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Runs in the Family, Part 3

A few months later, Bianca can't stop thinking about Bruce

It was astonishing how quickly a life of thirty years could fall apart. One single night, one simple mistake, one marriage dissolved. Bianca had her taste of Bruce, and she was satisfied. Or so she thought. But sleeping with Vince when he returned from his trip become a chore, where she counted down the minutes until he finished. Then she was imagining her son-in-law again, seeking some solitary pleasure while her husband slumbered beside her.

When she came up pregnant, Vince was furious. And why wouldn’t he be? He had a vasectomy years ago. He demanded she “take care” of it, refusing to support another man’s child; Bianca declined. She wouldn’t even tell him who the father was. So the divorce was underway, and without anywhere else to turn, Bianca moved in with her daughter Becca, and the son-in-law that had helped to cause the mess in the first place. Still, Bianca kept his secret, and even the pregnancy that resulted from the simple mistake would become a wonderful gift.

Becca had wanted a second child, but due to the difficulties she encountered conceiving and carrying her first, doctors advised against another pregnancy. Becca had asked if she and Bruce could adopt the would be half-sibling, to raise alongside their trueborn son. Becca didn’t need to know the children would indeed be siblings. Bianca’s affair might have ripped her marriage apart, but it would also make Becca's family whole.

So for several months, Bianca lived in the spare room in the attic. Where she and Bruce passed each other in the hallway, bumped into each other in the kitchen and ran into each other after a shower, which brought up rather pleasant memories for Bianca. Memories that, combined with the pregnancy hormones, were driving her crazy. Suddenly she was masturbating almost every day, a habit she hadn’t even taken up as a teenager. And Bruce hadn’t stopped with the lingering stares. Nearly worse now, now that he had seen and felt every inch of her, she figured. And she could feel those stares on her skin, making an already difficult situation unbearable.

So late one night, there she was, five months pregnant and touching herself yet again. Eyes closed shut, imagining her handsome son-in-law once more, fantasizing about his thick cock and his strong hands and his hungry mouth. Fingering herself to the rhythm of his strokes. It was a pale imitation of their night together, but it was all she had left.

“Enjoying yourself?”

The words cut through the fog of lust, as Bianca clutched the blanket off her bed to cover her nudity. Pointless, of course, Bruce had already seen all of her, but it made her feel less guilty about the whole thing. And it made her feel less hopeful that it might happen again.

“I...what are you doing?” She asked, noticing he just wore tight boxer briefs this evening. And his cock was already forming a tent in the thin fabric.

“Oh, just up half the night, replaying that evening we spent together,” he teased, flashing a seductive smile.

Her heart pounded, but she tried to restrain her excitement.

“We shouldn’t. Becca is just downstairs.”

“Becca’s a heavy sleeper. She won’t notice as long as you don’t get too loud.”

She should say no, send him off before another marriage was wrecked. But the possibilities that filled her mind were too strong to deny, and Bianca just sighed.

“I need a good hard fucking.”

Bruce smiled at that admission, tracing her body with his eyes. Stalking towards her, Bianca couldn’t help but spread herself, showing off that glistening slit, eager for more cock. But Bruce seemed to have his own ideas, dropping to his knees before her.

“I didn’t get a chance to taste you, before,” he explained, caressing one of her shapely legs before sliding it over his shoulder, “who knows when I might get another chance.”

Lips trailed over thighs, soft, moist and tantalizing, leaving Bianca with little recourse but to fall onto her elbows. His tongue traced her quivering lips, drawing a sigh from her other pair of lips. His technique was amazing, slow and exploratory, discovering every inch of her. Savoring and indulging and craving her taste, as much as she had craved him.

“Fuck, Bruce…”

“Shh,” he hissed, her juices slick on his cheeks, “quiet, remember?”

And then he delved back into her, tongue thrusting deep. She had to bite her lips to hold back the moans. And then her knuckles turned white as fingers gripped the sheets, going mad with pleasure. In thirty years of marriage, how was this the first time she felt like this?

“Bruce!” His name was a shouted whisper, “Oh Bruce, fuck! I’m…I’m–“

The word wouldn’t come, stolen by her bliss. Instead toned thighs tightened on his head, holding him fast as rapture held her. Still trembling, Bruce worked up her body, capturing her lips in a kiss that tasted of desire. His cock brushed her cunt, and she clenched, sensitive flesh drooling for him. But he kept her waiting, working his lips down her neck and shoulder.

