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Our Maiden Voyage Into Jason's Room

My girlfriend Amy’s nipples never got hard during sex until the day she realized that her roommate Jason had probably heard us going at it. She went to the bathroom right after I finished cumming, like she always did. I used some tissues to clean my own mess from my hand then lay down on her bed to relax. She returned to the room, wearing my running shorts and a t-shirt, because she didn’t like to remain naked after sex—not even if we kept lying in bed for a while—and slipped under the covers.

“Okay…I think Jason could have heard us,” she whispered. Her voice sounded like she felt a bit delighted from naughtiness, and she was slightly holding back a grin. We had thought Jason was gone for the night and never heard him come back in. Not that we were loud, but we talked during sex, and if he was gone we didn’t bother to shut the door all the way.

Amy isn’t a knockout looker. Her face and hair are kind of plain, and she wears some pretty nerdy looking glasses. But her skin is plump and smooth everywhere, and her body is fit. I could never hope for a better girlfriend. She was a shy and reserved girl, especially when it came to sex. She had waited until she was 21 to lose her virginity, same age as I did, except her first time was from a short fling before me, and mine was with her. She had never reached an orgasm during sex, and like I said, even though she assured me she liked sex, her nipples were always disappointingly soft and flat, all the time.

So, as we debated whether or not Jason might have heard us, I saw that her nipples were so stiff that they put an imprint into the shirt. And she was sort of rubbing her thighs. I didn’t point out how different she was from her normal after-sex mood. If I had, she might have felt embarrassed. Although she was reserved about sex, there was a little exhibitionist tendency in her that needed to be tenderly cared for, and I was tuning into it.

I brushed my hand across her tits. Sure enough, her nipples remained stiff. Soon enough she was naked again, and for the first time ever, we were having sex twice in a row — not to mention she was more turned on than ever. As she held back all her moaning, I purposely made more noise than necessary by humming loudly and shaking the bed. With each extra bit of noise, she breathed more deeply and tightened her grip on me.

Then she did something completely unusual. She bit my neck, then hummed loudly when she was done. I pulled out and jizzed in my hand, like she always made me do. Even though she was on birth control, we were extra cautious.

“What was that bite for?” I asked her.

“I bit you?”

“You didn’t notice you were biting me?”

She laughed. “Sorry I just…” she exhaled a deep breath. “That was really good.”

“Did you orgasm?”

She smiled and nodded.

A minute later she was in the bathroom again. I had a big grin on my face as I stared at the ceiling in a half daze. “Thank you, Jason,” I whispered to myself.

It had never seemed strange to anyone that Amy and Jason lived together. She was a quiet, nerdy girl, and he was more of a jock, two years older than her, and always hooking up with blonde sorority girls. They had known each other since they were both Freshmen, and when the time came for them to move out of the dorms, their decision to live together panned out naturally. They got along just fine, like brother and sister, and I never felt jealous because there was obviously no sexual attraction between them.

No sexual attraction, that was, until Amy’s orgasm. And still, for some reason, I didn’t feel jealous. In fact, I felt excited to explore her kink even more. Any time Jason was home and we were lounging around in her room, I made advances on her and she always responded with thrill and excitement. If I made a little noise with her bed — maybe even let the headboard “accidentally” bang against the wall a couple of times — she would pretend to get flustered then quickly lose control of herself and slip into a lengthy orgasm. I would study her facial expressions closely during these moments when she had her eyes squeezed shut and breathed heavily. Was she getting off to the thought of Jason in the other room? Maybe she was imagining him slipping his cock out of his shorts and stroking it as he carefully listened to us.

Or maybe this was all in my head. Maybe I was discovering a fetish about myself more so than in her.

As our sex life heated up and our passionate nights became more frequent, I realized this wasn’t a game of discovering Amy’s exhibitionism. I was gaining my own excitement by the thought of actually pissing off Jason, being so loud in the bedroom that he would be driven to bang on the door and yell at us to quiet down. Then the door swings open because it was never shut all the way to begin with, and he stands there for a moment, watching us go at it. I couldn’t believe I was thinking about this. I wasn’t gay or interested in Jason, but a part of me was hoping that somehow we’d all end up in a threesome that could drive Amy wild.

