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Seducing My Friend's White Wife with Porn

I convince my white friend to show his wife cuckold videos and they become my cuckold couple.
I have been playing poker with four good friends for many years. We take turns hosting the parties every week, and when it’s my turn my wife usually goes out for the evening so she doesn’t get stuck serving the drinks and snacks. Part of that is also due to us being a black couple, and she doesn’t like being around my white friends that much. There normally isn’t much excitement, and that’s probably unusual since we are all in our mid 30s.

My name is Brandon, and I am the most dominant guy in the group. I’m 6’2” tall and weigh 195 pounds and work out regularly to stay in shape. I was a starting linebacker on a college football team, so I was accustomed to getting all of the black and white pussy I wanted. My uncircumcised cock is about eight inches long when it’s soft, but it hardens to over 10 thick inches, and I have an egg-sized set of low-hanging balls. Even my teammates stared at my big cock in the shower. After college I married a beautiful black woman who wanted to fuck every day, but after having two children she has let herself go and has little interest in sex. Because of that I have met with several white, cuckold couples and fucked the wives and had the husbands suck my cock.

The four other guys in the group are in fairly decent shape and we play softball together to help stay fit. One is also black, and the other three are white. The wives of three of my friends also go out for the evening when the games are at their homes, but Ed’s wife always hangs out with us and serves us drinks and snacks. Ed is an average looking white guy, and I always wondered how he was able to attract such a sexy wife.

Her name is Avery, and she is very pretty at 5’7” tall and weighing 125 pounds. Her hair is naturally blonde and shoulder length, and her eyes are jade green. But the best features are her full and round D-cup tits and a perfectly shaped, big ass that protrudes like a lot of black asses do. Ed never seems to mind our off-color remarks about her tits and ass, or even that I usually take any opportunities to “accidently” rub her when she’s serving us. She usually wears a tight t-shirt with no bra and a short skirt with no panties, and I think she likes to make us squirm a little.

Over the past year I have become obsessed with fucking Avery, and even more than that, I just love the idea of pumping my thick load of semen and sperm into her unprotected, white cunt, and then watching Ed suck it out of her. I would like to make them one of my cuckold couples, but Ed and Avery are good friends of mine, and I didn’t want to make an obvious move and upset them. Then I thought of a way to slowly introduce to them the idea of Avery fucking other men, and especially black men, in a way that would make it seem like their idea.

I started showing porn videos during the games at my home, and found out that Ed and the other guys had never previously watched those types of movies. I showed a mix of videos depicting mostly straight sex, and every now and then threw in an interracial flick. They were like kids in a candy store watching the videos, and that helped create a sexually charged atmosphere at our games. Three of the guys also began showing the movies since their wives weren’t home, but Ed wouldn’t show them. I kept pressing him about it and he finally admitted that Avery was against it. She apparently didn’t think it was a good idea to mix those videos, booze and five horny men with one hostess. She obviously enjoyed the flirting and compliments, and even some touching, but she drew the line at the videos.

One night after a game at my home I asked Ed to stay for a few minutes after the other men left. I had a couple of videos that had really hot fuck scenes; one with white couples, and the other with white women and black men. So I said, “Look Ed, I don’t want to keep pushing you to show the porn videos at your home during the games, but you might like to take a couple of these home so Avery and you can watch them in private. They’re just sitting in my cabinet in the garage, so you might as well get some use out of them.”

Then Ed said, “I guess I can take them, but I don’t think Avery will watch them with me. I’ll try to get her to at least look at the opening scenes, and I’ll bring them back to you tomorrow.”

Ed stopped by my home after work the next day to return the videos. I asked him if Avery watched them with him and he said, “Yeah Brandon, but she didn’t take it too well at first. I played them on the TV in our bedroom, and she only showed mild interest in the first one with the white couples. The fuck scenes were so repetitive and they looked too staged to her, but she did enjoy seeing the cum shots at the end of each section. She even made a comment that the men’s cocks were bigger than mine, but still not all that big. Then I put in the interracial video, and she showed much more interest. I was surprised that she liked watching the big, black cocks, but the dialog turned her on too. The actors were taunting and talking to the white actresses the whole time, telling them how much they were going to enjoy filling their fertile, tight, white cunts with big loads of black man’s cum.”

