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Penny's Promiscuity - 8 - Festive Fornication

Christmas festivities put Hotwife's new lifestyle on hold - or do they?

Christmas had come early in our household with the unexpected gift of a brand new ‘Hotwife and Cuckold’ relationship after more than twenty years of monogamous marriage.

Although my husband Pete had tried very hard to persuade me to take a lover for over a year, when it had actually started, it had been a surprise to us both.

It had all starred nearly two months earlier when to both our surprises, I had let Tony, a long-time family friend seduce, strip and fuck me on our lounge floor after giving me a lift home from the railway station. We had both been expecting me to smile indulgently and swat his wandering hands away from my bottom after one of his habitual ‘farewell fondles’ but for some reason, at that time on that day in that room, something had made me simply stop resisting and nature had taken its inevitable, pleasurable, guilt-ridden course.

To this day I can’t be sure whether any other set of circumstances would have produced the same result, but the question is academic. I had been seduced, been thoroughly fucked and had embarked on a passionate affair with my new lover.

It had been very difficult a month later when I had confessed to my husband that I had finally yielded to his persuasion and was now a ‘fallen woman’. As you can imagine, the atmosphere between us had been strained to breaking point. Pete had slept in the guest bedroom that night then had stayed away from home for two whole days – I still didn’t know where.

I had been convinced my marriage and family life were over but on his return my extraordinary husband had given his tentative blessing to my affair as long as certain conditions were met; conditions that with untold relief I had accepted.

So I had become a Hotwife, my husband had become a cuckold and a passionate few weeks had ensued during which I had enjoyed the best sex in my fifty-plus years of life.

Soon, with Christmas on our doorstep and the kids due home any day, I would have to abandon our new lifestyle for a couple of weeks and make the transition back to being a Mum again. This meant wrapping presents, cooking, ironing and other domestic chores that jarred with my new highly sexualised existence but a period of normality would do us all good and in a way, I was looking forward to it.

Thursday evening had been my second Official Hotwife Date with Tony. Friday had been the pre-Christmas dinner we traditionally enjoyed with our friends so unusually, Pete and I we were having a Saturday night at home. Apart from the soreness in my vulva and a dull ache in my hips, things could almost have been normal.

As we hovered around the kitchen preparing dinner, Pete refilled my glass with red wine, sat me down at the table and perched opposite me with an expression on his face I couldn’t quite read. For a moment I wondered what was about to happen. Had it not been for all the previous conversations in which he had seemed very happy with our new lifestyle, I would have been worried by the look. But then he looked straight into my eyes and smiled.

“I’ve been thinking.”

“I thought you had. You look worried,” I replied. “Are you having second thoughts again?”

“God no!” he replied instantly. “Quite the opposite.”

“So what is ‘it’?” I asked with what I hoped was a reassuring smile.

Pete looked embarrassed.

“You know how I find it exciting to think about it and talk about it between dates?” he asked tentatively. “About you being fucked by another man?”

I noticed Pete never mentioned Tony by name these days but I didn’t say anything.

“I’ve only been fucked twice,” I laughed, amazed at how easily and freely we both now used the ‘f’ word. “Officially that is, but I know what you mean. I find it exciting too,” I told him truthfully. “It is exciting!”

He was obviously pleased.

“Well, I wondered if you’d maybe consider some kind of sign that you’re doing it. Something to remind us both about it every day. Something to help keep the ‘buzz’ going between dates?”

I was taken aback; this was completely unexpected but at the same time, strangely exciting.

“What do you have in mind?” I asked, puzzled.

“I’m not sure. I wondered about something like wearing something special. Or maybe a necklace. Or not wearing your wedding ring all the time.”

“It couldn’t be anything obvious,” I said. “We can’t risk anyone guessing what’s going on.”

“That’s right,” Pete replied thoughtfully. “I did wonder whether you might get a tattoo or even a piercing.”

“I’m not sure about that,” I protested, frowning though the idea sent a thrill through me.

“It was just a thought. But whatever it is, it’s got to be there all the time. It’s got to remind us both constantly of what you’re doing – what we’re doing,” he corrected himself.

“I’ll think about it,” I said, fully intending to do just that.

Pete refilled our glasses, replaced the bottle on the counter top then stood behind my chair. I felt his hands on my shoulders, massaging them gently.

“Are you still sore down there?” he asked as his fingers worked their magic on my muscles.

“Not too bad. I’m stiff and achy though,” I smiled. “What with Tony and then you, my body’s taken a bit of a pounding the last two days. If this is going to continue, I’d better get to the gym a lot more.”

“I still can’t believe it’s all real,” his voice was low and soothing as he continued his very pleasant manipulation of my stiff shoulders and neck.

“Neither can I,” I agreed. “I’m so pleased you’re relaxed about it all.”

“Well so far I am,” he told me honestly. “I’m not sure how far it will go but if we’re careful; if it really is just fucking...”

“Which it is,” I interjected.

“And we still really love each other...” he continued.

“Which we do,” I added.

“Which we do,” Pete repeated. “Then maybe we’re just found a whole new and exciting lifestyle for our old age.”

“Hey! Who are you calling old?” I demanded, elbowing him playfully in the groin.

Pete pretended to be hurt then dropped to his knees alongside my chair.

“I would still like to watch you,” he whispered. “Remember what we talked about? All our fantasies?”

“I don’t know, Pete,” I began to object. “It’s all so new and Tony’s an old friend and...”

“I don’t mean now, Penn,” Pete interrupted. “Maybe once things have settled in the New Year.”

“Maybe,” I replied, very unsure.

Pete was right though, I had to admit. Having my husband watch me being fucked had been a major part of our fantasies. He moved closer until his mouth was only inches from my ear.

