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Old Friends and Neighbors Discover Swapping

Longtime platonic friends discover the ecstasy of swapping in their mid-forties.

My wife Teresa, who everyone calls Teri, and I met in college, and were raising our two children in the Atlanta area, until my job transfer to Raleigh, North Carolina. Our son Michael was going into the fourth grade, and our daughter Jenny would be in the second grade.

I’m Matt, and we were lucky to move into such a welcoming neighborhood in the Raleigh suburbs, where we met the family who would become our best friends. John and Linda lived two houses down from us, and they have a daughter, Ashley, who is Jenny’s age, and a son, Jason, who was going into the sixth grade.

We became good friends from the start, partly because Ashley was a kind of awkward and know-it-all girl, which made her unpopular with the other kids. Jenny overlooked all of that, and became Ashley’s best and only friend. Because of the girls’ friendship, our families ended up at the same school events. The girls also visited one another’s homes, which created lots of opportunities for Teri and Linda to spend time together and develop a close bond.

John and Linda had a small beach cottage, only about three hours away, and we sometimes went to the coast with them on summer vacations. At other times, we rented a cabin together in the Appalachian Mountains. We also had some vacations at other resorts, like Disney World, and we always either shared the rooms or we roomed close by.

I had never been the type of guy who lusted after other men’s wives, but after many years of being around Linda, with her wearing bathing suits, pajamas, lounging shorts, and revealing shirts, and with me getting older, I was starting to notice her more and more. I think Teri is prettier than Linda, looking a lot like the actress Robin Wright, while Linda looks more like the actress Hilary Swank. But both are pretty MILFs in my book.

It was obvious to me sometimes that John was also checking out Teri, and that didn’t bother me much. I’m proud of the way Teri looks, and it turned me on knowing that other men found her attractive. I’m reasonably well-hung, with a medium-thick, six-inch cock, and Teri also likes me to eat her out, both before and after we fuck. In fact, I enjoyed eating her out so much that I’d almost rather do that than fuck her. Since our sex life was so good, I didn’t think that Teri had any reason to stray.

I had never seen John’s cock hard, but from the few times I had seen him at the urinals or changing into bathing suits in the various places we were together on vacations, it looked like his cock was uncircumcised, thick, and six inches long on soft. So, I could only guess how big it would be on hard.

Both of our wives are about five feet and six inches tall, and weighed about one hundred and thirty pounds at the time of this story. They are both curvy in the right places, and Teri has 34D breasts, and I guessed that Linda’s breasts are maybe 34Cs. 

As our kids got older, it was sometimes hard to pull them away from their high school friends and activities to go on our beach and mountain vacations. We’d go anyway, leaving the boys and sometimes the girls at home, under the watchful eyes of our other neighbors. That meant us adults were spending more private time together.

Teri and I had fantastic sex at the beach and in the mountains, and I thought those environments were a big turn on for her, especially after we had more alone time with the adults, and less distractions from the kids. Her pussy was even juicier and tastier sometimes, and I thought it was because she was more turned on than usual.

We would drink beer and wine when the kids weren’t around, and sometimes played various card and board games, after going out for some nice vacation dinners. If the kids were with us, we’d drink and play games after they went to bed. The conversations got more risqué too, with occasional off-color jokes, or one of us making comments about women or men we had seen that day.

I didn’t think Linda was necessarily trying to be obvious about it, but without the kids around so much, she would sometimes wear tops that were more revealing than usual, or tight shorts showing a big, juicy camel toe. Teri was dressing in a more revealing way too, and one night I asked her about it.

It was a Friday night on a weekend we were at our rented cabin in the mountains, with just John and Linda and no kids. Teri was wearing tight yoga pants and a tight t-shirt that night, and she looked amazing. We were playing at a table with a glass tabletop, and I noticed that John couldn’t help but stare at Teri’s camel toe, which clearly showed the thick lips of her labia. Linda was wearing something similar, and I also enjoyed staring at her.

After drinking and playing games for hours, we all went to bed. The cabin is small, and our bedrooms were right next to one another, so I whispered to Teri, “Is it my imagination, or are you and Linda dressing in a more revealing way when we don’t have the kids with us, and we’re drinking more? It’s almost like you’re displaying yourself for John, who in case you haven’t noticed, can’t keep his eyes off you.”

Teri smiled and whispered, “It’s not just John who’s looking. I noticed that you’ve been staring at Linda’s crotch all night too. And I have to admit that we’ve both been dressing differently since a conversation Linda and I had.”

I started rubbing her breasts and asked, “Oh yeah, and just what have you two been talking about?”

John and I were friendly, and spent some time together when we weren’t with our families, but Teri and Linda had become very close friends. I assumed that they would probably talk about their personal lives and share intimate secrets, and I found out just how intimate.

Teri snuggled against me and began rubbing my cock as she answered, “You know that Linda and I spend a lot of time together, and she sometimes shares little secrets with me. Now, I don’t understand why she would tell me this, but she has told me on several occasions how much John is attracted to me.”

She let that sink in for a moment, and continued, “Apparently, John is not the least bit reluctant to tell her about his desires for me. The strange thing, though, is that Linda isn’t upset by it, and almost seems supportive of his lust for me. Anyway, she been telling me about it on and off for months now.”

I thought for a few seconds and asked, “How do you feel about that? Are you attracted to John too? Could that be why you’ve been dressing much more provocatively?”

