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Saturday Night, Sunday Morning

A friend comes to town for a party and moves on his wife
I’m Doug the husband. I coach division one college baseball for a University located on the west coast of Florida, I’m not saying which one but you’ll probably know after reading my story. I’m married to my beautiful wife Sandy. Both she and I turned thirty last summer. I never thought I could fall in love at first sight but with Sandy that was the case. She had a body that most women would die for. At five foot four her tiny waist and hip’s only accentuated her luscious 34c breasts. Her long auburn hair flowed past her shoulders and had a natural curl to it. Her shapely legs looked delicious in short skirts and short-shorts which made her backside even more curvaceous. She had a great body for teasing and loved showing it off at all times. When she walked, you watched even as she walked away.

The first four years of our marriage were pretty good sexually. It was year five when the drop off began, sex became rather mundane and almost non-existent. I first blamed it on both of our rather busy and conflicting schedules. About five months ago I decided to bring home a porno movie in hopes of reviving our sex life. Sandy was excited and to her credit she made the mood more sensual. She walked downstairs with a sheer baby doll nightgown with no panties just for the occasion. I popped the movie in and what I discovered was the couple in the movie was into swinging. As I watched the movie I could see Sandy was very aroused seeing the wife having a threesome with her husband and his best friend. By the end the wife had convinced the husband that she loved him but didn’t want a monogamous marriage. As the movie finished Sandy became very amorous. She took out my cock from my pajamas and started stroking it. Needless to say it came to life.

“Would you like me to be that kind of woman, tell me yes my cute little hubby?” she said staring at me while holding my now erect cock in her hand.

I could only nod sheepishly. I was seeping pre-cum.

“I...I don’t really know” I stammered, “I don’t know if I could see you fucking another man.” Still she knew she had me in her power at that instant.

As I looked at her I swore a devilish grin spread across her face. With that I came hard. Sandy swallowed which she normally never did and licked my cock clean. As we kissed she transferred the last few creamy drops into my mouth. I found out later that was the first step of a wife making a husband her cuckold. Then with just a giggle, rolled over and went to sleep.

Over the next few weeks I could see a change. She became more confident with her wardrobe wearing dresses and skirts to work more often than slacks. When we went out she wore low-cut tighter tops with mini skirts. Many of her shorts were shortened to reveal more leg. She was obsessed wearing high heels even with shorts. Her flirting with men became more frequent even with me in her presence. Teasing became the norm.

Her demeanor in the bedroom changed dramatically, Sandy became in control. She would love to tease me by walking around the bedroom only wearing the tiniest panties before bed. She started sleeping nude or just in panties not the longer nightgowns I had seen her in most of our marriage. Frequently she would bring up the fact that some hunky guy earlier had flirted with her or just told her how pretty she was. She would tell me how she would go back to her office and how her panties got moist just thinking about it. Sandy knew how to drive me crazy and took pleasure in doing it. She knew how to push my buttons. It seemed I was going to bed with a hard on almost every evening.

Then one evening in bed Sandy cuddled and began rubbing my cock. I remember that night all too well.

She looked up with a sly grin, “you like?”

“Why wouldn’t I” I said as she continued.

“Well I have a confession, there is a guy at work, his name is Brad, I just wanted to be honest with you and let you know there has been a little innocent flirting on both our parts. Doug, I’m not cheating on you but I thought you should know I’m feeling a little guilty” she confessed.

Sandy kept rubbing my now stiffened cock. My wife was testing me and I admit I was somewhat naive to the fact of what was to come.

As Christmas approached we both had lots to do. Although Sandy and I attended a few Christmas parties together she started to go out more with co-workers after work for drinks. One night she did come home late very amorous, I didn’t question her. Maybe I was afraid of the truth. I sensed Brad and her that particular evening were doing more than just casual conversation. When she got into bed I swore when we kissed I could taste and smell semen on her breath. The signs were there.

After Christmas we were invited to a New Year’s party by one of Sandy’s associates. It was semi-formal and Sandy didn’t disappoint. She looked flawless as I zipped her up in her black strapless cocktail dress that pushed her breasts slightly upward. Her only other clothing was a black lace g-string panty and five inch patent leather pumps. The shoes made her legs look shapely. It was done purposely as it made her as tall as me. Her dress was just short enough and flowed out at the waist framing her beautiful legs.

