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Sally's Holiday - Part 3

Sally and the girls go to a party at Mano's villa and get more than they bargained for...
The following morning, I had been enjoying my Saturday lie in and awoke with a raging erection, but something was different, it was in Sally’s mouth; she was doing exactly as she had to Roy.

She removed me from her mouth long enough to say ‘Good morning my horny cuckold, fancy another episode of my holiday tales?’

I told her that I was as she returned to sucking my cock. She sucked me for a while then moved up the bed. Straddling me, she began to massage my cock with her pussy lips, lowering her body so that I could suck her tits, as she launched into her next description...

After breakfast the girls had said goodbye to the guys, arranging to meet at the bar the following evening, then headed back to the hotel for some pool time. They had not been there long, when Mano came over and took their order, asking how their holiday was going so far. They all giggled and replied that it was going “very well”.

A little while later, Sally was just getting out of the pool when Mano intercepted her, asking had she enjoyed her night with the young black guy. She had been caught a little off guard by this and he smiled and said that there were few secrets in a hotel. She had made some non-committal comments and he had then asked if she and the other two would like to come to a party at his place that evening. It seemed that a group of guys working the hotels had clubbed together and hired an old villa for the season; cheaper than all taking rooms and much better for parties. He had said that it would be a good night, besides, he wanted to show her friends, particularly the redhead, that he was keeping up the reputation of the Spanish waiter, as they had mentioned the previous evening. He finished by adding that there would be no shortage of other guys there too.

Sally had returned to the girls and told them about Mano’s offer, particularly mentioning to Fiona that he was looking forward to keeping up the Spanish waiters’ reputation with her. She had asked Sally if that was OK with her, as she had been the one to ‘find’ him. Sally said it didn’t bother her at all, it’s not like they were an item, besides, is would give her the chance to sample some more delights! They all laughed at that.

They spent the rest of the morning lounging by the pool then, in the afternoon decided to go in to town to check out the shops. Sally spotted a sexy red wrap-over dress that would be perfect for the evening and bought it. Then they had gone for a manicure, before returning to the hotel to get ready.

She had taken her time getting ready, starting with a nice long bath then selected her outfit. First, she had put on her suspender belt and slipped on a pair of seamed tan nylons and a little thong, then sat at the mirror to do her make-up, enjoying the sexy feel of her nylon clad thighs “swishing” together as she moved them. Once she was satisfied with the make-up, sultry but not tarty, she made some fine adjustments to her seams and got into the dress, adjusting the wrap-over to allow a reasonable amount of cleavage to show; the outfit was finished off with a pair of strappy red killer heels.

The girls met up at 7 and went to the bar for a drink before taking a taxi to the address Mano had given them. Although the villa was old, it was in decent shape, and was very large, with a big terrace where the party was just getting going. In addition to the 5 guys who shared the place, there were about a dozen or so others, with a roughly even male/female split. Mano greeted them with drinks and introduced them to a few people to get them started. There was a fair mix of nationalities, so the language was predominantly English, which made the girls feel a little easier.

More people were arriving and there were soon well over 30 people there. The girls were chatting with a few people, all the time mentally noting those worth checking out a little more later.

An area had been set aside for dancing and there was a good music mix being played; the music had been well selected to allow plenty of “close up dancing”. Mano had moved into the group and was chatting with Fiona, then led her to the dance area. Tanya and Sally moved around between groups, chatting and drinking. After a while they had become separated and Sally had found herself in a mixed group of young males and females, some were holiday makers and there were a couple of Danish guys who were working in the hotels. After a while, one of the Danes, Petr, got Sally onto the dance floor.

They danced to a couple of tunes, then went and refreshed their drinks and headed to an area where some outdoor furniture had been set out. As they sat down, Sally had crossed her legs and the wrap over of her dress slid off her thigh, revealing an enticing glimpse of stocking top. She had said ‘Ooops’ and moved to cover her thigh; Petr had leant over and commented that it was unusual to see a woman wearing real stockings these days and how sexy it was, particularly on such great legs. Sally had raised her glass and thanked him for his kind comment. They continued to chat for a while and Sally kept looking around to try and spot her friends. She could not see Fiona or Tanya, though she had seen Tanya getting “up close and personal” with a tall black guy a little while ago.

