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Oral Fixation Leads to My Bosses Impregnating My Wife

My oral fixation leads to me being cuckolded by my bosses and they impregnate my wife .
One of the perks of working for a large corporation with global interests is the occasional opportunity to travel internationally at the company’s expense. In my case, I was a senior chemical engineer for an oil company headquartered in Houston, and periodically traveled to one of our petrochemical plants in Puerto Rico. It wasn’t technically international travel since Puerto Rico is a territory of the US, but it was a welcome diversion for me. I usually traveled alone on those trips, but the events that gave rise to this story occurred when I was accompanied by my immediate boss and his boss.

My name is Ed, and I had a lot of responsibility for a twenty-nine year old being on the job for only five years, after earning my master’s degree in chemical engineering. I was traveling with my boss Richard, who is the director of engineering, and his boss Steve who is the vice president for new product development. We were going to Puerto Rico to help our operations personnel establish a new chemical process, and this was a three day trip, leaving on Monday morning and returning late Wednesday night. Since we were traveling with Steve, we’d be using one of the corporate jets.

I had been on several trips to Puerto Rico, but it was the first time I was going there with senior executives from Houston, and I had only limited previous exposure to Steve. One thing that was different was the email I got from Steve one week before the trip telling me to report to our company nurse. He wanted us to get an abbreviated medical checkup, including having our blood drawn and tested. This seemed unusual to me since we were traveling to a US territory, but I of course complied with the requirement.

The four and a half hour flight to San Juan passed quickly, since we studied the new process technical requirements and discussed how our meeting with the plant personnel should proceed. Steve seemed to be a nice guy, but he was very aggressive in his approach and had a commanding personality. He was forty-five years old and a handsome guy at 6’2” tall and weighing probably two hundred pounds. It was easy to see how he had progressed to vice president in our very competitive company.

We went straight to the plant from the airport, and worked there until late into the evening. Then we drove back to our casino-hotel in the wealthy Candado district of San Juan. Everyone was tired from the flight and the long day at the plant, so we checked into our rooms and had a quick meal at one of the buffets, and went to bed. There were rumors that Steve liked to fuck around with women when he traveled, but he was on the straight and narrow on Monday.

Our day at the plant started early on Tuesday, and we were making good progress and went back to the hotel at 6:00 pm. We changed clothes and had a great meal in the hotel restaurant, and then Steve told us his plans for the evening. He said, “For the several years before my last promotion, I used to travel to San Juan about six times per year. I found a great bar and whore house in Old San Juan that I like to go to, and you guys are welcome to join me. Prostitution isn’t legal here, but the police look the other way if the owners are discreet, and of course pay them off. Most of their security personnel are off-duty cops anyway.”

He paused for a moment to swallow his food and continued, “This place is kind of raunchy and mostly used by the locals, and I like it that way. But they go to great measures to make sure their customers are as safe as possible from catching any diseases. We took those blood tests at work so I could bring the results with me to show them, and they will do a new type of saliva test on us before we can go into the room. HIV/AIDS is relatively prevalent in the Caribbean, second only to Africa, and they like to be sure that none of the men bring it or other diseases into the club. The girls are also tested weekly for all sexually transmitted diseases. None of this testing provides 100% assurance of safety, but it sure is safer than picking up a hooker at the hotel.”

I really wasn’t all that excited about going to a whore house, but Richard quickly agreed to go and I felt peer pressure to agree as well. I didn’t want to be the nerdy engineer who refused to go, and be left to wonder how that affected my credibility with Steve. My wife Jennifer and I had a fairly robust love life, and I didn’t feel the need to be with another woman. But by the same token, it wouldn’t hurt to go and look at some tits and ass there.

Jennifer is a beautiful woman at 5’5” tall and about one hundred and twenty pounds, with sexy dishwater-blonde, shoulder-length hair and green eyes. Her body is voluptuous with full and firm D-cup breasts, a small waist, and a perfectly-shaped, firm ass. She attracts attention from both men and women wherever she goes, and I felt blessed to be married to her. So I was never looking for a relationship with another woman. You might be interested in the unusual way that our love life started.

After my first year of college, when I was required to live in the dorms, I rented a house with a girl named Megan that I knew from high school, and two of her new friends from college. Megan and I were good friends, and never had been romantically involved. My relationship with all of the girls was strictly platonic, at least at first. It was safer for them having a boy in the house, and I didn’t have to put up with the immature antics of other guys. We each had a small bedroom and one bathroom that we shared. I was a serious student who studied hard, and this new environment was perfect for me. The other two girls were Renee and my now-wife Jennifer.

