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Pregnant And Lactating White Wife Fucked By Black Neighbors

My husband and I move from Mississippi to Baltimore and I cuckold him with our black neighbors.

There can be huge cultural and social differences in being brought up in the Deep South, as compared to the Mid-Atlantic region of the United States. My husband, Ed, and I were born and raised in a mostly white, suburb of Jackson, Mississippi that has a very low African-American population. Our families and friends are racists, and always preferred to be segregated from black people. It was only natural that we would grow up thinking the same way, but that is a source of shame for us now.

My name is Kendra, and Ed and I were high school sweethearts. We were fortunate to be able to go to college at the University of Mississippi together. Ed earned a degree in finance and I earned a degree in marketing. We were married and found good jobs in Jackson right after graduation. Ed got a good entry-level position with a big company; whose headquarters are in Baltimore. I was with a smaller, local company where I could at least get some good experience.

We knew from the beginning that we wanted to have three kids and to have them right away, and as close together as possible. I got pregnant only three months after the wedding. We had a beautiful baby boy, and then two months after his birth, I became pregnant again.

I had read on the internet that some couples, and especially wives, experienced decreased desire for sex during pregnancy. For us it was just the opposite. I not only had an extremely high libido during my pregnancies, but we both enjoyed oral sex probably much more than most people do, as I’ll explain.

Ed and I had been friends since the first grade, but it wasn’t until we were sixteen years old and in our junior year in high school that we had sex of any kind for the first time. I had never seen a dick before, and had no way of knowing, like I do now, that his thin, four-inch dick is much less than average in size. Even though our first sex was fun and enjoyable, I didn’t realize at first that he wasn’t giving me orgasms when we fucked. He did make up for it in other ways.

I don’t know where Ed got his taste and passion for oral sex, but from the beginning he seemed to like eating me out even more than fucking me. I also enjoyed sucking his dick, so we had most of our enjoyment from oral sex. That was just about the only way I could experience orgasms with him. I just love the way he sucks my pussy to multiple orgasms, even after he's cum in me. He always said that he loves the wetness, taste and smell of my pussy. I sometimes have to make him stop sucking me because I get too sensitive after my orgasms.

Many of you probably know that the medical term for the thin and watery, or even milky and thicker, vaginal discharge is leukorrhea or cervical mucus. Those natural fluids cleanse and protect the vagina and provide lubrication for intercourse. It is completely normal for vaginal discharge to become heavier and milky-colored as a woman approaches ovulation or during pregnancy. This is caused by the increased hormones and blood flow to the vaginal area.

The increased flow when pregnant can have a slight odor and a sour or sharp taste, when compared to normal vaginal fluids. For that reason, some men find it repulsive to eat out their pregnant wives. Ed is somewhat unique because he loves even more to suck my pussy when I’m pregnant. The increased juices and stronger taste and smell make him even more lustful to eat me out. His desire to suck and swallow my vaginal fluids will become more important, later in the story.

Ed had been with his company for about one year and seven months when he was given a promotion. The only catch was that we had to move to the corporate headquarters in Baltimore. I was still breast feeding our seven-month-old son, and was five months pregnant with our daughter. The company paid for the move, but it was still a stressful time for us. Ed got a nice pay raise, but the cost of living is much higher in Baltimore. So we were only slightly better off financially than we were in Jackson.

Baltimore was a culture shock for us. We had lived sheltered lives in our white suburb near Jackson. Baltimore’s population, however, is over sixty percent black. We were bigoted at the time of the move and looked very hard to find a predominantly white apartment building. The best place we could afford was on the fringes of the city, and about forty percent of the tenants are black.

It didn’t make sense for me to look for a job yet, when I was taking care of one baby, and would be delivering our second child in only four months. Ed was very busy and working long hours learning his new job responsibilities. I kept busy taking care of our baby and the apartment, as well as doing the laundry and food shopping.

Our building has twelve apartments on each of six floors, and each floor has a laundry room with two washers and two dryers. We are on the third floor and the laundry room is right across the hall from our apartment. It's a little noisy sometimes, but it is also convenient. I did laundry three or four times a week and was able to go during the work day when there were rarely other people around. We were using cloth diapers to save money, and that caused a lot of extra loads.

We had been in our new apartment for two weeks and had not gotten to know any of our neighbors. Ed and I were still reticent to venture out much. We didn’t want to socialize with the black people and were quite frankly a little afraid of them.