The tempo of the music had changed to slower tunes and Petr took Sally by the hand and led her to the dance floor. She leant close to him and accused him of only wanting an excuse to run his hands over her suspenders. He laughed and told her she had caught him red handed. He pulled her to him and they began to gyrate together, while his hands had explored her backside and hips.

Petr leant his head in close and said into her ear that her suspenders and stocking tops felt very good, but he thought they would feel much more enjoyable rubbing against his ears.

‘Cheeky, but perhaps if you behave, you may get to try it out later!’ Sally responded.

They continued to dance for a while, his hands were wandering all over her backside, pulling her hard against his crotch and she responded in kind, grinding her hips against him. After one more tune, the music tempo changed again to a livelier beat and he made to leave the dance floor. She pulled him closer to him and asked if he would like to find somewhere quiet so that he could get a more “enjoyable” feel of her stockings.

He smiled at her and said that he would like nothing more; then he asked ‘What about my friend, Lars?’

At this point, Sally stopped rubbing herself against my cock and, reaching between her thighs, took hold of my erection and guided it into her wet pussy, lowering herself onto me as she continued to relate the events.

She told me that she had looked at him enquiringly and he asked if she would mind Lars joining them.

She stopped dead in her tracks, still holding his hand and asked ‘What, a threesome?’

He nodded in response.

‘Oooh, kinky! I’ve never had a threesome.’ She replied.

He said that there was no time like the present and that he felt sure she wouldn’t be disappointed. Her hand was quivering in his as she nodded and agreed to his request. As he led her away from the dance floor, he motioned to Lars, who got up and joined them. They walked into the house, one either side of her, her with her hands in the crook of their arms. They led her up stairs and tried a couple of doors; all locked. Just then a door at the end of the passage opened and Mano stepped out, to Sally’s surprise he was followed by Tanya, then the big black guy and lastly Fiona. The three girls just smiled at each other and began to giggle as the 2 Danes led Sally into the bedroom and closed the door.

Petr pulled Sally to him and began to kiss her, as he ran his hand up the back of her thigh, grabbing her right bum cheek. With his free hand, he grabbed her right breast and began massaging it through her dress. He pushed his tongue into her mouth and she responded, their tongues snaking out and searching each other’s mouths.

Lars had moved to her left side and began massaging her left breast while his other hand explored her stocking top. She moved her mouth away from Petr towards Lars and pushed her tongue into his mouth. As Petr reached down and undid the cord at her waist, her dress dropped open and the two guys got their first view of her large, firm breasts.

‘Mmm, nice tits’ they had both said in unison, grabbing a generous handful as they slid the dress off her shoulders and let it fall to the floor.

Petr had gripped her nipple tight and twisted it hard and she let out a gasp and asked him to be gentler. He had eased his grip slightly and smiled at her. Sally moved her hands down onto the front of their trousers, feeling the growing bulges. She told me that while Petr had felt pretty big, Lars seemed smaller, but it was difficult to tell through trousers.

As she massaged their cocks, the two guys had dipped their heads one to each breast and began sucking her nipples. She had squeezed their cocks through the trousers to show her appreciation and the two of them had sucked harder, bringing a moan to her lips. Petr was now running a hand down her stomach and onto the front of her thong, pushing his fingers into the spreading damp spot at her crotch, while Lars was running a finger down the “whale tail” of her thong and pressing against her anus. She grunted as the two guys pressed at her most intimate openings.

Petr stopped sucking her nipple and told her to get to her knees. She did as he said and reached out to undo their trousers, as the two guys stripped off their shirts. Sally unzipped them and they shrugged their trousers off. Neither were wearing underpants, and she was now faced with two cocks for the first time in her life.