Over the course of the first year living together, the girls got more and more comfortable with me being there, and eventually starting treating me like one of the girls. It wasn’t that I was a sissy, but they got to the point where they walked around in their underwear and talked about their boyfriends and sexual relationships in front of me. They even asked me for advice on their relationships with the guys. If even half of the things they said were true, they were getting plenty of sex. Jennifer seemed to be the one who fucked around with different boys the most.

I was kind of nerdy in high school and had never had sex with a girl, so seeing their fantastic bodies like that and hearing them talk about having sex kept me in a constant state of arousal. They even discussed the cock sizes of their boyfriends, and I learned that they liked the cocks to be at least six to seven inches long, but the most important thing was that they be thick and meaty. Then one night my relationship with my roommates changed significantly.

It was 2:00 am Saturday morning when the girls came back from a party. I had stayed home to study Friday night and went to bed early, but they were noisy and drunk and woke me up when they came in. I got up to see what was happening and found them in the living room talking and laughing.

They were in their underwear as usual, but what caught my attention was the strong aroma of pussy juice and cum, and I could see that the crotches of their panties were wet. They were still drinking beer and complaining about their boyfriends, and I could barely understand Megan when she slurred her words saying, “Yeah, that fucking Kevin likes me to suck his cock all of the time and swallow his cum, but he thinks it’s dirty to go down on me. What a shit head!”

Jennifer was laughing at her comments and said, “No shit Megan. Tim is the same way with me. I either suck him off or fuck him every time we’re together, but after he cums he’s done. One time I asked him why he wouldn’t suck my pussy. That asshole told me it was because I was fucking so many other guys and he didn’t want to put his mouth where all of those cocks had been. I’d love to have my pussy sucked right now, even if one of you does it for me.”

This conversation was really making my dick hard, and I was sneakily rubbing my dick when Renee said, “I’ve got the same problem with Jeff, but I don’t think I’m ready for any lesbian action Jennifer. But I’ve got an even better idea. What about Ed? He studies all of the time and doesn’t have a girlfriend, so maybe he could help us out.”

Then Megan picked up her comment and said, “Shit yeah. What do you say Ed? We all feel comfortable with you and you’re not getting any other sex. Come on over and get between my legs Ed. I could sure use another orgasm about now.”

I knew that the girls were drunk and didn’t want to take advantage of them, but Megan seemed very lucid about what she wanted. She was slouching back on the couch with her ass on the edge and her legs spread wide, so I got on my knees in front of her. She lifted her legs over my shoulders and I loved the smell of her recently-fucked pussy as I covered her panty-covered vulva with my mouth. Her swollen, hair-covered labia felt so good in my mouth, and I was enjoying my first taste of her juices and what had to be Kevin’s cum. I sucked her that way for a few minutes, and then she reached down to pull her panties aside, and I was then sucking her bare pussy.

It was hard to believe that I would enjoy sucking her pussy that much, and in that moment I realized how strong my desire was to perform oral sex on her. It only took her a few minutes to have a huge orgasm, and I loved knowing that I was serving her needs and giving her such great pleasure with my mouth and tongue.

After Megan was satisfied I moved between Jennifer’s legs and sucked her very wet pussy to orgasm. In my mind I knew that I should be disgusted sucking her pussy since she was fucking so many guys and was at the time filled with Tim’s cum, but that made it even more arousing for me. I had never thought about it before, but it was exciting being with such a wanton woman. She lived life on her terms and took what she wanted from men for her own pleasure.

By the time we finally went to bed at 4:00 am, I had sucked all of the girls’ slimy cunts and realized that I had in that short time understood that I had an unquenchable desire to provide oral sex to them. From that night on I sucked their cunts whenever they wanted me to, whether they had just been fucked or not. The girls were especially turned on when I sucked them because they knew that I loved doing it, and put everything I had into pleasing them. It also turned them on knowing that I was eagerly sucking other men’s cum from their cunts. I eventually fucked all of them when they were between boyfriends, but I actually preferred to suck their pussies than to fuck them.

After we graduated, I moved to another college to complete my master’s program, and the girls went their separate ways. I still had a strong desire to perform oral sex, but I just didn’t have time to development relationships with other women, due to the rigors of my coursework. I interviewed with several, major oil companies at the end of my program, and accepted a job in Houston with my current company.