She leaned down to suck my cock for a minute or so, and it seemed like she was trying to make sure I would be in a receptive mood to listen. Then she responded, “John is a good-looking man, and Linda has told me some things about him that make him seem even more interesting to me. I admit that I have been dressing differently, mainly to tease him. I don’t think he knows that I’m aware of him when he’s staring at me, and I like the idea that I might be exciting him.”

I asked, “What about Linda? She’s dressing differently too.”

Teri laughed and said, “Yeah, I guess that’s just a little bit of female competition. She probably feels that if I’m enticing John, then it’s only fair that she entices you. Tell me the truth, honey. Haven’t you enjoyed looking at her too?”

Logic and experience would tell you that it’s never good for a man to admit to his wife that he’s been looking at other women. But in the context of her admission to me about teasing John, I felt it was safe to admit it, while also flattering her. I responded, “Sure, honey, I’m only human, and I have been looking. But you are prettier and have a nicer body than Linda, and it’s just a mild distraction.”

She was quiet for a moment, and I remembered something she said. So, I asked, “By the way, what did Linda tell you about John that makes him more interesting to you? More interesting in what way?”

Teri leaned down to suck my cock for another minute, before answering, “I’m a little reluctant to tell you, but here goes. I’ve always been happy with our love life, and you always satisfy me with your cock. I also love the way you’re always so eager to eat me out. From what I’ve read and heard from other women, there aren’t many man who are as hungry for pussy as you are. So, please don’t get upset by what I’m about to tell you.”

After having seen John’s soft cock on several occasions, I wasn’t surprised when Teri excitedly continued, “Linda has told me that John has a huge cock. She said it’s as thick as her wrist, uncircumcised with a long foreskin, nine inches long on hard, with thick veins all over the surface. He also has egg-sized, low-hanging balls. I don’t know why she would tell me about his big cock.”

“Forgive me honey, but it was kind of arousing hearing her describe John’s cock, especially when she said that it’s lucky she has an oversized pussy that gets wetter than most women’s, since that helps her to be able to take it all why inside of her.”

I could tell that Linda has a big, thick vulva, just from looking at her camel toe, and it was arousing for me to hear about it. I thought for a moment and asked, “That sounds impressive, but what’s it mean for you? Are you thinking about fucking him or something? And if she told you that much personal information, what did you tell her about me?”

Teri was being diplomatic when she answered, “I told her that your cock is six inches long and reasonably thick, and that you are always able to satisfy me. I also told her that you like to eat my pussy, as much or more than fucking. And no, honey, I’m not seriously thinking about fucking John, but I have to admit that I have fantasized about him fucking me a few times.” 

I didn’t understand why at the time, but I was getting turned on knowing that Teri was fantasizing about fucking John. I was envisioning his big cock stretching her pussy to the max. I was also curious about something and asked, “What did Linda say when you told her about me?”

Teri replied, “Linda didn’t comment on your cock, but she was excited to hear about your love for eating pussy. John has apparently never been a fan of oral sex, unless of course he’s getting a blowjob, and Linda really likes to be eaten out. She had a boyfriend in college, before she met John, who loved to eat her out. Her pussy was always so juicy, and her vulva is oversized enough, that he was almost able to press his whole face in her wetness.”

I was a little disappointed that Linda didn’t say anything about my cock, but all the talk about John’s big cock and Linda’s big, wet pussy had aroused me to the point that I turned around in the bed, and began sucking Teri’s pussy, as she sucked my cock. It was hard to be quiet when we had our orgasms only a few minutes later, and I hoped that Linda and John hadn’t heard us.

We lay in bed cuddling after our sixty-nine, and the more I thought about our conversation, the more aroused I got at the thought of Teri fucking John, and me eating out Linda. I wanted to know if Teri was just fantasizing about fucking John, or if she was really thinking seriously about doing it.

I whispered in her ear, “You can be honest with me, honey, and I won’t be upset. You sounded excited describing John’s cock, and I think you want to do more than just fantasizing about fucking him. Tell me the truth; would you fuck him if you had the chance?”

She put her sweet lips to my ear, and answered, “I, uh, well, you tasted how wet my pussy was just now, just from talking about it. So, what do you think? And how about you? Would you suck and fuck Linda given the opportunity?”

I responded, “We’ve been such good friends with Linda and John for all these years, and raising our kids together, that it’s hard to imagine sexualizing our relationship. At the same time, I would love to watch you being fucked by John’s big cock, and you described Linda’s pussy so deliciously, that I’d love to eat her out too. If you wanted to make this happen, how would you do it?”

Teri hugged me tightly and said, “Oh, honey, I’m so happy you feel this way, and wish that we had talked about this months ago. You and Linda usually like to go on long walks alone while we’re at the cabin or beach house. But maybe tomorrow, after an early dinner, you could invite her to go on a walk with you, on the trails behind the cabin. It should be easy to get John to fuck me, and then you and Linda can come back and catch us. From there, we’ll play it by ear.”

We agreed on the plan, and I was on pins and needles on Saturday, waiting for the time when Linda and I would go on our walk. After dinner, I said to Linda, “Please join me on my walk, Linda. I don’t feel like going alone this time.”

Linda and I had gone only a few hundred yards or so up the wooded trail, when I said, “You’re going to think that I’m crazy, but from the way John’s been staring at Teri, and the way she looks at him, I wouldn’t be surprised if he tries to fuck her while we’re gone. Let’s go back and peek in the window, to see if we can catch them.”

She didn’t seem all that upset by my comment, and replied, “You have to be kidding me. I know that John is sweet on Teri, but I don’t think he’d try anything with her. Let’s just enjoy our walk.”