“You want it too, Penn; I know you do.”

I wasn’t at all sure he was right. I was even less sure how Tony might react to the idea but I played along.

“What do I want, Pete? Tell me what I want!”

“You want me to see it all. You want me to watch as you cheat on me.”

“What do you want to see, Pete? What do you want to see me do?”

His hand began to slide up my thigh as he replied.

“I want to see it all! I want to watch you being seduced, Penn. I want to see you resist, then give in to him.”

His hand was between my legs now, his fingers touching the gusset of my knickers.

“I want to see you kissing, open mouthed as if you were teens. I want to see his hands on your body; on your breasts; on your bottom. I want to see him strip you; finger you. I want to see your juices all over his hands.”

Pete’s fingers were massaging my slit through my panties. I was lubricating like crazy as he carried on.

“I want to hear you beg him to fuck you! I want to see you spread you legs for him like a whore. I want to see your face when he sticks his cock into you; I want to see what your cunt looks like when it’s stretched around his thick shaft. Is his cock really thick Penny?”

“Yes! Oh yes!”

His words were bringing back powerful, vivid memories of the last two months as Pete’s fingers expertly worked my cotton-covered slit. Oh my God! My husband was about to make me cum without even removing my panties.

“I want to watch you cum so hard that it hurts. I want to hear you moan. I want to hear you scream! I want to see you helpless with orgasms. I want to see you doing all the things with him that we’re never going to be able to do ourselves.”


My body shook with the tremor of a minor orgasm, then another, larger one. I clung onto his strong shoulders for support as there, on the kitchen chair and still fully clothed, my cuckold husband Pete gave his fifty-one year old unfaithful wife a real, panty-soaking climax.

Something had to be right if we could produce that level of passion after more than twenty years of marriage!

We hugged for a long time before my trembling stopped then Pete went back to his seat and something close to normality returned.

“So you’ll think about it?” he asked as if offering a choice of paint for the lounge.

“About wearing something?” I asked stupidly, my mind still buzzing.

“About letting me watch,” he said impatiently.

“I’ll think about it,” I replied, not knowing what else to say.

“Great!” my husband grinned.

The tension over, we sipped our wine and talked about more prosaic things. After a while I casually mentioned that I hadn’t been able to find the new thong that I had worn for my date on Thursday or the black panties from my first date. Pete had done all the washing and ironing for the last couple of weeks and I asked if he had seen them.

“Um... do you need them?” Answering my question with another question boded ill.

“I’ve got others but they’re new and quite expensive,” I replied. “Have you seen them?”

“Um... I’ve got them,” he mumbled.

“You’ve got them?” I asked, suprised. “Why? Where?”

“In a box in my wardrobe,” he replied, ashamed. “Souvenirs.”

I must have looked horrified because a look of shame came over his face.

“Are you shocked? Disgusted?”

“N... no,” I lied.

I didn’t say so but I must confess I did feel a bit revolted at first, after all they must have smelled quite strongly by then. But after a very short time I began to feel strangely pleased, perhaps even a little aroused by the idea.

“If that’s what you want to do, I’m in no position to object, am I?” I added.

There was an awkward moment of silence during which my mind filled with questions. Was this normal for a husband? That was a ridiculous question; our entire new lifestyle wasn’t normal. Was it normal for a cuckold? I would have to find a way of asking my online cuckold friends

But all that would have to wait for another day because at that moment the front door opened and our daughter arrived home for the festivities.

After a long welcome hug, I took myself upstairs for a much-needed change of knickers!


Two days later, the door to my office was closed, the telephones surprisingly silent as I sat alone at my desk typing guiltily into my laptop. As Head of Department it was traditional for me to work Christmas Eve to allow the more junior employees to have a longer break. With my children grown up, I didn’t mind this. In fact in previous years I had welcomed the relative peace and quiet the day brought.

This year of course there was so much more to think about. In addition to wondering what the New Year might hold for us, the relative quiet in the hospital gave me time to think about my husband’s latest idea. I had to confess I was really quite excited at the prospect of having some kind of sign or symbol I could display every day in public something that indicated my new status as a Hotwife, but which only Pete and I would recognise as such.

I wondered what he was doing about that - apart from hoarding my used knickers, of course. That idea still unnerved me a little; my younger brother had once stolen a few pairs of my used knickers when we were teens. Although I had made a big show of being disgusted when I had found out and had called him many horrible names, in fact the incident had secretly made me feel really sexy and exciting.

The thought that my husband was doing the same thing was having a similar effect now. I had fired off a few messages to my online cuckold friends but without reply. No doubt they were busy with their own busy festivities.

The phone suddenly rang, making me jump and for a few minutes I had to deal with a problem on the wards. Afterwards I returned to my desk and mentally checked over the presents I had bought in case I had forgotten something or someone.

The family presents that year revolved mostly around clothes, with a trouser press for our son and boots for our daughter. Pete liked it when I chose him clothes so he would be getting things I thought he would look great in. He had really toned up since he learned of my affair with Tony and his shirts were getting a little tight around the shoulders and biceps.

In my own case, since my affair with Tony began, I had dropped a full dress size and, with my legs also getting more toned in the gym, had started wearing rather tighter-fitting jeans and shorter dresses and skirts than I used to.

This was an unexpected side effect of my new sex life but was very welcome indeed. I laughed when I thought of all the diets I had tried and abandoned over the years when all the time, all I had needed to do was open my mind and spread my legs!

I had bought Tony a pair of cufflinks. They were a designer brand and I knew he would love them; I had seen him admire a similarly themed pair I got for Pete's birthday. I had posted them through his door early that morning with a note so he could hide them before his kids arrived. I had a small package from him hidden in my wardrobe to open in private in the morning.

