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Servicing the Latino Repairmen - Part Two

I slowly convince my wife to cuckold me with two big-cocked Mexican repairmen.
You might want to read Part One of this story to get a better idea of the characters and context of the story.

My name is Ed, and I was 47 years old at the time of this story when we were living in Atlanta. My wife Joan was 45, and although we previously had an active sex life, in the last couple of years she had lost interest in sex. I didn’t really know why, but I do have a small dick, and that might have contributed to her lack of interest. I had never had any previous bisexual experiences, but I started reading cuckold stories and then bisexual stories, and my desires evolved to the point that I wanted to try sucking cock. Two Mexican repairmen came to my home to replace our hot water heater, and after a long discussion I sucked both of their cocks and swallowed their cum. One of the repairmen told me that some white husbands liked to see their wives being fucked by big, Mexican cocks, and I was interested in pursuing that with them.
After that first experience sucking off Tony and Jose, I seemed to develop an insatiable hunger for brown Latino cock and all of their fluids. I had gone beyond the curiosity of just sucking cock in general, to really liking those Mexican cocks. Both of those guys had brown, uncircumcised cocks, approximately nine inches long and very thick, and I just loved sucking them and swallowing their cum. I was able to meet with them at least once a week for the next several weeks and I was getting used to their aggressive manner and I enjoyed being sexually submissive to them. For some reason they also enjoyed being dominant to white men like me, and looking down at me as I sucked their cocks and balls.

I was also enjoying drinking their piss more and more, and finally realized why. I had come to enjoy that moment when their cocks throbbed and I could feel the force of their plentiful, thick semen shooting into my mouth, and then enjoyed the taste and texture of it as I swallowed it. I also started enjoying the taste of their piss which was usually a little salty and bland, but even more I liked the feeling of it shooting into my mouth for a prolonged period. In my fantasies it was as if the piss was a surrogate for their cum, and I enjoyed the cupfuls that they fed me.

The more I thought about trying to introduce Joan to the concept of cuckolding me, the more I liked Tony’s suggestion. He told me that some husbands let their wives catch them looking at porn, and after the arguments over that subsided, they were able to establish a dialogue that eventually resulted in the wives taking an interest in fucking other men. Joan and I were both pretty active on our shared home computer, so I knew that would be the way to get the ball rolling with her. I briefly thought about whether we would need to use birth control or condoms if she fucked those men, but then reasoned that at her age we wouldn’t have a problem. I used the computer during the day, and she used it some at night, so I set my plan in motion.

I normally cleared out the browsing history at the end of the day, but this time I left it in there. In my mind it would be a little more subtle to let her first discover that I went to a porn site, without letting her see the content I was viewing on that site. Many people don’t routinely check the browsing history, so it took several days before she was looking at her history, and noticed the listing for the porn site that I left there.

We got into bed that night and she looked over at me and said, “I just noticed on the computer that you’ve been to a porn site. What the hell are you doing looking at that smut?”

I paused for a moment and then looked at her and said, “Oh shit honey, I meant to clean out that history. I’m sorry that you saw that. I got a spam email the other day and clicked on it and it took me to that site. Then I started reading some of the stories and really enjoyed them.”

Joan replied, “Why do you feel that you need to look at that stuff? Aren’t I good enough for you?”

I saw this as my chance to get into the crux of the situation and said, “Yes honey, you are more than good enough for me, but you haven’t had much interest in sex for the past couple of years. You know that I’ve always had a high sex drive, and I guess that I saw those stories as a little sexual relief.”

She said, “What do you mean by sexual relief? Are you saying that you are masturbating to that filth? And what kind of stories are you reading anyway?”

It was still too soon to bring up the cuckold stories, so I thought I would at least admit to some transgressions by saying, “Well, yeah, I have been jerking off to various types of stories. And that shouldn’t concern you since you don’t want much sex anyway. What’s the harm in a little self-gratification?”