I said, “You can go on your walk if you want, but I’m going back to check on them.”

Linda decided to follow me after I headed back to the cabin, and we were both quiet as we snuck up and knelt by the family room window, and looked in. John and Teri were on the couch, with glasses of wine sitting on the table in front of them. He was hugging her and rubbing her breasts, and they had just finished what looked like a tongue-probing, soulful kiss.

Teri seemed to be continuing a previous comment, saying, “Yeah, no kidding, it was easier than I thought it would be. I got my chance when Matt asked me if I noticed that you were always staring at me, and why Linda and I were dressing in a more revealing way. That led to me explaining how Linda and I confided in each other about our personal lives. The funny thing was, even after I told him how Linda described your cock, he didn’t seem to be upset by it.”

“Matt kept asking me questions, and he wanted to know what I told Linda about him, and what she said about it. He seemed a little subdued that Linda didn’t say anything about his cock, but was very excited when he heard that she likes to be eaten out, especially after describing her pussy as big and wet.”

John said, “I’m surprised that all it took was your conversation last night, to get Matt interested in watching me fuck you. From what you’ve said, it seems like the thought of eating out Linda was a big selling point. Little does he know that we’ve been fucking for months, all with Linda’s blessing.”

At that point, I looked over at Linda, and she had a funny look on her face, at having been found out. She was starting to stand up, and I pulled her back down to her knees, and put my finger to her lips, encouraging her to be quiet. I wanted to hear more before I confronted them.

Teri laughed and said, “I can hardly believe that Linda has been so supportive of you fucking me, but I know it’s mostly because she’s hoping to let things evolve, until Matt becomes her pussy sucker. And hell, the way Matt likes to eat pussy so much, and likes eating his own cum from me, I wouldn’t be surprised if he becomes our happy little pussy cleaner, after you fuck Linda and me. From there, well, who knows what he might be willing to do?”

Then Matt said, “From what you told me about your conversation with Matt last night, he’ll be expecting to come back to the cabin with Linda, and catching us fucking. It’ll be fun watching Linda put on an act like she’s furious at me for fucking you, and I can hardly wait to see how this works out. Let’s get to the bedroom before they come back.”

As they moved to the bedroom, I whispered to Linda, “Very fucking funny Linda; I guess the joke’s on me. I’m not upset though, because I can hardly wait to get a taste of your big, juicy pussy that I’ve been hearing about.”

Then I cupped her breasts in my hand and kissed her, before whispering, “Let’s go watch them get started, before we go inside. And you don’t need to act all mad or anything. I just want to watch them fuck and then get my mouth on both of your pussies.”

We moved and knelt by the bedroom window. I felt pangs of jealousy, betrayal, and at the same time primal arousal, as I saw them together. Teri peeled off her tight yoga pants and t-shirt, and John pulled off his shorts and t-shirt, and we watched as they crawled onto the bed together.

He lay beside her fondling both of her breasts, as they hugged and kissed passionately. They were so familiar and passionate with one another, and I became even more jealous at their closeness. I felt weak and submissive, watching for the first time another man fuck Teri., and when I saw his big, hardening cock and massive balls, and I knew that he could satisfy her in ways that I never could.

They broke their kiss, and Teri moved down to suck his hardening cock. I watched as the mouth that had been kissing me the night before, struggled to take his massive cock into her sweet mouth. It was just as she had described to me, uncircumcised, with a long, rubbery foreskin, and prominent veins on the surface. I could hardly believe the girth of his cock, and that it was every bit of nine inches long.

I felt envious and submissive again, as she not only sucked his cock, but rolled him over on top of her, so he was humping and fucking her mouth. She moved back up, and John began sucking her breasts. I wondered why they weren’t starting to fuck, and found out when John said, “I hope Matt and Linda hurry up. I want to fuck you, but I don’t want to start too soon and cum before they get here.”

When I heard that, I took Linda by the hand and walked around to the cabin door, slamming it after we entered. Then we walked to the bedroom, and I said, “You two assholes can go ahead and fuck now. We were by the window and I heard everything about you guys setting me up. I’d be angry about if, if I weren’t so fucking happy.”

Linda and I watched as John shoved his huge cock into my wife, and I was a little surprised that she could take it to the balls so easily, even though her pussy was stretched to the limit. They resumed kissing as he pounded her adulterous pussy.

Then I said to Linda, “Let’s get our clothes off. I can’t wait any longer to taste your pussy.”

Linda’s body is just as fantastic as Teri’s, except for slightly smaller breasts, and I loved seeing her totally naked for the first time, as I got my clothes off and lay back on the bed. I motioned for her to get on top of me in a sixty-nine, and that’s when I got my first close look at her bare pussy.

Her vulva is longer than Teri’s, with thick lips, and covered in neatly trimmed, brown hair. She was already so wet that her juices were dripping out of her, and I loved the intoxicating aroma of her mature cunt. I reached my arms back between and then over her legs, pulling them forward so that her pussy was totally exposed. I felt and heard her moan and sigh as she took my cock into her mouth, and I covered her vulva with my mouth and began sucking her.

I sucked her labia, and searched out her oversized clit, that was protruding and looked like the top joint of my thumb sticking out. She had her first orgasm with me sucking her clit, and then I pressed most of my face into her massive labia. She was wetter than any pussy I had ever sucked, and my face was literally dripping with her juices. I loved the feeling of being smothered in her heavenly gash, and having my face soaking in her juices.