By the time I arrived home that evening, the house was full. All three kids had arrived along with one girlfriend and their four Grandparents. Thank goodness our house was large! We hugged and laughed and talked and drank before dinner, then my parents returned to their own house while a few of us went to Midnight Mass.

As we walked home in the early hours of Christmas morning I realised that, for the first time since my affair had begun nearly two months ago, I hadn’t thought about sex for nearly five hours.


The following morning was Christmas Day. I woke early as usual and had a little while on my own to read my email messages and even add a paragraph or two to my latest story before the rest of the household woke.

The day itself went about as well as I can remember. My parents returned for lunch and nothing spoiled the day. Later, full of food, we all sat and watched the Queen’s Christmas message like tens of millions of households throughout the world. It felt... normal.

The presents were a success too, with almost all clothes fitting first time for a change. My daughter’s boots turned out to be the right size for me too which was an unexpected bonus. I noticed they were spirited up to her room very quickly when I wasn’t looking!

Tony and I exchanged a few sneaky texts. He loved his cufflinks; his present to me turned out to be Acqua di Parma cologne which was a great call on his part. I had liked it for a long while and it turned out to be one of his favourites too so guess what I was to wear on our next date!

Pete surprised me by having two sets of presents for me; one set for ‘Mummy Penny’ and another couple of gifts for ‘Hotwife Penny’ hidden in our bedroom. The latter included six pairs of sexy panties for my dates – two black, two white, one red and one cream; three thongs and three high cut thigh.

No doubt he planned for each pair to be used only once, soiled with semen then added to his collection. The idea was a bit creepy but they were lovely; some were silk, some satin but were all sexy and expensive. They made me feel sexy too when I tried them on in front of him that night.

His other present for me was a surprise and gave me a real thrill.

Pete had bought me a Pandora charm bracelet which looked very much like the ones our daughter and many of my friends wore, but with an important difference. My bracelet had only four charms so far; one discreetly bearing the letter ‘H’, another with the letter ‘P’ alongside. I looked at him for an explanation.

“’H’ is for Hotwife. ‘P’ is for Penny,” he smiled.

There were a couple of 'spacers' then two pretty blue glass charms with heart motifs, one each side of the letters.

“Those are to mark your dates. Each time you get fucked, you earn a new charm.”

“Wow!” was all I could say. “You’ve really thought it out.”

He smiled, pleased.

“The blue ones are for your dates with Tony. He’s fucked you twice - officially - so there are two of them. If you ever have other boyfriends, I’ll buy you a different colour charm for each one.”

“Other boyfriends?” I asked. “We’re only just coming to terms with the first one.”

He blushed.

“That might not always be the case, Penn,” Pete said softly.

I was gobsmacked. It was an amazing idea. Pete explained that I should wear the bracelet every day, discreetly flaunting my infidelity in a way only he and I would understand. The more unfaithful I was, the more charms would be on the bracelet and the more obvious it would be to us both.

“What about all the times he fucked me before I told you?” I asked.

“They don’t count,” Pete said a little harshly. “That was just cheating. I don’t want to remember those times.”

I let it drop instantly. However well things were going now, it was still very early days in our new lifestyle. I could tell that my month of illicit infidelity prior to confessing had hurt my husband. It had been a big mistake not to tell him earlier and I didn’t want the memory of it to ruin the fresh new relationship we were building.

“What do you think?” he asked.

I really liked this idea and told him so, not just because I got a new piece of jewellery I had admired for ages, but also because I loved the idea of a constant reminder too. I would have to think of a convincing reason for wearing the letters H and P in case anyone asked, but they were discreet and the more charms I got on the bracelet, the less the letters would be noticed.

I donned it immediately and wore it proudly all day. The thought of what it meant as I flaunted it in front of my parents and our three children, all of whom were rather prudish as far as their parents are concerned, gave us both a thrill.

Once all four Grandparents had returned home and it was just the five of us (plus one girlfriend) in the house, we opened a further bottle of wine and relaxed. Pete and I cuddled up on the sofa and kissed once on the lips.

“For God’s sake Mum!” our daughter moaned, a look of nausea on her face. Pete and I giggled.

We went early and tipsy to bed. Both of us wanted to make love but didn’t dare with eight anxious, eavesdropping ears in the house.


Boxing Day dawned bright and cheerful. We had an early breakfast and to our surprise, were joined by all three kids. After the late night and the wine I had not expected to see either of them before eleven but there they were, fully dressed if rather dopey just after eight o’clock.

We spent the day walking in the Peak District, the cold air and beautiful scenery putting all thoughts of illicit sex out of my mind. If I hadn’t been wearing my bracelet, I might have gone the whole day without thinking about Tony or his thick cock and the orgasms it had induced.

But I was wearing the bracelet so I thought about them often. Pete and I exchanged glances many times.

My husband is a genius.


The following day was spent in a large shopping centre about an hour’s drive away. The January sales had started early so we bought a few necessary items for the house and a few more clothes, mostly for me.

Pete had always enjoyed choosing clothes for me, especially dresses so we passed a few wonderfully close hours in a series of shops trying on everything that caught his or my eye before returning to the first one to actually buy. It was classic female buying behaviour; I should have been ashamed of myself but in fact enjoyed the attention immensely.

When we returned home we found the house full; Tony’s two kids had come round to see their oldest friends. We opened beer and wine, bought in pizza and Chinese food and had a wonderful few hours until it was clear that Pete and I needed to get some sleep.

We left the five of them arguing over Netflix exactly as they had argued over DVDs when they were younger.


Next morning was the last before I had to go back to work for a couple of days. Managers are expected to do their turn between Christmas and New Year but I would have volunteered anyway. Pete and I had finished breakfast and were planning which cinema to go to that afternoon when our daughter appeared bleary-eyed in the doorway.