He paused like he was finished with his description of watching the videos and I encouraged him to continue by saying, “It is interesting that Avery would like watching that. But what did she like so much about the talk?”

Then Ed continued, “I think Avery was expecting the actors to be wearing condoms, and for some reason the idea that those black men were talking about shooting their cum into those unprotected white pussies was arousing to her. They of course pulled out for the cum shots anyway, but still the idea of it got her going. Maybe it was just the raw sexuality of it. But even as much as she liked the second video, she still thought it lacked reality.”

I then asked, “I’m not pushing you on this man, but does that mean she might be willing for us to watch videos at the games at your home?”

Ed said, “I think it might be too soon to expect her to allow them at the games Brandon, but I do want to continue showing them to her in private. Please tell me where you get them, and I’ll pick up some more.”

It was a positive sign to me that Avery enjoyed the interracial video, and I wanted to control the movies they watched to help lead them in the right direction. I decided to let Ed think that I have an extensive collection of porn movies at home, so I said, “You don’t need to go out and rent them Ed. I have some videos at home that my wife doesn’t know about, and I’d be happy to let you guys watch them. Jada is home right now, but I can get some out later tonight and drop them by your home tomorrow after work.”

I went to the adult book store the next day and found some cuckold movies. It isn’t easy to find genuine cuckold movies, because the big porn companies don’t produce many of them, and the commercial versions aren’t as arousing anyway. I have some videos of my own encounters, but it was too soon to show them those. This store happened to have a collection of homemade cuckold movies that show the wives’ lovers ejaculating into their pussies and the full gamut of cuckold activities.

I wanted to build on Avery’s arousal at the concept of internal cum shots by showing her non-actor black men with big cocks fucking non-actor white wives bareback, and making creampies. I wanted her and Ed to see close-up shots of the cum oozing out of the white wives’ pussies, and the husbands leaning in to suck them clean, as well as the husbands cleaning the black cocks with their mouths. The movies I had in mind for them were clearly marked as being made by amateurs.

The three movies I selected for Ed and Avery were each about an individual white couple meeting one black lover in a hotel room. I dropped them off at Ed’s house the next evening, and could hardly wait to see how they reacted to them. Based on Ed’s previous admission that Avery was more interested in the interracial videos and that she got excited by the idea of internal cum shots, I was hopeful that the videos would really get Avery aroused.

Ed stopped by my home the next day to return the videos and he asked me to sit in the car with him for a few minutes so he could explain how Avery reacted to them. He excitedly said, “Brandon, those amateur movies really got Avery excited. It was so realistic seeing the black guys meeting the white couples in hotel rooms, and we could tell that is was totally unscripted. She liked watching the black men take control of the situations and making the husbands suck their cocks to get them hard. She was also fascinated by the size of those cocks and huge, low-hanging balls. Avery began masturbating when one of the videos showed close-up scenes of what had to be a 10 inch long, thick, black cock fucking and stretching a hairy, white pussy, as his big balls were slapping against her ass.”

He paused for a moment and I said, “Damn Ed, it’s exciting that she liked the videos so much. But tell me what she liked the most about them.”

Then Ed continued, “The aggressiveness of those black lovers really exited her, and she liked the way they talked to the wife. One of her favorite scenes was when one of the black men was starting to ejaculate and he said ‘Oh fuck, here it comes you white cunt. I’m filling your tight pussy with a huge load of my black cum, and I’m going to get you pregnant with my black baby. Then the camera got a close-up view of his huge cock buried completely in her cunt, and the base of his cock was throbbing and pulsing as his balls pulled up and he ejaculated his big load of semen and sperm into her. The contrast of his black cock and her white labia was amazing. But that wasn’t the best part.”

I thought I knew what he would say next, so I encouraged him saying, “Oh fuck man, I can just see Avery laying there masturbating watching them fucking like that. So tell me Ed, what was her favorite part.”

Ed continued, “I wish you could have seen the look on Avery’s face when the black stud pulled his cock out of the white wife’s pussy and his cum came pouring out. That was proof that he really did ejaculate into her bareback. Then the husband moved between her spread legs and sucked her pussy and swallowed all of that thick cum. He feasted on her pussy until he got all of the cum out of her and then the black lover said, “Come on over here pussy boy and clean my cock.” The cuckold husband then sucked that soft, thick, slimy cock into his mouth and sucked him until he got hard again. Then his wife and the stud fucked again. I don’t think they show real situations like that in the commercial videos.”