It only took me a few minutes to cum in her mouth, and it happened just as she had her second orgasm on my mouth and face. Then she did something that I had never experienced before with a woman. She pushed herself up over me, and sat on my face.

She was smothering me with her pussy, moving back and forth fucking my face, and I could barely hear her moaning above me, “Oh shit, oh fuck, yes, yes, yes, suck my pussy and drink all of my juices. I’ve never been eaten out like this, not even by my cunt sucking boyfriend in college. This has made it worth letting John fuck Teri.”

I was totally captivated, being smothered in her big, wet pussy, and I loved the feeling of being held under her and dominated by her. But she suddenly rolled off me, and said, “Oh fuck, Matt, that was fantastic, and you can do that and more for me later. But for now, I think you’ll enjoy watching John cum in Teri’s pussy.”

John and Teri were moaning, and Teri had her legs wrapped around John’s ass, as I watched him take his final few strokes. I got between their legs, and watched as his big balls pulled up, and his perineum started pulsing. I knew that he was inseminating my wife, pumping her full of his cum. Linda and I watched as John began slowly stroking Teri again with his softening cock. The smell of his semen, and the squishy sounds of it oozing out around his still-thick cock, were intoxicating, and making me hungry.

When he finally rolled off her to the side, with a loud slurping sound, Teri held out her arms to me and said, “Come on and clean me up, honey, you know you want to.”

I started moving between her legs, and then decided that I wanted to suck her in the same position Linda taught me, with her sitting on my face. I lay back on the bed, with my head between her legs, and motioned for her to sit up on my face. She moved over me, with John’s cum already oozing down on my face, as she squatted on me.

My ears were blocked by her thighs, and I could barely hear her as she said, “Oh fuck, I love this position, honey. I’m glad that Linda has taught you a new way to eat us out. I love sitting on your face, and having control over you.”

John’s cum was thick and plentiful, and I lapped and sucked on Teri’s pussy as his semen and sperm oozed into my mouth. It was demeaning, but also erotic to be eating the cum of our friend, who had just fucked my wife, and I reveled in being used that way. Teri did as Linda had done, and began fucking back and forth on my face, rubbing her just-fucked pussy on me from her clit to her asshole. When she realized that my face was sliding into her ass on each forward stroke, she sat down harder as I kept sucking her there.

I could faintly hear her above me, telling Linda, “Wow, Linda, this position is good for more than just having our pussies sucked. I don’t even know if Matt realizes what he’s doing, since I’m so wet and sloppy down there, but he’s sucking my ass.”

It was easy for me to tell when she shifted from her pussy to her ass on my face, and I knew that I was sucking her there. I even reached up and gripped her thighs, holding her tightly on my face as I sucked her asshole. The amazing thing was, that I loved being used that way, and it made what happened next even better.

Teri rolled off me, and after giving me a few seconds to catch my breath, she said, “Go on over and get John cleaned up now, honey. You owe him that much for giving me such a great fuck, and letting you eat all his tasty cum. Do it for me, sweetie, and don’t forget his balls. It can’t be any worse than sucking my ass just now.”

John didn’t look that happy to have me sucking his cock, but I moved over anyway, and began sucking him. That was the first time I had ever sucked, or even touched, another man’s cock, but the cum and pussy juices on it were familiar, since I had just sucked Teri clean. I discovered that I liked the feeling of his soft, thick, meaty cock in my mouth, and after a few seconds getting familiar with it, I was sucking and slurping on it as I had done with Linda’s and Teri’s pussies.

By the time I had finished cleaning his cock, and was sucking on his big balls, John was getting into having me suck him. I had just taken one of his egg-sized balls into my mouth and was sucking it, when he patted me on the head and said, “I shouldn’t have waited so long to let a man suck my cock. Other men have offered, but I didn’t know that it would be this good. You can suck me anytime, buddy, whether it’s after I’ve just fucked your wife, or at other times when we don’t have any pussy available.”

I finished cleaning John’s cock, and we all stayed on the bed together discussing what happened. I teasingly chastised Teri for having fucked John behind my back, and then tricking me into agreeing for her to fuck him. We all got a good laugh about that, and I told them how happy I was they had tricked me.

It was somewhat embarrassing talking about the new role I had accepted. I was more of a cuckold, even though we were swapping, and I would get to fuck Linda. But I was obviously the submissive and subservient one in the group. We got some wine, and continued talking in bed, until I said, “Well, John, you fucked and inseminated my wife, and now I’m going to fuck yours.”

He laughed and said, “My cock is just right for her large pussy, but you might have a problem satisfying her with yours. Go ahead, though, friend, I think you’ve earned it. You can always get her off with your mouth anyway.”

Teri got into a position where she could leisurely suck John’s cock, while both watched me fuck Linda. First, we kissed, and then I sucked her nice tits, as I pressed my cock into her pussy. It probably didn’t feel that good for her, after being used to John’s big cock, but I loved it. It felt so good to be fucking the wife of the man who just fucked my wife, and I was starting to feel the same level of passion for her, that I saw shared by John and Teri.

I stopped sucking her tits and kissed her as my orgasm was approaching, and we had a passionate, tongue-probing kiss that continued as my cock spewed its juice into her waiting cunt. Then I lay back on the bed, as she straddled my head, facing my feet, and sat fully on my face. I could barely hear the others cheering as I slurped down my own cum, with my faced pressed into her marvelous, big pussy.

She had the orgasm on my face that I couldn’t give her with my cock. I enjoyed having my face buried once again in Linda’s pussy, and I barely heard Teri say, “Feed him your ass, like I did. He’ll love it.”