But Jason would never be into it. Most of the time he wasn’t even friendly with me around the apartment. Eventually he started to take off whenever Amy and I were in the apartment together, claiming he needed to study or was going to grab a beer with someone. As Amy started to realize he was avoiding us, she slumped back into her less sexualized state, where it was impossible to get her to orgasm. We still hadn’t spoken openly about the fact that we were horny as hell when he was around. But I finally decided to bring the topic up. During sex, of course.

We were going on four nights of lovemaking without her getting an orgasm. We got into the moment in our usual way, with me starting all the foreplay and her being passive. As I leaned forward and began to thrust into her with more effort, I started talking. “Is this gonna give you what you need, girl?”

She smiled. Of course it was a bit awkward. A normal sort of dirty talk never came off right from a guy like me. But it could work if it got her thinking about Jason.

“I bet Jason always leaves because you’re so distracting to him when we’re fucking,” I said. “When he hears your little moans, his dick starts getting hard, and he can’t get his mind off you.”

Immediately her facial expression shifted into something sultry and more dazed. She wanted to hear more.

“He wants to fuck you, but he knows he needs to get that out of his mind, because you’re his roommate. He never realized until now that his roommate is such a horny little girl.” I was saying so many words that I had to slow my thrusting down to catch my breath. It didn’t matter, because the dirty talk was working wonders on her!

“Yeah?” she said, wanting to hear more.

“Hell yeah. He’s so tempted to make you his dirty little slut for a night.”

“Oh yeah.” She whispered, and she was rushed into an intense orgasm.

“He wants to make you cum harder than you’ve ever cum before,” I said, right as she hit her peak. Those words made her release a moan that rang throughout the apartment, and my own orgasm surged up so quickly that the first two squirts went inside her, then I pulled out and finished cumming in my hand.

After she calmed down, she rolled over on the bed to face me. “Where did all that talk come from?”

I shrugged. “I don’t know. I thought maybe you’d get off on the idea of fucking your roommate.”

She couldn’t deny it because of the orgasm she had just been driven to, but she couldn’t put her confusion into words. After a long pause on the bed, she got up to go to the bathroom. “I don’t know,” she said, while looking for some clothes. “Look, he’s a hot guy, okay? Every girl thinks about something like that every now and then. I don’t like him.”

“Hey, it’s fine with me,” I said. “Obviously.”

“Why? Do you want me to fuck him?”

“No… I don’t think so. Just, maybe a threesome?”

“He would never do that.” She looked down at her legs. “Ugh! Benny, did you cum in me?”

“I might have. A little.”

“Don’t!” She gave me a grim look. “Okay?”

“Okay!” I held my hands up to feign my innocence. “I couldn’t help it… Sorry if your orgasms drive me wild.”

“That’s fine. Just pull your dick out when it happens, okay? It can’t be that hard to do.” She stormed off to the bathroom.

Hearing that attitude come out of her almost made my dick get hard once again. She had never raised her voice at me like that, not even a hint. But from that moment on, some sort of fire had been lit in her. With a new found confidence in herself as a desirable woman to Jason, things started changing pretty quickly between us, and between her and Jason too.

The next day was a Friday, and I didn’t have class until the afternoon. Amy was lucky enough to have a schedule with no classes on Fridays. We made a small breakfast and hung out in the kitchen. Jason came in and, as usual, didn’t address us. Instead, Amy got his attention, and talked to him with a spark to her mood. She got him to sit down and eat some food.

“So what are you doing today?” she asked him.

“Gonna hit the gym, then class at 2:00.”

“You guys wanna go to the pool?”

Pool?” I said.

“That sounds great, actually,” Jason said.

“Isn’t it still a bit cold outside for that?”

“We don’t have to swim,” Amy said. “Let’s just hang out together.” She looked at Jason. “Especially you. You’ve been a ghost around here the past couple of weeks.”

He smiled at her. “Have I? I wonder why.”

“What? Studying for finals?”

He nodded. “That’s exactly right. Finals are so rough.”

Were they flirting with each other right before my eyes?

“Come on. Let’s go to the pool for a couple of hours.” She said, trying to get us pepped up.

“I don’t even have a swimsuit,” I said.

“Ey! Benny, stop making excuses.” Jason said. “I’ll loan you one.”

