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Sally with Bob at the Nude Resort

This story continues the story of Sally and Bob at the nude resort by Mature Male in MO.
It had only been two days since I took Sally to the airport on Friday so she could go spend a little quality time with our friend Bob. In his wanderings online he had found a nude resort he thought might be fun, but the rules of the resort stipulated no single males. He wanted Sally to go with him. About a month earlier, we had spent a long weekend with Bob at his farm. One afternoon, he and Sally went swimming in a stream that runs through his land. They wound up skinny dipping, and one thing led to another. So he called early last week to see if Sally might be available. “Can I borrow Sally for a long weekend,” he said.

Now, on Sunday evening, I was reading an email from Bob. It was the second he had sent. The first came yesterday evening. It had the expected news. They were having a great time, the food was good, they met some friendly people at the pool. They went to a dance Friday night, and several of the men there had asked Sally to dance. Bob wrote that he encouraged her to dance with them. I watched in my imagination my wife dancing nude with Bob, and with the other men. And I saw those men in my mind getting hard as they held my wife close, and I found myself getting aroused.

And the last piece of information from last night’s, email: The bed they were sleeping in was comfortable.

He had attached several photos of Sally to that email – my wife, naked, by the pool, on a path in the woods, at the dance, and in the bed they were sharing. He was showing off her nakedness for me. And she looked very good and quite content. Bob had managed to get her to relax enough to enjoy being naked in public at the resort, and the nude photos he sent revealed how much fun she was having. It is true everyone else was naked too, but still she seemed to be enthusiastically naked, and I was glad.

This new email I was reading was a bit more challenging. The photos were quite explicit. One showed Sally on all fours with her bare ass in the air, the point of view from behind. She was offering herself to the camera or more likely, to the photographer. A second showed someone’s cock (I am thinking it must be Bob’s) nestled between her ass cheeks with cum all over her ass. A third showed my wife on her back, very naked, her legs spread, and a very hard cock just inside her pussy. Bob was showing me my wife getting fucked. A fourth one showed her cumming with someone’s cock inside her. (Again, I am thinking it was Bob’s cock, but I could not know for sure. Who was taking the photographs?)

As I looked over the seven photos of my wife displayed in sexual play, I could see the emotions of sexual arousal in her face, and there was no mistaking the emotions of orgasm. I reminded myself that Bob had taken her to a nude resort, and of course he would fuck her while they were there.

What Bob wrote would take a little more thought than the photos. I could hardly help getting hard looking at the photos he had sent of my wife so sexually displayed.

Then I read Bob’s note:

“Sally and I had an interesting offer from resort management today. This afternoon there was a workshop on erotic massage scheduled which included a demonstration. I asked Sally to volunteer for the demonstration. She did, and the fellow doing the workshop said she would be perfect for the demonstration. And she was. She lay naked on the massage table as he showed the crowd (It was the most people , maybe a hundred, we have seen since we arrived Friday afternoon.) various techniques to arouse the person being massaged. Very early in the massage it was quite obvious that what he was doing to Sally was getting her very aroused. She came four or five times during the massage. She was amazing, and I am so glad I could tell everyone she was with me.

“After the massage, the guy who gave Sally the massage asked how long we were staying. We told him we had to leave in the morning. A short time later, he and the guy who runs the resort found us out by the pool and they made us an offer we could not refuse. They said we could stay in our cabin for a week through next Monday if Sally would do the erotic massage every afternoon for the workshop. They said we could stay for free, Jack. Sally looked at me, and I said yes, we would love to stay. I will be borrowing your wife for another week and will bring her home a week from Tuesday.”

I read the note several times, and then sat at the computer looking at the photos of my wife. She was having a great time, but I missed her already. It was perhaps the best sexual adventure of her life, but if they stayed on she would be with him for almost two weeks. Maybe she needed to be home with me.

I sent a note back to Bob: “Anyway I could come out to the resort?”

Later, I got a response with more pictures of Sally taken during the massage, photographs showing her naked with the crowd watching and a couple of photographs showing Sally and the guy with his fingers inside her and her obviously cumming.

Bob wrote: “I talked with the guy in charge, and he said you could come for one day. Thursday would be the best day, and you can leave Friday morning.

“And one other thing. If you decide to come, you have to wear a cock cage while you are here. That is what the guy who runs the resort said. And I think it is a good idea. You gave Sally to me for this trip, so it is fitting that you not have her, not even be able to have her while you are here. Here you can watch your wife have sex. Others will have her but not you.”