Linda slid forward and pressed down harder, and my face was buried between her ass cheeks. I began sucking and licking her ass crack, and she moved enough for my tongue to find her sphincter. I sucked her ass for what seemed like ten minutes, periodically pressing my tongue into her asshole, and loving every moment being under her that way. Then I went back to her pussy, giving her a second orgasm with my mouth.

We all stayed naked in bed, and after a while John said, “Watch, Matt, while I show you how Linda needs to be fucked. Let her get on top of you in a sixty-nice, and you can watch close-up as I pound her pussy.”

That was an amazing sight and experience with Linda on top of me, casually sucking my cock, as John fucked her from behind. His big cock was sliding on my face as I tried to keep sucking her clit, and his big balls were slapping me in the head on each stroke. I thought he was going to cum in her pussy, but just at the moment his ejaculation started, he pulled out of her, and pushed his cock into my mouth

As his cock throbbed and pulsed, directly feeding me his load of cum, he looked down at me laughing, and saying, “You might as well get used to having your mouth fucked, because I plan to use it whenever I need to.”

We stayed in bed together for the rest of the night, sometimes sleeping and sometimes sucking and fucking. I got into a comfortable side-by-side sixty-nine with Linda, and pulled her top leg back, giving me full access to her big, hairy, and juicy pussy. She sucked my cock intermittently, and I also had to move over and clean Teri’s pussy and John’s cock each time they fucked again.

He was lying behind her, with his cock soaking in my wife’s pussy, and each time they woke up he’d fuck her again. They didn’t have orgasms each time, but his cock was soaked in my wife’s juices all night.

We stayed in the cabin naked all day on Sunday, until we had to pack up for the three-hour drive back to Raleigh. I got to fuck Linda again, and of course cleaned everyone up each time someone was fucked. I was exhausted and slept on the drive home, after having eaten eight loads of cum, two of mine and six from John, and sucking Linda’s pussy for hours on end.

Life was different at home after that trip, and John came over to fuck Teri whenever he could arrange it, and the kids were out of the house. I also went over to fuck Linda and suck her pussy as often as possible, and I couldn’t get enough of her juices.

Three weeks after our first experience fucking as couples in the mountains, we took a long weekend trip to the beach cottage. The kids weren’t with us, and we took our swapping to two new levels.

For the whole weekend, we swapped spouses. Teri rode with John in the front seat, and I sat with Linda in the back, like we were married. We slept in separate bedrooms with the other spouse, with me going back and forth to clean everyone up. We even acted like couples when we went out of the cottage to the beach, or restaurants, or did other activities, with us hugging and kissing each other’s spouses and generally showing signs of affection. We should have known that his neighbors would notice. 

John and Linda have a neighbor named Bob at the beach, who they had known for years. He and his wife Melody live full-time at their beach home, and they are about our ages. Bob had apparently noticed what was going on with us swapping partners.

John and I were just coming back for a walk on the beach, while the ladies were in town shopping, and Bob came up to us. After brief introductions, Bob smiled and said, “You wouldn’t be holding out on Melody and me, would you, John?”

After getting a puzzled look on his face, John laughed and replied, “What do you mean, Bob? I’m not holding anything out on you.”

Then Bob said, “Look old friend, I don’t want to force my way into your arrangement here, but it’s pretty fucking obvious that you and Matt have swapped spouses for the weekend. Melody and I have been into swinging from time to time, and ever since you and Linda got this cottage, we’ve been hoping to get busy with you. No offense, but your Linda is mighty fine, and I can see myself getting into that. I never had the courage to bring it up until now, after seeing what’s going on with you guys.”

I wasn’t sure how John would react, but he kept his cool and replied, “Well, uh, uh, it looks like you caught us. I never in a million years thought you guys would be into swinging, and this is new for us too. And to be honest, I’ve probably had my eyes on Melody as much as yours have been on Linda. What do you have in mind?”

Bob smiled and said, “If your friend and your spouses are agreeable, then I think Melody and I would like to join you for the long weekend. She’s always had a thing for you anyway, after accidently seeing you naked one day when you were showering off. One thing I’d like to know is, what are the dynamics of your relationship with Matt and his wife?”

I wasn’t sure what he meant, and John wasn’t either, because he asked, “What do you mean by dynamics, Bob?”

Bob answered, “You know, I just want to get an idea of what we’d be getting into. I know from experience, that some couples, or at least some of the men, are more dominant than others in these relationships. So, if I’m dealing with two other alpha males here, then that could mean less pussy for me. But if one of you is more passive and submissive, then that means more pussy. I just love fucking other men’s wives with my big cock, and inseminating them, and I’d want as much pussy as possible. Now do you know what I mean?”

His comments were arousing to me, and I waited breathlessly for John to answer him. On one hand, I liked to think of myself as an alpha male, but on the other, I knew that I craved the humiliation of being sexually subservient to and used by men and women.

John thought for a few seconds, probably trying to decide if he would be hurting my feelings, and he finally responded, “Yeah, Bob, I know exactly what you mean. No offense, Matt, but I need to tell him. Okay, Bob, I think you can call me an alpha male, and I love fucking both of our wives. Matt here is wired a little differently, and although he likes to fuck every now and then, he likes to suck just-fucked cunts even more. Does that answer your question? And by the way, what size equipment would you be bringing to the party?”

Bob laughed and said, “Oh yeah, that’s fucking perfect. I’ve known Linda for a long time, and know she’s hot. It’s nice having a guy like Matt around for cleanup too. Melody loves to be eaten out after we fuck, but there’s no way I’m doing that. And no offense, John, but after seeing Matt’s wife, I think she might be even hotter than Linda.”