Earlier that night I had to attend party for the team I coached. Sandy wanted to go to her party so I dropped her off. I was a little apprehensive about letting her go in alone and I wasted no time getting back. I arrived back around ten o’clock and saw the party was in full swing. When I walked in I didn’t immediately see my wife so I got a drink, talked with a few people I recognized then began looking for her. Finally spotting her, I saw she was talking to a guy outside by the pool. I watched from a distance as my wife was in full flirtation mode. Her body movement told me she was doing more than just casual chat. I should tell you Sandy doesn’t smoke or drink heavily and only smokes when she is drinking. She only drinks wine and three glasses of Merlot is usually her limit. Finally I approached them and greeted her with a kiss on the cheek. That’s when I was first introduced to Brad. He looked young about twenty-five. He also towered over me which became obvious why Sandy wore her highest heels. After introductions by Sandy I could tell he became uncomfortable with my sarcastic subtlety, excused himself and went back to the party. Sandy’s sensed I was jealous and the look on her face told me she was a little peeved with me making Brad uneasy.

At the stroke of midnight like most parties everyone kissed there spouse or dates. After she and I kissed she sought out and found another target. Yes it was Brad. They innocently kissed but that was only the start. As Sandy started to walk away he grabbed her hand and pulled her into his arms. The second kiss was deeply passionate and tongue twilling which made me wonder if anything else has been going on earlier that evening. I was shocked and that was an understatement. A few women around Sandy smiled as she and Brad broke there hold on each other. I became aroused seeing them kiss and grind into one another. Embarrassingly my cock became semi-hard. I hoped nobody saw my now present hard-on in my pants. I tried to make light of it thinking it was only the drinks she had in her, but when they parted she looked at him with a lustful smile that I hadn’t ever witnessed. For the next hour or so I could tell Sandy was very interested by the way she was acting and watching him. I liked it and hated it at the same time. She knew I was jealous and was pushing the envelope teasing my emotions mercilessly.

On the way home she asked if I minded the way she kissed Brad and I shrugged it off and said, “Honey its New Year’s, you just got caught up in the moment that’s all.”

All at once in an unlikely manner Sandy grabbed my crotch feeling my now hardened cock, “I noticed this little guy liked it was much as I did. He’s a great kisser and I liked it very much, I never knew you were such a voyeur.” Grinning, patting my now hardened cock.

Hearing of men who were turned on by the sight of there wife with other men always made me laugh. Was I one of them? I was afraid to answer.

That following Wednesday Sandy got home around ten after going out after work and confronted me. I knew she had been with Brad. I was already in bed waiting for her to return home. Her hair was up and she looked good in her business suit. As she undressed and loosened her hairpin letting her hair fall on her soft shoulders she removed her bra and stood in just her black stockings and garter belt at the end of the bed. She looked incredibly sexy; she knew how to get to me.

“Sweetheart, we have to talk.” Sandy said.

“You were with him alone tonight weren’t you?” I asked confronting her.

“Yes” was all she said.

The question had been answered. I gulped. She looked me in the eyes got on the bed next to me, reached down and took my cock in her hand.

“You okay with this?” She said with her hand still around my now throbbing cock.

I nodded.

“Are you sure you’re okay with this?” She said softly.

Again I nodded.

“You’ll let him fuck you won’t you?” I stammered.

Sandy’s eyes did not even blink; she just looked straight at me. The room became silent. I kissed her again without saying a word. My whole body was now shaking. I felt dizzy; nauseous even; but I knew now I had no choice in the matter.

The next week Sandy and Brad began an affair. They would meet once during the week and again on Friday and Saturday night’s. I was told to stay home until Sandy returned. Sometimes they would go out to dinner and then dancing or just to a neighborhood bar for drinks before coming back here for coupling. Sandy always would ask me if I wanted to watch them but I always declined.

Her quote was always this, “Then I would appreciate it if you were to sleep in the guestroom but I am not going to push you. It will be your decision.”

I would hear Sandy’s voice moaning as I walked downstairs. It became routine that I would jack off before going to sleep knowing my wife was getting fucked by another man. This continued throughout the next few weeks until Sandy got tired of Brad and finally dumped him. The hardest part is that she knew I loved her and wanted her to be happy. I didn’t please her sexually anymore. She had become a true hot wife and wanted more, she was about to get her wish.