Petr was indeed above average in size about 8 or 9 inches and quite thick, while Lars was smaller, around 7 inches and thinner; both were circumcised. She reached out and grabbed hold of them, deciding which to suck first when Petr again grabbed a handful of her hair and forced her head towards his cock. She felt it was getting a little rough and told him to ease up, he would get what he wanted.

He had responded by saying ‘Just suck my cock, bitch’ and pulled her onto his erection. He pulled her down so hard she almost gagged, but then he eased the pressure on her head and she began to suck him, while wanking Lars’s shaft. After a little while she took Lars into her mouth, at one point, Petr had grabbed hold of his own cock and had begun slapping it on the side of her face. Alternating between the two cocks, she licked them, sucked them, kissed them and sucked their balls.

As she slowly moved up and down on my cock, Sally confessed to me that she had been a little concerned that Patr liked it rough, but that it had been an amazing turn on, so much so that she could feel the wet patch spreading out across the front of her thong.

After a some time, Petr had said that it was time for her to keep her promise and let him feel her stockings rubbing against his ears. She stood and they led her to the bed. She lay down and Petr pressed his face against the wet crotch of her thong, sucking and licking at the wet material; he drew back and the two guys had pulled the thong off. Petr pushed her thighs apart, exposing her fully and both he and Lars had begun exploring her, pulling at her labia, spreading her pussy wide open, playing with her clit

Fingers had spread the cheeks of her arse and were pressing at her anus. All of this had her moaning her appreciation. Then Petr had lowered his head and ran his tongue along the length of her pussy, flicking at her clit then buried his face tight against her and pushed his tongue into her. Lars, meanwhile, had positioned himself close to her head and grabbed her hair to push her head back onto his cock.

She closed her legs against the sides of Petr’s head as he licked and sucked her, then she felt him push a long thick finger into her and, quickly finding her g-spot, he soon had her writhing and moaning. He had pushed a second finger into her and was finger fucking her quite hard, slamming his clenched fist against her pussy as his fingers probed deeper all the while sucking hard on her clit.

Although he was being rough she was too turned on to care and she soon began to shudder, heralding her orgasm. She was in a sexual stupor, sucking Lars’s cock faster, taking in the whole length as she came. She pulled her head back and let out a cry of ecstasy as she squirted her juices over Petr’s face and he hungrily lapped at her pussy.

Finished, he said ‘Yeah baby, that tastes so good. Come on down, Lars and get a face full of this bitch cum!’

They had swapped places and Lars got two fingers into her pussy as he began sucking and chewing on her clit. Petr was now pushing Sally’s face onto his cock, making her take as much as she could fit in.

Then he said ‘How about a tit fuck?’ and straddled her chest.

She held her breasts together round his shaft as he moved back and forwards. As she held her tits, she had begun pinching and pulling at her nipples and it was not long before Lars had her wriggling and moaning. Petr had taken hold of her nipples and was pulling hard on them. She soon came again with force, unleashing a torrent of cum onto Lars’ face.

At this point Petr had said that it was time for a “spit-roast”. When Sally had asked what he meant, he told her to get on her hands and knees and she would soon find out. Lars took position behind her and pushed his cock into her wet pussy while Petr grabbed her hair and pushed her mouth onto his cock.

Lars was fucking her rhythmically as Petr began fucking her mouth, still holding her by the hair, he was forcing her mouth onto him. She said it made her gag a couple of times, but although he was being rough with her, there was something about being treated like this that had turned her on even more. He pulled his cock out of her mouth and told her to suck his balls, which she did.

After a while he suggested a change of ends. Lars came round to Sally’s head while Petr pushed his big, fat cock into her pussy. She let out an involuntary moan as he penetrated her and began fucking her hard and fast. Taking hold of Lars’ cock, she licked it from top to bottom then sucked it all into her mouth; Petr’s hard fucking was virtually pushing her onto Lars’ cock. She confessed that it felt so dirty and so horny at the same time.