He paused for a few seconds, and then as an afterthought said, “As far as my, uh, equipment is concerned, I can show you right now. Maybe Matt could suck it hard for me, since most of the cum-filled cunt suckers I’ve known also like to suck cock. Or you can trust me when I tell you that I have almost ten, thick, uncircumcised inches of wife pleasing fuck meat.”

John thought for a few seconds and laughed, before he replied, “No, I don’t think we need to see it, or have Matt suck you, at least not right now. Why don’t you and Melody come over for dinner at about 6:30 pm, and we’ll cook out on the grill. Matt and I will need to clear this with our wives, but if they’re agreeable, then we can take it from there. If I tell you that it’s a no go when you arrive, then we’ll at least have a nice dinner together.”

Bob was so crude, that it was a big turn on for me. I had only been involved sucking cum-filled pussies and cock with John. But, Bob’s dominant, cavalier, and blatant attitude about using men like me for their pleasure, gave me a new sense of what it was like being the submissive cuckold in these types of relationships, and how I was viewed by outsiders. It reinforced those exquisitely arousing feelings of being demeaned.

John and I were walking the rest of the way to the cottage, and John said, “You’re in for a real treat if our wives are good with this. Melody is a beautiful woman, with tits bigger than Teri’s, and an ass that won’t quit. She looks a lot like the actress, Blake Lively, and she’s hotter than hell. You’d love having her nice, big ass sitting on your face with a load of Bob’s or my cum in her.”

We told Linda and Teri about the neighbors when they got back, and they were skeptical at first. They agreed, though, when John told them that Bob’s cock was bigger than his, and that he was eager to get some married pussy, other than his own wife’s. They eventually agreed, and I knew that I would be in for a busy night.

John gave Bob a thumb- up when he and Melody arrived, so we enjoyed our cookout, with everyone knowing what was in store for the evening. I’ll admit I was nervous, though, because it was one thing to have my friend of many years fuck my wife, with me eating his cum and sucking his cock, and another to have that involvement with strangers. Melody made it seem okay, though, because she is everything that John said and more. I could hardly wait to get my mouth on her pussy.

There was no need for formalities after dinner, and we all went into the master bedroom, where Teri had fucked and slept with John the previous night, and everyone got undressed. I was really impressed with Bob’s big cock, and he didn’t waste any time claiming Teri to fuck first, while John got with Melody. That left Linda and me to fuck, at least until I had to clean up the first load of cum.

I had a whole new set of emotions, watching as Bob kissed Teri and rubbed her tits, as she reached down to stroke his cock. I was expecting that she would fuck Bob, but I was a little surprised at how quickly she fell into his arms, and shared an intimate kiss with him. A lot of time had passed, leading up to John fucking her the first time, but she was yielding to Bob as if it was becoming second nature for her to be passionate with and fuck other men.

Linda and I were fucking, and I didn’t ejaculate right away, since we had fucked the night before. So, I could watch Teri, in the throes of passion with Bob, as they kept up their tongue-probing kiss the whole time he was fucking her. It might sound strange, but I was more jealous of him kissing her than fucking her.

Bob’s cock was thicker than John’s in addition to being a little longer, and he was giving Teri orgasm after orgasm on his fuck meat. I could hear his cock squishing in her wet pussy, as he took stroke after stroke, stretching her to the max. At the same time, I tried to watch as John fucked Melody. Her big tits, which I guessed were 34Fs, were shaking and moving seductively on her chest, as John kissed and pounded her.

I could tell that Bob was the first one to cum, as I saw him bury his massive cock in my wife’s pussy, and his perineum was pulsing, as he moaned out loud, “Holy fucking shit, Teri, what a fantastic pussy. Take my cum right into your womb, you fucking slut of a wife, and cum all over my big cock.”

John had never talked like that to Teri when they were fucking, and given what Bob had said on the beach earlier, I wasn’t surprised. He was crude and rude, and it made my experience as Teri’s cuckold husband even more intense. She had been a slut to fuck John at first without telling me, and she seemed to be adapting to that role even more with Bob, judging by what she said next.

When Teri heard his comments, and felt that he was inseminating her, she moaned out loud, for all of us to hear, “Oh fuck, Bob, I love your big cock. Fuck me, fuck me, fuck me, and make me your fucking whore. Flood my womb with your cum!”

I hadn’t cum in Linda yet, when Bob finally pulled his cock out of Teri, and said, “Okay, Matty boy, come over here and clean up your bitch, because her cunt will be in big demand tonight.”

Teri had a glazed look on her face as she straddled my head, and lowered her just-fucked pussy to my mouth. Bob’s cum load was huge, and it came running out before I even began sucking her. She sat down hard on my face, as she leaned over to stroke my cock, and I heard her moaning, “That’s right, honey, clean all of Bob’s nasty cum out of your slut wife’s cunt. Suck me, baby, suck me and swallow all our juices.”

I sucked her pussy for about five minutes, after which she slid forward to envelop my face in her ass, and I began sucking her asshole. She was writhing on my face, and I could barely hear Bob saying, “Oh yeah, suck that ass boy. Damn, we lucked out with this nasty fucker, and he’ll swab out all our assholes before this night’s over.”

