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Ron and Ronnie Chapter 13 - Is this going to be Joe's child?

Gary and Sarah join us.

Ron had been telling me the story of him and his wife Ronnie who had recently left him. It seemed that my wife had encouraged Ronnie into taking lovers on the side. 

Sexual satisfaction is not always obtainable by people involved in a loving marriage, something that can lead to wives or husbands finding a lover who can supply that essential ingredient to their lives. With Ron and Ronnie, it seemed, another ingredient had been added which was less common. They knew of each other’s infidelity, in fact, they had progressed to the stage of being present with each other’s lovers. 

I didn’t go to Ron’s place the next afternoon as my wife was roller skating and I was home looking after the kids. By the time Sue returned the kids were fast asleep and I was in bed pretending to be. Sue went straight to the bathroom on her return and after hearing her twinkle in the toilet I heard the shower running. A few minutes later she climbed into bed.

“Goyse, are you awake?”

“Yes, honey.”

“Would you hold me?”

“Okay.” I rolled over towards her to face her back. I put my arm around her and placed my hand on her tit then pushed my crotch hard up against her rump. Almost instantly my cock started to rise. I felt her move her leg to allow me to pass between her legs.

“Do you love me?”

“You know I do. Why do you ask?”

“I’m not always a good wife. You want me to be an angel but I’m not like that.”

“I know. You don’t have to tell me that.” I wished to hell she would shut up. Holding her felt good but I didn’t want to be reminded that she was fucking her friend’s husband. Not only did it upset me but I worried about Lyn and how it was affecting her marriage. I liked Lyn. She was aware that Sue and Jon had been together but I just hoped that she didn’t know about Jon and Sue getting together almost every night.

“What if I got pregnant? With your vasectomy, I haven’t had to take the pill. I could have a baby, you know.”

“Then you had better do something about it or stop doing what you are doing. I’m not going to raise someone else’s kid.”

“Are you saying that you would leave me if I got pregnant?”

“What do you think?”

“I don’t know. That’s why I asked.”

“It's a stupid question. You should know that I have never condoned your actions. In fact, I have told you that it upsets me and now you are asking me if I would accept the disastrous results of you screwing around behind my back without protection. You should know that I would not accept it. Why are you asking about this now? Are you pregnant?”

“I just wanted to know, that’s all.”

“Well, you now know. Now go to sleep.”

“Don’t you want to have me?”

“I did but your talk has turned me off.”

“Do you still love me?”

“Yes, but you make it difficult sometimes. Why do you do this type of thing?”

“You should already know that. I love you but you can’t keep me satisfied. I need more than you have to offer. Besides, you like my pussy more when it’s wet and slippery and I want to keep you happy. I know because you cum a lot quicker after I’ve been with someone else first.”

“Maybe I do but I still don’t like you doing what you have been doing. Now go to sleep.”


I suspected that she was in fact pregnant. It would be difficult to think she wasn’t because I knew that Jon was capable of impregnating her. She sure as hell must have been close to ovulating over the last fortnight while Jon was sneaking in to screw her. I had hoped that she was smart enough to protect herself but it appeared not so. If she was then it was her problem and not mine. I was not going to accept raising someone else’s child. I had done it once and I wasn't going to do it again. 

Early the next morning I was off to work before Sue and the kids awoke. When I arrived home, I quickly showered and headed off to Ron’s place to hear the next part of his story. I arrived before Ron had got home from work. As I sat in my car waiting, I saw Shirley coming down from her house.

“Hello, Goyse.”

“Hi, Shirley.”

“You weren’t over yesterday. I was looking forward to a chat.”

“Yes, my wife goes to skating on Thursdays and I have to look after the kids.”

“That’s handy for her, total freedom for a few hours. I wish my husband would do that for me. She’s a lucky lady.”

“I guess so but she does it for me otherwise I couldn’t give Ron my support.”

“Ron was telling me yesterday that you have helped him a lot by allowing him to go back over everything that had happened with Ronnie over recent years. He said it helps to put things in perspective. I think he has trouble expressing to you how much help you have been to him.”

“I’m glad. I’d hate to think that I wasn’t able to assist him in his time of need.”

“Did you think about having lunch with me on Saturday?”

“Yes, didn’t Ron tell you that we will join you?”

“I guess he must have forgotten. I think he was a little down yesterday. He told me that he wished you could have come over.”

“Thursdays are impossible for me. I have to look after the kids every week.”