Then she got a little bit huffy as she turned over away from me and said, “It sounds like you’ve made up your mind and I can’t stop you from reading that trash, you fucking pervert!”

That was the end of the conversation for that night, and I got the cold shoulder for the next couple of days until Joan seemed to mellow out a little. Then I thought it was time to take the next step. At the end of the day I left the browser open to a cuckold story on that site, but minimized it so it wouldn’t be that obvious. I went in to take my shower at about the time Joan was due home, and I was pretty certain that she would be checking up on me to see if I was still going to that porn site.

After my shower Joan and I had dinner and were watching TV, and she was acting coolly towards me. I found out why when I checked the computer on the way to the bathroom. The browser was still open to the cuckold story, but I could tell that she had read at least some of it since it was open to the end of the story instead of the beginning where I left it.

When I returned to watch TV she finally challenged me on reading the story saying, “I can see that you are still going to that porn site. I guess I’m getting a little used to the fact that you are looking at porn, but I am surprised that you are interested in the type of story I saw on the computer. Do those cuckold stories really excite you?”

I saw this as my chance to expand on the cuckold topic with Joan and said, “I’m a little embarrassed by this and it’s hard to explain, but some aspects of those stories are arousing to me. We both know that my dick is smaller than average, and since you haven’t had much interest in sex with me for the past couple of years; it is easy to fantasize about you wanting to have sex with well-hung men. I’m sure that you aren’t thinking that way, but I have to admit that the idea of it turns me on.”

Joan looked very surprised by my admission and said, “I thought you were perverted just for being interested in porn, but now this is a totally new twist. Do you mean to say that you would actually want to watch a big-cocked man fuck me?”

I knew this would be a good chance to flatter her a little and said, “I don’t know if I could ever go through with it, but yes, it does turn me on to think of watching you fuck a man with a big cock. You are still a gorgeous woman and in very good shape, with big tits and a nice ass, just the type of woman that I see described in those stories. And I can easily visualize you in the throes of orgasm as you are filled with another man’s cock and cum.”

Joan surprisingly didn’t seem to be either angry or disgusted with me after those comments and said, “I guess I can’t stop you from fantasizing about this, but it’s never going to happen.”

That was the end of our discussion that night, and I was encouraged that she wasn’t yelling and screaming about it. And that led me to believe that she might actually be thinking about the possibility of a cuckold encounter. So for the next week I made sure that I left a browser window open with another story just before Joan got home, and as before, I could tell that she was reading them. I also started including stories about men of color fucking white wives, with an emphasis on Latino men.

After a week of those stories we were in bed trying to go to sleep when Joan looked over at me and said, “It looks like you’ve been leaving those cuckold stories up for me to read on purpose, and I’ve read all of them. And it also looks like you favor those stories about black, Latino and Middle Eastern men fucking white wives. Tell me what you are thinking about all of this.”

I responded, “I find it hard to explain, but those stories about brown and black cocks fucking white women really excite me. I can visualize the contrast in skin color, and I especially like the descriptions of those thick Latino cocks, many of which are uncircumcised. I’ve even started going to other websites to look at photos of those cocks, and masturbating looking at them.”

Joan looked curiously at me for a few moments and then said, “Well, that sounds a little kinky for you to be looking at photos of brown cocks and jerking off, but I guess that desire is consistent with the cuckold theme. Now this may surprise you, but if you’re going to keep leaving those stories for me to read, you might also want to show me some of those Latino cock photos. I have to admit that those stories do get me wet.”

Things were now progressing better than I could have hoped and I took the opportunity right then to take Joan to the computer, and I went to several photo sites showing big Latino cocks. I could tell by the look on her face that she was enjoying those pictures and was squirming in her chair. And then I got a big surprise, and she reached over and started rubbing my little cock through my underwear. So for the first time in two years she was showing some interest in sex. I also reached over to rub her pussy, and before long we turned off the computer and went back to bed, and had the best sex in a very long time. Joan was so turned on that she made me suck her pussy clean of my cum after our orgasms.