I was still shy with women, despite my desire to suck their pussies, so I was elated when I was in a bar one night and discovered Jennifer there with a boyfriend. She had moved to Houston after receiving her undergraduate degree, and I hadn’t seen her for two years. We began dating on a non-exclusive basis, and I fell back into the routine of sucking her pussy every time we were together, whether she had just been fucked by another man or not.

We eventually fell in love and had been married for almost four years at the time of my trip to Puerto Rico. Jennifer loved having me suck her pussy, but after a couple of years she was sometimes concerned when it became obvious that I was so obsessed with sucking her, almost to the exclusion of fucking her. But she didn’t seem to mind that I liked to fantasize that other men were fucking her, just like occurred in college, and I honestly couldn’t be sure that she wasn’t fucking other men.

I did a little research on the internet regarding my apparent addiction to oral sex, and found that it probably stemmed from breastfeeding issues when I was an infant. I didn’t know whether or not I was breastfed or any of the particulars, but evidently some people develop an oral fixation if they are weaned too soon or too late. One of the results could be having strong desires for performing oral sex on both women and men. There was also a chance that I might have some desire to be submissive to others sexually, as evidenced by my desire to fantasize about Jennifer fucking other men. I guess I’ll never know the real reason for my obsession, but it gave me a lot of pleasure.

Now that you know some of my background, you’ll more easily understand what happened at the whore house.

Steve, Richard and I got to the bar at about 9:30 pm and had to stop at the little office at the top of the stairs. This was a very old, two-story building with Spanish architecture in Old San Juan. The bottom floor was a normal bar, and the top floor had a smaller bar and the prostitutes. The guard reviewed our identification, health documentation and swabbed our cheeks for the HIV/AIDS tests.

We got back the results of the tests about twenty minutes later, which were negative, and were escorted into the salon. Steve paid a cover fee of $500 for each of us. They used the cover fee method instead of paying for each encounter, knowing that most men would only cum a couple of times before losing interest and leaving anyway.

This main salon room was about forty feet long and thirty-five feet wide, and had numerous couches, chairs and low lounges. There were twelve little six feet by ten feet rooms around the perimeter of the room on two sides. The little rooms each had a single bed and sink, and hanging beads for doors. The small bar was on the other side by the windows.

There were eight Puerto Rican men in the lounge area and I saw four others in the rooms. We were the only white men there, and the locals ranged in complexion from light-olive to black. Some of the men were sitting around nude, and I couldn’t help but stare at them. I had only seen other boys in the shower way back in high school, and these were grown men with large, brown, uncircumcised cocks and huge balls.

Ten of the Puerto Rican prostitutes were mingling in the salon area and four others were fucking in the rooms. Most of the women were fairly attractive and ranged in age from about eighteen years old to forty-five. About half of the women were in good shape but others were on the heavy side, no doubt to satisfy the varying tastes of the men.

The rules were pretty lax at the club, and the girls could engage in sex on either the lounges or in the semi-private rooms. There were several older Rican men getting blow jobs in the salon area, and I was intrigued watching the girls suck those big, brown cocks. We sat around for a while to get a feel for the place, and I noticed that the girls normally didn’t douche after fucking a man, but just wiped off the outside of their hairy vulvas. That must have been what Steve meant when he said the place could be raunchy.

I had sucked the girls’ cum-filled cunts hundreds of times in college, but never saw the sex acts taking place. Being able to watch these whores sucking and fucking the men was adding a new and exciting element to my passion for oral sex. I could hear all of the bawdy conversations and the grunts and groans when the men ejaculated.

Steve and Richard took off their clothes after about ten minutes, and I was impressed with their cocks. Steve was very muscular and had what looked like a very thick, seven inch soft cock, with big hanging balls. Richard was about six feet tall and was also in good shape, and his cock was a little longer than Steve’s. I found myself wondering how big they would be hard, and anxious to see them.

Two of the girls came over to Steve and Richard and started sucking their cocks right on the couch and it didn’t take long for them to get hard. Their cocks must have been a little over nine inches long, and very meaty and thick. Just looking at them reminded me of the girl’s conversations in college about getting off the best on thick cocks. They stayed on the couch for a few minutes and then took the girls to the little rooms to fuck them.

