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Sally Visits Her Neighbor

Sally, needing some good sex, visits her neighbor down the street.
It was 10:30 in the evening on Thursday night. Sally lay naked in bed with her husband. Her husband, Jack, was still in his cage from the past weekend. Sally held her husband’s cock in her hand, but all she could feel was the hard plastic shell encasing his soft flesh, the hard plastic that prevented his cock from swelling and hardening under her touch, prevented her from feeling his hardness as he entered her. How long had it been since Jack fucked me, Sally wondered. Bob had come down three weekends in a row and was coming back tomorrow. He seldom came down even two weekends in a row.

Bob liked Jack to wear a cock cage when he came, so Jack, and Sally too, would know that Sally was Bob’s as long as he was there. Sally did not know the immense pleasure Bob took in denying Jack the pleasure of his wife while he could have her all he wanted. Sally had come to think of Jack being caged as a part of the sexual games Bob had introduced into their marriage. She did not mind all that much Jack being in the cage since Bob always fucked her a lot when he came down weekends. Bob kept her libido at a fever pitch like she was a teenage girl, moving her almost effortlessly from orgasm to orgasm. Sally discovered she liked that, and she looked forward to tomorrow.

As she lay with her husband this Thursday evening, she was thinking she needed an orgasm. Her thinking became more explicit. What she needed was cock. She needed a good fuck. It was significant that she did not think of any specific cock. Not Jack’s cock. Not even Bob’s cock. Bob had rendered her husband impotent by forgetting to unlock his cage – at least, Sally thought he had forgotten. When she counted up the days, what with the last three weekends, then Monday through Thursday, all Jack’s committee meetings, student conferences, classes to prepare, and the general university busyness, it had been more than a month since she had last opened up her legs for her husband.

Of course, it had not been a month since she had opened her legs. She had spread her legs for Bob, and he had taken her a number of times. She had not kept count and would have been surprised to learn the number of times Bob had fucked her over the last three weekends was approaching twenty. And there was another, Martin, for whom, since Saturday, she had opened her legs twice. Thinking of him, she smiled as she lay in bed with her husband. She was glad Bob had wanted her to apply for the job with the sex therapists. The warm glow of sexual arousal spread through her as she thought about how much she already liked being a sex surrogate. Oh, the possibilities! The wetness between her legs soaked her.

Sally and Jack lay in the soft light that came into the bedroom from the hall and from the master bath. They lay together on the king-sized bed that was large enough for at least three people, maybe even four. Her body seemed to have a mind of its own, and she unconsciously opened her legs.

Sally leaned over Jack and took the plastic shell encasing his limp cock in her mouth. Jack groaned with the pleasure of his wife’s mouth. She could taste his sex as cum began oozing uncontrollably from him. Sally wanted his cum inside her. She wanted to feel his pleasure in her. She got up over Jack, straddling him, her legs open for him, and she rubbed the plastic shell against her wet pussy lips, her juices covering the plastic casing. Jack groaned as his cock tried to respond to his wife, but he was trapped in his cage, and his cock soon gave up the effort and went limp again. He was so aroused, and his cum, which normally shot out of his cock like liquid missiles, flowed out of him like he was a leaky faucet that would not turn off, neither did it have any pressure.

It was not his fault that he could not fuck his wife. At the end of last weekend, Bob had intentionally left with the key so Jack would not be able to fuck his wife. Sally, still holding Jack’s cock in her hand – no, she thought, I am not holding his cock, I am holding his cage – looked at her husband.

Sensing her disappointment, he said, “Bob will be back tomorrow afternoon.” They did not talk much about their arrangement with Bob. For the first time, Jack was offering Bob to his wife for her sexual satisfaction.

“I don’t think I can wait till tomorrow night,” Sally said.

Her words hung in the quiet of their bedroom as though on a clothes line. They were almost visible like a flashing neon sign to Jack’s mind. He waited to see what Sally would do.

Sally got up. She stood in her nakedness for a moment beside the bed. She turned away and went to the vanity by the bathroom door, picked up a brush and brushed her hair. She put fresh lipstick on. She opened her favorite perfume, Touch, and put a drop under each ear on her neck. She trailed the perfume down between her breasts. She put one drop just above her slit. Jack watched and admired and longed for his wife. Sally put the lid back on the perfume and stood at the vanity mirror, modeling her nakedness. Probably, she did not appreciate how lovely she was, but Jack watched her and he knew. Sally slowly walked across the bedroom to the bedroom door. She turned, leaned against the door frame, and looked at Jack. She was so beautiful when she was naked, and he yearned for her. She crossed her arms.

“I am going down the street.” Not waiting for a response, she turned and disappeared from Jack’s sight, not bothering to put on even a pair of shorts. He heard the front door open quietly and close.