“Why don’t you bring them over with you next week and I can look after them for you. They would be good company for Ron’s lads and mine. You could pick them up when you are ready to head home.”

“I’ll think about it. They usually go to bed before I get home so that might be an issue.”

“Not really, I have plenty of beds. They can put their heads down until you are ready to go home. You probably will need to use your car so you’ll miss your training. Thursdays will be the only problem.”

“I don’t train on Thursdays anyway. Yes, I’ll think about it and let you know.”

“My husband is working every Thursday night so plan on a cup of coffee with me before you head home.”

“Okay, thanks.”

Ron had pulled into the driveway. He gave me a wave and headed into the house. I got out of my car. Shirley didn’t move which meant that our bodies were in close contact. I could actually feel the heat of her body coming off her. For the first time, I saw that she was quite attractive. Her body was not slim but then I didn’t like those almost anorexic women. She had all the right curves in all the right places. The realization suddenly occurred to me that Shirley was actually a very sexy lady.

Christ, what am I thinking? She had only offered to mind my kids and have lunch with Ron and me because Ron was stressed. What is wrong with me? A woman is friendly to me and I’m accessing how good she would be in bed. I’ve never done this before so why now? I have female friends. I don’t start thinking how good they would be in the cot so why now? Is this crap with Sue and Jon getting to me? Am I self conscientiously trying to do to Sue what she has been doing to me?

“I’d better join Ron.”

“Okay, shame. I was enjoying our chat. I was enjoying it quite a lot.”

I turned to her, “So was I actually. Maybe I should come a little earlier every time so that we can talk.”

“I’d really like that Goyse. Say hi to Ron for me.” She suddenly put her arm around me, pulled me up against her body in a hug. She must have felt my boner because as she released me she said, “You really did enjoy our little talk didn’t you,” and looked down at the tent in my pants.

I’m sure that my face must have lit up like a light bulb with my embarrassment. Shirley turned and started to walk away. “Catch you tomorrow before eleven. My hubby goes to work at nine so any time after that will be okay with me. My mum has the kids for the weekend so it’ll be just you, me and Ron for lunch. Hubby gets home after four so there will be plenty of time to get to know each other.

When I got upstairs, Ron had two beers out and sitting patiently waiting for me. He had some titbits of food prepared to go with the beer.

“You seem to be getting along well with Shirley. She doesn’t give everyone hugs. What bought that on?”

“I don’t really know. She just hugged me. She is actually a fairly sexy woman. I hadn’t noticed it before.”   

“She’s married, man. She is not on the available list. You of all people know what it is like to find out that your wife is cheating on you. Keep your dick in your pants, Goyse. She is a good person. She’s a little empty-headed at times maybe but otherwise okay. Be her friend, Goyse but not her lover.”

“You’re getting a little carried away, Ron. We were only talking and in public as well.”

“She hugged you. All the time that I have known her she has never hugged me or anyone else for that matter. It was her way of saying, I’m here, come and get me.”

“Settle down mate, it’s not on the menu. I don’t cheat on Sue. She cheats on me but I don’t cheat on her.”

“Good to hear it old pal but I wasn’t concerned about Sue. I was more concerned about you and Shirley and the trouble you could get into if you start thinking with the wrong head. Shirley, unfortunately, thinks with her pussy and it would be a poor choice if you used the wrong head in your decision making.”

“I think we had better continue with your story mate or you and I could end up in an argument.”

“Hey, that would be something new. You and I have never had a disagreement before so I had better continue the story right now before it happens.”

Sally and Joe came around for the next three nights. Knowing that Joe was not capable of impregnating Ronnie meant that I could relax and let them have time alone. Of course, that meant that Sally and I also had many hours to ourselves as well. We made love every night and at the end of each night, she reaffirmed her belief that she was falling in love with me.

I have never been one to believe that I am any better than others. I am and always have been just a country boy who likes to play football working his way through life. That week and a good few of those that followed however brought something out in me that I had never identified before. I felt as if I was supreme. I not only felt it but I started to believe it.

Sally made that difference in me. She told me how great I was. She lifted me with her actions and words to a level that I didn’t know existed. I got around whistling all the time, with my chest pumped out like I was a gorilla. In football, I took risks that I had never considered before and believe it or not pulled most of them off. The coach kept shaking my hand and telling everybody how I had won the game for the team which of course made me feel like some sort of superhero.