Ed and I were used to dressing casually when living in Jackson, and we kept the same habits in Baltimore. I usually wear Ed’s sleeveless undershirts and a pair of thin cotton shorts around the apartment, with no underwear. The undershirts are made of that thin, ribbed cotton that is so soft. My DD-cup, lactating breasts look huge in those shirts and Ed loves the way my tits shift, sway and jiggle when wearing them. I hate to brag, but I probably should tell you a little more about my appearance.

I am five feet and six inches tall and, being pregnant at the time, weighed around one hundred and thirty pounds. My hair is brunette, with a shaggy, shoulder-length cut. That contrasts well with my alabaster skin and sparkling blue eyes. Most people consider me to be pretty, and Ed loves my full, round ass. He loves the whole package as I parade around in our apartment dressed that way, even with my growing, pregnant stomach.

Ed is a pretty normal guy, I guess, at five feet and ten inches tall and weighing one hundred and seventy pounds. He's not very athletic or macho at all. His strength lies in his intelligence and the way he does everything he can to please me. His small dick isn’t even a problem, even with my pussy being looser after having our first child, because of the way he likes to suck my pussy to orgasm all the time.

I usually go across the hall to do laundry when our son is taking his afternoon naps. I can see our apartment door from the laundry room and I have a baby monitor that provides video and audio of him in his crib. Since no one is usually around, I wear the undershirt and shorts just like I do in the apartment.

At the beginning of our third week in Baltimore, I was in the laundry room folding one load of clothes and diapers while the other load was almost finished in the dryer. I only used one washer and dryer at a time to be fair to other tenants, in case they came in when I was there. I had just checked my baby monitor when a black man came into the room.

He was a little scary to me since he's about six feet and two inches tall and weighs maybe one hundred and ninety pounds. His skin is very black, and he was wearing a t-shirt and athletic shorts. He looks to be in his late-forties and is ruggedly handsome, with a shaved head. I wasn’t used to having conversations with black people and was a little startled when he spoke to me.

He must have noticed that I was anxious and said, in his deep, baritone voice, “Good afternoon, little lady, I’m sorry if I startled you.”

I glanced up and noticed that he was staring at my breasts in the thin undershirt, since my big tits, dark areolas, nipples, and pregnant belly were plainly visible. I didn’t want to be too obvious and cover myself right away, so I just nodded to acknowledge him and kept folding my laundry.

He kept staring at me and smiled as he said, “My name is Daniel, and my wife, Emma, and I live next door to you. I just rotated to the night shift for the next three weeks at work, so I haven’t been around during the day to meet you until now. And damn, you are one fine looking white girl. I love everything about white, big-breasted, pregnant women.”

My husband and other Southern white men from our home town were never that forward and pushy with women. I knew that men enjoyed looking at my body, especially before I was pregnant, but very few ever acknowledged it out loud. At first, I was taken aback by his aggressive comments. Then I realized that it felt good to be complimented, since I was feeling a little down about myself and my growing belly. For all I knew it might have been a cultural thing for black men to be more direct with women.

I know that I should have slapped his face or given him some shit for talking to me that way. But there was just something about his smile, friendliness and assertive manner that was attractive to me. I couldn’t understand my feelings; especially given the way I had been raised to be prejudiced against black people. He seemed so self-assured and I was curious whether he really had any experience with white women.

So instead of getting angry, I decided to taunt him and said, “It’s nice to meet you, Daniel, my name is Kendra. And just what the hell would you know about pregnant white women anyway?”

He smiled at me and said, “Well, Kendra, if you’re sure you want me to tell you I will. Just make sure you want to hear it.”

I nodded for him to continue and he said, “Okay, girl, you asked for it. In my experience, some white husbands don’t like having sex with their wives when they're pregnant. That doesn’t make any sense to me because many women are horny as hell when they're pregnant. Even better, their pussies are juicier and slicker then. So, I’m always happy to help out when I get the chance. Those little white dicks don’t satisfy them nearly as well as my big chocolate stick does either.”

It was somehow exciting to me hearing him say those things, even though I could hardly believe that he would be that open and blunt with me, especially since we had just met. I was so naïve at the time. I had only experienced Ed’s little dick and had never heard about black men having big cocks and fucking white wives.