Teri lifted off my face, and I moved over to clean Bob’s cock without even being told. I had finished cleaning him, and was starting to suck his plum-sized, low-hanging balls, when John shot his load into Melody. I felt like I was in heaven when that beautiful woman sat on my face, and I was eagerly sucking John’s cum from her fat-lipped, shaved pussy. She rode my face like that wasn’t her first rodeo, and I had a sense of pride when she had an orgasm in my mouth, as John’s cum drained from her.

Melody followed Teri’s lead, and moved forward to envelop my face in her big ass cheeks, except that she spread her cheeks with her hands, so I could find her hole more quickly. I held onto her thighs, pulling her tightly against my face, as I tongued and sucked her sphincter. I was able to get my tongue half way inside her, and she moaned out to Bob, “Back when we were swinging, we never had a cocksucker as hungry for ass as this sick fuck. Damn, honey, he’s fucking my asshole with his tongue. We might have to insist that John bring him and Teri here every weekend, or maybe they could even visit us from time to time.”

Melody finally rolled off my face, and it was a little embarrassing with everyone looking at me, as Teri asked, “What’s with you and sucking ass, honey. That first time you watched me fuck John, I just slid forward to put your face in my ass as a joke, to see what you’d do. Now, you can’t seem to get enough of sucking either pussies or asses.”

I wished she hadn’t called me out like that in front of everyone, but since she did, I answered, “It’s hard to explain, honey. There’s just something so fucking arousing about being held down under a beautiful woman like that, and being smothered by either her pussy or ass. And when Melody spread her cheeks to help me zero in, I couldn’t help aggressively sucking and tongue-fucking her hole. The taste and aroma in that confined space is so fucking arousing.”

Teri laughed and said, “Okay, sweetie, that’s fine with me, because it does feel awfully good having my ass sucked. I also like the feeling of having you pinned under me, and at my mercy that way.”

Then Bob chimed in, in his usual crude way, saying, “You’re going to be sucking some gnarly man ass too, and not just these beautiful women. So, get ready for that cocksucker, the next time you clean my cock.”

We were taking a short break after that, and Linda went out to the kitchen to get us some more wine and refreshments. I figured, based on John’s performance that weekend at the cabin, that he would be good for about six ejaculations, as we paced ourselves over the night and morning, and seeing how horny Bob was, I thought he’d be good for that many too. So, it made sense to take little breaks between fucks.

Bob fucked Linda next, while John fucked Teri, as Melody rode my face to two orgasms. She even had pity on me and sucked my cock, but then spit my cum into my mouth after I ejaculated. I loved sucking her pussy and ass, since it was so full and heavy. Not fat at all, but just enough ass flesh to completely envelope my face.

After Bob and John ejaculated, I cleaned Linda and Teri, before sucking John and Bob clean. Bob did as he promised, and when I was under him sucking his balls, he slid forward and fed me his ass. His ass is hairy and aromatic, but I still enjoyed sucking him that way.

Those were the first two of six rounds of fucking, and I was busy cleaning up everyone. I also got the opportunity to suck Linda and Melody’s tits. I spent most of my time, when I wasn’t cleaning someone, under Linda sucking her pussy. She really enjoyed having me eat her out, and I loved how she smothered me with her extra wetness and big vulva.

Bob and Melody slept over with us, for the three hours of sleep we got. The fucking and sucking started again in the morning, after Linda and Teri fixed us a delicious brunch. The men were drained and couldn’t cum every time, but that didn’t stop them from fucking the wives and sucking their tits.

The neighbors left in mid-afternoon, and John, Linda, Teri, and I took a needed nap, until Bob and Melody came over again on our last night at the beach. We had dinner together again, but there was less fucking and more kissing and sucking tits that night. Bob and John were almost fucked out, and they only ejaculated three times each before morning.

Teri spent hours at a time kissing Bob and John and having her tits sucked, as they lay in bed nuzzling like old lovers. I spent a lot of my time with Linda, and I was feeling closer to her all the time, just as it seemed Teri was becoming attached to Bob and John.

We left the next day at noon for the drive back to Raleigh, and John was still sitting with Teri, and I was sitting with Linda. We had had enough sex over the weekend to last us several days, so Teri didn’t fuck John again until the next weekend. That gave Teri and me a lot of time to talk about our new lifestyle, and it was no surprise to me that she was eager for more. In fact, that chance encounter with Bob and Melody at the beach was her impetus to move out of our comfort zone of fucking old friends, and seek out other neighbors or even strangers to fuck.

It was agreed that she would look for another couple for us to share, and I was pleasantly surprised with her choice. Within a couple of weeks, she told me that she had reached agreement with our neighbor, Wendy, to fuck her husband, Richard, since Wendy wanted to be fucked and sucked by me.

I asked Teri how she could have even brought up the topic with a couple that we weren’t close with, like John and Linda, and she said, “It was easier than I thought it would be. I invited Wendy over to talk and share some wine. After we were on our third glass and feeling relaxed, I got her talking about her sex life. She mentioned that she was a little jealous that Richard was always staring at me. It was easy after that.”

The thing that pleased me was that Wendy is a big woman, not overly obese or anything, but at five feet and five inches tall, and weighing one hundred and eighty pounds, she was a lot of woman. Besides her watermelon-sized-breasts, her most outstanding feature was her big cushy ass.

I asked Teri why she chose them, and she said, “Well, first, Wendy told me that Richard has a thick, nine-inch cock, and secondly, she wants to experience having her pussy sucked, like we know you know how to do. Richard thinks it’s gross to eat her out, even before they fuck, because of the weight she’s gained. He didn’t like it so much before that, either.”