The night air was still. It was 11:00 when Sally closed the front door behind her. She stood on the front porch at the steps. Pausing only briefly, went down the steps, down the walk to the sidewalk at the street. The first time she walked naked on her street, the night Bob took her down to Portland Street and made her walk back home naked, she was so scared. But it was so erotic. She had made the walk down to Portland and back every night this week, and now it did not scare her. It only aroused her. The night air caressed her naked body as she walked barefoot and naked toward Portland.

When she crossed Bernard Street and came to the second house from the corner, she could see him sitting in his porch swing, where she had sat with him last night. He saw her and came down his front walk to her and held out his hand. She took his hand, and he led her up onto his porch, but he did not sit her down in the porch swing as he had last night. He took her into his house and straight to his bed. It was not quite dark, and Sally felt she was in a dream as he laid her down, took off his underwear (all he was wearing while he was waiting for her), and lay down with her. She felt his cock already hard on her leg as he lay beside her and kissed her. She felt his hand reaching for her between her legs, and she opened her legs to his touch. She moaned with the pleasure of his touch. When he discovered her wetness, he slipped his fingers inside Sally, and she groaned again with increasing arousal. She pushed up against his fingers, and he rubbed her clit with his thumb. Sally was already very hot. He got up over her between her legs. She felt the head of his cock rubbing her pussy lips as he leaned down to kiss her. She wanted him so bad. Yes, that is good, she was thinking. Rub your cock into my pussy. He rubbed her shaved-smooth pussy lips with his cock until her lips opened and his cock was covered in her juices. She kissed him hard, her arms around his neck. She felt his bare chest on her breast. Her legs formed the beautiful M that a man takes as a sign that his woman is ready for him.

“I need you in me,” she whispered into his mouth.

She raised herself up to his cock, and his cock slipped down her wet slit and caught in her entrance. Sally’s breath caught. He settled down onto her, letting his cock go deep into her. She held him tight, putting her spread legs over his.

“Fuck me.”

And he did. That night the first time of many.

“Fuck me hard.”

And he did.

The briefest of thoughts passed through her mind. He knew, she thought. How did he know? But she let that thought go and gave herself to the pleasures of being taken, well taken, by her neighbor. He thrust into her, and she thought, what’s his name? They kissed and fucked. Sally reveled in her femaleness. She rejoiced in being filled by his maleness. The first time she came into his house, she came in naked, her clothes back in her own house, lay down in his bed, and let him have her. There in his bed, she gave herself to him, and she came. Noisily, wetly, sweatingly.

“You are making me come.”

The words spilled out of her in surprise as her body yielded to the pleasure he gave her. It was like she was in heat, and she did not want him to come too soon. They were coupled together she did not know how long, and she lost count of the number of times she came. She felt him tense and thought, no, not now, it is too soon, but he could not hold back any longer. When he came in her and she felt the throb of his cock and his warm liquid inside her, she came one last time. The thought of him in her, his come in her, overwhelmed her.

For a time, in the quiet darkness of his bedroom, the only sound was a man and a woman trying to catch their breath. He still lay on her, and she felt him go soft inside her. He rolled off her, slipping his arm under her neck. He pulled her over onto her side and kissed her. Her body against his, her leg over his. She could feel his now soft cock against her leg. She felt so comfortable lying in his bed with him with his cum inside her.

“Would you like something to eat or drink?” he asked her. “I went to the store today and bought some things for tonight – some wine, a little cheese, some Italian cookies.”

They went into his kitchen, and he turned on the light over the stove so it would not be too bright. He started to get out the chilled wine and the cheese.

“How did you know?” Sally asked him.

He started to answer her, but she looked at the clock. It was 2:00 in the morning. “I have to go,” she said. “I’m sorry, but the time passed so fast.”

She started for the front door, and he followed her. At the door, she turned and let him hold her as they kissed.

“When will you come to my bed again?” he asked her.

“I don’t know,” she said. She went out the door, down the walk, and turned up the sidewalk toward her home. She felt his cum ran down her legs. I don’t even know his name, she thought. He will want to fuck me again. I want him to fuck me again. How did the time pass so fast? Her thoughts were a flock of blackbirds flitting through her head. The one thought that did not go through her head as she went back up the street was that she was naked.

She closed the front door and went quietly down the hall. Jack was asleep. She slipped into bed, but she could not sleep. Her mind was full of what she had just done. Her body was full of the pleasure her neighbor had given her. What would Bob think? She knew she had to tell Bob. But how did it happen, and how did he know I would let him fuck me? Her thoughts raced through her mind as she went over all that happened since Bob left on Monday morning.