In a few minutes of slurred, dozy conversation she told us that after Pete and I had gone to bed, the five kids had made plans to go to an indoor ski slope that day as we had done when they were young. We their parents were not invited.

Our two families had discovered skiing together when the kids were young and they were all now very good. The attraction was powerful enough to get even our younger son out of bed before nine-thirty and a shortr while later their cars had slipped out of the driveway.

After the noise and hubbub of Christmas it felt eerily strange to be in a silent house but there was a lot to do after having had all those guests. After an hour or so things began to look as if some form of order had been restored and that Pete and I might actually get a bit an afternoon to relax together; maybe even see the movie we had talked about.

When I mentioned it, Pete looked less than enthusiastic; in fact he looked distinctly awkward.

“Don’t you fancy a date with your wife?” I teased him, grinning.

“It’s not that,” he replied. “I’m happy for you to have a date but...”

“But what? So much for a romantic afternoon,” I teased, not understanding what he meant. ”This is a perfect opportunity for us.”

“That’s right. But it’s also a perfect opportunity for you to... to make that bracelet a little heavier.”

I looked at him in astonishment. At first I thought he was joking but Pete insisted he was sincere.

“His flat will be empty. The kids will be away for hours and...”


“And I’ve been thinking about little else for two days!” he confessed sheepishly. “Have I said something wrong?”

Seconds later I sent Tony an excited message. He replied promptly. A date was fixed for that very afternoon!

I could hardly believe it; another, unexpected date at almost no notice! It couldn’t be a long one because we weren’t sure when the kids would return but I guessed we would be safe if I left his place by four o’clock.

We agreed I would arrive at his flat around two o’clock, giving us two whole hours for... I was so excited my heart was pounding! My tummy was bubbling too. I couldn’t face eating lunch; there was so little time to get ready. I spent a rushed half hour bathing, shaving my legs and doing my hair.

Choosing clothes proved to be a difficult decision. Obviously, the panties had to come from my Christmas collection from Pete, but which pair? And how should I dress for an assignation aimed purely at wham-bam-thank-you-ma’am daytime sex rather than a romantic evening?

In the end I decided to wear whatever made me feel sexy rather than what I thought Tony would prefer; whatever clothes I chose, I wouldn’t be wearing them for long anyway so I opted for my sure fire ‘fuck-me’ heels and hold up stockings, both in black. Add to that a black thong, black bra and a short dark blue cocktail dress and I felt as sexy as a fifty-plus married mother of three could feel.

Pete watched me throughout this process with a look somewhere between amusement, uncertainty and anguish on his handsome face. As I sat at the mirror I could see him perched on the bed with a wistful look in his eye. I pretended not to have noticed and brushed my hair until I was as satisfied with the result as I could have been with so little time.

I looked at the clock; five minutes to go. A shiver of anticipation passed through me. Smiling I stood in front of my husband and twirled from side to side.

“Will I do?” I asked eagerly.

“You’re gorgeous, Penn,” he smiled back. “He won’t know what hit him.”

“You say all the right things,” I grinned, genuinely pleased. , “You’re really sure this is okay with you? You really want me to do this? It’s not too late to cancel; I could make some excuse.”

“Do you want to back out?”

I thought for a moment then shook my head. I couldn’t lie.

“No. I really want this, Pete.”

“Then think of it as an extra Christmas present from me to both of you.”

I crossed to where he was sitting and perched on the bed next to him. I turned his face towards mine and kissed him on the lips. His fingers began to stroke my neck softly.

“I do love you,” I said, meaning every word.

“I love you too, Penny,” he replied. “And I’m proud of you.”

I lowered my eyes, amazed at the incongruity of the situation. Here we were; two long-term married people professing their love and respect for one another before one of them took the other to be fucked by another man.

Most bizarrely of all, both of us were happy at the prospect.

My lowered eyes strayed to my handsome husband’s crotch where a large and obvious bulge was growing. I stared at it, then at Pete then put my hand on his groin.

“I mustn’t get messed up, I said softly. “And there’s not much time but if you want…”

“Let’s leave it for afterwards!” he smiled. “I’m saving myself.”


It was just after two when Pete’s Porsche pulled up outside Tony’s apartment block. I was buzzing with excitement. Predictably for December it was pouring with rain so we sat in the car for a few moments while we both steeled ourselves for what was to come.

“Are you sure you’ll be okay?” I eventually asked, breaking the silence.

My husband appeared to think carefully before answering. His body language was tense but his voice was strong.

“It was my idea, wasn’t it? Besides, if it’s what you need, it’s what I want.”

“What will you do while I’m...?”

“Getting fucked silly? I don’t know yet but I can handle it. Enjoy yourself.”

“I do love you,” I told him for the second time in half an hour, no less honestly than before.

The rain was relentless. Pete got out of the car first and took a golf umbrella from the back before opening my door. He escorted me to the entry phone to keep us both dry. Tony must have been watching from an upstairs window because the door buzzed as soon as we arrived. I stepped into the foyer then turned to thank my thoughtful husband but he was already half way along the path back to the car and did not turn back.

Nervously I pressed the call button for the lift; the pressure inside me was building rapidly and as the cabin slowly rose, memories of my last visit only days ago surged into my mind. I could feel myself lubricating and my heart thumping.

Less than a minute later the door to the apartment opened and I stepped inside. Tony closed the door behind me and locked it securely. The excited pressure inside me grew stronger and stronger as he took my coat.

“What a lovely surprise,” he began, smiling knowingly.