I just sat there fully clothed watching the action and taking in the atmosphere as the men took the girls to the rooms. That’s when I became more aware of the aroma of sex, just like the first night I sucked the girls in college. I could smell their pussies and the cum from all of the men fucking them and dripping onto the sheets. My passion for oral sex was being rekindled and was overwhelming my senses. I found myself thinking about sucking those whores, even though I knew they were fucking numerous Rican men and my work associates without fully cleaning themselves. That seemed a little nasty even for me, but at least I knew that there was little chance of catching any diseases.

By the time I undressed down to my underwear and decided to go to a room with one of the women, all of the young ones were busy. So I picked a woman who looked to be about forty years old with a dark-olive complexion. She had huge breasts and was overweight, but I liked the looks of her puffy, hairy vulva. We went through the curtain and she laid back on the bed, spread her thick legs, and held out her arms to me. I just looked at her and then moved down between her legs.

When she realized that I was going to eat her out she pushed her hand against my hand and said in broken English, “No senior, you don’t want to put your mouth down there on my pussy. I have had many cocks in me tonight, and I don’t think you want to do that.”

I smiled at her, and without saying a word, I moved down to suck her wet cunt. She had obviously wiped off her swollen, hairy labia, but as soon as I pushed my tongue into her and started sucking, the cum from those Rican men came pouring out. Then she closed her thighs around my head and humped my face as I continued to suck her pussy. I know that I must have been only one of a few men who ever sucked her that way, and I could tell that she loved it.

My oral obsession had now evolved to include stimulating feelings of being submissive to this whore and, by proxy, the dark-skinned strangers who had just fucked her. As I sucked her, I could envision those thick, brown, uncircumcised cocks fucking her in the same cunt that I was now sucking. That was the first time I remember thinking that way about other men’s cocks, and wanting to see them fucking a pussy up close and even sucking them. Those thick, brown Rican cocks and their big balls were especially intriguing to me, as well as Richard’s and Steve’s thick cocks.

Over the next two hours I took nine of the other whores to the rooms to suck their cunts, and I periodically saw Richard and Steve fucking a couple of the same women just before I sucked them. I had to wonder if they saw me sucking those pussies, but I was in too much of an oral frenzy to care. Once the word had spread among the women that I only wanted to suck their cunts, they really enjoyed being with me. They thought I was a filthy fucking pervert for doing it, but they still liked the feeling of my lips and tongue on their vulvas after being fucked so many times by those big cocks.

We were all exhausted and quiet on the ride back to the hotel, and we went to bed right away since we had a lot to do at the plant the next day before leaving. We were all tired on Wednesday, but finally finished up and headed for the airport at 4:00 pm. There was no work to do on the way back, so Steve broke out the booze and we started drinking. It didn’t take us long to feel the effects of the alcohol and we were soon laughing and kidding around. I had never seen that side of Steve before, and he was like a regular guy with Richard and me.

We each had at least three drinks by the time Steve brought up our experience at the whore house. I was quiet as I listened to the other guys talk about the women they fucked, and then Steve stunned me by saying, “Ed, you really surprised me last night. Richard and I were having fun fucking a few of those whores, but I didn’t see you fucking them. Instead, I walked by the rooms you were in several times, and saw you between the legs of those nasty sluts and sucking their slimy cunts. Damn buddy, didn’t you realize that they weren’t douching after fucking us and the Ricans. Fuck man, you had to be sucking down a lot of cum in there. And I’m guessing that if you’d eat semen like that you probably suck cock too. What’s the story on that disgusting shit man?”

I was drunk but still felt embarrassed to be called out like that by Steve. But at the same time, I enjoyed the rediscovery of my lust for oral sex and the strong submissive feelings I had while sucking those prostitutes. I was also coming to terms with my newly discovered attraction to cocks. My instincts told me not to tell the guys too much about my past, but I also wanted them to understand how my history with the girls affected me.

I gave them all of the details of my experiences in college, including the names of the girls, and how I discovered my oral fixation. When I was finished Richard looked at me and said, “That’s a very interesting story, and it makes my cock hard just hearing it. But I have to ask you a question. You said that one of the girls who was fucking other guys and then letting you suck her cunt was named Jennifer. Is that by any chance the same Jennifer you are married to now?”

It was clear that I had fucked up telling them the names of the girls, but I saw no purpose in lying about it now. So I said, “Yes, that is my Jennifer. I met her in Houston two years after all of that happened in college, and we dated and fell in love. But why are you interested in that?”