Ten minutes later we were on the layout chairs, and no one else was around. Amy and Jason had a couple of cokes and I had my second mug of coffee. They were laying out, soaking up some rays, while I tried to read but mostly listened in on their conversation. It was early May, barely warm enough to consider swimming. But my main problem with swimming pools is that a guy is expected to take his shirt off. Not that I’m overweight, but I’m a good bit pudgy in some places. I had caught a glance at Jason’s smooth, sculpted chest when he took his shirt off.

It was quite out of character for Amy to suggest going to the pool. She only had one swim suit, which was a modest bikini, enough to show off her body. She never cared to be outdoors, a fact made obvious by the paleness of her skin. But I guess she knew Jason loved being out there.

A few minutes later, he was messing with her, pretending he was about to nudge her in the pool when she went to check the temperature of the water. And she played back. “No!” she yelled.

“You’re the one that dragged us out here!”

“I’m gonna get in slowly.”

“Like, maybe this slowly?” He wrapped his arms around her and lifted her a couple of feet off the ground. As she flailed around, laughing, he took her into the pool with him, and her cute little squeal was muffled by the splash. They resurfaced and kept playing with each other, both splashing and laughing about how cold the water felt. Or rather, Amy complained about how cold the water felt, and Jason teased her, saying, “This was your idea.” Amy was so feisty with him that he noticed her unusual mood. “What has gotten into you today?” He said, sounding amazed. “You’ve never in your life been half this aggressive.”

To my own surprise, I was enjoying watching every minute of them flirting together. Jason swam up to the edge near me and told me to come in the pool.

“Is it cold?” I asked him.

“Oh, don’t be a pussy. If Amy can handle it, you can.”

I eased up to the edge of the pool so I could stick a foot in. Jason splashed me lightly.

“Feel alright?” He splashed me over and over, each time saying, “Does it? Does it?”

I stood still, waiting for him to stop. “Okay,” I said.

“Then get in.” With that, he threw a huge splash at me, and instantly my book, still in my hand, was soaked. “Oh, shit,” he laughed.

I nodded. “Of course.”

Amy was laughing too.

“Did I ruin your book, dude? Let me see it, maybe I’ll buy you another copy.” He took the book out of my hand. “What is this? Benny this is the nerdiest book I’ve ever seen in my life.”

“Yeah. Stop reading your stupid sci-fi novel!” Amy said. “It’s pool time.”

I looked at her with my mouth agape. “Amy, you suggested that book for me.”

“I had to give you something to do so you wouldn’t think about sex all the time.” She laughed.

“Oh!” Jason shouted. “Sick burn. Up high for that one.” They gave each other a loud high five. Jason turned back to me and waved the book around. “Benny, seriously, if you don’t get in the water, I’m gonna throw this in the deep end.”

I started making a hunched-over walk to the steps while I mumbled, “I can’t believe you’re blackmailing me with my book.”

“Yeah, if that’s what it takes. I don’t wanna be the only one entertaining your girlfriend, dude. That’s your job.”

“His job? Never mind, give him the book back!” Amy shouted.

Ouch.” Jason pretended to cringe all over. “This girl is harsh today.”

Even I was laughing a little at that one. As I took each step into the pool, they pretended to be lightening up to me, Amy saying, “You know we love you Benny, right?”

“There we go,” Jason said. “Come on, bring it in. Bring it in,” He made all three of us hug. Jason was nice sometimes, but he definitely liked to exert his wit and strength over others any time he could.

A while later I had to leave the pool to get to class, and they both urged me to skip class and keep hanging out all afternoon. I insisted that I had to go, but as I dried off and began to head out, I realized I was more inclined to leave so that I could think about the two of them being in the pool alone. I wasn’t fantasizing about a threesome. I was fantasizing about Jason taking full control of Amy. About him taking her back to his room after a heavy flirt session in the pool, knowing I was in class for the next hour, and stripping her wet bikini off. She would hardly resist. Soon their moist bodies would be clung together on his bed and he’d be pounding her into oblivion.

As I walked across the parking lot, the thought of them having sex was making my dick hard as a rock! I was confused and overwhelmingly horny at the same time. When I got back into Amy’s room, I dropped the shorts and looked down at my six-inch hard-on. “Damn,” I said to myself.