That was when my college roommate Jerry called wanting to get together. He was coaching at Ohio State and was coming down to play in a pre-season tournament that weekend. We were scheduled to play each other on Sunday. Jerry and I have been friends for years and played college baseball in Florida, both drafted by major league teams after graduation. He was the stud on our college team in terms of talent as well as good looks. I was good enough in college but never made it big in the pros. Jerry accomplished much more making it to the majors in just two years after graduating and played for Cincinnati for five more before injuries ended his career. After two rather unproductive years in the minors I was offered a job here in Tampa as an assistant coach and jumped at the chance. The money was good and it kept me active in the game I loved. This is where my wife Sandy and I reside.

Jerry, recently single contacted me about a week before he was to come down from up north. He welcomed the warmer weather both for his team and himself. He told me because of the tournament schedule he was only available to meet that Saturday night. I invited him over and quickly called a few of our college friends and teammates to put together a party at our house that Saturday night. Sandy had seen pictures of Jerry but they had never met. She would comment to me how cute he was and how the college girls must have flocked to him. I saw that look in her eye.

That afternoon Sandy was busy getting the house ready while I was coaching my team in the tournament. I got home around 4:30 and went upstairs to take a shower and get myself ready. Jerry told me would be over after having dinner with his team so we could catch up on things before the others arrived. I let Sandy take a quick nap and told her not to worry, I would take care of getting everything set-up for our guests.

Jerry arrived just before seven and we quickly reminisced about our college days, nights and frat parties. We talked about the coed’s cuties on campus. I remembered vividly the gorgeous women Jerry had dated in college. When Jerry stopped talking in mid sentence I knew Sandy was approaching. I turned from the couch as both Jerry and I watched Sandy walk downstairs. Her beautiful, toned legs came into view first. Then the short sundress appeared that barely covered her backside and flowed gently with her body. Her heels accentuated her shapely calves and thighs making her look taller than her 5’4” frame. Her hair pulled to one side draped perfectly on her left shoulder gently curled. She was my hot wife and a seductress.

Jerry smiled and got up as she entered the room, “Well, well this must be your beautiful wife Sandy” he said.

Sandy looked directly into his eyes, “Why yes, you must be Jerry.”

They immediately hugged as Sandy kissed him on the cheek.

I chimed in by saying well this is going to be fun seeing lots of people we haven’t seen in years. I don’t think either Sandy or Jerry heard what I said. Sandy’s body language to Jerry revealed this would be a long night. Jerry’s eyes were fixed on her the whole time. Just then the doorbell rang and Sandy motioned for me to go let our guests in. I got up and opened the door to our porch. As I walked back into the living area Sandy was already sitting next to Jerry on our loveseat. I got drinks for our guests and played host. Sandy was intently listening to everything he was saying with her legs crossed. Only a small layer of clothing covered her most intimate parts. I could see his eyes fixated and admiring her bare legs. All through the evening Sandy was laughing and doing all the things women do when interested in a man. Her body movements told the story; she knowingly kept twirling her hair around her index finger, rubbed her legs and calves at the most opportune times and dangled her one shoe from her foot.

I approached her in the kitchen as she poured another Merlot into her glass. We kissed and she just smiled and asked if I was having a good time. She knew what she was doing to me and the male guests. Awhile later Jerry and I were talking to some teammates when Sandy walked past us to go to the bathroom. Every eye was on her ass as it swayed back and forth leaving the room.

The party was going strong; I got caught up reminiscing with my former teammates. I walked out towards the pool area to grab more beers for everyone. I wasn’t really paying attention as I glanced over to see most of the women talking in a group, just chatting and laughing. What struck me first is that Sandy was not amongst them. I looked again and saw Sandy dangling her feet in the pool. What caught most of my attention though is the fact she wasn’t alone, sitting next to her was Jerry. Sandy was leaning back into Jerry rubbing her shoulder in his. I watched as Sandy smiled, laughing at something Jerry had said. I broke myself away from watching them and took the beers back to our guests, but my mind was wandering. This seemed familiar, my stomach churned.

We replayed our college World Series championship game that I had put on our big screen television. By the time the game was over everyone was ready to leave. We all said our goodbye’s, planning another future party. After they had all gone I walked through the house towards the pool area. Jerry was there, sitting in a lounge chair next to Sandy, heads close, both of them laughing.

“I think I need something besides a beer, want to join me Jerry in a twelve year old glass of scotch? I have a bottle, let’s break it open.” I said as Jerry got up as he and I walked to the kitchen. I got two glasses out and poured the scotch over ice as we both took a sip.