I thought for a few moments and said, “Oh sure, Daniel, like I really believe that shit. No offense, but what self-respecting, married white woman is going to fuck a black man behind her husband’s back.”

Daniel laughed and replied, “Who said that those wives and husbands are self-respecting. They love demeaning themselves by being submissive to dominant black men with big cocks. You must have never heard of white, cuckold couples who love black cocks. Those submissive white husbands with little dicks encourage and even participate in their wives fucking black men. And shit, they even love to suck their wives' pussies clean afterwards and suck the black guys’ cocks clean too.”

His comments were turning me one, but I couldn’t let him know that. So, I said, “That sounds like a lot of bullshit to me, Daniel. I have to admit that you’re pretty good at making stuff up, though.”

He openly rubbed his crotch as he said, “You don’t have to believe me, Kendra. I can give you a couple of websites to go to where you can read stories and look at video clips about cuckold encounters. Or, you can just go down the hall and talk to our neighbor, Sally, about it. She and her husband know all about that and my big cock.”

After his last comments he was looking at me and his eyes suddenly got bigger. That’s when he smiled and said, “Damn, white girl, I didn’t realize that you were breast feeding until just now. Your shirt is getting all wet. I love to suck big, white, milk-filled titties.”

I was embarrassed when I looked down and saw wet spots from my breast milk on both sides. That made the thin cotton almost transparent and he saw both of my dark areolas. I didn’t have time to say anything back to him because I saw on my monitor that my son was waking up and I needed to get back to my apartment. The dryer with my second load was finished, so I gathered everything up and headed out of the laundry room door. I looked back at Daniel, and he was still rubbing his crotch as he gave me those website names.

Then I said, “Okay, Daniel, I’ll do some research on the cuckold thing this afternoon, but I still think you;re making up all of this.”

After breast feeding my son and folding the rest of the clothes, I had a little free time to investigate the two websites that Daniel gave me. The headline banner on the first site I tried read ‘Black Cocks for Slutty White Wives’. I was shocked looking at the first few, five-minute video clips. They showed white husbands sitting passively on the beds, stroking their small dicks, while their pretty and big-breasted wives were sucking and fucking black men, without using condoms. Their cocks were huge, and I watched in amazement as those thick, black cocks pounded the wives’ hairy, white pussies.

Then I pulled up and read several of the stories that described in very explicit details the sex acts and some of the motivating factors behind living the cuckold lifestyle. Those descriptions of the white women and men surrendering themselves to the sexual whims of the black studs were arousing to me. A couple of them even described scenarios where black men were fucking their white neighbors’ wives. I was beginning to see black men in a new light. They were taking advantage of the white couples’ submissive and decadent natures, and in the process providing extraordinary, perverted sexual pleasure for everyone involved.

While watching the videos and reading the stories, I couldn’t help thinking of Ed’s hunger for my juicy pussy. I watched those other husbands sucking the black men’s’ cum from their wives' cunts, and easily visualized Ed and me in their place. Those cocks looked so huge and desirable to me, having previously only seen what I then knew is Ed’s small dick.

I ended up reading stories all afternoon and fingered myself to four orgasms. I was feeling so guilty, fantasizing about fucking big, black cocks. At the same time, I was speculating that Ed would likely love to suck my pussy clean after being fucked by black men that way.

Ed didn’t know what had gotten into me that night. He got home late from work and was exhausted. But after getting our son to sleep, I pulled Ed into the bedroom to fuck me. It took him a little longer than usual to ejaculate, and then I pulled his mouth to my pussy and held him there, imagining that he was eating a black man’s cum from me. At that point I hadn’t decided to actually fuck a black man, but I knew that I at least had to see one of those big cocks.

I stayed in the apartment the next day reading cuckold stories and looking at a few more of those black cocks on video. I masturbated five times that day, and still fucked Ed again that night. I thought about whether I should tell Ed about my new perversion but was afraid that he would be upset with me for watching videos and reading stories about interracial sex.

The next day I went to do laundry again dressed the same way as before, after putting the baby down for a nap. Daniel must have been listening for me to go there because he showed up only a couple of minutes after I started my first load. He was staring at my tits and stomach again as he said, “Good afternoon, Kendra. Did you get a chance to look at either of those websites yet?”