That smile made my knees go weak. My chest went tight and my face burned. Not noticing, Tony continued:

“I thought I was going to have a lonely afternoon watching the TV but…”

My lips cut him short as, without a word, I hurled myself forwards, raising my arms around his back and kissing him full on the mouth. The sheer lust that overtook first me and then Tony was almost frightening in its intensity. I kissed him with an energy and enthusiasm that I had seldom felt since I was a teenager, thrusting my tongue deep into his mouth, feeling his teeth and tongue all around it. I sucked on him, drawing his tongue deep into my mouth as fully as I intended to draw his cock into my... my cunt.

It took Tony a few seconds to understand what was happening but then he responded forcefully and in kind. Suddenly his hands were all over me, on my boobs, on my bottom, under the hem of my dress, inside my panties.

I felt the zipper at my back being deftly lowered; the dress being lifted up over my head and cast aside leaving me in my lingerie and heels. Then his hands were on my boobs again, fumbling with my bra. In a second it was gone and my tiny globes freed.

I felt his warm palms on my soft flesh and his knuckles closing on my hardening nipples, crushing them cruelly. It hurt like hell and I loved it.

My hands flew to his waist, unfastening first his belt then the clasp on his trousers. The zip slid smoothly down and my hand plunged deep into his underpants, seeking and finding the short, stubby but oh-so-thick erection that had been trapped within.

I gripped his shaft firmly, feeling its impressive girth in my fingers then almost before I knew it I was on my knees before him, my tiny boobs bared. I pulled open his waistband and drew both trousers and pants to his ankles before taking his fully erect cock in my hand.

The next moment it was in my mouth, huge and strong, my tongue inexpertly playing with his smooth tip and ridge while my free hand cupped the sack between his thighs. He tasted faintly of soap; had obviously just showered to be clean and fresh for me.

A thrill surged through me as I toyed with his balls in their tightening sack, pumping my head back and forward as if fucking his cock with my mouth. I felt his fingers in my hair, pulling me a little further forward each time until his cock hit the back of my throat and I gagged rather unattractively.

“Sorry, sorry...” he began.

I didn’t care; seconds later I had recovered and resumed my assault. Tony must have felt too close to climax because the next thing I knew, his fingers were under my chin, lifting my head from his cock and tilting it up towards his handsome face. His erection slipped from my lips as I rose to my feet, still dressed only in my stockings, heels and panties. I stared him in the face, my lips already numb from our long kissing and all they had done to his thick cock.

“No romance this time. Just fuck me Tony! Just fuck me!”

The words were coarse but time was short. I didn’t want to be seduced; I didn’t want to be romanced. I wanted my lover to fuck me hard, fast and thoroughly.

Tony got the message, pushing me roughly towards the sofa until the back of my knees touched its edge. My legs bent automatically and I sat abruptly down on the cushion. He pushed me back further still until I was lying on the seat then raised my legs above my head, grabbed my panties and literally tore them from my body.

I squealed in pain as the waistband parted and the tiny scrap of ruined material was thrown far across the room. My vulva now fully exposed, Tony dragged me from the sofa to the rug where he rolled me onto on all fours. In a trice he was on his knees behind me, his hands holding my bottom firmly.

“You want to be fucked, Penny?”

“God yes!”

“You to be fucked like this? Like the animal you are!”

“Oh God!”

I felt the heat of his body against the back of my thighs, pressing against my buttocks. I felt his knees parting my legs forcefully; I felt something rubbing against my slit.

“Yes! Please! Please!”

Tony thrust his thick, ugly cock into my vagina from behind, without subtlety, without love, without any thought for my comfort, forcing himself as deep into my body as his short cock would go until I felt his balls slap against my clitoris and upper thighs. Despite my arousal, I wasn’t quite ready; I wasn’t properly prepared for the size and brutality of his violent penetration.

But it was exactly what I needed!


I yelped with a mix of shock and pain which quickly melted into a feeling of incredible fullness.

“Like it rough, Mrs.....?” Tony growled my married name.

“Oh yes! Oh yes!” I gasped as he twisted his hips left and right, moving his cock inside me.

“Think you can you take it, Penny! Think you can you take it all?”

I knew I could take it! The way I felt I could take all Tony could give and more!

“Where are you going to put it, Mister...?” I replied angrily, using his surname as he had used mine and feeling my lubrication working overtime.

“In your pu...”

“Where?” I snapped before he could use that terrible American word.

“In your cunt!”

“That’s right Mister...; in my cunt! In my hot, cheating CUNT!”

It was short, it was violent; it was wonderfully painful but Tony really delivered the goods, thrusting into my eager, begging body from behind over and over again. I’m not sure when or even whether I came but the sensations were overwhelming; raw, crude and animal in intensity.

My arms gave way soon after his thrusting began. My face fell to the floor leaving my bottom stuck obscenely high in the air. His hands were on my hips, pulling me hard onto his cock with every thrust. I felt helpless, desired and violated all at once, my body yielding completely to everything this amazing man wanted to do.

Taken from behind, his cock felt so, so different; twisting my insides, pulling my entrance in different directions, grinding his pubic hair in new and exciting places. Tony slapped my buttocks hard with his palm once, twice, three times as he plunged into me, thrusting his stubby cock harder and faster until his own climax rushed in on him faster than either of us expected.

“Oh yes! Oh God YESSSS!”

Tony’s voice was hoarse as his orgasm hit and he began to ejaculate inside me. As his cock throbbed in my pulsing vagina I felt his fingernails digging hard into the flesh of my hips as he drove himself violently and uncontrollably into me.

My mind span, picturing rope after rope of warm, pale semen spurting from his smooth head and spreading over the entrance to my still-fertile womb as we both shook and trembled and our first copulation of the day came to a hot, sweaty, messy end.

For a long time re remained locked together panting for breath, our first passion spent; me face down on the floor, Tony lying on my back, crushing me as his cock softened and slipped out.