He did not seem to occur to him that Sally would not stay there with him. I thought a long time. I could just stay home. I could say no deal, bring her home. Yet as I thought about this sexual adventure she was on, I wanted to be a part of it. I thought about what I would have to do, and I already felt the erotic power of not being allowed to have my wife working in me. I sent him a note back: “I will be there Thursday. And the cage?”

Monday morning was this terse reply: “It will be ready for you.”

The time from Monday to Thursday morning, just three short days, seemed to take about three weeks to pass. I got no further emails from Bob. I only knew that everyday my wife was getting an erotic massage from a guy and she was sleeping every night with Bob. I was imagining she was getting more sex every day at the nude resort than she had ever had in her life.

Finally, Thursday morning arrived. I caught the plane, rented a car at the airport, and drove to the resort.

The resort was deep in the heart of the everglades, and I would never have found it without the directions Bob had sent. Much work had gone into building the resort, and it was first class. When I entered the main building, the people behind the desk were expecting me. They took me back to the CEO’s office and introduced me to him.

“We have been expecting you,” he said. “Bob told us you were coming. I must tell you that your wife has become a celebrity here this week.”

Before I could ask him how my wife had become a celebrity, Bob came in. “Hi Jack. I am glad you were able to make it. Did Mark explain to you the rules?”

“No,” Mark said. “We had just begun to talk when you came in. What Bob is referring to is that we do not accept singles here at the resort. In your case, since Sally is your wife we are making a kind of exception. We are going to let you stay one night, tonight. But since your wife came with Bob – he explained how he borrowed Sally so they could come to the resort – she is with him and not with you, and so it is necessary that you wear a cock cage while you are here.”

“Bob said something about that in an email.”

“Well, yes, your wife is not yours for the time she is here. She is Bob’s. And to insure that she remains Bob’s, you will be caged so that you cannot have her. Do you have any questions?”

“I have never worn or even seen such a device before. The function is?”

“The function is to prevent you from mating with your wife or for that matter, with any woman while you are here.”

He pulled out the device, a small molded plastic thing.

“You may as well undress.”

I took off my clothes, and Bob fitted me into the device. Immediately, my cock began to swell, but to no effect. I could not get hard. Mark took my clothes and told me I could have them back in the morning. Bob took me out into the resort to find Sally.

She was playing six-man volleyball. She was the only woman on her team. “I put the team together,” Bob said. I should have known I thought. The five men were young, well-built, well-tanned, obviously good athletes. They must have been in their late 20’s, early 30’s. And all five were well hung. They were studs. And I could not help wondering if Sally knew what it was like to have them inside her. My cock began to throb, but it was captured, and I could not get hard. A problem I knew they would not have.

Sally looked very good. She was clearly having a lot of fun. And her tan! Just in the few days she and Bob had been here, she had a deep tan – all over, no tan lines. She was having a great time playing volleyball, and she seemed to be enjoying playing naked.

She saw me and waved. She glowed. Her body glistened with sweat, as though an inner heat was flowing through her that energized not only her but her playmates. After each point, they huddled and cheered each other on, and they slapped her on the ass just like they slapped each other. And she clearly liked being treated as one of the boys.

They treated her as one of the boys except it was plain they knew she was very much female. They were all very much like bulls with a cow in heat except they were not trying to horn each other out. They were bulls willing to share. Bulls. The imagery was not lost on me. Bob had put together the team not just to play volleyball.

“What is your role on the team?” I asked him.

“I manage the team,” he said. “I make sure they channel their energy into the right place.”

My wife’s pussy I thought.

On the changeover after the first game, I watched as one of the young men came over to Sally and held her very close and kissed her, a long, lingering kiss, and he felt her up pretty good as they kissed. Sally’s face was flushed when the referee whistled for the second game to begin and they broke their embrace. Was she turned on? Was she embarrassed for me to see her so aroused by her playmate?

The other team won the second game, and again as after the first game, on the changeover, another of her playmates came to her and held her close and kissed her. When they broke their embrace, he was hard.

Sally played the match with skill, and she played hard. She dove to get digs, and she was really good at setting the ball for her strikers. Her team mates did not treat her like a “girl,” but played the ball through her. I realized that she was the setter for the team more often than not. They were playing the best of five, very competitive volleyball. The only difference was they were playing naked. It took my wife’s team all five games to win the match, and when the match was over they high-fived the other team. I could hear things like “Well played, Sally” from the other team as well as from her own playmates.

