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Priya's Family Planning

Priya's Family Planning

Priya and Mark are trying to start a family.

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Having been longtime close friends, Priya and Mark started dating in high school. The two made quite the couple. By the time they entered college, their relationship was well known and revered by friends and family alike.

It felt like they were perfect for each other and it came as no surprise when they got married shortly after graduating.

They later moved to Manchester for work, where after three years, the two mutually decided that it was time for them to start their family. Priya had been keen on the idea for a while now, having tried to convince Mark as early as one year into their marriage.

Priya and Mark have lived in England their entire lives. Priya was of Northern Indian descent. Within the community, she had a reputation of being a modern woman, while still managing to embrace cultural traditions. She was able to elegantly strike a balance between the two and for that, was adored by the entire community. She comes from a much bigger family than Mark and attributes her value for tradition to that fact. Getting married and having a family of her own has always been a long-term goal and dream for her and she was eager to get started.

Mark was native to England and has spent time around Priya's family ever since they were friends. Given the two's longtime relationship, they had no problem accepting him as Priya's husband. Priya and Mark had become closer as husband and wife due their families' mutual support and approval.

Mark was feeling comfortable at his work and decided it was finally time to fulfil Priya's wish. They had discussed it prior to this and Priya had long resolved to eventually quit her job and stay at home full time. Mark was initially a bit concerned, but Priya assured him that she truly wanted nothing more.

Mark was well aware of Priya's expectations and was starting to feel the pressure after six months of trying to have a baby unsuccessfully...


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Priya looked down at her negative pregnancy test and gently sighed. She had come to expect a negative result at this point and wasn't all too disappointed.

She and her husband had been trying to have a baby for over six months now, with no success. Out of concern, Priya secretly visited a fertility clinic and got a full checkup. As it turned out, Priya was completely healthy in this regard. In fact, the doctor deemed her to be particularly fertile, citing her regular, slightly longer than usual menstrual cycles as evidence. 

"This, alongside your estrogen levels during your cycle, indicates that you ovulate regularly," he commented.

The doctor even went as far as to call Priya 'super fertile'  and expressed disbelief that any sexually healthy man would have trouble getting her pregnant.

At the time, Priya felt a faint sense of relief, but also knew what the doctor was implying. Since then, she occasionally urged her husband to visit the clinic and get examined, but he always refused. Despite all of the failed attempts thus far, he remained confident that they would eventually be able to start their own family.

Needless to say, Priya no longer shared her husband's faith in his ability to get her pregnant. 

She couldn't help but recall what the doctor said at the end of her consultation. His phrasing seemed a bit odd, but the implication alone was enough to stir Priya's imagination...


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Priya had always romanticized the idea of marrying her best friend and starting a family. Mark was the only man Priya had ever been with. She was deeply in love with him and had never even considered the notion of another man. 

The past six months had been tough though, and the idea had started to creep into her imagination. Priya had come to fetishize the notion of becoming pregnant. When Mark was at work, she would sometimes masturbate while fantasizing about getting inseminated by him, her loving husband. 

But lately, on the cusp of Mark's recent failures and inadequacies, she began watching impregnation porn to alleviate her pent-up frustration. Initially, she watched videos featuring married couples in love, but in time, she inevitably stumbled upon cuckold and interracial themed impregnation videos. Priya found herself fixated on the alpha male's impressive penis, comparing it to her husband's the entire time. She had awakened the other side of her impregnation fetish and was actively nurturing it. 

Priya had never felt so turned on or horny before. Other men entered Priya's fantasies and for the first time ever, she masturbated while imagining getting fucked by a man other than her husband...


To be continued.

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