The first thing was that Bob went home Monday morning. And the second thing was Martin. But she would come back to Martin. The third thing was the envelope. After her lunch with Martin, she found the envelope Bob left for her. It was in the living room on the mantle. She laughed to herself as she read. She was Martin’s homework assigned by the sex therapists. But Bob had left a homework assignment for her.

She was to walk naked the two blocks down to Portland Street. Cross over to the bus stop, wait five minutes, and then she could come home. On three of the four evenings. She should get an A+ on her homework, Sally was thinking, because she had gone out on the street naked all four nights. Bob probably did not think I would get fucked by the neighbor, she was thinking. Wait! Was that someone knocking?

She got out of bed and went down the hall toward the living room in the darkness. Someone was knocking lightly on the front door.

“Who is it?”

“It’s me, your neighbor, William. You just were at my house.”

At least, I know his name now, she thought, as she opened the door. He stood at the door naked. And hard.

Sally slipped quietly out the door. “You are the only man who has ever come to my door naked,” she said, slipping into his arms, feeling him pressing against her, his pressing need for her, and already in her mind she had yielded to him.

“Sit down on the steps,” she told him. She got down on her knees in front of him, bent down over him, her head coming down to his head, and she took him into her mouth. He tasted of sex, of her sex. He groaned and went back on his elbows, savoring her mouth covering his cock. It did not take long for him to pull her up and to change places with her. He went down on her, covering her pussy lips with his mouth, tonguing her clit, sucking her clit into his mouth. They were naked on the steps of her house, and anyone walking by could have seen them. Her husband was asleep inside, and she was hot for fucking in plain sight on the front steps. William made her come into his mouth.

“Fuck me,” she said. She got up and let him sit on the steps again. She straddled him, stood over him, her pussy at his face. He cupped her ass cheeks in his hands and pulled her pussy to his mouth. He still could tasted his cum in her pussy, and he wanted to fill her again. She slowly squatted down over him. He held his cock straight up as she lowered her pussy down to him. They both felt the touch. Her pussy lips spread from squatting. His cock hard with desire, with wanting her. She lowered herself onto his cock. She felt him, felt his hardness going up inside her, filling her, until she sat on his groin, his cock deep in her belly. He pulled her to him, her breast to his chest. He held her tight. She held him and pushed herself down onto him. They were filled with the pleasure of each other’s company.

“You fucked me in your bed, and I did not know your name,” she whispered in his ear.

“I am fucking you again. Do you know my name now?”

“Yes, I know that William is fucking me on my front steps, fucking me where we could be seen, and fucking me so good too.” Sally rocked on his cock. “You are so deep into me.”

“Yes, I am into you. I want to fuck you every day for the rest of my life.”

“Are you going to come in me again? I want your come in me. Do you like coming in me?” Her sex talk made him even harder, and she felt him stiffen inside her. “You are going to come in me, aren’t you, William. Please do, please come in me.”

He stiffened, and she felt him begin to throb as he had earlier. “Yesss,” he said, and he came in her.

They stayed together for a long time. He grew soft inside her. She enjoyed that so much because she knew that he had been hard with desire for her, had filled her with that desire, and now he was spent inside her, and she would sleep with him in her.

“I have a question for you,” William said.


“What is your name?”

They both laughed, and when she laughed, she laughed his soft cock out of her pussy. His cum spilled from her pussy onto the front steps.


She got up off him, and he walked her to the front door.

“I am looking forward to our next date,” he said.

“I am too.” She smiled and kissed him and went into the house.

In an hour Jack would be getting up to get ready for school. Sally slipped under the sheet beside her husband. She laid close to him and felt his strength in bed with her. She was so glad Jack was her husband. So many years already of sleeping with him. Jack stirred but did not wake, and Sally slipped into a deep sleep.

She awakened sometime later feeling hard flesh against her lips. Before opening her eyes, she opened her mouth and took that hard cock that had teased her awake rubbing her lips into her mouth. Bob groaned. It was mid-morning. Jack was at school. She never heard him get up or leave. Bob had arrived early because was eager to have Sally. He was already so hot and so ready to cum in her mouth. She sucked him eagerly, hungrily. He was on his knees over her holding on hard to the headboard as he fucked Sally’s mouth. She took him all the way in, and he could feel his orgasm rising up from his balls. He came. He filled her mouth. She swallowed what she could, but his cum came out her mouth and ran down her cheeks onto her hair and the pillow. Still in her mouth, he turned and lay beside her and took her pussy into his mouth, her pussy filled with cum from William, her pussy with dried cum in her pussy lips, and he eagerly devoured her sex. She writhed with the pleasure he gave her, and soon she was coming on his mouth. They took a shower together, hardly speaking, and finally she asked him what new adventures he had planned for her.

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