Then the team gathered around Bob.

“An excellent match,” he told them. “That win puts you into the quarterfinal match tomorrow.”

They high-fived each other and put their arms around Sally with what I thought was a rather lusty hug. Then Bob introduced me to the team. “This is Jack. He is Sally’s husband.” They greeted me with warmth and enthusiasm. “Hey, Jack. Thanks for letting Sally come out this week. She is a great player, and we would not be doing so well without her.”

She laughed and pushed them on the chest. “You guys know I am not a player.” And I was not sure what she meant. But what I was sure of was that she was not self-conscious at all about being naked around these guys.

“Who is MVP for this match,” Bob asked. Everyone responded, “It is Jesse today. No question. Every time Sally set him up he got the kill.”

Nothing else was said. Jesse reached for Sally’s hand. She took it, and the two of them walked away from the team meeting over the sand where they had just been playing, and toward the nearby woods. No explanation was offered, but by the time Jesse and my wife reached the trees, Jesse was hard and sticking out like an ox’s horn.

Just before they went into the woods and would be lost to sight, one of her playmates shouted. “Wait, Jesse,” and he picked up the quilt lying on a nearby table and ran over to give it to Jesse. Jesse took the quilt and then kissed Sally. I knew it was for me to see.

Bob shouted, “Just have her back in time for the massage at 4:00.” It was 11:00 as they disappeared into the woods.

“Let’s go get a beer,” someone said. A couple of the guys threw their arms around my shoulder and off we went to the bar.

As we set in the shade, there was a great deal of talk, mostly about Sally. They wanted me to know how much they liked Sally. They envied Jesse, but it was clear they were glad for him too. It was clear the other four team members had already taken her to the woods and had experienced what Jesse was about to learn first hand.

Bob explained that after the first couple of wins, the team had come up with the idea of selecting an MVP for each game and the MVP would get to take Sally to the woods. Sally had enthusiastically approved the idea,

Bob told me, and the others agreed, and without question everyone had played much harder and better the last six matches hoping to be the MVP for the match. I could just imagine what Sally and Jesse were doing in the woods.

Jesse brought Sally back about an hour before time for her massage in front of whoever wanted to see the demonstration of erotic massage. They found us still hanging out in the bar watching the tennis channel. I stood, and Sally came up to me and gave me the most sensuous kiss. It was an amazing kiss full of warmth and passion. And there was something else. The way she rubbed her body against me as she kissed me. She had never kissed me like that in all the years of our marriage. And I was instantly aroused. My caged cock tried to get hard, but it could not in its restraint.

“I want a frozen margarita,” my wife said. Bob waved to the bar keeper and pointed to Sally. He nodded. With her arms around my neck and her body rubbing against me in that sensuous way, she looked at Jesse and asked the group, “Did anyone tell my loving husband what Jesse and I were doing?”

They looked sheepishly at each other. “We figured he would know.”

She reached her mouth up to mine and kissed me with her tongue in my mouth. I could taste her sex. She breathed into my mouth, “Jesse was fucking me, baby.” Still holding me close, she took one of my hands in hers and put it on her pussy. She pressed my fingers into her wet pussy. She was slick with cum. My cock throbbed for her as she put my fingers first to my mouth and then to hers. My cage pressed me into submission as she kissed me again and I could taste Jesse’s cum on her lips. Still rubbing her body so sensuously against me, she looked me in the eyes. “Baby, thank you for letting me come with Bob. I am having the most wonderful time.”

In my arms, she glowed with real joy – the very joy of life. She had been at the resort for seven days, and she was like a different woman. She was radiant. It was more than the tan – a tan with no tan lines. Her face beamed with pleasure. She liked being naked with all these other naked people. Well, all these naked men. I still had not seen all that many women, though I knew they had to be there somewhere.

We sat and talked and that hour passed so fast. The man who was going to give Sally the massage came for her and took her to the theater. This was a very sophisticated nude resort to have a theater. They often did live plays using the guests as the actors and actresses. I felt like the owner of the resort could read my mind. One of my fantasies was of Sally acting on stage in a part that required her to be naked and even to have sex on stage. While we sat in the audience, waiting for the masseur and Sally to come on stage, I was thinking of her in some play naked in front of a large crowd.