The whole fabulous first fuck had lasted less than ten minutes.

Afterwards, we lay nestled into each other on the sofa watching the inevitable ‘Sound of Music’ on TV with Tony’s flaccid penis pressed against my bare buttocks. I had kicked off my heels and pulled on one of Tony’s old rugby shirts but was still wearing the hold-up stockings that seemed to arouse him so much. From time to time I wiggled my bottom to see whether any life had returned to his much-desired cock but it was too soon.

“If I was twenty years younger I’d be hard again already,” he sighed, disappointment in his voice as he stroked my left boob.

“If we were twenty years younger we would both have demanding young kids and be too exhausted,” I reassured him, squeezing the fingers on his hand as they toyed with my nipple. “Let’s just enjoy what we have today.”

It sounded mature and reassuring but inside, I badly wanted that thick, ugly cock inside me a second time. In sharp contrast to the lust of our first mating – possibly because the violence had taken us both by surprise - we cuddled close and lovingly in the warmth of the room for a long time. I could feel his lips brushing against the back of my neck or my shoulders and a tingle ran through me.

“I don’t want you to go home today,” Tony murmured.

“Neither do I,” I sighed. “But I have to.”

“I want to spend the night with you; the whole day too. I want to wake up with you, Mrs....” He used my married name again; it made me tingle once more as a warning bell began to sound dimly inside my head.

It would be so easy to fall in love with this man. It would be so easy to agree; to spend the night with him; to wake up with him as he wanted to wake up with me. He hadn’t treated me with the love, care, sensitivity and respect that Pete did but I didn’t want that from a lover. Tony had fucked me hard and roughly, forcing himself upon me in any way he wanted. It was exactly what I had wanted and needed.

The contrast between the passion and brutality of his fucking and the sensitivity – perhaps even adoration with which he was treating me now was hard to reconcile and getting harder to resist.

The danger to my marriage was clear and present.

Fortunately resistance wasn’t the only thing that was getting harder. As the von Trapp family sang their hearts out on the TV, I felt the pressure on the back of my thighs that I had desired so much. I wriggled my bottom against Tony’s groin and to my delight, felt the small hard pressure of his firming erection grow stronger. I wriggled again and heard Tony sigh contentedly.

“That’s better,” I whispered.

“All things come to those who wait,” he chuckled in return.

I had expected him to roll me onto my back prior to mounting me again. My heart thumped in anticipation but instead, Tony slipped his fingers under my left knee and raised my leg a little. His rapidly hardening cock slipped between my upper thighs to lie against my rather open slit. Apparently content with this position, he lowered my leg, trapping his erection tightly against my vulva.

“That’s so good; so tight,” he murmured, planting a kiss on the back of my neck.

I felt him fidgeting; there was a little jiggling against my slit then he began to move forwards and backwards, sawing the top of his shaft all along my recently-used and sensitive slit. At first it felt dry and uncomfortable but as his fingers found my nipple and kisses began to rain across my shoulders I found myself lubricating very satisfactorily.

“So much tighter...”

I pressed my thighs harder together to provide the grip that, after giving birth to three children my vagina could no longer deliver and was pleased hear a sigh of delight from behind my head. I closed my eyes and concentrated on the growing glow between my thighs as Tony’s thick cock was dragged back and forth across my inner lips and clitoris.

It felt good – very good but I needed more.

Raising my left leg again, I reached down and took his shaft in my hand. Once again I was amazed by its girth and bit my lower lip as I directed its smooth tip towards my eager opening from behind.

At first, the angles were all wrong but with a little more wriggling and giggling, I manoeuvred my opening onto the tip of his cock and waited expectantly. There was a pause just long enough for him to draw breath, then I felt his body tense, his leg muscles flex and...

“Oh my God!”

Tony’s huge, swollen head burst into my body, plunging maybe half his short length in a single powerful thrust. I squealed as I felt it invade me, our position uncomfortable but bringing new and extraordinary sensations throughout my whole vulva.

If I had thought he was thick before, this angle felt made him feel much thicker, stretching me painfully - but what an amazing pain!

“Are you ok?” he whispered in my ear.

“Mmm! Mmm!” was all I could reply as with a second thrust of his hips, he drove his cock into me as deep as the angle of my buttocks would allow.

“Oh! That’s good,” I heard him sigh again as for a moment our bodies adjusted.

And then he began to fuck me, on my side, from behind. His cock wasn’t long, but he made up for this with the speed and frequency of his thrusts. My husband’s cock is long and thin; his thrusts are long, slow and deep. Tony’s shorter, thicker erection needed faster, more energetic thrusts and I have to say once again he did not disappoint.

Within a minute, my body was trembling as his thick head rasped across my g-spot, the rear-entry angle nearly perfect. He thrust harder into me, his lower belly slapping against my buttocks, the pat-pat-pat muffled by the sofa’s cushions.

Seconds later I began to shake violently as a powerful tremor washed over me. Tony’s pace didn’t falter; instead he thrust relentlessly until another wave broke over me and I twisted on the couch until my face was buried in the cushions. Tony’s body followed mine, his cock still within my vagina until his weight was on my back, thrusting vertically downwards into my shaking body.


I wailed loudly into the cushion as a third orgasm radiated rapidly out from my loins. This time,Tony’s pace increased markedly, the slapping sounds getting louder and faster, no longer muffled. I felt his knees forcing mine apart and his cock slipped a little further into me. I tried to raise my hips to help him reach deeper into my body, but the increasing force of his thrusts pushed me violently back into the cushions.


“Oh Penny! Oh Penny!”

This long into our affair, I knew what that tone of voice meant; that his orgasm was merely seconds away. My body stiffened in anticipation. A moment later Tony’s thrusts became wild and violent, hammering me repeatedly into the cushions, driving his short, thick erection hard into my body and as deep as its short length would allow.