It was obvious that Avery was excited about the videos and her reaction to them gave me great hope for fucking her one day soon. But I also needed to know what Ed was thinking about the videos, and especially how he felt about Avery being so turned on by them. So I asked, “Tell me Ed, how do you feel about Avery being so turned on by those videos? What did you guys talk about afterwards? And by the way, I wish I could have seen the look on Avery’s face too.”

Ed said, “Well, it is embarrassing to admit this to you Brandon, but Avery was even more excited by the videos because she could relate them to our personal situation. I have a small dick, and usually have to suck her pussy to orgasm after I cum in her. So she could easily visualize me as her cuckold husband, sucking another man’s cum out of her cunt. In fact, we fucked right after we finished the videos, and she was fantasizing about me sucking her black lover’s cum from her pussy. I know that must sound gross to you, but fantasizing about it really turned her on. I don’t know if she was fantasizing about you or not, but she asked me what you were doing with videos like that.”

Everything Ed said so far was very encouraging to me about Avery’s receptiveness. I especially liked that she asked him why I had the videos, because that showed that she was thinking of me at least a little. And Ed didn’t seem upset that she might have been fantasizing about me either. But he still didn’t answer my question. I wanted to try to get him to admit to having submissive feelings like a cuckold husband. So I said, “You’ve told me how Avery feels about the videos, but you didn’t tell me how you feel. Tell me Ed, how did you envision yourself when she was fantasizing about being fucked by a thick, black cock, and having you suck her pussy clean?”

Ed’s face turned red as he said, “I’m honestly very conflicted by all of this Brandon. I have never had even the least bit of interest in other men’s genitals and definitely never wanted to see another man fuck Avery. But I could envision myself as the cuckold husband in those videos, and was even feeling kind of submissive, rather than the assertive guy I’ve always been. I was mesmerized by those huge, black cocks and those big balls moving and shifting in their hairy, black scrotums. I guess that I never realized that cocks could be that big and shoot so much cum. In some ways, it’s hard to believe that those cocks were even real. Do you think big cocks like that are rare, or do you know black men with cocks that big?”

I couldn’t be sure if Ed was just expressing innocent curiosity about black cocks in general, or whether he was hinting that he wanted to know if mine was that big. I didn’t want to do anything to adversely affect our friendship, but I also didn’t want to let the sexual tension from his candid admissions to me abate with no benefit. I wanted to give him a reason to want to see my cock so I said, “I have seen other black men with big, soft cocks in the showers in high school and college, but I haven’t seen them hard. But I don’t really have to rely on them, because my cock is as big as or even bigger than the ones in those videos. And in answer to Avery’s question about why I have those videos, I have fucked white couples myself. I even have a few videos of me with cuckold couples.”

It was hard to know if Ed was starting to realize that I was trying to groom Avery and him to be a cuckold couple for me, but I could see from the look on his face that it was a good time to see if he would admit his curiosity about my cock. So I said, “Look Ed, I can tell that you are at least a little curious about black cocks. Jada’s not home yet, so if you want we can drive a few blocks to the parking lot by the recreation center and I’ll show you my cock and prove that there are some that big. It’s entirely up to you man.”

He just sat there quietly for a few moments trying to decide what to do, and I knew when he reached for the key to start the car that his curiosity had overcome his embarrassment at showing his subservient side to me. We arrived at an empty corner of the parking lot in only a few minutes, and when he turned off the car I said, “Don’t be shy Ed. I don’t mind helping a good friend like you to satisfy your inquisitiveness, and this will just be between us. I’ll unbuckle my belt and pants and unzip, but then you need to pull it out and stroke it for me a little to get it hard so you can see how big it is.”

Ed paused for a few seconds and looked me in the eyes, and then lowered his gaze to my crotch as I unfastened my pants. I was surprised at how easy it was to get him to touch me, and he reached over into my open pants and through the fly of my underwear and wrapped his hand around my soft cock. Then he pulled it out and just stared as he saw and felt the thickness of it.