I purposely looked down at his crotch and tried to lead him on saying, “Yes, Daniel, I read dozens of stories and watched a few of the videos. It’s still hard for me to believe, though. The big cocks in the videos didn’t look real, and some of the stories seemed exaggerated to me. I just find it hard to imagine a man having a cock that long and thick, especially after being used to my husband’s four-inch, thin dick.”

It was important to me that he made the first move, so I was happy when he brazenly started pulling down his athletic shorts saying, “Well, I sure don’t mind showing you my cock, and even soft it’s a lot fucking bigger than four inches.”

He wasn’t wearing underwear and I soon saw his kinky, black pubic hair and the base of his thick cock appearing before my eyes. In only a few more seconds I was looking at his soft, uncircumcised, coal-black cock hanging heavily between his legs. It must have been eight inches long and almost as thick as my wrist. He also has huge, egg-sized balls, and they were hanging down and swinging between his legs.

Daniel watched me staring at his cock with my mouth hanging open, and then said in a soothing, deep voice, “Go ahead and stroke it for me, white girl. You know you want to touch it, and I want to show you how big it gets.”

I reached down and gripped his cock and was turned on by the heat, thickness and protruding veins. I had never felt a foreskin before and liked the way it slid back and forth as I started stroking his thick meat. It only took a few seconds for his cock to lengthen to what looked like eleven inches, as it grew even thicker. My hand didn’t even fit all the way around his cock as I began stroking it.

Before I realized what was happening, he tilted my head back with his hand and leaned down to kiss me. His thick lips were soft as he pushed his tongue into my mouth and began passionately kissing me. I had been so bigoted for most of my life, and there I was locked in a sloppy, wet kiss with a big, black man. We continued to kiss, and I tongued him back as he effortlessly lifted me up a few inches to sit me on the laundry table.

His precum was running heavily down my stroking hand as he fondled and rubbed my big breasts with both hands. I knew that I was letting things get out of hand but didn’t care. His big cock felt so good in my hand and I loved the feeling of his strength and aggressiveness. Next thing I knew he pulled up hard on my undershirt to lift it above my pendulous breasts. Then he pulled away from our kiss and leaned down to suck my tit, as I continued stroking his black cock.

Ed had sucked my milk-swollen tits a few times and swallowed my milk, but never as aggressively as Daniel was sucking me. For the first time ever, I was becoming extremely aroused at having my breasts sucked, and it was almost as if my mammary glands were connected directly to my vagina.

His cock was rock hard, and he began thrusting it in my hand, and moving closer to my pussy. I was at the perfect height on the table to be fucked by him. What he was doing to my breasts felt so good, but I wasn’t yet sure if I was ready to be fucked by another man for the first time. I thought that if I could get down from the table, I would turn around and at least let him hump his cock against my ass until he got some relief and ejaculated.

I pushed him back, hopped off the table, and turned around with my back to him. He continued to fondle my bare breasts by reaching around my sides, as I leaned slightly over the table. I still had my shorts on and he began stroking his cock against and through my ass crack. It felt so good being powerfully humped that way by Daniel.

After a few minutes humping me I felt his hands on the waistband of my shorts as he began to pull them down. It was clear to me that he at least wanted to feel his bare cock on my bare ass. I began to wonder if I had given him the wrong signal when I jumped off the table and turned my back to him. He could have been thinking that I was giving the go ahead to be fucked from behind.

He pulled my shorts down to mid-thigh and I felt his huge black shaft as he resumed humping my ass crack. I felt the copious precum as it lubricated my ass, and that was a new and very erotic experience for me. Then it felt like he took his cock in his hand and began pressing his cock head deep into the crack of my big, cushy ass. It was almost as if he was trying to find a hole, any hole, to fuck as he rubbed it directly on my asshole.

At one point he pushed his big cock farther down and thrusted towards me. I felt his thick meat squeeze between the top of my thighs and just below my ass and pussy. The pressure of the top of his cock rubbing back and forth against my vulva and clit were driving me wild with lust. My pussy was dripping with juices as he pushed in on the next stroke and tilted his hips back to change the angle of his cock between my legs. That’s when I felt the huge head of his cock pushing into my labia.

I knew that I would surrender myself to him as I pushed back against his cock, and felt my labia part to let him in. I had never been fucked by a cock that large, and his fuck meat is so thick and was tight in my vulva.

He was starting to take short, shallow strokes into me as I turned my head towards him saying, “Daniel, your cock is so fucking big, but I just have to feel it all the way inside me. Just be careful that you don’t pound my cervix too hard and injure the baby or me. Ed’s little dick never had a chance of getting that deep.”