Friday night came around quickly. We had Gary and Sarah coming around that night and both had expectations of us. I had set this up to make sure that Joe got the message that he was just one of many possibilities but now I had a problem. Where Joe was infertile, Gary was not. Friday morning I raised the issue with Ronnie.

“Ronnie, have you thought about tonight?”

“Yes, Gary and Sarah are coming over. It should be a good night. Joe gave me a rough time about it last night but he will get used to the idea. I don’t like the way he keeps trying to control me.”

“I meant about protection. You said you wanted Joe to give you his child but I think you will still be fertile.”

“I guess so. What did you have in mind?”

“If we had thought of it earlier in the week I would have suggested that you get fitted with one of those cap things but it’s probably too late now. About the only option, we have at this late stage is to use condoms.”

“Gary’s not going to like that?”

“I don’t think he will worry about it. We just need to explain to him that you are fertile and you don’t want to get pregnant. If we do it when Sarah is there he will not object because he knows he is on thin ice with her.”

“Alright, I’ll leave it up to you to organize.”

“Right I’ll get some rubbers on the way to work.”

On the way to work, I dropped in at the local pharmacy. I had never bought condoms before. While looking at what was available, a young assistant walked over to me. As she approached I looked at her name tag.

“Do you need help, sir?”

“I think so, Ashleigh. My name is Ron. I’ve never used these things before and I don’t know what to buy?”

“Our range includes very thin and sensitive through to a thicker version mainly used for disease protection. Once you decide what is important from that range you just have to select a size. Size includes small, regular, large and extra-large and several sizes in between.”

“I expect it would be regular maybe large in size. My wife likes to feel if you understand what I mean.”

“Okay, we have one that fits in that range which is an extra thin for a much-improved sensitivity. It’s called an ultra-sensitive. I’m sure your wife will enjoy that, sir.”


“I’m sorry?”

“My name is Ron. Please don’t use that sir stuff with me. I like to be called, Ron.”

“You’re that footballer, aren’t you?”

“Yes, I play football.”

“We saw you last week. My boyfriend thought you were outstanding. He will be excited when I tell him that I have met you.”

I reached into my pocket and pulled out two tickets. “Here, you and your boyfriend come along to the semis in a few weeks’ time. Make sure you come around to the change rooms and introduce your boyfriend to me.”

As I handed the tickets to her she looked around to see if anyone was watching then moved closer and kissed me on the cheek. My swelled head made me put my arm around her waist and I said, “would you like a real one?”

“Maybe I should come to the game alone then.”

I kissed her on the lips and she responded. We then walked to the counter where I paid her. The price seemed to be a lot less than I had expected. She charged me about half what the price on the stock indicated.

“That’s cheaper than I expected.”

“Yes, bring them to the football match and play your cards right and you might find a use for them other than for your wife.”

This was one of the biggest compliments any woman had ever paid me. I couldn't help myself. “I’ll see you at the football then, Ashleigh.”

That evening when I arrived home I placed five of the condoms on the bedside table in preparation for when Gary and Ronnie got together. I then thought again and put two of them away. Three should be enough for anybody. I then thought, ‘Shit, I should have got some for me in case Sarah is not protected.’ Ashleigh had taken my attention off what I was doing.

Certainly, I needed to get my size before the semi-finals just in case Ashleigh left her boyfriend at home. It then occurred to me what had attracted Ashleigh to me. She had thought that the large condoms were for me. That instantly put a dampener on it.

Gary and Sarah turned up exactly on time. This showed me how keen they were about getting together. After the greetings were over I made each of us a drink. Ronnie sat with Gary while Sarah sat in the opposite seat leaving room beside her for me. Initially, we talked about everything but what they were there about. Eventually, it was Sarah who made a move. She had rubbed my leg and then asked, “How do we go about this? We just seem to be wasting time at present.”

I responded. “Before we start Gary, there is something that I need to talk to you about. Do you want to talk to me alone or in front of your wife?”

“Sarah knows what is going to happen. We have talked about it so probably do it here, now.”

“Ronnie is in the fertile stage of her cycle so it is important that you wear condoms. I have left three on the dresser and two more in the drawer if you need more.”

“I had hoped that you would be there with us, Ron. You know the problem that I have starting so I was hoping that we could all be together for the night. It would make it easier for me. I would also like to be with you when you and Sarah... You know.”

“Okay, yes, I know. How do you girls feel about that?”

