guys to arrive.

Finally, I could hear the key go in to the lock of the street door, then very loud laughing and joking. I slowly walking out of the spare room and peered over the banisters at the top of the stairs. I couldn't believe my eyes, their was at least five guys standing in the downstairs hallway with my wife in front on them trying to lead them up the stairs.

I quickly ran back to the spare room and closed the door. I could hardly believe what was about to happen. I knew my wife wanted to have sex with a group of guys but never expected quite so many.

I could hear them all finally make it to the top of the stairs, I heard my wife lead them to our bedroom one by one, guy after guy walked behind her. I could see everything on the computer screen through the remote cameras. I couldn't believe what happened next, one of the guys mobile phones started to ring, he pulled it out of he's pocket and started to speak on it to what seemed like one of his friends. I couldn't really make out what the conversation was about but I soon realised when I heard a knock on the street door, my wife left the bedroom to answer the door and bring back up the stairs another two guys.

I couldn't believe my eyes. My wife had bought back all in all seven guys to our house, god only knows what they were going to do to her tonight.

Well I was soon to find out. Once all the guys were back in our bedroom they instantly surrounded my wife and their hands were all over her body. Some of the guys were either side of her, some were behind her and some in front. Her body was covered in hands and I could see from she was loving every minute. Through the next few minutes the guys started to undress my wife, her tits looked stunning as they were pulled out of her bra. The guys really started to squeeze her tits and they seemed to almost take it in turns to suck her nipples two at a time.

Her skirt was now up round her waist, the guys loved seeing her trimmed pussy through her tights, they couldn't believe their eyes. I heard them say they wanted a better look so two guys got either side of my wife and placed her arms around theirs necks and then suddenly lifted her off the floor, they then both pulled her legs apart as wide as they would go. The rest of the guys cheered as my wife's legs were opened wide, I changed camera views to get a better look. She had the biggest smile on her face as her pussy was groped through her tights by almost all the men. One by one they seemed to form a queue between her legs and took it in turns to bury their heads between her spread legs and get a taste of her wet pussy.

From where I was watching all I could see was my wife's feet high in the air as she was surrounded by these seven guys. What happened next really blew my mind. I heard her tell the guys to take her over to the bed and tie her wrists to the bedpost and eat her pussy.

The two guys holding her in mid air walked her over to the bed. They asked her if she had anything they could tie her up with and she replied that they could use my work tie's in the wardrobe. My mouth dropped as the guys pulled out my tie's and tied them round each of my wife's wrists before they tied her tight to each corner of the headboard. She was completely at their mercy and she was loving it.

All the guys climbed on the bed and kissed and licked and bit every each of her body. Her tits were sucked hard, hands were all over her. One of the guys had took a pair of nail scissors that were on the bedside table and told two of the guys to open my wife's legs up as he cut a hole in the gusset of her tights.

"You dirty bastards!" I heard my wife shout as now her pussy was free for the guys to do whatever they wanted to it. They started to finger her pussy hard, I could see her toes curling as they kept her legs apart, with her wrists still tied the guys made her squirt hard after only a few seconds or so. I watched as there fingers went in her pussy and her arse, she was moaning so loud, I pulled my cock out of my pants and started to tug hard on it.

One by one I watched the guys start to get undressed, they were all pretty much well built and had no problems in the cock department, some guys had really long cocks and some had really fat cocks. I could see my wife's face as she watched the guys undress, as she was still tied to the headboard of the bed I noticed two guys pick up another couple of my work tie's and walk over to my wife, I had no idea what they were going to do but they each took hold of one of her ankles and tied the tie's around them then at the same time both lifted her legs high above her head pulled them apart and tied her ankles to the headboard where her wrists her tied. My wife was completely unable to move. Her feet now high in the air she could almost touch her feet with her hands. She again screamed that they were dirty bastards.

One by one the guys formed a queue between her open spread tights covered legs. The first guy climbed on the bed and slowly eased he's cock in to her pussy. My wife let out a moan as his massive cock entered her. He raised himself up and put both hands on the headboard in front of him and started to rock back and forth, my wife was loving every thrust and soon she was being pumped harder and harder, I changed camera views and could see my wife's feet high in the air going back and forth as the headboard smacked against the wall.

After only a minute or so the next guy climbed on the bed and took over, he went straight for it and really pounded my wife's pussy, just as she was about to orgasm he pulled out and the next guy took over. Now this guy didn't want her pussy but instead aimed he's cock at her arse hole. I watched her toes curl up tight, as she was still tied up she could not do nothing but take he's cock in her bum. This instantly made her squirt cum all over the guys chest. The rest of the guys watching cheered as her arse was pounded hard. Again this guy was replaced by another guy, then another until all the guys had fucked my tied up wife.

By now she was exhausted and she told the guys to untie her as her feet and hands had gone numb. They did as they were told but instead of letting her rest two guys picked her up off the bed and carried her to the centre of the room. Cum was dripping out of her pussy and on to the floor as one of the guys held her round he's waist and started to fuck her pussy in mid air. She placed her arms around he's neck and bounced up and down on his cock.

Who want's to join me?" The guy fucking her pussy shouted at the other guys.

With that someone got behind my wife and slowly forced his cock up her arse.

"Oh my fucking god!" I heard her scream.

She wrapped her legs tight round the guys waist as they both bounced her up and down in mid air.

"Lets give her an anal train!" One of the guys shouted, and that's what they did. One after the othe,r guy after guy they fucked her arse while another fucked her pussy. It was like a non stop line of guys who after every thirty seconds or so would pull out of her arse and be replaced by another guy. I lost count how many times she cum but they carried this on for what seemed like ages.

The guy fucking her pussy shouted that he was going to cum very soon, just as a guy in her arse was replaced by another guy they both walked her over to the bed and managed to position her on the bed so the guy in her arse was laying on hsi back with my wife now on her back with her legs in the air. The guy between her legs in her pussy started to really pound her hard as he was very close to cumming. I watched her feet swaying back and forth with every thrust, both guys were really fucking her brains out now. My wife was screaming the rest of the guys surrounded them round the edge of the bed and two of them grabbed her ankles and started to suck and bite on her toes. My wife soon cum like a fountain, her tights were covered in cum, two more guys started sucking her nipples, her body was just a wash with guys sucking and groping and fucking her.

The bed was rocking back and forth until finally both guys exploded their loads all over her body and face. She was a mess. The guys left her on the bed a shaking wreck, they ripped her tights off her and wiped the cum off there cocks with them. She was well and truly fucked. Her wrists and ankle were red raw from being tied up for so long. Her pussy and arse was ruined but she took a pounding and loved every minute of it.

The guys soon got dressed and left my wife on the bed, I watched them walk down the stairs and leave through the front door. Once I heard that they had gone I went to the bedroom to check on the wife. She had the biggest smile on her face. She could tell by the cum all over my underwear that I had enjoyed watching the guys fuck my wife like never before. After hours of talking about what had just happened we finally fell to sleep.

What Is next for my wife? How far will she go to satisfy her hunger for sex.

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