He slowly worked more of his cock into me, taking ever-longer strokes. He finally, gently bottomed out on my cervix and held himself still as he said, “I think I’ve got about nice inches in you now, sweetie. You’re so tight, wet and slick with those extra juices. It feels like my cock is in a steamy, wet vise. Damn, I just love fucking your young, tight, white cunt, since your husband’s little, white dick hasn’t stretched it out at all.”

Daniel resumed fucking me and I was having continuous orgasms from his aggressive thrusts. His cock filled my vagina so tightly and applied pressure to my clit. It only took him another few minutes before I felt his meat throbbing and pulsing in my cunt, filling me with a huge load of his black seed. He held himself fully in me until his cock started to soften. When he pulled out I felt our combined juices running out of me and even heard some of it plopping on the floor.

We quickly pulled up our pants and kissed again before I held myself against his chest and said, “That was just wonderful, Daniel. I believe what you were saying and all those stories. Now I’ve got to have more of your big cock. Let’s go to my apartment and fuck again where we’ll be more comfortable.”

I gathered my unfinished laundry and he followed me to my apartment. I had about another half hour before the baby would be awake and wanted to make the most of it. Our shorts were wet and messy from our previous fucking, but I didn’t really care. The first thing I did was to suck his cock clean of our juices, even though he didn’t want to get his mouth anywhere near my nasty, just-fucked cunt.

We fucked again on some clean diapers that I laid out on the bed, and after taking his second load of cum for the day, I put on some panties with a pad to keep his cum inside of me. I had already decided to get Ed to eat me out as soon as we got the baby to bed, just to see if he noticed any different taste or consistency to my pussy juices.

When Ed got home, the baby was taking another short nap, so we went into the bedroom. I wanted to try out something I had seen in one of the videos and said, “I’ve been wetter than usual today for some reason, honey, and would sure like for you to suck my pussy clean before we fuck. I’d like to try a new position too. Just lie back on the bed while I straddle your face.”

He did as I said and laid back on the bed. I took off my shorts and panties but held the pad in place until I was ready to move up with one knee on each side of his head. Then I removed the pad and pressed my vulva down as he began sucking my cum-filled pussy. I saw him swallowing to keep from choking on the juices. He must have loved the volume and taste of the mixture of juices, because he reached up to hold me in place as he continued to suck and tongue my vulva.

When we were finished, Ed said, “Wow, honey. Your juices seem to be getting thicker and tastier the closer you get to full term. I don’t remember it being that way the first time you were pregnant, but I sure love it.”

For the next several days Daniel came over to my apartment during my son’s nap time. We always kissed, and I sucked his big cock and balls before he sucked milked from my breasts. Then we fucked two times, after which I always put on a pad to save the fuck juices for Ed.

One day I admitted to Daniel that I was secretly feeding our fuck juices to Ed. He laughed and said, “It sounds to me like it might be time to introduce Ed to the idea of being a willing cuckold for you. You just need to find a way to make him aware of it, and then guide him in that direction. I just love having cuckold husbands worshiping my cock and balls, to give thanks and show me respect for fucking their slutty wives and feeding them my cum.”

It seemed like the more he talked about white people just being vessels for his cock and cum, and calling me a slut, the more I wanted to please him. So, I started trying to convince Ed to have a better attitude towards blacks.

I told him about meeting Daniel, saying, “Honey, I met an older black man, named Daniel, in the laundry. He lives right next door and is a really nice guy. We have talked quite a bit and I’ve gotten to know him pretty well. I think we've been wrong to be so prejudiced against black people.”

Ed was surprised by my comments and said, “Damn, Kendra, I had no idea that you were socializing with our black neighbor. Tell me a little more about him.”

I replied, “Well, he looks to be a big, strong man and is ruggedly handsome. He told me that he and his wife both work, so I know that they are very responsible and trying to live a good life. He’s really got a good personality too, and we tease one another about things.”

Ed recoiled a little and said, “Wow, it sounds like you two are getting pretty cozy. Just be careful around him, Kendra. One of my white coworkers told me that black men can sometimes be pretty aggressive about trying to have sex with young white women. We never heard about that shit in Jackson, but things seem to be different up here.”