Then Richard replied, “Holy fuck man. Jennifer is one of the sexiest women I’ve ever seen, and excuse me for saying so, but her tits and ass are fantastic. If I could use only one word to describe her it would be ‘succulent’. She reminds me a lot of the actress Scarlett Johansson with her thick lips and curvy figure. And it makes her even more alluring knowing that she has a history of being promiscuous. In my experience, once a woman gets a taste of a variety of cocks like that, she has a hard time being faithful to one man.”

Steve had been sitting quietly rubbing his cock listening to my explanation and Richard’s comments, and then he said, “I had no idea that Ed has such a hot wife. No offense man, but I agree with Richard and have to wonder if she is still as free with her body as she was in college. After watching you with those Rican whores last night Ed, it’s not hard to envision you inviting other men into your bed, especially since you have that oral obsession. Pardon me for asking, but what would it take for me to get into her pussy?”

I knew that Richard and Steve would never be that brazen in their comments to me if they weren’t drinking, and the fact that I was also drinking dampened any upset that I might have otherwise felt. To the contrary, my experiences at the whore house and their comments were causing me to relive and even strengthen my fantasies of other men fucking Jennifer.

I decided to see how far they were willing to go and said, “Well Steve, as far as I know Jennifer hasn’t fucked anyone else since we’ve been married, but I guess it could have happened. I haven’t tasted any cum in her pussy except for mine for a very long time. And besides she stopped using birth control over a month ago so we could start a family, and I don’t think she’d be fucking anyone else. We have fantasized about other men fucking her, but have never taken it further. Assuming that I wanted to watch you two fuck her, how would you suggest we gauge her interest and make it happen?”

Now both of my bosses were rubbing their cocks as Steve thought about my question for a few moments. Then he smiled and said, “I don’t know if you’re serious or not Ed, but I do have an idea. We are going back to Puerto Rico in a month to dedicate the new process and to launch the product, and that gives us possibilities. I can easily justify the company bringing Jennifer along on the trip to attend the dedication, especially since you will be honored as being primarily responsible for the development of the process. That will give us a chance to entertain her and the two top managers at the plant, and give her a chance to respond if she has any interest at all. I’d love to fuck her unprotected cunt knowing that she isn’t on birth control.”

I thought about Steve’s proposal and was getting excited at the thought of being able to watch other men fucking Jennifer and me cleaning her freshly-fucked pussy with my mouth. So I smiled at both of them and said, “I am serious about this, and your plan sounds very good. In the meantime, maybe I can get her in the right frame of mind by enhancing our fantasies. I could tell her about us going to the whore house and me seeing your big cocks and those Rican cocks fucking the prostitutes, and how it turned me on.”

Richard then pulled down his zipper and lowered his pants and underwear as he said, “Just thinking that I might have a chance to fuck your luscious wife has me hard as a rock. If you really are serious about this, then you shouldn’t mind coming over here and giving your boss a little relief. Come on Ed, suck my cock and balls for me. You’ve already eaten my cum out of those whores’ cunts, so this shouldn’t be a big deal for you.”

Both men watched me closely as I moved to my knees in front of Richard, and Steve was also taking off his pants so he could get his turn at my mouth next. I took the thick head of Richard’s cock into my mouth and started sucking it as the precum flowed heavily. I loved the feel and texture of his thick cock in my mouth, and I aggressively sucked him as I massaged his balls. After a few minutes of sucking him he pushed my head down so I could suck his big, hairy, low-hanging balls and I really enjoyed the taste and musky smell of his scrotum.

These were new experiences that added to my oral obsession of pleasing men and women with my mouth. I moved back up to finish sucking his cock, and was soon rewarded with a fresh load of his semen and sperm, as his cock throbbed and spewed into my mouth. I then moved over to suck Steve’s cock and balls, and I was amazed at myself for evolving my oral yearnings so far in such a short time. After swallowing Steve’s big load of semen, I knew that both men would have to have lost some respect for me, but the little bit of humiliation that I felt just added to my arousal.

When I got home that night Jennifer was waiting up for me, and we immediately went to bed. I moved down to suck her pussy for a few minutes and then moved back up to hug her and talk. I decided not to tell her about the upcoming trip to Puerto Rico just yet, to avoid her being too suspicious of my intentions. I said, “Honey, I want to tell you what happened on my trip, but I’m afraid that you’ll be angry with me. Will you promise to hear me out before saying anything?”