They both nodded their agreement. I got up and lifted Sarah to her feet. Ronnie took the hint and pulled Gary to his feet as well. We all moved up to the bedroom. I turned Sarah around and kissed her while unbuttoning her blouse. Gary made no move so Ronnie simply dropped her skirt and removed her top leaving her in just her g-string panties.

I undid Sarah’s skirt and her bra, dropping them to the floor. She then pushed her panties down and kicked them away leaving her nude. Ronnie lay down on the bed and Sarah joined her. While I was getting undressed the girls started kissing. Gary finally took the hint and dropped his clothes. I looked down at him and thought, Jesus. I hope those condoms are big enough for him.

I had only seen him in a dark motel room with the shutters pulled and the door shut. I thought that he was a lot smaller than Joe who I would describe as extra-extra-large. Now in a lighted room, I realized he wasn’t a lot smaller in circumference but he was shorter by an inch or more. I suddenly understood why that bend in his cock caused him so much trouble when he tried to enter Ronnie. 

I climbed onto the bed beside Sarah. The girls were still kissing and feeling each other’s breasts. I was now behind Sarah who was lying on her side so I started to massage her shoulders and back.  I saw Gary move in behind Ronnie and saw her lift her leg which I assumed was to allow his cock to pass between her legs.

I lifted up a little and realized that was exactly what had happened as his big purple cock head was sticking out just below her pussy. As I watched I saw him pull back and then push forward. His cock had disappeared between her legs and then reappeared again. He was sliding his cock across her wet slit. Precum was pouring from the slit in the head of his cock. I had never seen anyone leak so much precum. It was very erotic to watch. I kept watching as he did it again and again.

 I observed that the more that he did it the further he pulled back each time. He was trying to seek out her orifice. For a few moments, I was thinking of leaving him to see if he could actually penetrate her but then thought of the years that it took to raise a child. At that moment as he pushed forward his cock head did not appear. At the same time, Ronnie let out a deep throated moan.


“Awe fuck, don’t spoil it for me, Ron. I’ve just got into her. Can I pull out before I come?”

“Gary you know and I know that you will not pull out in time. It’s not that she might get pregnant, Gary. She will get pregnant if you don’t use protection.”

“Ronnie, do I have to?”

“Leave him for a bit longer, Ron. I’ll make sure he doesn’t cum in me.”

I knew that with that much precum there was a very real risk even if he didn't cum inside her. “Sorry, Ronnie but if he doesn’t pull out right now I’ll be making him leave.” I was worried about how much active sperm might be in that precum. 

Ronnie took control. “Okay, pull out Gary.”

“If you want the fucking thing on then you can put it on, Ron. I’m not going to do it.”

Sarah intervened. “You’re an arsehole, Gary. Pull it out and roll the condom on now!”

“Fuck!” Gary withdrew. He took a condom and opened the package up. He looked at me and laughed. “This thing is too small for me. What are you trying to do, strangle my cock?”

“Put it on Gary, they stretch.”

I watched him place it over his big knob and struggle to roll it down. After three attempts, I got up and walked around to his side of the bed. I took a couple of tissues and cleaned their combined juices off his shaft. I then took another condom placed it on the head and rolled it down along his shaft. It was stretched but I got it on.

“Now go back and continue, Gary. Before you do, get the message, you are not to enter her unprotected tonight. Do you understand what I’m saying?”

“Yes, you’ve made your point.”

It was Sarah who came to my assistance, “Like I said, you’re an arsehole, Gary. What we have with Ron and Ronnie is a good thing but you have to try to fuck it up, don’t you. If we don’t get invited back you will know that it was your arrogance that caused it.”

Gary went back to what he was doing before. I watched closely in case he tried to pull the condom off. The condom had taken part of the eroticism away because where I could see his pre-cum pouring from his cock before it was now being trapped by the condom. There were still plenty of juices there but they were Ronnie’s. It was not the same to me. I was looking forward to the day when pregnancy was not a concern so that I could let them loose with each other and sit back and watch.

What occurred to me was that I was enjoying watching Gary and Ronnie more than I had Joe and Ronnie. I wondered why. I thought about the possible reasons as I worked my cock between Sarah’s legs. The girls had stopped kissing. Sarah turned her head around to kiss me. As we broke the kiss she whispered in my ear, “not yet, Ron. I want to watch them first.”

“That suits me.”

“Do you want to guide him into her? I think he is having trouble with that condom on. He only got into her earlier because there was so much precum. The condom is making it too dry for him.”