“Fuck me! Fuck me Tony,” I growled into the cushion, loud enough for him to hear but not enough for any returning neighbours to detect.


“Fuck me! Fuck me hard! Cum in me!”

I wailed wildly into the cushion, my body desperate for his seed.

“Oh yessssSSSSS!”

I felt Tony go stiff, his knees digging into the back of my spread thighs as he began to cum. The head of his amazing cock swelled within me, his body went into spasm and he began to ejaculate in my eager vagina.

Though I love orgasms and the pleasure they bring, the wonderful, primitive, almost primeval joy I get from feeling a man fill me with his seed goes way beyond any physical pleasure a climax can bring. To have that incredible, totally feminine, all-conquering feeling of insemination immediately after a series of orgasms such as I had just enjoyed was for me, close to sexual perfection.

I wanted to scream; to cry out loud as I felt his throbbing and pulsing erection inside me, filling me with his semen and afterwards when he began to soften within me, the tears actually did begin to roll down my cheeks.

“Are you okay Penny? Did I hurt you?”

Tony’s voice was anxious as he pulled his flaccid cock from my body and slipped to his knees alongside the sofa. I looked into his strong, handsome face and realised that despite all my resolve, I really was perilously close to falling in love with this warm, attractive, overwhelmingly sexy man.

My body was already merging with his – I couldn’t let my mind and heart follow.

From the expression on his face, he was already in love with me.

Suddenly I knew that I had to get out of that apartment quickly before it was too late; before we really had fallen for each other and the damage to my marriage was permanent.

I didn’t want to fall in love with Tony; I was already in love with my amazing husband. All I had wanted was great sex. Tony had certainly delivered that yet again but how could I keep things physical without hurting him? How could I avoid hurting my husband? Or myself?

I shook my head and smiled.

“I’m fine. It was lovely. It’s just...”

“Not feeling guilty about Pete I hope?” he asked, misreading my emotions, “I thought it was his idea and...”

“It was his idea. Don’t worry,” I smiled, stroking his cheek and stiffly bending my legs so I could sit on the sofa’s edge, no doubt leaving a damp messy path beneath my vulva. We kissed again but I reluctantly avoided the long, loving embrace that so easily could have ensued. In my post-orgasmic, vulnerable afterglow it wasn’t an easy thing to do.

“I’ll get us another drink!” he said, leaving me trembling softly face down on the rather damp stained sofa cushions.


My legs were still a little wobbly when, just after 4pm, I went downstairs to meet my husband. I had put most of my clothes back on but another pair of ruined tights was in my handbag. I didn’t dare put them in Tony’s bin in case his kids found them.

As per Pete’s instructions, I had not showered and my torn knickers were failing miserably to stem the thin trickle that continued to run down my inner thigh. Just how much semen could one man produce?

It was still pouring with rain when Pete saw me come to the door of the block. He got out of the car and came to meet me with the umbrella. That’s when the problem started; I just couldn’t open the door with the ‘release’ button.

I knew how to do it and had done it many times but right then, it just wouldn’t work for me. I started to get a bit worked up about it. After a few minutes struggling I heard footsteps behind me and Tony came into the lobby. He had obviously been watching through the window and guessed something had gone wrong when I didn’t appear in the car park.

For a few moments he fiddled with the lock and after quite a struggle the door finally opened – bringing him face to face with Pete for the first time since he had learned about our affair and less than fifteen minutes since Tony and I had finished having sex!

I had never been more anxious in my life than I was at that moment - and then almost immediately had never been more proud of him.

Clearly wrong-footed, Tony instinctively held out his hand then, seeing Pete made no move to shake it, snapped it back to his waist awkwardly. For a moment the tension in the air was almost unbearable.

“Tony,” Pete said, speaking and nodding slowly.

“Pete,” my lover acknowledged with a matching nod.

“Shall we go Penny?” Pete asked, putting his arm proprietarily around my shaking shoulders.

And that was it! No fighting, no shouting, no accusations. A feeling of pure relief washed over me as we turned towards the car. I was thanking every God in the heavens for my escape when Tony called out from behind us.

“See you both at New Year!”

We drove in stunned silence for a while then I put my hand on Pete’s left thigh and squeezed it.

“Well done. I’m proud of you,” I said and meant it.

He squeezed my hand in return and said he was proud of me too. For a while he drove holding my hand with our fingers intertwined.

Then it struck me. New Year! The ball!

Pete and I were part of a group of about twenty friends booked into a smart hotel restaurant for the evening. There would be food, a live band and dancing which was great, but I hadn’t thought that Tony would be there too.

The booking had been made almost a year ago, before he and Julie separated. I suppose I just thought neither of them would come; it seems I was wrong. In just two days’ time, my husband, my lover and I would be together for a whole evening!

My nerves returned with a vengeance.


When we got to our bedroom we went to what was fast becoming our usual post-date positions; me naked on the bed, legs spread, Pete looking at the ‘scene of the crime’ asking me about my date. I answered honestly even when it clearly caused my husband pain but this time, when it was his turn to fuck me, something changed.

Pete undressed as usual but instead of mounting me violently as before, he began to kiss my boobs - one of which had become noticeably bruised by Tony’s hard squeezing - then kissed down my tummy until he reached my ‘messy parts’.

He paused, staring at the goo on my vulva and in my pubic hair. Then, to my amazement he lowered his head and tentatively licked one of the sticky patches above my dark triangle. He paused again then licked another at the top of my thighs. Then I felt the tip of his tongue tangling in my pubic hair.

“Pete, no...”

My first reaction was to be revolted. I reached down to try and stop him. He ignored the pressure of my fingers on his shoulders and continued licking Tony’s semen from my groin.