I just shrugged and said, “Really, Ed, that sounds kind of kinky. Maybe I’ll do a little research on it to see if that stuff really happens.”

The next day when I knew that it was almost time for Ed to get home, I logged onto one of the cuckold websites and pulled up a story about a black man with a big cock cuckolding his white neighbors. When Ed arrived, I left my laptop on at my little desk, and went into the kitchen to start dinner. I knew that he would be curious about what I was looking at.

It only took a few minutes before he came into the kitchen looking upset and asked, “What the fuck are you doing looking at that filth on the computer? That story you had up was all about a black man fucking his white neighbor’s wife.”

I tried to act like it was no big deal and said, “Oh that. I told you yesterday that I was going to do some research on what your friend from work said. I read several of the stories on that site, and even watched a few of the videos. Don’t get mad at me for saying so, honey, but some of that stuff is kind of fascinating. Maybe after dinner and we put the baby down for the night, we can look at some it together.”

When we sat down together at the computer after dinner, the first thing I did was start one of the short videos. I wanted to gauge his reaction at seeing that huge black cock fucking the white woman. At first, he kind of grumbled and complained about watching that perverted stuff, even during the introductory scenes when he hadn’t even seen the black cock yet. He asked, almost to himself, “What kind of fucked up white people would demean themselves with black men like that? They must be some real scumbags.”

As the video progressed and the white wife pulled the black man’s huge cock out of his pants, Ed got very quiet. I glanced down and noticed that he was rubbing his own crotch as the white wife started sucking the black man’s cock. He leaned in to look more intently when she was being fucked. But the best part was after the black man ejaculated into the white wife. Ed moaned a little when they showed a close-up of the thick cum load oozing out of her pussy, and then the husband moving between her widely-spread legs to suck down the semenNegro  and sperm.

Ed wasn’t even trying to hide the fact that he was rubbing his crotch. I knew that it was a perfect opportunity to further the conversation, so I asked, “Damn, honey, what has you so turned on about the video? I thought that stuff was disgusting to you.”

He blushed a little and stammered as he replied, “Holy fuck, did you see how big that cock is, and then the size of his cum load? I don’t shoot anywhere near that much cum. I’m sorry, honey, but all I could think about was what it would be like if it was you and me in that situation. You know how much I love to eat you out after we fuck. That looked like it could almost be a meal for the husband.”

I wanted to let him know that the video aroused me and appeal to his existing love of eating my wet pussy. I also wanted to encourage his more-enlightened feelings towards blacks, even if it was because of his sexual arousal, and plant a seed regarding Daniel.

So, I responded, “I have to admit that the video really got me excited too. My pussy is much wetter than usual, even for being pregnant, just from watching that. Forgive me for thinking this, honey, but I can’t help wondering if Daniel’s cock is that big.”

Ed looked at me and said, “You said that Daniel is a big guy, so I’m guessing that he has a big cock too. I don’t know how we would ever be able to find out though.”

I knew that I had Ed’s attention about the big, black cocks and big cum loads, so I wanted to let him discover some of the more psychological aspects of the cuckold lifestyle. I switched over to a few of stories that I remembered had a lot of dialogue about those issues. We read the stories together, and I could tell by Ed’s comments and the times when he was rubbing his dick that he identified and sympathized much more with the submissive white husbands than he did the black studs. He always made upbeat comments about the scenes describing the husband humbling himself to suck his wife’s pussy clean and to suck her lover’s black cock.

After watching a couple of more videos and reading the stories we were both turned on and went to our bedroom to fuck. Ed was especially eager to suck my pussy clean and I thought he was ready for the next step.

So I tried to get him to commit by saying, “Tell me how you're feeling right now, Ed. You really got aroused watching and reading about those cuckold husbands, and everything they did for their wives and black lovers. I almost got the impression that you were hinting to me about wanting to try it. Just say the word, honey, and I’ll invite Daniel over here one evening when his wife is out of the house. Then we can just play it by ear and see if anything develops.”

Ed blushed again as he replied, “I honestly don’t know if I could stand to see you being fucked by another men, and a black man at that. But after all that we’ve read about and seen tonight, I think it would be fun to at least meet with him. If nothing else, I’d like to see how big his cock is. And what about you, honey? Could you fuck a black man like that?”