The irony of this situation didn’t escape me either. Because of Joan’s lack of interest in sex, I was routinely sucking off those Mexican men and trying to cautiously convince her to cuckold me with them. And yet here we were, having our best sex in years. The funny thing was that even though her renewed interest in sex was wonderful for us, I still had strong desires for her to cuckold me with those men. And her comments after we fucked also told me that she was thinking about taking these cuckold fantasies further.

She breathlessly said after I had sucked my cum from her pussy, “Oh fuck that was wonderful. I had another orgasm while you were sucking my pussy, just thinking about what it would be like for you to suck Latino semen from my pussy.”

Hearing Joan’s comments got me excited and I asked, “So what are you saying? Would you actually like to try fucking a big Latino cock?”

Joan replied, “Whoa there honey, don’t get too far ahead of me on this. I’m willing to fantasize about it, but that’s all, right now.”

I could see this as my opportunity to introduce Tony and Jose into the mix, so I said, “If you’re serious about developing these fantasies, I could go onto one of those hook up sites and find a Latino man to talk to. Then we can talk about it and see pictures of the cock of a man we are actually talking to.”

Then she said, “Okay honey, I’m willing to take it that far.”

Tony and Jose stopped by the next day for me to suck their cocks, and they were very happy that I had started this cuckold dialogue with Joan. I could tell that they were excited because they were more aggressive than usual when they fucked my face and gagged me with their big cum loads. We agreed to join the same message site and they would post several photos of their big, brown cocks for Joan to see. I cautioned them not to say anything in their messages that would let Joan know that I was already sucking their cocks.

That night I showed Joan the website that I found, and told her that I came across a Mexican guy named Tony from our area who liked to cuckold white couples. Joan and I read the profile together where he explained that he also had a friend named Jose who likes to fuck white couples. Joan was very impressed with their cock photos, and they had an assortment from soft to hard, and also showed off their big balls and huge cum shots. My little dick is circumcised, and she really liked the contrast of their thick foreskins and brown color to my small cut white one.

Joan and I composed several messages telling Tony that we wanted him to fuck Joan, and he responded that he would be happy to. Of course this was all still just a fantasy for her. Joan and I had the best sex ever that night, and she rode my face hard after we fucked, and had her first-ever squirting orgasm in my mouth.

We continued corresponding with Tony, and sometimes Jose, every night, and they finally convinced Joan to post some of her nude photos to our account. They complimented and praised Joan on her beauty and sexy body, and I could see that she was a different woman from only a few weeks ago. She would openly masturbate while we were online with those men, and sometimes she even sat on my face as she talked with them online. These conversations continued and some nights Joan would chat with Tony by herself, and I knew that he was really pressing her hard to fuck him and Jose. He was always telling her how much better their long, thick cocks would feel in her pretty pussy, instead of my little dick. And Joan even started teasing me when online with Tony, about how my little dick wasn’t very satisfying for her.

One evening Joan was talking with Tony when I was out of the room, and I quietly returned to the door just in time to look over Joan’s shoulder and see Tony say, “Yeah Joan, you’ll love our thick cocks. Since Ed has been reading those cuckold stories and wants to see you fucked by Mexican men, you should take advantage of it. We’ll certainly bring you more pleasure than Ed ever could with his little dick. And you might enjoy watching him suck our cum out of your pussy and even sucking our cocks.”

Then Joan replied, “His fantasies are one thing, but what makes you think he would really want to be cuckolded by you guys? And why do you think he would eat your cum and suck your cocks?”

Tony replied, “I have corresponded with Ed quite a bit about this, and I think he is willing to take the next step. You just need to let him know that you are willing, and I think he’ll move quickly to set it up. Those submissive feelings of his are very powerful, and Jose and I have fucked enough white couples to know that both of you are ready. He seems to be excited about being a cuckold to you, and eating our cum from your pussy and sucking our cocks are all part of the cuckold fantasy.”