I walked over to his side of the bed. He looked up at me and said, “fuck it, I can’t even get into her with this fucking rubber on. Help me, Ron.”

I looked down and as he pushed forward, instead of sliding across her slit like it had before his cock just bent. I reached down and took the centre of the bend. “Lean forward, Ronnie.”

Ronnie responded as asked which presented her juicy hole to us. I took his cock and rubbed it up and down her slit a couple of times and then forced the head into her. Her sharp intake of breath signalled her pleasure. I pulled him back a little and then as he pushed forward again I forced a couple of inches into her.  I let go but stood there watching as he gradually forced inch by inch inside her.

Once he was all the way in he started stroking back about four inches and then ramming hard back into her depths. Sarah had got up and walked around to where I was standing. I stepped back to allow her to come closer. As I moved up behind her she bent forward presenting herself to me. I guided my cock to its target and slowly slipped inside her. Juices were running from her which made entry very easy.

Once in her, I moved very, very slowly. She turned her head and kissed me while saying, “You know how I like it, very slow and sensuous. That feels perfect, Ron.”

Meanwhile, Gary was stroking harder and quicker. I looked at his ball sack and saw his balls rising in preparation to shoot his seed into the condom.

“I’m going to cum, Ronnie.”

“So am I, just hold it a little longer.”

I saw Sarah reach her hand down and push her finger into Gary’s brown anus. I didn’t see her do it but she must have used our juices as a lubricant.

“Ooohhh, I can’t hold it, Ronnie. Ooohh yes, take that, you bitch.” He rammed so hard into Ronnie that he pushed her six inches across the bed. He repeated it over and over again, ramming home as hard as he could into her.  Ronnie started throwing her head from side to side and I knew from what I had seen when she was with Joe that she had reached her orgasm.

I fought the desire to cum inside Sarah. I wanted it to last so I withdrew. She turned her head to me again and we kissed. “You almost cum didn’t you?”

“Yes, almost.”

“I’m glad you held it. I want ours to last all night.”

At that stage, Gary pulled his cock from Ronnie and a flood of sperm followed it. I looked for the condom and it was rolled up along his shaft. The ultra-light condom had failed. Ronnie went on the attack.

“You are a fucking arsehole, Gary. You took the condom off and cum inside me. Ron told you not to do that. You’ve fucked everything up now haven’t you? I’ll be pregnant and Ron will stop us getting together again. You’re just a stupid moron.”

I spoke up. “Settle down, Ronnie. The condom burst. He was too violent and the rubber failed.”

 “It doesn’t change anything. You told him to be careful. I don’t want his baby.”

Sarah climbed onto the bed and hugged Ronnie. Come with me, Ronnie. Let’s see if we can clean it out of you.”

“There’s no hope of that I’m afraid. He was shooting it directly into my cervix. If there was an egg there I will be pregnant already. Fuck you Gary and you too Ron. If you hadn’t insisted on getting him over here tonight this wouldn’t have happened. You knew that I was at my peak tonight but you still let it happen.”

I was amazed at how upset she was about it. She was trying to get pregnant with Joe only a day or two ago but now gets upset that there is a possibility with Gary. It didn’t make sense unless she knew that Joe was infertile.

The girls left. I went out to the kitchen to have a drink, leaving Gary by himself. I had taken a small amount of the huge amount of sperm on my hand that was trickling from Ronnie while no one was paying attention. I took it down to my office and placed it under the microscope. There in front of me was what looked like a city of little swimmers wriggling around in all directions. There was no doubt about Gary he had the potential to impregnate twenty women just from that small sample. Ronnie was in big trouble.

I cleaned the slide and returned to the bedroom. I said nothing to Gary and he sat quietly by himself and made no attempt to talk to me. The girls returned shortly afterwards. I put my arms around Sarah and we kissed. Sarah looked at Ronnie, “Will you be okay, Ronnie. I want to take Ron to the spare bedroom.”

“I’ll be alright. There’s nothing I can do now but wait and see what happens. No more sex for me tonight I’m afraid. You might as well go home, Gary.”

“It won’t make any difference now, Ronnie. If it is going to happen it will. Making love once or seventeen times won’t change anything.”

“You don’t understand Gary, do you? I’ve let another man get me pregnant when I promised Ron that he would be the father of my next child. I’ve let the most important man in my life down by being stupid.”