My prominent foreskin was covering the cock head, and he slowly started stroking it up and down. Within a minute my cock was fully hard at over 10 inches long, and Ed’s fingers didn’t quite touch together as he gripped the shaft. He continued to stroke me for a couple of minutes as precum started oozing from my urethra and collecting in the foreskin. Then he looked up at me and said, “Holy fuck Brandon, your cock is massive and bigger than any of the ones I saw in those videos. I can now understand why those cuckold’s wives want your big cock so much.”

I decided to press the issue a little further and said, “Yeah man, those white wives just love me fucking their tight cunts with my thick cock, and the husbands also enjoy sucking my cock and balls for me. You can experience that for yourself if you want to Ed. Go ahead and give it a taste buddy. You’re already stroking it for me, so what’s the difference if you take it into your mouth. And you’ve already admitted that you eat your own cum from Avery’s pussy, so what’s the big deal about tasting a little of my precum?”

Ed continued stroking my cock as he said, “I don’t know Brandon. It’s one thing to stroke your cock, but I will be crossing a line that I can’t come back from if I suck it. And I sure don’t want you or anyone else to think of me as being gay. I love pussy more than anything and don’t have any emotional feelings for you. It’s just that your cock is so big and I have to admit that I’m physically attracted to it.”

Then I said, “Just because those husbands suck my cock, that doesn’t mean that they are gay. They are just considered to be bisexual because they like to have sexual relations with both women and men. I certainly don’t think of myself as being gay just because those husbands suck my cock. It’s okay to suck me buddy, and I won’t think any less of you for it. You’ve got me pretty worked up now Ed, and I’d really like you to finish me off with your mouth. But first, suck my balls a little for me.”

Ed removed his hand from my cock for a minute as I moved my underwear aside and pulled my balls out of my pants. His eyes got big as he saw my egg-sized testicles hanging so far down in my hairy, black scrotum, and he began stroking my cock again as he lifted my balls up with his other hand and leaned farther down to suck them. He sucked one of my big balls into his mouth and moved it around with his tongue as he also sucked on my ball sack. I knew right then that he would do anything I said, and it was only a matter of time before he sucked my cock and helped me fuck Avery. But first I had to ensure that he was fully committed to it by getting him to suck my cock and swallow my cum load.

It was so pleasant having Ed suck my balls, since most of the other husbands won’t usually do that for me. But all of the stroking and ball sucking was getting me close to ejaculating and I wanted to cum into his mouth. So I said, “Fuck Ed, that feels great, but I need to cum now. So move back up and suck my cock for me. I know that you’ll love it from the way you seemed to enjoy sucking my balls. So come on buddy, just take my cock into your mouth and suck it for me.”

Ed continued to fondle my balls as he held up my cock with his other hand, and I felt his warm mouth engulf my raging hard and oozing cock. I laid my head back on the seat and closed my eyes as he instinctively began to suck my cock head. He was tonguing my foreskin as he began to move up and down on my shaft sucking me, and it was hard to believe that this was his first time sucking cock.

He was worshiping my cock with his mouth. I wanted him to understand that I was in control so I held his head in my hands and began to swivel my hips, thrusting my cock ever deeper as I fucked his mouth. After just a few minutes he was taking seven inches of my thick cock and I could feel my cock head pushing into his throat.

I fucked his mouth for another couple of minutes and I knew that I was almost ready to cum. I wanted to encourage his mindset of helping me fuck Avery, so I moaned as I felt my first pulse of cum spray into his mouth and I said, “Fuck Ed, I’m cumming into your cunt mouth right now. Just imagine how much Avery will enjoy the feeling of my big cock pulsing and filling her white cunt with my big load of semen and sperm. Keep sucking Ed and make sure that you swallow every drop of my precious seed.”

Ed continued sucking me and swallowing my cum as my cock softened, and he swallowed every bit of my massive one-week load. He then sat up in the seat said, “Oh fuck Brandon, I’m so embarrassed and I can hardly believe that I just sucked your cock and swallowed your cum. But I have to admit that I enjoyed it. And your cum load was huge and thick. I shoot a lot less semen and it is pretty runny, but I could tell from the texture of your cum in my mouth that it was thick and creamy. But now I’m a little confused about where we go from here. Talk to me Brandon, and reassure me that this will stay just between us.”