Jennifer gave me a funny look and said, “You look guilty about something and had better get it off your chest. I can’t promise that I won’t be upset, but I will at least listen without interrupting.”

I told Jennifer all of the sordid details of our visit to the whore house. She revealed her disgust and disapproval at some parts of the story by scrunching up her nose and rolling her eyes, mostly when I was telling her about sucking the whores’ cum-filled cunts.

Then I said, “I’m really sorry honey, but watching those big, thick cocks fucking the women took me back to our college days. You and the other girls were always talking about how much you liked to fuck thick cocks. Even though I always sucked you afterwards, I never got to watch you fuck the guys. Seeing all of that sex turned me on so much, and I lost control in my craving to suck those cunts.”

When I was finished, Jennifer looked at me and smiled. I could tell that her demeanor softened when I reminded her of her licentious behavior in college, but it still amazed me when she said, “Tell me more about those big cocks.”

I thought it was very positive that her first question after hearing about the trip was to ask about those cocks. So I told her all about Richard’s and Steve’s big, thick cocks and huge balls, and also how much I enjoyed looking at the big, dark Rican cocks fucking the whores. She was rubbing her pussy as I described the cocks to her, so I decided to also admit that I sucked Richard and Steve and swallowed their cum on the trip home.

Then I said, “I never thought I’d have any interest in sucking cock until I saw all of that fucking up close. And then when my bosses dropped their pants on the plane, I had the strongest urge to be submissive to them and suck their cocks. I’d really like to start using my bosses in our fantasies, since I now know what it looks like to see a thick cock fuck a woman.”

Then Jennifer said, “Oh fuck baby, I thought you were pretty kinky in college sucking all of us girls like that, but you’ve taken this to a new level. I’d love to imagine that your bosses are fucking me and especially Richard since I know him already. Come and fuck me now baby, so I can imagine that thick cock in my wet pussy.”

We had incredible sex for the next three weeks using my bosses as her fantasy lovers. Then I told her that she was invited to go with us on the trip back to San Juan the next week, and she said, “Damn honey, I can hardly believe that I’m going to meet your big boss and fly on the corporate jet. It will be interesting being with Richard and Steve, knowing how I have been fantasy fucking them for the last few weeks. But I have to ask. Do you think they will show any interest in me sexually on the trip, and if so, how do we handle it? I don’t want to piss off your bosses and cause trouble for you at work.”

Her mindset couldn’t have been better from my perspective, and I wanted to let her know that I was supportive of her no matter what happened. So I said, “You are the most beautiful and sexiest woman that I’ve ever met. Richard even compared you to Scarlett Johansson when describing your big lips, ass and tits to Steve. So I wouldn’t put it past them to try to fuck you in the right situation, especially since I’ve already sucked their cocks. But you don’t need to do anything against your will, and I’ll back you whatever you decide.”

Jennifer thought about it for a moment and then said, “Well if I do decide to let them fuck me, what about birth control? I’ve been off the pill for two months now and you haven’t gotten me pregnant yet. I guess we’d have to tell them to wear condoms. But I should be almost in my safe time on those days anyway.”

I responded, “Asking them to wear condoms is the sensible thing to do, but in the heat of the moment you could change your mind or they wouldn’t care about your concerns. But if you think you won’t be fertile and want them to fuck you bareback, I can tell you that I would much prefer them to shoot their semen and sperm into your pussy so I can suck it out. I think that a lot of men would be even more eager to fuck you if they thought you were fertile.”

The plan for our trip was that the dedication would be on a Friday afternoon, so we would fly in that morning and stay over Friday and Saturday nights in San Juan, returning home Sunday mid-day. The two nights there were purportedly a reward for Jennifer and me for my good work on the project, but I knew that they just wanted to fuck my wife.

When we got on the plane Friday morning Steve and Richard went out of their way to be attentive to Jennifer and make her feel welcome, and Steve sat next to her in the double seat in the back as Steve and I sat facing them.

Our flight was uneventful and we reached the plant in plenty of time for the 4:00 pm dedication. Jennifer was a big hit with all of the men there, especially since she was dressed in a short skirt and tight, white blouse with no bra, and her tits looked fantastic jiggling and swaying as she walked.