Speaking of a crowd, I was amazed at the audience. Now I saw the women. There must have been 200 people in the audience about an equal number of women as men. And they were all as naked as Sally when she came on the stage. And the applause. I have to say it was thunderous. I looked at Jesse who was sitting with me and Bob. He said that most of the audience had been watching Sally for several days now. And they thought she made a great subject for the masseur to demonstrate erotic massage on.

The masseur helped Sally onto the table, and she lay on her stomach. He did not cover her, and there she lay with her ass and all her naked body exposed. Wow! She was lovely, and my cock tried in vain to get hard. He poured hot oil (heated with a Bunsen burner next to the table) into his hand, rubbed his hands together, and gently placed them on Sally’s shoulder blades. A little moan escaped from her lips, and everyone knew she liked this beginning.

The lights were down low except on the stage so that everyone could see Sally’s nakedness and see what the masseur was doing to her. It was a theater in the round so the audience completely surrounded the stage. He began with long deep strokes of her back from her shoulder blades down to her ass cheeks. Low music, very sensual and erotic with a beat approximating what Sally’s heartbeat would have been at the start of the massage. He moved to her arm and stroked her from her shoulder blade down to her fingertips. Incense filled the room with smoke and a dense scent that almost made me feel drugged. I could only imagine what the music, the incense, the touching must be doing to my wife up on the stage.

I looked around the theater and was amazed at what I could see in the dim light. Everyone’s eyes penetrated through the darkness to concentrate on Sally as though they were drinking in her nakedness. Everyone seemed hypnotized by her nakedness. The masseur lightly trailed his fingertips down Sally’s body, down her ass crack, down between her legs. She opened her legs to him, and he was obviously fingering her as he reached for the hot oil with his other hand. Sally’s hips began to rise and fall, the rhythmic undulation that signals sexual arousal. There was a long, slow intake of breath by the onlookers. My cock throbbed but to no avail. I could feel the precum dripping from my caged cock. As the audience watched Sally become more and more aroused, I thought this was what Mark had meant when he said Sally had become a celebrity.

The masseur poured the hot oil down the palm of his hand. The oil ran down his finger into Sally’s slit. Her body tensed, and he began to massage her pussy and in the stillness we could all hear her moan. All these people were enthralled at the sexual arousal of my wife. They gazed on her nakedness, and I knew they want to see her cum.

He moved to her legs and starting from her toes, he moved up one leg with a deep stroke, and as one hand stroked her ass cheek, the other penetrated her sex, and then he went back down to the tips of her toes. Every stroke began at her toes and ended in her pussy. Again and again, many more strokes now than earlier on her back or her arms. And we all could hear her as her sexual arousal grew. Everyone was still and quiet, and everyone could hear her. The audience was watching the sexual seduction of my wife. And I was as enthralled as they were.

“You are erogenizing my erogenous zones,” she whispered.

“Do you want me to stop?” the masseur asked her.

“Don’t stop,” she breathed.

And then she came. I was not expecting it. But suddenly, she could not hold back, and as his fingers went into her she was coming. He kept his fingers inside her massaging her inside until her orgasm subsided.

He whispered something in her ear and helped her turn over onto her back. He spread her legs apart so those sitting at her feet could see her pussy lips and they could see how wet she was, not just from the massage oil. He poured the hot oil onto her nipple, and she tensed. He began to rub the oil into her breast. He stretched her arms above her head and stroked from her nipple to her fingertips and back again. He massaged her face and neck. I had lost all track of time as had everyone else I am thinking. He moved to her side and with his hands at her belly button, he went north and south. One hand went up to her breast; the other down to her pussy. He played with her nipple, and his fingers went into her and then came out to her clit. For the longest time, he played with her nipple with one hand and her pussy with the other, until she was saying something, whispering something. He kept on caressing her. “What are you saying?” he asked. “No one can hear you.”

Again, she whispers almost breathlessly. He asks the audience. “Did you understand her?”

“No,” they chorus.

“Do you hear them? They cannot hear you. They want to know what you are asking me.”

His fingers are caressing her nipple and her clit and pussy. I can see his fingers going inside her. “What are you saying?”

Hardly above a whisper, but audible. “I am so close to cumming again.”

“What do you want?”

“I need to cum.” She was pushing up against his fingers, but he would not let her get enough tension to cum.