I decided to let Ed know that I wanted to fuck Avery since he was asking me what was next, so I said, “Damn Ed, you did a great job sucking my cock and balls, especially since it was your first time sucking cock. But it shouldn’t be a surprise to you that I’d really like to fuck Avery. She gets me so turned on prancing around the poker table in her tight t-shirt and short skirt with no underwear. I’ve been thinking for a long time about fucking her, and you have never seemed to mind her showing herself off like that, or even that I rubbed her tits and ass a few times. Would you like to see me fuck her, and will you help make it happen? I know from what you told me about her reaction to those videos that she would love to be fucked by my thick cock.”

It was obvious from the surprised look on his face that Ed hadn’t even been thinking about me fucking Avery. He paused before answering and then said, “I never imagined that I would feel this way, but after watching those cuckold videos and sucking your cock I’d love to watch you fuck Avery and even participate in it. But she has never given me any reason to think she would fuck another man. How do you think we could make it happen?”

I quickly thought of a way to get Avery interested in fucking me and said, “I can give you one of the videos I recorded with another white couple to take home to show her. Then she can see my big cock in action. My face is only shown a few times, and it will have a bigger impact if you let her discover that it is me on her own. To make it even better, the wife is someone that Avery knows from work. There are many close-ups of her pussy and tits, and it even shows her husband sucking her cunt clean of my cum and then sucking my cock. There are some especially good scenes of me pounding her pussy with my cock as my balls are swinging and slapping against her ass. Just make sure that you verbally and visually express a lot of interest in the penetration and pussy sucking scenes, and let Avery know that it turns you on. Then if she has any interest at all, she’ll feel more comfortable letting you know that she wants to fuck me.”

Ed leaned over and sucked the head of my soft cock back into his mouth and pushed his tongue into the foreskin to get the remaining cum that had oozed out and collected there. It never fails that once white cock suckers get a taste of my black cock and cum, they can’t get enough. Then I fastened my pants as Ed drove us back to my house. Jada wasn’t home yet so I went into the garage and got one of my personal cuckold movies of me fucking Avery’s friend Patricia.

When I gave him the video Ed expressed concern that I would somehow think differently about him since he sucked my cock and was helping to arrange for me to fuck Avery. Ed was still my good friend, but I knew that I already considered him to be my submissive cock sucker and a soon-to-be cuckold husband of his gorgeous wife. He and Avery would join my list of other white, cuckold couples who loved to be subservient to my thick, black cock and swallow my thick cum.

I was looking forward to taking control of their sexual lives, and using Ed’s docile nature to convince Avery to fuck me with her sweet, white cunt. But to reassure him I said, “Don’t worry buddy, we are still good friends. There’s nothing wrong with friends helping each other out is there?”

I was anxious to hear how Avery reacted to my video with Patricia, and I stopped by Ed’s home after work the next day. He was just pulling into the driveway and Avery wasn’t home yet, so we sat in his car in the garage and talked. I asked Ed how Avery liked the video and he excitedly replied, “Holy shit Brandon, that video was amazing. Avery was excited from the beginning when she saw Patricia trying to stuff your cock in her mouth, but at that point she didn’t recognize either one of you. She commented every time you changed positions and she saw your huge, black cock pushing into that tight, white pussy. It wasn’t until 15 minutes into the video that she finally recognized Patricia and said, Damn honey, that woman in the video is my friend Patricia from work. I had no idea that her body was that fantastic and that she would be into cuckolding her husband with a black man. Fuck baby, she’s taking that big cock all the way to the base in her hairy cunt!”

At that point I said, “Tell me more Ed. What do you think was her favorite part?”

Ed replied, “Well, she didn’t recognize you until after your first ejaculation, and it’s what you and Patricia said just before your orgasms that really got her attention. I could see that you were fucking her faster and deeper and were about ready to cum when you told her that you were going to fill her cheating, white cunt and cervix with a huge load of black man’s cum, and that you hoped you gave her your baby. The she went berserk swiveling and pushing back on your cock as she told you that she was ovulating and that she wanted you to fuck her deep and hard and inseminate her. Avery couldn’t understand how Patricia would want to get pregnant by a black man, and I didn’t know either. But the idea of it really aroused Avery. What was that about anyway?”

He had touched on my favorite part of fucking cuckold couples, and I unfastened and opened up my pants and replied, “I’ll tell you all about it Ed, if you lean over here and stroke and suck my cock for me. Reliving that video has got me all turned on.”