“Smooth,” Jerry said of the scotch, “and I might add your wife is very beautiful as well. You’re a lucky man”

“She is and yes I am. Sandy can be handful at times but quite the woman.” I retorted as Jerry just smiled and nodded.

We sipped on the drinks as we walked back outside finding Sandy not in sight. With her dress neatly folded on the top of a chair her pink panties strategically placed on top I noticed Sandy in our Jacuzzi. She was naked but was lurking modestly below the water line, her neck and head only exposed. She had pinned her hair up so as not to get it wet.

“Well boys are you going to just stand there or come in? No bathing suits allowed.”

Sandy quipped.

“I can see that.” I said as Jerry and I stripped down while Sandy surprisingly covered her eyes.

The water felt good as both Jerry and I sat on opposite sides of her. As we chatted I could tell Jerry was trying his hardest to see Sandy’s tits or maybe a quick flash of her submerged pussy.

I had to pee so I got out letting them alone for a few moments. As I left Sandy told me to bring back towels. As I was upstairs I felt my cock harden. I couldn’t even piss I was so hard. As I walked back outside they both nervously looked my way. At this point Sandy was on her fifth glass of wine. I put the towels down and got back in the water hoping they didn’t notice my predicament.

Sandy said to me, “we were just talking about you.”

“Only good things I hope,” I replied.

“I was just telling Jerry about our little arrangement.”

My heart sank. “What do you mean?” I asked her.

“Well I have been telling him that you have been sharing me for the last few months.”

“Sandy, I thought we had discussed to keep it private.”

“Oh don’t be silly darling, its okay. Anyway I invited Jerry to stay the night, he’s had too much to drink and drive at this hour.” Sandy smiled as she slurred her words.

Again my stomach ached.

With that Sandy got up and walked out of the water. Her skin glistened in the dim light as her gorgeous ass came into view. She wrapped a towel around her and tucked it in barely covering her breasts before Jerry could see.

She softly spoke, “see you upstairs boys. Just give me a few moments.”

I didn’t know what to do. I just sat there looking at Jerry, seconds followed.

He was the first to break the silence. “Do you like sharing Sandy?”

“Yes I guess I do,” I mumbled.

Jerry had a smirk on his face as he watched me squirm. Nothing else was said. We both got out of the Jacuzzi and dried off. The slow walk to the house was painful. Jerry didn’t turn to go to the guestroom he continued to follow me until we got to the top of the stairs. With only towels around our waist we continued without a word spoken. I could see flickering lights in our bedroom. Sandy had lit candles and was waiting for not just me but both of us. My heart was pounding so hard I thought it was coming out of my chest. We turned and looked into the door of our master bedroom. There was Sandy confidently lying on her side leaning on her left elbow her right hand on her thigh like she was posing. Pillows surrounded her on both sides. A pink sheer baby doll covered her breasts as the ruffled hemline stopped just past her crotch. Sandy had never shaven but only trimmed her pussy hair in the past but tonight I noticed she had shaven it down to just a ‘landing strip’. Her auburn hair lay on her shoulders perfectly coiffed. Her lipstick and make-up freshly applied. She was beautiful and about to be taken.

“Well are you guys just going to stand there or what? I hope at least your admiring the view.” she said with a throaty, sensual voice.

She watched as both Jerry and I threw off our towels revealing two semi-erect cocks.

“Mmmm, very, very nice boys, and at attention I see!” as she patted the bed for us sit.

I was the first to get on the bed Jerry slid in on the other side of Sandy. The awkwardness soon passed as Sandy leaned over to me and we kissed. It was a deep, long, intense kiss that I hadn’t received from her in ages. We kept kissing as Jerry could only watch. I wanted Sandy so bad at that moment and hoped she would tell Jerry to leave. In my heart I knew that wouldn’t be the case. Finally Sandy broke our kiss and sat up.

She leaned over to me whispered in my ear, “Would you mind if I kissed our guest? I don’t want to be an ungrateful hostess.”

“You do what you think is right.” I told her. Her decision only took seconds.

With that she leaned over and my beautiful wife kissed my former roommate for the first time. As with Brad there first kiss was short and innocent but the next became more passionate and heated. Sandy lifted her arms in the air and Jerry started to remove her nightie. As the hemline rose over her breasts I could see her erect nipples come into view and her now swollen almost bare pussy. She moved closer to Jerry and turned her back to me as they wrapped their arms around each other embracing tightly. I began to shake and feel nauseous, not sure what to do. I almost blanked out and could say nothing. She was turned on and I hated him with my jealousy.