I went for the bottle of lotion. A minute later, I was sprawled across Amy’s bed, whacking off, with no intention of getting to class. I took my time and enjoyed my horniness. I started imagining them coming back to the apartment, unaware that I was in the room, and I could have the chance to spy on them fucking in Jason’s room. How magnificent that would be? The thought sent my brain into overdrive, and I came all over my chest and stomach. I leaned back and took a moment to gather my thoughts. What a day this was already turning out to be.

Right at that moment, I heard them burst in the apartment and walk into the hallway, still flirting and giggling. The halted right outside the bedroom. “So you’re off to the gym?” Amy asked Jason.

“Yeah, gotta get a quick day in.”

They said goodbye, and I listened as Amy went into the bathroom across the hall and Jake into his bedroom, on the other side of the wall from me. Neither of them knew I was still in the apartment, because we always walked to class from Amy’s apartment. For five minutes I just lay there, listening to each of them in the separate rooms, still naked and with my smelly load of jizz drying up on my chest. Amy cut the water off much quicker than usual, and she seemed to be meandering around in the bathroom for too long.

Then I heard the two of them collide in the hall again, first set off by Jason saying, “Whao! Sorry, sorry!”

“Oh God,” Amy said. “I thought you were going to the gym.”

“Yeah, after I change… Wow. Do you always walk around naked the moment you think I’m gone?”

No. I was in the shower.”

He was walking by now, on his way out the door. “Well, not that I would mind. You’ve really shaped up in the last couple of years, haven’t you?”

There was a gripping pause, where I was fine with assuming Amy was standing there completely uncovered and letting Jason lay his eyes all over her. Maybe she was even grazing her hand around on her vulva for him.

“Damn…” he said quietly. “Amy, you’ve really, shaped up.”

She gave him a cute laugh. Her hand slapped the bedroom door, like she was opening it for him, offering him to come in with her.

“What would Benny think of you doing that?”

“I don’t care what he thinks.”

Again there was a lull, then, “I’ll see you later, Amy.”

“I’ll be here when you get back.”

“Don’t talk like that,” he said, as he was out the front door.

Amy came in the room, indeed naked, not even with a towel draped around her shoulder, and when she noticed me, her eyes lit up. “Oh wow, I’m glad you’re still here. I’m horny as hell.” She smiled.

Already my dick was pumping up again from hearing the way she had talked to Jason. “What has gotten into you?” I asked, as she crawled on the bed and looked at all the semen on me.

“What’s gotten into you?

“Fine,” I said.

“You’re damn right. Now get that dick hard.” She said as she jacked me off.

In a flash she was on top of me and pounding her pussy, wet as it had ever been, on my dick. As she moaned and leaned toward me, I was wishing she would lick a bit of the jizz off my chest, but she ignored it completely. She had just showered, and she kept her body hovering above mine, as if she was using my cock and wanted nothing to do with the rest of my body. Within minutes, she reached an orgasm more quickly than she ever had.

Usually we both lost our libido after one orgasm each, but having her fuck me like that had put me in the mood for another. I rolled her off me, brushed the hair out of her face and looked at her. She had a satisfied, careless look in her eyes. “Let’s keep going,” I said.

“Fuck me in Jason’s room,” she said.

“Are you serious?”

“Right now,” she said.

We didn’t hesitate, and when we lay down on his bed, my heart was pounding. I was a bit nervous, and almost lost my erection. But when I got between her legs and saw the excitement on her face, another rush of blood went to my dick. She squeezed her eyes shut, probably imagining my cock as Jason’s. I pressed down on her shoulders and pounded into her as hard as I could, and she let out a loud moan of approval. Within a couple of minutes she was riding out yet another orgasm.

I kept going, on the verge of my own peak.

“Holy shit,” she said in a gasp.

“Holy shit indeed,” Jason said, at the doorframe.

“Oh shit!” I shrieked. I pulled out of Amy and froze, kneeling on the bed and covering myself.

“I forgot my gloves,” Jason said slowly. “What the hell are you two doing? This is way over the line.”

Amy didn’t seem fazed at all. She had her eyes deadlocked on. “Sorry babe. I said I’d be waiting here for you, but Benny got back from class and… oops.”

Jason stood silent, with his face showing total shock. “Amy, you have gone over the edge in the last two days. But this is unacceptable.”

They locked eyes a moment, him with a stern frown, and her with a childish look of innocence. She let out a thoughtful sigh, then said, “I’ll tell you what…” she took another moment to think. “Benny here, the up-and-coming stud that he is, has managed to make me cum twice today. If you can top that, then I’ll be your little slut for a whole week.”