Ed looked around to make sure no one could see us in the car and he leaned over to stroke and suck me. Then I continued, “It all goes back to the basic concept of cuckolding, where a dominant man is fulfilling the husband’s duties by fucking his wife. From a biological perspective, women want to be fucked and impregnated by the most healthy and strongest men, whether they are consciously aware of it or not. The human species has thrived because of that innate desire a woman has to take the sperm of the best mate. Does that make sense so far?”

He was now actively sucking my rock-hard cock, and his mouth was stretched to the max around my cock head and shaft. But he pulled away momentarily and asked, “Yeah, I understand what you’re saying, but does that mean that she really wanted you to impregnate her?”

I continued, “There is always a chance that a bull will impregnate another man’s wife he is fucking, even if she is using birth control. But the cuckold couples get turned on by just the possibly that it could happen. It’s called pregnancy-risk fucking, and it is the ultimate fantasy for them. The husband yearns for the humiliation of the possibility that the stud will fill his wife with cum and impregnate her, and the wife is fantasizing about having the baby of the stronger man. That’s why bareback fucking is so common with cuckold couples and why the husbands are usually so hungry to eat the oozing creampies. His humiliation is complete when he sucks the bull’s virile seed from his own wife’s cunt, and knowing that he could never satisfy her that way.”

My cock started spewing cum as I finished explaining pregnancy-risk fucking to Ed, and I held his head in place as my cock pulsed and he swallowed all of my juices. Then he continued to suckle my softening cock and worship my foreskin with his tongue as I said, “The best part about pregnancy-risk fucking for me is that women’s pussies are wetter, puffier and more receptive for fucking during the day or two before and after they ovulate. Even better, a woman is the horniest she ever is during that time, and that makes the fucking fantastic for both of us. So I always encourage the couples I fuck to develop that fantasy, and time our meetings for that period.”

Ed sat up and wiped his mouth and asked, “I agree that it does sound arousing to fuck a woman when she is ovulating. I don’t mean to pry, but have you ever gotten a white wife pregnant?”

I replied, “I showed you that video with Patricia for a reason. We must have estimated her ovulation perfectly that night, and she gave me my best fuck ever. I could tell that she had much more juice in her cunt and it was thicker and slicker than normal. That sensation of fucking a tight, slick, white cunt is the best ever, and there’s a chance that I got her pregnant that night. We shot that video eight months ago, and she is now eight months pregnant. I guess it’s possible that her husband got her pregnant, but I doubt it since she doesn’t let him fuck her very much since I started fucking her. Anyway, we’ll know in a few weeks when the baby is born.”

Ed then said, “Avery went nuts when she saw that Patricia was fucking you bareback like that. She was able to relate to Patricia’s risky situation since we are trying to have a child and she stopped taking her birth control pills two months ago. During the second group of scenes on the video she finally saw your face when Patricia was moving into position above you. She was in awe as her friend slowly lowered her stretched pussy down onto your huge cock, and she could clearly see your huge balls hanging and shifting between your legs, and they were soaked with Patricia’s juices. Her favorite part was when you ejaculated into Patricia’s pussy when she was on top of you, and your cum started slowly oozing out of her stretched pussy and down onto your scrotum. She kept commenting that she had no idea you had a cock that big or could fuck so aggressively, but it gave her more insight into how you are always teasing and touching her during the card games.”

I could tell that Ed would easily let me fuck Avery, and I wanted to further his subservience. He had already sucked my cock and swallowed my cum twice, and he seemed to be excited telling me about Avery’s reaction to the videos. So I said, “You know that you want to see me fucking your unprotected wife with my thick cock and filling her cunt with my semen and sperm. I’ll fuck her for you if she is willing, but you have to help me by convincing her to let me show some of my videos at your house after our game. I just love having white couples submit to me and serve me as I desire. But you need to cooperate to make it happen.”

The card game was at Ed’s home the following week, and I took two of my other personal videos along, both of which showed me fucking Patricia during different stages of her pregnancy. I wanted to promote the theme of pregnancy-risk fucking with them, and thought that seeing me fucking Patricia again with her big belly and tits, and then seeing my cum running out of her, would make them desire at least to try fucking her near her ovulation time. We didn’t show the videos with the other guys there, but as soon as they left Ed said, “Avery honey, Brandon brought over a couple more of his videos to show us. Is it okay if we show them now?”