I didn’t want to seem too anxious to fuck Daniel, but at the same time I wanted to be supportive of Ed’s newly-discovered feelings about being a cuckold. I tried to take the middle ground when I said, “After watching and reading all of this with you, I am very turned on. The idea of having sex with a big-cocked, black man is appealing to me now, but only if you were involved and fully supportive of it. I would just love to watch and feel you eating a black man’s big, thick load of semen and sperm out of my pussy.”

Ed thought about that for a moment and said, “I’m going to leave it up to you. If you see Daniel tomorrow, ask him to come over one evening when his wife is out. You can just say that you’ve told me a lot about him, and I’d like to meet him.”

The next day was Wednesday, and when Daniel came over to fuck me, as usual, I told him all about my conversation with Ed and how we had viewed those porn sites together. He was so happy with the progress I had made with Ed. He let me know that his wife would be at a church meeting on Friday evening, and he would be happy to come over then.

I asked him how we would get things started and he said, “My suggestion is that we play it cool and see how things develop. It sounds like Ed is anxious to at least see my cock, so we should let him introduce the idea however he sees fit. In my experience we shouldn’t push it until he has committed to it.”

Daniel came over after we put the baby to bed on Friday evening. It was interesting watching Ed overcome his racist past, by even shaking his hand. Ed made some mixed drinks for Daniel and himself, but I couldn’t drink due to the pregnancy. We talked for a half hour about normal topics of the day, like work, apartment building gossip, and even a little politics. I saw that Ed was trying to build up his courage to begin the conversation about Daniel's cock size.

He finally began by saying, “You know, Daniel, Kendra and I grew up in the Deep South, but lived in a mostly-white suburb. In fact, I’m ashamed to say that we were both prejudiced against blacks. It wasn’t until we moved to Baltimore that we really ran across black people that much. I learned a little about black people from my friend at work, but I’m not sure how much of it is true. Would you mind if I asked you some very personal questions about it?”

I saw that Daniel was having a hard time keeping a straight face as he answered, “Well, Ed, I don’t think I’m the right guy to represent the whole black race, but I’ll at least give you my honest perspective on things.”

Ed responded, “Well, here goes. My friend told me that there's a lot of interracial sex going on in this area. He said that some white couples searched for black men to have cuckold relationships with. The supposed reason is that black men have bigger penises than white men, and the wives like to fuck them. Is there any truth to what he told me?”

Daniel acted like he was thinking about it for a few seconds and then responded, “I don’t mind answering your questions, but I’m a little uneasy about it since we’re next door neighbors. You might think badly of me and make it uncomfortable for us to live so close.”

Ed looked like he was getting a little excited, just from Daniel’s very suggestive non-answer. Then he said, “Kendra and I would really like to know, and I promise that I won’t react badly to anything you tell us. Please, Daniel, you’re our best hope of finding out about this.”

Daniel looked Ed right in the eyes and said, “Okay, Ed, but just remember that you asked for it. I am one of the black men you’ve heard about, and there are three white couples in this complex that I have sex with. And as far as black cocks are concerned, I can tell you that mine is quite large, and satisfies those white wives and their husbands very well.”

It was clear that Ed didn’t expect to have his questions answered so quickly. He stammered a little and responded, “Oh wow, I really didn’t expect those answers. Since you mentioned your cock, would you mind telling us how big it is?”

That was the opening Daniel was waiting for and he said, “It’s kind of hard to describe it properly with measurements. I’d be more than happy to show it to you guys though. But first, you need to tell me where all of this is leading. If I’m going to do something as personal as showing you my cock, I need to know what I’ll get out of it.”

Ed didn’t know what to say, so I thought that I would say something provocative to appeal to those glimmers of submissiveness that I saw in him and get things going. So I said, “I hope this doesn’t gross you out, Daniel. Ed really likes to suck my pussy after he fucks me, especially when I’m pregnant and have those thicker and more plentiful juices. Well, we were watching some cuckold videos the other night, and he got turned on watching white husbands sucking black men’s big cum loads from their wives’ pussies. He was curious about how big a load you might shoot. So, if you show us your cock, then one of us will at least jack you off so we can see your load.”

I looked over at Ed and he was horrified and at the same time excited that I would reveal his perversions that way. Daniel smiled and said, “Okay, then, that doesn’t sound like too bad of a deal for me.”