Petr slowed and then pulled his cock out of her. He rolled onto the bed and told Sally to climb on top of him. She did as he said and he guided his cock back into her. She leant over and continued to suck Lars’ cock as she began to slide up and down on Petr. He had reached up and grabbed her nipples again, pinching and pulling them, taking her closer to another orgasm, when Lars pulled his cock from her mouth and moved round behind her.

Petr lifted her hips and Lars pushed his cock into her pussy, then Petr pushed upwards, forcing himself in too. Sally had let out grunt and an ‘Oh my god, I feel like I am going to split in two!’ as the 2 cocks stretched her pussy to the limit, .

The two of them pushed in and out and her pussy was stuffed as they DP’d her. Again Petr began tugging at her nipples and Lars was working his thumb into her anus. She was moaning deeply by now and soon came in another gush which she felt spray out onto their thighs.

Once she had cum, the two guys had pulled their cocks out of her, then Lars had pushed his into her arse and began to fuck her, as Petr pushed his cock back into her cunt.

Sally lifted herself off of my cock and climbed off, going down and sucking me for a few moments, then got onto all fours and asked me to fuck her doggy style. As I got behind her, she picked up her thick rubber cock shaped vibrator, which was on the bedside table. She pushed the phallus into her cunt and switched it on.

‘Fuck my arse, baby.’ She instructed.

I pushed my cock into her tight anus and she worked the vibrator in and out of her cunt, reliving the moment with Petr and Lars as she continued the story...

She was reliving the experience now with her vibrator working deep into her pussy and me fucking her arse. After a while of this, the two guys had pulled out and got off the bed. Lars grabbed a tissue and wiped his cock while Petr, who had brought Sally with them, pushed her to her knees, grabbed her hair and pushed her mouth onto his cock. As he fucked her mouth Lars had rejoined them and as she began to wank his cock; then Petr pulled his cock out and pushed her towards Lars.

She sucked him into her mouth and spent the next several minutes alternating between the two when they both heralded their orgasms with grunts. The two guys shot strings of cum onto her face and into her open mouth. They watched as she used her fingers to gather all of their cum into her mouth and swallow it, then had her lick their cocks clean.

At this point I shot my own cum deep into her arse as she brought herself to orgasm with the vibrator.

She said that she had quickly cleaned her face and retouched her make-up, then the three of them had dressed and returned to the party. She spotted Tanya and Fiona with Mano and the black guy chatting in a group and they got some drinks and joined them, the girls exchanging knowing looks. When Mano asked if Sally was enjoying the party, she had nearly choked on her drink, causing all of them to start laughing.

When she had regained control, she had said that she was enjoying it very much, causing the other two girls to start giggling again. They had spent the rest of the evening chatting and dancing, leaving in the small hours.

Back at the hotel, they had exchanged stories about the evening, the other two were keen to hear about Sally’s threesome. They had told Sally that Mano had mentioned that Petr could be a little kinky, sometimes being pretty forceful and she told them that he had been a bit rough, but nothing that she hadn’t liked. Sally, in turn, was equally keen to hear about what the girls had got up to.

It seemed that Tanya and the black guy, a German named Kurt, had gone to find a room to fuck and happened upon Mano and Fiona. They were about to close the door when Mano suggested they join them. So they had gone in and enjoyed a kinky foursome with some swapping and two on one action, though they had been deliberately vague about exactly the extent of this and Sally hadn’t pushed them.

They decided to spend the next morning by the pool and maybe head into town in the afternoon. The guys they had met before would be back around 6pm and they were meeting up with them at the usual bar.

They said their goodnight's and headed off to bed. Sally had laid there thinking about what had happened, and what they had discussed, she had realised that the girls were holding back on something, but she wasn’t 100 percent sure what, though had her suspicions.

But, like her, I was going to have to wait to find out what it was. Then her thoughts had turned to the coming evening and she confessed to a tingling sensation at the thought of spending it with Roy...
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