I had to ask her, “So you knew about Joe then?”

She looked at me for a time before she answered. She was probably trying to work out how I knew. “Yes, I knew. Sue told me. Before Sue would let any of the men bed her she insisted that they are tested for diseases. Joe couldn’t get to the hospital to collect the results because of his work and they refused to give him the results by phone. He called Sue and asked her if he gave her written permission would she collect the results for him. When she arrived at the hospital they not only gave her the disease-free certificate but also the sperm count result that was done. It was zero.”

“So you were teasing me.”

“Yes, I was teasing both you and Sally. Joe didn’t know that I knew about him. I was also waiting to see if he would tell me or let me go on believing his lie. If you don’t let on, we’ll see how long it takes him.” She turned to Gary. “Go home, Gary. This pussy is closed for tonight. You may as well go home and get some sleep. Have a wank thinking of how you got me up the duff if you like but don’t do it here.”

Gary looked at Sarah. She just pointed to the door. He stopped at the door and asked Sarah, “Aren’t you coming home with me?”

She still didn’t answer but shook her head and pointed at the door again. A few minutes later I heard his car leave.

Ronnie joined Sarah and me for the rest of that night. I made slow love to Sarah while Ronnie kissed her and sucked on her tits. I didn’t cum in her though. She reached orgasm a number of times. Each time that I was about to cum, I pulled out and finished as deep inside my wife as I could go. I knew that if she had an egg ready that night then I would be too late but it was very nice trying. I felt much closer to Ronnie than I had for some time that night. She had restored my faith in her.

I took Sarah home around ten o’clock the next morning. She walked around to my door of the car and kissed me long and hard. I simply said, “The neighbours,” to her and she responded.

 “Fuck the neighbours. I have a boyfriend who fucks me and I don’t care who knows it. In fact, I’m very proud of it.”

“Gary might not like it.”

“Fuck Gary as well, he wants me to stay with him so he just has to take his punishment for deceiving me. Last night he was quite willing to seed Ronnie without your permission so don’t tell me that he doesn’t deserve it.”

“Just make sure I never cross you, Sarah.”

She laughed. “Ron, if I decided to have a Baby would you be willing to donate your seed.”

“I’d have to ask Ronnie.”

“I already have. She said it was alright with her as long as we didn’t do it behind her back.”

“Why do you want to do that, Sarah? That stuff is the makings of a divorce.”

“I’ve told Gary what I want. He said it was okay with him as long as he got to spend time with Ronnie.”

“Ronnie told him to piss off tonight.”

“That was just about maintaining control. If she hadn’t done that Gary would have got out of control and she didn’t want that. You’re a lucky man Ron. She loves you and protects you as much as she does herself. She won’t admit it to you though. That’s about control as well.”

“Thanks for telling me. On that other matter let’s see how things develop.”

“Kiss me, Ron, before I go back to the dickhead who is looking out from behind the curtains.”

We kissed and I drove home thinking about what had happened over the last few weeks. Ronnie was a pretty special woman. I felt that I was very lucky to have her.

Once again, Ron, had tears running down his cheeks. It was obvious that talking about how much he loved Ronnie was getting to him. I got up, put my hand on his arm and told him that it would work out in the long run. I said goodnight and headed home. As I walked up the steps to our house, I remembered that Shirley had invited me over when I left Ron’s place.

I would have joined Shirley if I had remembered but then I thought, 'If her husband was going to work at nine o’clock tomorrow, where was he now?' With that thought, I joined Sue in bed. Sue pushed her but back against my cock as I settled down in bed.

“I’m not wet and slippery tonight but you can still have me if you want.”

“I’m happy to just hold you, honey.”

“Hhhmmm, I thought so. You like me better after I’ve been used, don’t you?”

 “No, I’d rather you stopped your cheating Sue.”

“It’s only cheating if I hide it from my husband. He likes it. His cock doesn’t even get hard if I haven’t been used. Look at you now, he’s slack. I should have asked Jon or Joe to come over while you were out.”

“You’re a fucking slut.”

“Yes, I am and you love it too.”

“Go to sleep. I’ve got a few things on tomorrow.”

“So have I. Good night.”

“Good night.”

I lay there thinking about Ron’s situation and then about mine. None of it seemed to make sense anymore. I couldn’t even work out why I got horny when Sue cheated on me. When she didn’t she made me happy but I didn’t get near as horny. With that thought, I dozed off. 











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