Daniel stood up, began unfastening his belt and pants, and lowered his zipper. He let his pants slip to the floor and we were looking at his soft cock curled around his thigh in his tight, white underwear. He then pulled his underwear down and Ed gasped when he saw that thick cock and big balls hanging and swinging between his legs. At that point Ed didn’t know that I had already been fucking Daniel. He must have thought he was saving my virtue or something by taking Daniel’s cock into his hand before I could reach out for it.

Ed began stroking his black meat, and as it grew to hardness, Ed said, “Holy fuck, look at the size of this cock and his huge balls, honey. They are even bigger than the ones we saw in those videos.”

The look on Ed’s face as he stroked that cock told me that he was mesmerized by the length, thickness and weight of Daniel’s fuck meat. Daniel waited for a minute to let Ed get fully enthralled and then said something to appeal to Ed’s love of wet pussy.

He said, “That’s it, Ed, stroke my big cock. I can see that you are enjoying it, but wouldn’t it be even better to see it in Kendra’s tight, white cunt? I just love to fuck pregnant white women with they’re super slimy pussies. After I add my load of cum, she will be super wet and just oozing with fuck and pussy juices for you to eat.”

I knew that it would be hard for Ed make the decision to let Daniel fuck me, so I took the burden of the decision on myself. I pulled off my shirt and shorts and lay back on the couch with my legs spread. Ed was obviously surprised and just staring at me with his mouth open as I said, “I’m sorry, honey. After seeing those videos and reading those stories, and now seeing Daniel’s big cock, I just have to feel it inside of me.”

Ed let go of that huge, black cock as Daniel looked Ed in the eyes and asked, “Is it okay if I fuck your pretty wife and fill her pussy with my semen and sperm? You both need to be in sync on this or things will get fucked up pretty quickly. I’ll be gentle, so I don’t harm her or the baby, but I still think I’ll be able to bury my cock all of the way inside of her.”

It was interesting to see Ed struggle with the decision. When he looked over at me, I looked back pleadingly and said, “I won’t do this without your blessing, honey, and I know that you will love eating me out afterwards, just like in those videos. I can hardly wait to feel your mouth sucking Daniel’s cum out of my pregnant pussy.”

My final comments were the deciding factor for Ed and he nodded his head for Daniel to fuck me. I watched Ed’s eyes grow wide with amazement when he saw the contrast of my hairy, white pussy against Daniel’s black cock, as he shoved it into me. Daniel held the pressure in me until my uterus shifted, and his full eleven inches of thick, black fuck meat were buried in my pussy. Then he began actively fucking me as Ed watched those big, black balls slapping against my ass and thighs.

I started my orgasm first, and then Daniel followed. He held himself fully inside and slightly humped me as his cock exploded deep in my pussy. Ed watched closely as the base of Daniel’s cock throbbed and pulsed, and his balls drew up, emptying their seed into my cervix.

Daniel stayed on top of me slowly humping for a few minutes, and then slowly pulled out and sat on the far end of the couch. Ed stared at my hairy pussy, matted in cum and still oozing, before moving between my legs. He took in the sight and smell of the mess before moving in and covering my labia with his mouth. He sucked Daniel’s cum load and my juices from me until I was clean.

Then he raised his head and said, “You know, honey, if I didn’t know better, I would think that I've been eating Daniel’s cum for the past several days. Everything tastes the same, just fresher and more of it to swallow. You don’t have anything to tell me, do you?”

I knew that it would be safe to admit everything to Ed. I gave him the details, starting with the first time I met Daniel in the laundry room, until that day. Then I said, “I’m sorry for deceiving you, honey, but as much as you like to suck my pussy after we fuck, and the way you reacted to those videos, I just knew that you would accept this lifestyle. Now let’s finish this off right. I want you to clean Daniel’s cock for him.”

Ed didn’t say anything or even hesitate before going over to suck Daniel’s cock. He knew what to do from the videos we had watched, and he spent ten minutes cleaning Daniel’s cock and balls. When he was finished I said, “Honey I want us to keep doing this with Daniel, and I wouldn’t mind finding some other black men to fuck when he’s not around. I’ve just got to have more of that huge, black cock.”

We started meeting with Daniel to fuck whenever our schedules allowed, and he eventually introduced us to two other, middle-aged black men on the fourth floor. Their names are Jacob and Deon, and their cocks are at least as big as Daniel's. We could never let our friends and families know what we we’re doing with those black men, so we live our cuckold lifestyle in secret.



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