“The real treats for you are her thick thighs and fat ass, but I think you’ll also enjoy burying your face in her massive tits. I hope you weren’t kidding about wanting to be smothered in pussy and ass flesh, because she’s got plenty for you. I didn’t tell her about your taste for ass, so you can surprise her with that.”

John and Linda seemed a little disappointed at first, when we told them that we were going to swap with our other neighbors. But, we convinced them that it would be fun to include another couple, and we were sure that we could have a three-way swap soon.

We invited Richard and Wendy over on a Friday night, when our kids were out, and it was a fun evening. Richard was very anxious to fuck Teri, after seeing her naked for the first time, and especially since she’s not overweight like Wendy. I could also tell that Teri enjoyed his big cock, which curved upward, and rubbed her G-spot.

Wendy was a little shy getting naked in front us, but she was more relaxed after I ignored her extra pounds, and started out kissing her, while playing with her massive tits. She was so passionate kissing me, and it felt like she was going to suck my tongue right out of my mouth. It was obvious that she was sensitive about her weight, and the fact that I didn’t hesitate to kiss her, must have given her increased confidence.

Her responsiveness to me reminded me of something my college roommate used to tell me about overweight girls. He said they really appreciated it when a boy gave them attention, and they would do almost anything to please a boy who was nice and caring to them. To use his rather crude saying, ‘fat girl sex was the best ever’.

I listened to Teri and Richard moaning and rutting like animals, as I moved down and buried my face in Wendy’s big breasts. Then I moved down farther, until I had my head between her thick thighs, looking at her shaved, fat-lipped pussy. I turned around next to her, and pulled her on top of me in a sixty-nine. Her weight was a lot more than I had experienced with Teri, Linda, or Melody on top of me, and I loved the feeling of being held down under her ample flesh.

She didn’t seem to know what I was doing when I reached back under her legs and pulled them forward, until she was on her knees, squatting over me. I pressed my face between her fleshy thighs, and when my mouth covered her vulva, she began sucking my cock. I held onto her hips and pulled her cunt flesh tightly again my face, as I sucked and licked her wet pussy, while also sucking her sizeable clit.

Wendy was moaning and gyrating her hips, pressing her pussy repeatedly against my sucking mouth and face. She was starved for the intimacy of oral sex, and I wanted to be totally immersed in her flesh. I kept sucking her pussy, as I used my arms to try to lift her into a sitting position on my face. She took the hint, and sat up, fully on my face, I thought I was in heaven. It was hard to breathe, being surrounded by thighs, ass, and thick cunt, but I learned to twist my head to the sides periodically to get breaths of air.

Her fat pussy was almost covering my whole face, and I loved probing it with my tongue. After sucking her that way for what seemed like five minutes, I heard and felt her moan, as I felt her body tremble from a huge orgasm. She got more active after that, sliding back and forth, fucking my face with her wet gash. I saw the cleavage of her big ass as she moved forward each time, and on one of her thrusts, I reached up and held her in place, with my face pressed in her ass.

I don’t think Wendy knew what was happening at first, when I moved my hands and lifted her heavy ass cheeks, pressed my face deeper into her crack, before letting her ass cheeks down to envelop my face. She struggled a little to pull back, probably not thinking that I knew that her ass was on my face, but she stopped resisting when I began sucking and licking her ass crack.

Wendy started pressing down harder on my face after that, and I felt a shiver run through her when she felt me tonguing and sucking her asshole. Being under a heavy woman like Wendy, and being completely enveloped in her flesh, was an amazingly erotic feeling. I was at her mercy as she began to squirm and bounce on my face. I think she had another orgasm, just from me sucking her ass.

It seemed like I had been sucking her ass for fifteen minutes, and I was so engrossed in what I was doing, that I had no idea if Teri and Richard had already had their orgasms. When Wendy finally rolled off my face, Teri was smiling at Wendy and said, “See, I told you that Matt was hungry for sucking pussy, and it looks like you also enjoyed him feasting on your ass. We’ve got more time tonight, and he’s going to give you a lot more pleasure with that mouth and tongue of his. How’d you like it?”

I was still catching my breath, and Wendy was catching hers, as she breathlessly replied, “Oh fuck, that was so wonderful. I had no idea that I could get such great pleasure like that. And my goodness, Matt, sweetie, are you okay? I’m not a little woman, but you still seemed to enjoy being held under me that way.”

I smiled and said, “I’m just fine, Wendy, and I’m anxious for more. But right now, I need to clean Teri up.”

Teri straddled my face, and I began sucking and licking her pussy, and swallowing Richard’s big load of cum. I heard him saying, “Holy fucking shit, Matt; fuck, man, you’re sucking my cum right out of Teri. Shit, you are one nasty fucker.”

Just as I finished cleaning Teri’s pussy, she smiled at Richard and said, “If you think that’s something, just lay back and get ready to have your cock cleaned.”

Richard recoiled at first, as I moved between his legs, but then he relaxed as his cock and balls were sucked and cleaned. We got some refreshments and talked for a while after that, before I fucked Wendy, and sucked her pussy again, as Richard fucked Teri.

They couldn’t stay late, since our kids would be coming home, but we did talk to them about including Linda and John in our future swaps. They were agreeable that, and Richard was ecstatic that he would also get an opportunity to fuck Linda.

We continue to have very active sex lives with our neighbors, and it seems that Teri is the arranger and organizer for our dates with other couples. She somehow found two other couples from a neighboring subdivision to participate, and it is difficult sometimes to keep track of who she will be fucking and when. As for me, I am enjoying my life as her cuckold husband, and hope that it continues for many more years.

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