I waited until Tony and Joan finished talking and then came back into the room as if I hadn’t seen anything. We soon finished up on the computer and went to bed. Joan was very turned on that night and we fucked for a long time, with me shooting two loads of cum into her. Then she mounted my face and was feeding me my own cum while looking down at me and smiling.

Then she said, “Go ahead and eat Tony’s thick cum baby. You know you love it and I’ll bet you’ll suck his cock too. If you really think you want me to cuckold you, then go ahead and set it up with Tony and Jose and we can experience this first hand. I can hardly wait to feel those big cocks in my mouth and pussy.”

After I finished cleaning her pussy she lay back down beside me and I said, “Holy shit Joan, are you saying that you want me to get Tony and Jose over here to fuck you? You need to be sure, because it will be hard to go back if we do this. And what about birth control? I’d really like to see you take their cum into your pussy so I can suck it out of you, but not if it’ll get you pregnant.”

Joan looked at me and said, “Well, it looks like you’ve been trying to convince me to do this for several weeks now, and after seeing those big, brown cocks and talking to Tony and Jose, I think I could actually do this. But you’re the one who has to be sure, since you will be taking on a submissive role that will likely change our relationship forever, just like in those cuckold stories. And there’s a good chance that once I get a taste of those big cocks, I won’t be able to stop. As far as birth control is concerned, I don’t think I’m fertile anymore, and even though we haven’t had much sex over the past couple of years, I think I would have gotten pregnant if I was able to.”

So it was agreed that I would talk to Tony and Jose about coming to our home, and I could hardly believe that Joan had evolved so quickly to cuckolding me. I guess my little dick was a big part of why she had lost interest in sex, since she was sure excited about fucking those big ones. I made arrangements for them to come over to our home on the following Saturday, under the guise of watching some sports on TV, but we all knew what their visit was about.

When Tony and Jose arrived at around noon on Saturday, they were wearing athletic shorts and t-shirts and looked a lot different than they did in the work clothes that I was used to seeing. We all went down into the basement where we have a big screen TV in front of the couch and just made small talk for a while to get acquainted. I could tell that Joan was very nervous, but she looked beautiful in her yellow sundress. Her big D-cup tits were full and luscious and they swayed and jiggled seductively since she was braless, and I knew that she not wearing panties either.

After a few minutes of chatting, Tony aggressively took the lead to get things started and said, “Come on Jose and stand up in front of Ed while I stand in front of Joan. We’ve talked about cuckolding Ed so much on that website, and now I want to make it a reality. So you two go ahead and pull down our shorts and get a close-up view of our big cocks.”

I could see that Joan was hesitating so I reached out to pull down Jose’s shorts, and she followed my lead to pull down Tony’s. I was of course used to their big, brown meat, but Joan gasped when she saw that big cock so close that she could smell Tony’s virility.

Both cocks were starting to harden and Tony said, “Go ahead and hold our cocks and stroke them a little. You’ll like them a lot better in person than in those photos.”

I again took the lead and held Jose’s cock, and then Joan took Tony’s into her hand. She was stroking his cock as it reached its full hardness, and then she said, “Oh my, your cock is so big and heavy and thick, and the foreskin feels wonderful sliding back and forth. And your balls are huge and hanging so low. I’ve just got to taste your cock.”

Then as Joan covered Tony’s cock with her mouth, I took Jose’s cock into my mouth and started sucking it. I could see Joan look over at me, surprised that I would suck a cock so easily, but then she also started actively sucking his cock. We were just getting a rhythm going sucking them when Tony laughed and said, “Oh fuck, there’s nothing better than spending a Saturday afternoon fucking our big, brown cocks into white faces. I just knew you’d love our juicy meat.”