Avery’s face turned red and she said, “It might be embarrassing to watch them with Brandon here, but if you really want to I guess it’s alright.”

We went into their family room, and I put in one of my most recent videos with Patricia into the DVD player. This one showed me fucking Patricia when she was eight months pregnant. I sat on the couch next to Avery and Ed was on the other side of her, and then I started the video. I watched Avery with my peripheral vision as the video progressed. At one point when she saw Patricia straddling my cock and lowering herself on it, Avery pulled her skirt up and was openly finger-fucking her pussy. And after I ejaculated and my cum came pouring out of Patricia’s cunt, she had pulled up her t-shirt and was rubbing her tits.

Ed and I were both watching her when she said, “Oh fuck Brandon, I can’t believe how huge your cock is and how it is stretching Patricia’s pussy. It almost looks too big to be real. And shit, look at the amount of cum pouring out of her. Damn, I have to wonder if you got her pregnant with that huge thing since you probably pressed it against her cervix when you were cumming in her. I’ve just got to see your cock Brandon, if Ed doesn’t mind.”

Ed got on his knees between her legs and said, “It’s okay with me baby, but I’ve just got to suck your pussy while you take a look at his cock.”

I unfastened and lowered my pants and underwear, and my hard cock flopped out onto my thigh. It was quite a sight watching Avery lean over to take my cock in her hand as I twisted on the couch, with Ed moving with her. She finally leaned over and struggled to take my precum-oozing cock head and foreskin into her mouth. She reached her hand down to fondle my balls as she continued sucking me, trying to get more and more of my cock into her mouth. After sucking me for a few minutes, she pulled away and said, “I’ve just got to feel your huge cock in me Brandon. Let’s take this to the bedroom so you can fuck me.”

This situation was evolving more quickly than I could have hoped, and as we all got up from the couch and headed to the bedroom, Ed said, “I want to watch you fuck Brandon honey, but what about birth control? You stopped taking the pill a little over two months ago. Where are you in your cycle?”

I could see that Avery was seriously considering my question, and after we got to the bedroom and sat on the bed she replied, “This is the twelfth day since I started my last period, and I think I’m past my fertile time. There could be a little risk baby, but I’ve just got to feel his bare cock in me. Watching Patricia taking his bare cock and seeing the cum drain out of her in the video made me want it.”

Avery quickly pulled off her t-shirt and skirt, and I moved over her. Then I slowly pressed my big cock head against her very wet vulva and pressed into her. She opened her legs even wider and said, “You are stretching me with your thick cock like Ed never could. Fuck me Brandon, fill my cunt with your huge cock.”

Ed moved down between our legs to watch me fucking Avery, and I soon felt him rubbing my balls at the top of each stroke. He had his face up close watching my black cock stretching his wife’s white cunt, and I knew that I had found another white couple to fuck. Avery’s pussy was tight, slimy and so wet and it didn’t take long for me to reach my orgasm. I pressed my cock against her cervix and held it there as my cock throbbed and pulsed, pushing my sperm into her unprotected womb. She wrapped her legs around my ass and held me in place as she said, “Oh fuck Ed, Brandon has filled my pussy with cum just like he did to Patricia on the video. I hope that I’m not pregnant baby.”

Avery held me for a few minutes until my cock started to soften, and then she released me and I lay down next to her. Then Ed moved up to suck her well-fucked pussy, and I could hear him noisily slurping down my cum. Avery was up on her elbows watching Ed clean her pussy, and was a little surprised when he pulled away and took my slimy cock into his mouth. He sucked me clean and kept sucking until I was hard again, and then I moved back between Avery’s legs and fucked her again.

I fucked Avery three times that night, and Ed cleaned her pussy and my cock each time. After we got dressed and I was getting ready to leave, Avery said, “Brandon, we had a great time tonight, but I am a little suspicious about how this happened. Ed seemed to agree to all of this pretty easily, and he sucked your cock with no hesitation. Is there something you boys want to tell me?”

Ed spoke up and admitted to everything about planning the videos to entice her, and even told her about sucking my cock twice before. So now everything was out in the open, and our future card games at their house became more interesting. It wasn’t long before Avery was fucking the other three men in our group, but I had the largest cock and was always the favorite. Ed and Avery settled very quickly into their cuckold lifestyle, and the surprising thing is that she never got pregnant from those encounters.

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