We left the plant at 6:00 pm and headed to our casino-hotel in the Candado district, along with Emilio the plant manager and Roberto the process manager on our new product. Steve wanted to reward them for their work by giving them a nice dinner and a night at the casino. Jennifer changed into a slinky black dress with no underwear at the hotel, and she really looked hot. Our dinner in the hotel restaurant was fantastic, with plenty of good wine, and then we went as a group to the casino to gamble until 10:00 pm. The dance club was just opening then, and the other four men joined Jennifer and I there.

The music was a good mix of conventional classics and Latin favorites, with plenty of slow dances. We continued drinking and all of the men took turns dancing with Jennifer. I noticed as everyone got more inebriated, the men were taking liberties with Jennifer by holding themselves against her and rubbing the sides of her tits and ass. She seemed to be enjoying their attention and was rubbing their cocks as well.

It was arousing for me to be watching those men with her, especially seeing her with the Emilio and Roberto, with their medium-olive complexions. I could only conclude that Steve had told them about wanting to fuck my wife, and I found myself wondering if they also knew that I sucked the boss’ cocks, and how big their cocks were compared to the ones I saw at the whore house.

At about 1:00 am, Steve suggested that we take the party back to his suite, and everybody followed him up there. From the way Jennifer had been so receptive to their advances on the dance floor, I’m sure they thought she would be an easy fuck. Steve turned on the stereo for some dance music and we all kept drinking, as the men took turns dancing with her again, and I sat on the couch watching.

Steve was dancing with her during a slow song, and he backed her up to the bar and lifted her up to sit on a stool. Then he leaned in to kiss her as he was unfastened her dress. Her big breasts came into view and Steve leaned down to suck them, as she was rubbing the huge bulge in his pants. Just as he was lifting the bottom of her dress to expose her wet pussy I heard her ask, “You can fuck me with your big cock, but are you going to wear a condom?”

He pulled away from her tit and said, “Oh no baby. I’ve just got to feel my bare cock in your sweet pussy. You must be safe right now or you wouldn’t have let me get this far.”

Jennifer put her head on Steve’s shoulder and must have given him the okay to fuck her bareback. Steve unfastened and dropped his pants and underwear, and he moved his thick cock against her swollen and hairy vulva. I was so aroused as I saw the big head of his cock push into her labia, which was now stretched in a way that I could never do with my thin, five inch cock.

As Steve began fucking Jennifer right there on the stool in front of everyone, Emilio sat down next to me and pulled my hand onto his crotch, and said, “Your wife looks like a great fuck Ed, but I guess I’ll have to wait for my turn. But the guys tell you that you also like to suck cock, and that you swallowed a lot of Rican cum at that whore house. Come on and suck me and get me hard to fuck her man. If you’ll suck those nasty whores’ cunts, then you shouldn’t mind sucking my black cock.”

Emilio pulled his pants and underwear off as I moved to my knees in front of him, and his black cock was right in my face. He was partially hard and already about eight inches long, and every bit as thick as my bosses’ cocks. His cock and huge, hairy ball sack were black, and I could see even under his foreskin the thick veins running over the surface of his cock. I went down first to suck his balls and his musky aroma was strong and even smelled a little like piss.

I sucked his balls for a few minutes and then moved up to take his foreskin-covered cock head into my mouth. He was so thick that I could only take about half of his now-hard 10 inches of fuck meat into my mouth. I continued sucking him and could hear Jennifer moaning as Steve continued fucking her behind me. Jennifer was having almost continuous orgasms and finally Steve started grunting and talking in gasps saying, “Oh fuck you beautiful little slut. Take my sperm right into you fertile womb!”

Emilio was getting close to cumming as he pushed me away. I turned and could clearly see the base of Steve’s cock pulsing as he filed my wife with his seed. He held himself fully in her and no doubt his cock head was against her cervix as she wrapped he legs around his back to hold him in place. Then he lifted her off of the chair and pushed her to the couch next to Emilio and me and said, “Get over here between your little whore’s legs and show us how you like to clean cum-filled cunts. Don’t be shy man, we all know how much you want to eat our splooge.”

I moved between her legs and didn’t hesitate to cover her hairy vulva with my mouth. Steve’s cum was flooding into my mouth and Jennifer was so turned on seeing me between her legs like that with everyone watching, and she wrapped her legs around my head to hold me in place. After I finished cleaning the cum from her now-stretched cunt she lay back on the couch and Emilio pressed his big cock into her. His big, black cock looked almost obscene pressing into her, and I watch him stroke her for a few minutes before Steve pulled my mouth to his cock so I could clean him.