As he kissed her neck she said to me, “wouldn’t you be more comfortable watching from the chair, I know Jerry would appreciate it too.”

Her words tore through me. Yet I felt a surge of excitement run through my body. My wife was ordering me to get off our marriage bed we slept in for the past five years. Another man’s body was now pressed up against wife’s naked body; another man’s erection was pushing against my wife’s naked flesh.

I could do nothing but get up.

I heard a soft giggle come out of her mouth as Jerry whispered something in her ear.

Jerry spoke up, “I want you to ask me.” I said nothing. I actually thought he was speaking to Sandy.

Jerry was staring at me and asked again “I want you to ask me to fuck your wife” he said.

I looked down at my feet, barely mumbling, “I want you to fuck my wife.”

“Say please.” He said. Sandy’s eyes were focused on Jerry.

I could barely whisper, “Please Jerry, will you fuck my wife?”

Sandy smiled and immediately got on her back; I was a mess emotionally. They kissed and grinded there hips together as Sandy wrapped her arms around his neck. It was torture watching her with another man but I looked down and my cock was standing at attention. I felt helpless, humiliated and turned on as I sat motionless. I watched Sandy reach up and take a hold of his cock. I noticed the veins on his cock as Sandy guided him first rubbing the tip of it on her pussy before slipping it in. Jerry was playing with Sandy’s tits as he entered her.

“Oh my god, that feels so good.” She moaned pushing herself closer. He dropped down on the bed. I watched as Jerry cock disappeared into my wife’s hot, creamy cunt.

Sandy usually needed lots of foreplay beforehand but I sensed her getting hotter and hotter. Her hips started to rock around counter clockwise. I knew her movements well, her breathing became more strained.

She had her arms around him tightly as she moaned, “Oh don’t stop, and your cock feels wonderful in me.”

I was pumping my cock hard watching them both. I noticed Sandy looking over and smiling at me as my now stiff cock was ready to erupt.

“Fuck me harder baby, fuck me harder! Oh god, yes, yes, yes….” She screamed as her voiced trailed out.

I couldn’t hold it any longer and with a loud grunt I spurted cum all over my chest and legs. I kept pumping my cock, cum still oozing out.

I heard Sandy’s guttural moan, “Oh god, oh god, I’m cumming baby take my pussy and fuck me hard, yes fuck me hard!”

She was thrashing all over the bed as Jerry kept pounding her. I’ve never seen her cum that long. He was driving her crazy and I could tell he loved it. After what seemed like forever Jerry pulled out of her spent cunt, his cock still perfectly erect. I on the other hand just sat like a humiliated cuckold in my own sticky mess while my wife lay satisfied in our bed.

As Sandy calmed herself down, she looked over to see that Jerry was still hard as a rock. Without hesitation she kissed him and pulled him towards her.

“Well, well I see we still have some work to do. I’m ready if you are.” She excitedly told him.

With that Jerry jumped back on my wife’s body and it started all over. I watched him mount her beautiful frame as she again took his cock and guided it into her. I felt no jealousy this time, maybe because I spurted and was satisfied. The sensuality in her voice told me she was enjoying every minute.

Jerry pushed his cock all the way into her again this time being a little rougher, grabbing her hair and pulling her head back. Jerry used all his weight to push his cock further into Sandy. Soon Sandy’s screams filled our bedroom. I witnessed Sandy’s whole body shuddered once again in another huge orgasm, this time Jerry was not far behind. I couldn’t believe how much cum he pumped into my wife. They both collapsed in each others arms, completely exhausted.

I got up and went to the bathroom to clean myself. It was ten minutes before I returned. There they were in a passionate embrace legs wrapped around each other. For minutes they just looked at each other smiling a smile that made me ache with jealousy. I wanted her so bad and she was with another man.

Finally Jerry spoke looking up at me, “well I suppose I should give you back your wife.”

“Yes, I suppose you should.” I sarcastically said.

Sandy just lay there composed looking up at the ceiling before motioning me over. I was like an eager puppy wanting attention. They kissed once more before parting.

Sandy gave Jerry a sly wink and said, “Sleep well my dear, I know I will.” Jerry left to go downstairs to the guestroom.