“I’m not done sampling you, Bianca. You taste incredible,” he sighed against her collarbone, breath hot where his mouth had been.

Soon, his mouth was on her breasts. Even bigger than they had been when they first had each other and still so nice and perky. His eyes met hers as lips wrapped around a nipple, sensitive and throbbing at his touch.

“Bruce! Oh Bruce, please,” she begged in a restrained cry. Her fingers dug into his back, going mad with a need for him.

Still, he taunted her, pulling off one nipple to suck the other. Thighs brushed his thighs, squirming and writhing under his attention, wanting more. A string of saliva clung to his lips as he pulled away again, smiling down at her. “You want me inside you, don’t you?”

“Please,” she whimpered, desperate fingers digging into his shoulders, “I need you inside me, Bruce.”

One hand gripped his cock, trailing it up and down her soaking slit, taunting her, pressing his head against her still throbbing clit. Dipping just the head in, before plopping it out again, coating himself in her musky juices. Bianca’s legs wrapped around his waist, trying to pull him into her, but he was too strong for that. More pressure against her sensitive clit had her arching her back for him, and before she even recovered, he thrust his length into her.

It was hard not to scream then, nearly impossible. Bianca eyes watering with the effort of holding back. Fuck, but Bruce felt so good, buried deep within her, stretching her cunt just the way she liked. Just the way she wanted, had wanted since their last night together. He was still in her for a moment, just throbbing and flexing against her smooth inner wall, smiling down with a smug look on his face.

“Damn, you still feel so fucking good. And your tits look amazing.” He emphasized the point by groping her breasts in both hands, strong fingers teasing responsive nipples. “Are they going to get even bigger?”

“May…ah! Maybe,” Bianca moaned, gasping as he pulled out slowly, just to thrust his entire length into her again. “I got the implants after my first two kids since I liked how good they looked when they were full of milk.”

“I’ll say,” Bruce agreed, lowering himself to suckle them once more. Not stopping his pace, slowly pulling out and then thrusting back with enough force to move her entire body. Bianca loved his momentum, his motion, his every movement against and inside her. Amplified by his expert mouth, alternating between teeth and tongue, toying with her nipples until they were aching, nearly painful. When she could no longer stand it, he switched to the other, not stopping his pattern, just steadily increasing his tempo.

Nails raked down Bruce’s back, Bianca seeking some outlet for the pleasure he pounded into her. The mattress creaked in time with his strokes, almost as loud in Bianca’s mind as her blood rushing through her veins. Every gasp and cry terrified her, excited her, fearful Becca would hear them, would come in to investigate and find Bruce balls deep inside her. She restrained herself as much as she could, but her track record on self-restraint was sketchy as of late.

“God, Bruce, I am so close.” Her teeth were sharp on his ear, biting as she tried to hold back her cries, “Make me cum on that thick cock of yours!”

Thighs tightened over his hips, pulling him in deeper. Pulling him in her completely, craving all of him as nirvana danced on her nerves. Bruce finally pulled off her aching breasts, both nipples glistening after his attention, and pushed a hungry kiss onto her lips. Finally, Bianca could lose herself to her desire, moaning into his mouth as his rhythm built. Harder and faster, fighting the resistance of her clenching cunt. Driving past the smooth muscles that tried to hold him fast within her. Just when her orgasm grew too intense, too potent, nearly painful, Bruce thrust home one last time. His climax was hot inside her, triggering her orgasm to begin anew, so rippling folds could milk every last drop from his cock.

For several moments, they laid there together. Not moving, and even pulling his half hard cock from her dripping sex. Bruce rested against her sweat-damp breasts, still planting light kisses on them. Finally, perhaps remembering her pregnancy, he sat up, his cum dribbling from Bianca’s pussy as he pulled out of her. A gentle hand caressed her face, an affection she missed since she left Vince. She leaned into it, knowing it was dangerous to develop further feelings for Bruce, but unable to care right now, not in this moment. Then he bent over to kiss her again, soft and gentle and over too quick, before laughing.

“I think we should take separate showers this time.”


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