Just as Steve pulled away from me, Richard pushed my head back against the couch and started to fuck my mouth. His cock hardened as I sucked him, and I could tell that he took great pleasure in fucking my mouth like a pussy. I knew that Emilio was shooting his load into my wife when he barely audibly said, “Take my thick Rican seed you bitch. I can hardly believe that you let us fuck your unprotected cunt like this, and if there is even the slightest chance that you are fertile, then I am giving you my baby right now.”

I cleaned up Jennifer’s pussy after Emilio fucked her, and then the rest of the night was a blur. Those four men fucked my wife and used my mouth for their pleasure until the sun was coming up on Saturday, and we all finally fell asleep on the couches and beds.

When I woke up at about 11:00 am, my head was between Jennifer’s legs with my mouth on her pussy, and Emilio was just getting ready to pull me out of the way so he could fuck her again. Her pussy was swollen and by that time tasted and smelled just like the whores I sucked previously. I’m guessing that Jennifer was fucked at least fifteen times that night, and I did my part by sucking their cocks hard each time. All of the men took another turn fucking her pussy and my mouth, and then we showered together.

Emilio and Roberto had to leave to go home to their wives, but Steve, Richard, Jennifer and I relaxed by the pool until the sun was getting low in the sky. Then we had another great meal in the hotel before going back to Steve’s suite for another night of fucking and sucking. They were treating Jennifer like a whore and me like a submissive cock sucker, and we no doubt deserved that treatment.

The flight home Sunday was a lot of fun and each of my bosses fucked her twice on the plane, with me of course sucking their cocks and cleaning her well-fucked cunt. Jennifer just loved being fucked by those men and their thick cocks, and she also liked me sucking her pussy and being subservient to her lovers.

A week after we got back to Houston I learned of some interesting changes in our lives. Steve gave me a nebulous promotion to be director of Puerto Rico engineering, mostly for his benefit. Our senior management, to include the CEO and COO, had frequent parties with officers and others down to and including the director level, and he wanted to introduce Jennifer and I to his bosses. He likely got points for bringing a husband with a whore wife to the parties.

Three weeks after we came back from San Juan, Jennifer missed her period and found out from her doctor that she was pregnant. We couldn’t be certain who the father was, but I knew that I had not fucked her during her most-fertile time. When I told Steve and Richard that she was pregnant they couldn’t hide their joy that one of the group in San Juan had knocked her up.

They started inviting us to the management parties, and they always found a way to get Jennifer and I into a private room to fuck and suck the officers. And when her belly started showing they were even more eager to fuck her. But then at the beginning of her eighth month, one of the senior officer’s wives got wind that her husband and ten other men were routinely fucking Jennifer. She wasn’t aware of that trip to San Juan where Jennifer likely got pregnant, and she was concerned that her husband could be implicated in the pregnancy.

Most corporations want to avoid a scandal at all costs, so they solved the potentially embarrassing problem by transferring me to Puerto Rico. The plant was expanding due to the new product I developed, so they had an excuse to move me there, working for Emilio and Roberto. They were elated when they found out about the move, and even happier when they found out that Jennifer was pregnant. They started gently fucking her again as soon as we moved in, and kept fuck her right up to the baby coming. They had just finished fucking her when we took her to the hospital to deliver the baby, and she still had their cum in her vagina on the delivery table.

We had to take a break from fucking for about six weeks, but I still sucked their black, Rican cocks almost every day at the plant. I had gone well-past a simple oral obsession and was now addicted to their tasty cum. By the time Jennifer was available for them to fuck again, she was nursing our child, who just happened to have a light-olive complexion and dark hair. There was no doubt that one of those Puerto Rican men impregnated her.

Emilio and Roberto loved sucking Jennifer’s milk-swollen breasts, and they continued fucking her at every opportunity. They also invited other men from the plant to fuck her, and she was taking at least twelve big cocks a week. Richard and Steve and some of their bosses visited the San Juan plant much more often than could be justified for business purposes, so we had a steady diet of their cocks and semen as well.

We now have two daughters and a son, and all of them have Latin skin tone and features. Jennifer is happy with our life here and she is getting all of the thick cocks she can, while I am happy in my role as her cum-eating and cock sucking cuckold husband.

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