“What do you want?”

“I need to be fucked.”

And everyone looked at each other and smiled. And I knew this was the response the audience had been waiting for. Erotic massage achieves its goal when she says she needs to be fucked.

He looked at the audience and was about to say something, but before he could make his request, Jesse was up out of his seat and making his way down to the stage. Then he was on the stage, and in the light I could see he was rock hard. I was certain he had fucked my wife earlier in the day after the volleyball match, but now he was ready for her again.

He was opposite the masseur on the other side of Sally. He knew what to do. His hands replaced the masseur’s. His fingers went inside Sally, and he caressed her until her hips were thrusting against his hand.

And she said, “I need you to fuck me. Jesse, I need you to fuck me.”

I was impressed that she knew it was Jesse’s fingers in her now. So Jesse in his hard nakedness climbed up onto the table over Sally. His legs between her legs, his hard cock stroking her wet pussy. She raised her legs up over his butt. His cock going into her, him lowering himself onto her, and her groaning as he went into her. His body covered her. He kissed her and wrapped his arms around her. She wrapped her legs together over him to pull him in deeper. And he thrust himself into her. And she could not help herself. She was so ready already. She came. She came on his cock, and she felt so good to Jesse that he could not hold back, and he thrust himself into her and it did not take long before he came in her.

Everyone was holding their breath as though not wanting to disturb or interrupt the lovers on stage. And I watched my wife be publicly fucked by Jesse just as in my fantasy about her. And I was pretty sure now I was his second time to fuck her today.

To my surprise, he was not through. Already he was thrusting into her again, and this time he did not cum so quickly. With her legs wrapped around him and holding his butt with her hands, she pulled him deep into her and he thrust into her. Deep powerful strokes that seemed almost to lift her off the table. She held onto him tightly. I could hear her breathing heavily. And the one thing I knew was that she would not cum just from being fucked. I always had to vibrate her clit so she could cum. She raised her legs up higher so her feet were crossed on his back. She was so spread and he was thrusting so deep into her, and she was hanging onto him to keep from falling off the table. She was gasping, moaning, groaning. I could hear her. “Fuck me, Jesse. Fuck me so hard.” And Jesse would ram his cock into her. “Oh, yes, Jesse. I can feel you fucking me so hard. Fuck me harder, Jesse.” I had never heard my wife talk like this. She seemed lost in another world. And Jesse was fucking her like he was her bull. “Don’t stop,” she cried. “Don’t ever stop.” She buried her head in his shoulder and held on to him and she came. His cock thrusting into her and she came. And when she started cumming, he came again. He came in her. So much cum that everyone could see it spilling out of her.

It was beautiful. They were beautiful. I could not imagine anything more beautiful than what I had just witnessed. There was no question in my mind that Jesse thought of my wife as much more than a good fuck. He had already had her as a good fuck. But he wanted her again, and she seemed really pleased to let him have her again. I almost wished they had been videoed for one of those “Better Sex” videos from back in the day.

It was almost 7:00. Three hours the masseur and Jesse had taken to sex my wife with a very erotic massage. My cock twitched with desire for my wife, but I could not have her. Jesse could have her all he wanted, but I could not have her at all.

After the audience had lingered to express their appreciation to Sally and Jesse, Bob and I took them to the bathroom so they could clean up, and then the four of us went to supper. On the way, Jesse wanted to talk with me. Bob and Sally walked little ahead of Jesse and me. “I think I am in love with your wife,” he said. “I hope you don’t mind. And I just want you to know how much I appreciate getting to have her.”

“You are quite welcome,” I told him.” Did you know you were going to have her twice today?”

“No, I did not know that I would have her even once. But she was so good in the woods – I really hope you do not mind me telling you that – she was so good in the woods today, I knew I had to have her again. I was afraid someone would get to the stage before me.”

Jesse sat on one side of Sally at dinner, and I sat on the other. At dinner, Sally said, “I am so glad you let me come, baby. And I can’t wait to get home to tell you all about my sexual adventures. I hope you don’t mind. I feel almost like a different person since I have been here.”

“Baby, already I had noticed how different you seem. You are radiant in a way I have never seen you before.”

“I just did not know. It’s like I woke up.”

Then she reached down and touched my little device. “I’m sorry about this too,” she smiled. “But I was hoping you would want to be here even if just for a day, and would not let this little inconvenience bother you. I was hoping you would want to watch me.”