“Ohhhhh!” I sighed.

However yucky it was in my mind, the feeling of Pete’s tongue on my sore slit was undeniably pleasant and my husband really wanted to do it. I told myself firmly that this was supposed to be his time, not mine. I’d already had my fun; however disgusting it might feel to me, the least I could do was let him do what he clearly wanted to.

But it didn’t feel disgusting. Pete’s tongue tickled and despite my misgivings, his hot breath was beginning to arouse me. Then to my surprise, he lowered his head deep between my thighs and the next thing I knew, my husband was giving me full-on oral sex, his face buried in my messiest part of all.

Whereas Tony is amazing with his fingers, Pete is even more adept with his tongue as I had learned over the previous twenty-plus years. My body was sore from Tony’s energetic attentions but once I had got over my initial revulsion, I quickly began to enjoy what was really a very pleasant experience indeed.

My legs opened involuntarily; soon I could feel my husband’s eager, searching tongue all over my vulva, seeking out every last drop and spatter of Tony’s semen on and within my body. He teased it from between the tight curls of my pubic hair, plumbing the folds of skin within my slit and at the top of my thighs.

My clitoris was very sore from the hard grinding it had received but I gritted my teeth as Pete’s mouth touched it. There was a little pain but then I felt his tongue slip underneath its fleshy hood.

“Oh Jesus!”

The first wave of climax hit me almost immediately. I grabbed at his hair as I came hard and suddenly. Pete grunted in satisfaction, his tongue thrusting deep into my vagina, eagerly lapping up the extra surge of semen and my own juices that flowed from it and bringing me a second, stronger climax within seconds.

“Please…” I gasped, trying to lift his head away from my crotch.

Pete ignored my feeble protest and continued tonguing me; reaching deep into my body, almost sucking on my gaping hole until the room filled with crude, unpleasant, slurping sounds.

“Please... Sore...” I mumbled as my body trembled with small but repeated climaxes.

To my relief, Pete finally took the hint and reared up, mounting me properly, thrusting his long, slim cock into my vagina. Already loose, slippery with Tony’s semen and now weeping from my new orgasms it offered no resistance and in a single thrust he slipped easily his full length into my body.

Moments later he was fucking me, but unlike after my previous dates, this time he was much less violent both with his language and with his thrusting. After all that had happened I was far too loose around him to come anywhere near another orgasm, even when he pressed my knees hard together and raised them to my chest to tighten my loose vagina around his slim shaft.

Fortunately Pete’s arousal was powerful enough to bring him to orgasm almost immediately and unassisted; within a few minutes of wet, noisy thrusting his body had gone tense, his face screwed up tightly and I knew his ejaculation was close.

“Yes!” he grunted as his hips slapped wildly against my buttocks, “Yes! Yes!”

“That’s right, Pete!” I growled, my vulva now burning from overuse, “Cum! Cum in me now!”

“Nnnngh! Nnngh!”

“Yes! Give me it all! Cum in your Slut wife’s messy cunt!”

“Jesus Penny…!”

But there was nothing left to say. His body flexed, his tension broke and for the third time in a single afternoon I felt the unmistakable and, to me, incredibly desirable feeling of a man ejaculating inside me body.

At the risk of baring my soul, I can say that nothing - nothing at all compares with the full-on earth-mother elation that comes from a copious, much-desired insemination by a strong, attractive man.

For me and I suspect for many women, the objective of all sex has to be insemination. However powerful my orgasms; however frequent and however intense the lovemaking has been, in the end, the near-serenity that flows over me when my body is filled with a man’s seed is all but impossible to describe.

And when his thick, strong erection begins to soften within me and the last drops of his seed pass from his body into mine, I feel truly fulfilled and content.

This attitude was to get me into difficulties in the coming months, and almost did so that December afternoon because no sooner had my husband’s ejaculation ceased than we heard a car pulling into the driveway.

“Shit! The kids!” he exclaimed.

“Oh No! Get dressed!” I hissed grabbing my top, forgetting my bra in the rush.

Pete leaped out of bed and started pulling on his clothes in a panic. I tried to do the same then realised that I must smell even more strongly of sex than before and dashed into the shower.

I think Pete made it downstairs before the kids came into the house.

When I came out of the shower I was looking at my rather pink, flushed face and chest in the mirror when I found a small box on my dressing table. It contained a third blue glass Pandora charm. I threaded the charm onto my bracelet straight away and was wearing it when I came nervously downstairs.

There was no sign anything was wrong. The kids were all chatty, happy and red-faced; no-one noticed my own pinkness of chest and cheek.

We had a cup of tea together; my bracelet chinked a little as I filled the pot and I looked down at my new present. It looked a bit unbalanced with an odd number of charms. I told Pete later I would have to change their sequence or of course, earn another one! He grinned and winked at me. My tummy fluttered at the shared joke.

We spent the early evening hearing all about the indoor ski adventure which the kids had loved, then our son had a long telephone call with his girlfriend in London, a call made behind closed doors while our daughter spent a truly extraordinary amount of time in the bath and her other brother watched TV.

Afterwards, we had a relaxed dinner together then the kids went out with their friends and Pete and I met ours in a lovely old pub in a nearby village. It had been an unexpectedly amazing day and very welcome on many fronts.

That night I lay in bed thinking; of Pete, of Tony, of my extraordinary new relationship with them both.

It was still early days, but it really did look as if this new lifestyle might just work for us. If only I could keep things physical. Tony and I had come perilously close to falling in love that afternoon. I suspect we had already been a tiny bit in love before our first copulation, but it couldn’t go any further for all of our sakes.

I didn’t want to lose either of the men in my life; I had to find a solution and find it fast!


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