She looked at him with a serious gaze, and her hand began to graze the surface of her vulva.

“Are you serious right now?”

“Get those shorts off. I’ll show you how serious I am.”

He looked at me, like he was wondering about my approval.

“Don’t worry about him,” she said. “This is between you and me, babe.”

I could see his mood starting to change. He started to rub on his cock through his shorts and approached the bed. “He doesn’t join in, right?” he asked her, pointing at me.

“Of course not.”

“Get in the corner,” he said to me.

I did as he told me.

My dick stayed rock hard, because I saw the excitement in Amy’s eyes double up once Jason was on the bed and slipping his cock out. She let out a hum of approval when he revealed it to her, and within seconds she was on all fours, sucking him as deeply and wildly as she could. In that moment I knew Jason was going to give her what she had demanded of him, and I couldn’t be more thrilled. They both had probably fantasized about a moment like this, Amy more so than Jason, and now I had the joy of seeing it come to fruition.

His cock was magnificent, about an inch and a half longer than mine and much thicker. Once he was fully hard, he moved her back to where she originally was. He didn’t go slow for more than five thrusts. He spread her legs and pinned each knee near her chest, then pounded on her vulva with a fierceness I could never manage, and Amy was loving it. Her moan echoed throughout the apartment. Her first orgasm was no problem for him. She rubbed herself as he gave her a rough fuck all the way through the orgasm, yet another that was longer and more intense than the one before. Toward the end of it, her voice shuddered and she pushed back on him so he’d give her a moment of rest.

He didn’t let her rest for long. He got under her, setting his back against the head of the bed, and put her in his lap, with her back against his chest, which I thought was a strange position, but he just shook his lower half while his dick was in her, almost like he was a vibrator for her. He reached around with one hand to pleasure her clit, which she loved. She leaned her head back against him, and he pulled her hair so hard that she was forced to stare at the ceiling while she nearly screamed out in pleasure. She put one of her hands on top of his and pressed it harder on her vulva, and he started moving his hand in a circular motion as quickly as possible. This made her scream out at the top of her lungs, “Oh God!” as she neared the second orgasm that Jason would give her. It was even more intense this time, and she actually squirted juices onto the bed.

The score was even.

I had so much semen oozing out of my dick that I had to start jacking off, as I stood awkwardly in the corner.

Amy glanced at me and said, “That’s right, you stand there and jack off to this. That’s all you’re getting.”

Jason put Amy on her back again, this time her head was at the side of the bed closer to me. She was starting to slow down now, after four orgasms in half an hour. But Jason wasn’t going to lose. If he could make her orgasm one more time, then he’d get to hammer her like this every night for the next week. I was praying I’d get to watch at least one or two of those nights.

He had to work a bit for her third orgasm, playing with her nipples and rubbing his hands along her sides. He got more intimate with her, and eventually had one arm around the back of her waist, another being used to pull on her hair. He buried his face between her cheek and neck, and began to bite her lightly. He had to go slow for a while, until she started whispering, “keep going like that.” She moved her hips along with him and dug her nails into his lower back. Within a couple of minutes they were thrusting with beautiful harmony, at a quick pace, and she kept whispering her signs of approval into his ear, until she was moaning again and taking deep breaths. “Oh yeah,” she said. “Oh yeah. This is it.” And Jason was back to pounding into her has hard as he could. “Fuck me, Jason,” she yelled.

Jason groaned along with her orgasm, and I realized they were both cumming together. He gave one last, hard thrust and let his jizz flow deep within her. Seeing that made me cum right after them, but neither of them noticed as they lay there totally spent, and I silently jizzed what I had left into my cupped palm. After a moment, Jason pulled out of her, with a trail of semen dripping off his cock. He used two fingers to squeeze the remaining drops out of his shaft, then put the wad of cum in Amy’s mouth. She hummed a delighted approval as she swirled it around in her mouth and swallowed.

And that was the best Friday afternoon I ever had.

I couldn’t believe what I had seen her do that day, and the way Jason would come to open up her world in the week that followed. I was allowed to watch a few of their sessions, where she bloomed out of her innocence and I discovered more of my own sexuality than hers. When the week was over, I became her primary lover again, and we were happier than ever.

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