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Our Second Meeting

this time was at a hotel
Our first meeting in person had been a bit rushed. He was just going to be driving through our area. Due to time constraints, he ended up in a brief, yet extremely hot, backseat of our car encounter with my wife that mostly left us all yearning for more. All three of us were determined to have this time be more to our liking.

We suggested a local hotel and gave him the address. He had already checked in and had called to give us the room number by the time we pulled into the parking lot. She had carefully selected each item of clothing she was wearing from her black lace push up bra, to the matching panties, garter belt and stockings. In her stiletto heels, I bet she was every bit of 5’10”. She topped it all off with a long overcoat so as not to attract too much attention as we made our way through the lobby and to the elevator.

There was a nervous yet extremely sexually wired air of anticipation between us as we took the ride to the third floor. We found the door and knocked. A familiar voice from inside answered and the door opened. He smiled broadly as he looked her up and down, then invited us in. They embraced sharing a deep kiss with tongues swirling, his hands all over her ass. Standing a few feet away, I felt my cock begin to swell in my trousers. He opened her raincoat and took in her lace covered breasts muttering something about how he had thought about this since our last meeting.

He buried his face in her cleavage. She reached back and undid her bra freeing her breasts. She began unbuckling his belt and unbuttoning his jeans. He stripped down his pants and underwear in one swoop, freeing his already-hard cock. His big bulbous head curved upward and she worked it up and down between her hands. She sat down on the edge of the bed and appeared to be ready to take him in her mouth when instead he pushed her down across the bed and positioned himself between her legs with his face buried in her neatly trimmed bush.

At that point I couldn't't’t hold back anymore. I disrobed and knelt on the bed alongside her head so she could take my hardening cock in her mouth. From her crotch he murmured something about how good her pussy tasted and how he had thought about it all the time since our last meeting. Apparently he was hitting all the right spots because she was purring like a kitten.

Then I had a thought that I knew she would like. I tapped his shoulder and motioned for him to get up alongside me. We stood hip to hip, cocks jutting out, as she sat on the corner of the bed.

She took our cocks in each hand and began alternately taking us into her mouth, licking up and down our shafts. And at one point she drew us together and took both of our heads into her mouth at the same time…..

Knowing my wife as I do, I could tell she was on fire sexually so I laid down with her on the bed. We worked our way into sixty-nine in a way that positioned her ass just before our more than willing friend.

Her pussy was swollen and wet, already aroused from his previous attention. He positioned himself on the bed behind her, kneeling poised to enter her doggie style. I watched from below as he stretched a condom over his hard veiny cock.

He pressed the head against her opening and then, in what seemed like one big thrust, entered her deeply. She let out a big moan and I worked my tongue against her clit even more frantically.

With each deep thrust, his balls mashed across my face, I could detect the musky scent of his scrotum. This was a complete first for me. He held her hips firmly in his two hands and banged her hard, in a manner that suggested he had longed for it for sometime.

She moaned breathlessly.

All at once in a way that seemed it was before he wanted he abruptly pulled out saying “Oh shit. I’m gonna cum!.” He hastily pulled off the rubber with a snap and began furiously stroking his cock. Then, with a huge moan, he erupted on my wife’s ass- in one, two , three than more spurts. He sprayed in a way that ended up depositing some cum as far up as her shoulder.

I could tell that, caught up in the heat of the moment, she was close… I picked up my pace, licking, sucking her clit, pressing my tongue into her steaming pussy. Then she popped and her body grew rigid, as wave after wave of pleasure spread through her. She cried out with pleasure and collapsed down onto me. Her backside was covered in another man’s semen.

We cleaned her up with a towel from the bathroom and then, with my balls aching to be emptied, I took up where he left off. He slid beneath where I had been and we resumed.

She was all over his cock and as he was already getting hard again it was clear he approved.

I pulled out and slid down between their bodies. The three of us enmeshed in a pile of arms and legs going everywhere.

Both of their hands found my cock. Together they worked, massaging my balls, stroking my shaft. Her mouth was on mine our tongues probing…..

I grabbed his joint and began working him up and down.

Then that familiar feeling began building deep in my loins- 

That growing sense of urgency that can only be cured in one way- 

Their hand seemed to be all over me...I throbbed and stiffened and felt the first spurt……

Aughhhhhhhhhh. Yes!

Streams shot up my torso. She giggled naughtily. Then he scrambled to his knees, his cock poised above me. Jerking himself in a way that caused his hand to blur, he unloaded a second time.

His hot cum mixed with mine.

For a second I couldn't’t believe it. I mean that horny fuck had actually cum on me.

A first ….after a few seconds I realized that it all had been in the heat of the moment.

It was all good.

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