We kissed and squeezed each other. “I need cleaning.” Sandy told me with a hint of sternness.

I hesitated for a moment but I knew what she meant. I dropped down the bed, took a deep breath and inhaled the sexual aroma that permeated her well used cunt. It was a sweet and salty taste and much to my surprise I became hard.

“I see my sweetie loves eating my pussy just after I had sex with another man.” She said.

I couldn’t do anything but say, “Yes.” I licked her clean. Soon afterward we fell asleep.

About 4:30 that morning I awoke to find Sandy’s side of the bed unkempt but empty thinking she was probably in the bathroom. I’m always thirsty the next morning after drinking so I got up, put on my robe and walked downstairs.

As I got downstairs I heard voices coming from our guestroom. It was still dark as I reached the guestroom door which was ajar. I could barely see a shadowy figure on top of the bed, it was Sandy. My eyes now adjusted to the darkness, I saw my wife giving my friend a blow job. She licked up and down his shaft, flicking her tongue over the head of his cock before taking as much into her mouth as she could, head bobbing back and forth as she kept working on his cock, pumping her hand up and down his shaft as she sucked deeply. Jerry pulled her up suddenly, throwing Sandy onto the bed, without saying a word he grabbed her legs holding them out wide as he slammed his now hard cock into her. Sandy screamed out as he forcefully grabbed her arms, pulling her into him.

She moaned with delight as he pulled all the way out before slamming back into her again and again. Her bottom lip was bleeding from biting it trying to keep quite. I couldn’t hold out any longer and pulled my own cock out as I watched them. Then without saying a word Jerry rolled Sandy over, bending her over on the side of the bed and furiously fucked her.

Now Sandy couldn’t hold back, Sandy screamed, “Oh my god, fuck my cunt, fuck me Jerry!”

I had never heard Sandy use the word ‘cunt’ and it really sent me over the edge. I came suddenly as I heard Sandy’s scream louder. Jerry’s cock was fucking Sandy very hard, she was half screaming in pleasure, half in pain. Her body shuddered in a huge orgasm. Jerry was not far behind unloading still another huge load into her pussy.

I stood outside, trying not making a sound. It only was five minutes before Jerry recovered, rolling on top of Sandy. They kissed for ages, Jerry licking her tits and lightly biting her nipples. Sandy threw her head back and could only moan, “My god.”

They fucked more slowly this time, with much more affection. Jerry held her hips as Sandy ground back and forth on his cock, taking him all the way into her. I felt like I was going to throw up. They kissed passionately. Jerry rolled Sandy over onto her back. All I could see from the darkness was Jerry’s ass as he pumped in and out of Sandy, holding her close. They fucked for another 15 minutes or so before I heard Jerry grunt loudly. This time they came together. They held each as they lay on the bed both completely worn out. The room even the hallway smelt of sex. Slowly I walked back towards our bedroom a spent man and crashed.

When I awoke it was almost eight o’clock. I put my robe on and walked downstairs only to find Sandy and Jerry already up. She was wearing his shirt and sitting on his lap feeding him grapes one by one.

“Hi darling, sleep well?” She smiled at me like nothing ever happened.

“Uh yes I did. The little sleep I did get.” I said.

Sandy laughed, “Well I did for awhile too but then something came up.”

She looked back at Jerry who was smiling, she laughed hard at her remark.

“I do have to get going. We have a team meeting at ten that I have to get too. I called a cab and it will be here shortly.” Jerry said.

As we walked to the door I told him I knew Sandy had come downstairs and slept with him. I assured him I wasn’t mad and we shook hands as we said our good-by’s. Sandy entered the room in her robe and handed Jerry his shirt she earlier had on.

“Can’t go out with no shirt sweetie someone might get the wrong idea.” She told him.

They both laughed, I could only force a small smile. As the cab came Sandy walked towards Jerry and put her arms around his neck, leaned into him and they kissed for the last time. It seemed to last for minutes. The cab arrived and Jerry got in, Sandy closed the front door and sighed.

“Let’s go my darling hubby, chores to do. I expect this room to sparkle when you get done.” Sandy told in a motherly voice.

“Aren’t you going to help me?” I retorted.

Sandy didn’t utter a word.

As I walked to the kitchen to wash dishes and clean up. Sandy went upstairs, put on her string bikini and came back down. She walked over to me, put her hands up to my face and kissed my lips.

“Welcome to cuckoldry darling,” then walked out to the pool area to relax.

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