My cock throbbed and strained, but the cage would not let me get hard. “Already, I have had a wonderful day just as a witness of your wonderful awakening. I would not trade anything for today. It has been an unspeakable pleasure to see your pleasure. What about Bob? Has he had a good time?”

“He has fucked me at least once every day.”

“‘At least once?’” I repeated.

“ Some days several times. He has an enormous sexual appetite, and it seems especially for me. I am sure he will want to fuck me in front of you tonight.”

We stayed late at the dinner table, and finally when everyone else had made an exit, we too stood to go. Outside, Bob and I let Sally say goodnight to Jesse. He kissed her on the mouth with such tenderness and passion. Bob and I saw his hand cup her pussy, and she opened up her legs so that his finger could find its way inside her. She shuddered as he fingered her.

“Can I come to bed with you tonight,” he asked.

“You greedy boy,” she pushed him back and laughed. “Three times in one day?”

Again she laughed with much lust, and taking his hand, she rubbed his fingers into her pussy. Of course, she was still full of his cum. As he fingered her, her eyes closed and she put her hands on his neck and kissed him passionately. She whispered something in to him, kissed him again, and said goodnight.

Back in Sally and Bob’s cabin, housekeeping had set up a single bed for me. It was set up so that I could watch what was happening in the king-sized bed they were sharing. We took care of going-to-sleep business like brushing our teeth, and I lay down. Sally came and sat down on the edge of the bed. “Baby, thanks again for letting me have this week with Bob.”

“You’re welcome.”

“And thank you for letting me sleep with Bob.” She smiled.

“You’re welcome.”

“Do you want us to leave the lights on so you can watch?


She got up, and I watched her walk back to the king-sized bed where Bob was waiting. She was beautiful in her nakedness. And the things that had happened to her during the past week (and I am sure I know very little of all that happened to her) had only increased her beauty, her loveliness, in my eyes.

Bob reached up for her, and she took his hand and lay down with him. Already he was stick hard as she went willingly into his arms, and he embraced her and kissed her. I knew she could feel his hardness pressing into her belly. I watched him as he kissed her mouth and neck. I watched him cover her nipple with his mouth and I heard her moan as he aroused her. He kissed his way down her stomach to her belly button, down to her slit, and I watched. I listened to her as she gave off the telltale signs of arousal, the little moans, the sharp intake of breath, the cooing. I watched him go down on her. I watched her spread her legs for him to make it easier for him to lick her. She came as though she could not help herself.

He did not stop but patiently kissed and licked and sucked and caressed her into an even greater arousal. I watched as he got over her, between her legs. I watched as he took his hard horn in hand and placed it in her wet opening. I watched him lower himself into her, and as he fucked her I listened to her coming until he could not hold back and he came in her. They lay in each other’s arms for a long while until he reached up and turned out the lamplight.

During the night, noises from their bed woke me up. They were fucking again. But I thought I could hear two men’s voices. Was it Jesse? They were at it for a couple of hours, and I never did know if it was Jesse who had come for her a third time.

The next morning when I woke, Sally was not there. “She had to go warm up with the rest of the team before the match,” Bob said.

He took me to the CEO’s office. “I hope you had a good time,” Mark said.

“Yes, I did.”

Bob unlocked the lock on my cage and set me free. Mark gave me my clothes, and Bob walked me outside the resort to my car. “I will have her home late Tuesday evening,” Bob told me

I drove to the airport, turned in the rental car, got on the plane. In the air, I wondered who would be MVP for the match. I wondered who would volunteer to take Sally during the massage. Would it be a playmate or someone else in the audience? But one thing I did not wonder. I knew that Bob and her playmates would fuck Sally again and again until he brought her home.

Saturday, Sunday, Monday, Tuesday passed slowly. Bob was faithful to send me pictures of Sally naked with each of her playmates on the volleyball team, photos of her naked with her legs spread and cum dripping from her pussy. And photos of her with him. And he was faithful to bring her home Tuesday evening. He did spend the night, and she slept with him, but in the morning we took him to the airport and said goodbye.

Back home we got into bed and I got into my wife. We were talking about the volleyball team.

“We won, you know,” she said.

“What did you win besides several very large bones?” I asked.

“We qualified for the quarter finals. There will be eight teams from across the U. S. It is a double elimination tournament.”


“Next month.”


“Same place.”

“How long?”

“Two weeks.”

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