By now the men were holding our heads and aggressively fucking our mouths, but after a few more minutes Tony said, “Joan, let me see those nice tits and your juicy pussy up close. I want to shoot my first load into your pussy, so lie back on the couch while I show you how a real man can fuck. And I don’t like wearing condoms since I like to feel my cum shooting into your pussy.”

Joan pulled off her sundress and was nude in front of those men. She leaned back as Tony got on his knees in front of her, and started pushing his big cock head between her hairy labia. At the same time Jose had me sit on the floor next to Joan, and I slipped down into position so he could get on his knees and fuck my face. Jose started fucking my face again, as Tony eased his big cock into Joan’s cunt. As the head of Tony’s cock pushed past her labia Joan said, “Oh fuck, your cock is so big! Take it easy Tony, but keep pushing it in.”

Tony slowly increased the length of his strokes pushing into Joan’s pussy, and he must have finally bottomed out saying, “Damn Joan, this is the tightest and wettest white cunt I’ve ever fucked, probably because Ed’s little white dick hasn’t stretched you out. Can you feel it baby? Can you feel my big balls pressed against your ass as my cock head is pressed into your cervix? I’ve fucked a few senior high school girls whose cunts weren’t as tight as yours.”

Joan was almost breathless as she replied, “Oh fuck Tony, I can feel the veins on your thick shaft and your cock head sliding in my vagina. I can feel your thick foreskin sliding back and forth, and this is almost like the first time I’ve had sex. I just love the contrast of your brown cock sliding into my white pussy, and can hardly wait to feel your big cum load shoot into my cunt. But what makes this even more exciting is seeing Ed having his face fucked by Jose’s big cock. He seems to be enjoying sucking Mexican cock so much that it’s almost as if he’s done it before.”

Then Tony laughed and said, “You’re pretty smart Joan. Ed has been sucking our cocks for weeks now, ever since the day we replaced your hot water heater. And after we told him about how we have fucked other white couples, he couldn’t wait for the chance to see us fuck you. He’s pretty nasty too, and has sucked our balls and asses, and he has even swallowed our piss. I don’t know how he got this way, but we have been enjoying using him, and looking forward to the time we could fuck your sweet, white pussy and use both of you together. Some white couples just can’t seem to get enough Latino cock and cum.”

I really didn’t want Joan to learn my secret this way, but since my mouth was full of Jose’s cock I couldn’t say anything. But I had a sense of relief, since now she knew that I was already a cock sucker for these men and I didn’t need to hide it anymore.

Then Joan looked over at me and said, “I probably should have known something was going on, since after all these years being married, he suddenly started going to those porn sites. He was also very interested in enticing me to look at those stories, but I can’t really be mad at him for liking these big cocks. I just love Tony’s cock, and can’t wait for my turn at Jose’s. I am a little surprised that he would be that nasty, but I might be the same way given the chance.”

They had been fucking us for about ten minutes when I could feel Jose’s cock start to throb, filling my mouth with cum, just as Tony said, “Oh fuck, take my big load of cum you white bitch. I’m filling your cervix with my seed, and it’s almost like your tight pussy is sucking it out of me. If you’re fertile I know that I’ll impregnate you with my potent sperm.”

Then Joan said, “Oh, oh, oh fuck, I can feel your cum shooting into me and I’m having the biggest orgasm ever! I can hardly wait to have my cock sucking husband suck the cum out of me after Jose fills me with his load too.”

Soon after their orgasms the men pulled their cocks out of us and we all sat on the couch to rest a few minutes. Then we switched places and Jose fucked Joan’s pussy while Tony fucked my face. I could taste her juices and his cum on his cock. It seemed like they fucked us for 20 minutes since this was their second load, but finally both men unloaded their big cum loads into us. Jose kept slowly stroking Joan as his cock softened, and then Tony surprised me when he kept his softening cock in my mouth.

Then he smiled and said, “Watch this Joan, I’m going to wash down my cum with a little of my piss.” He did start pissing in my mouth, and I swallowed it all.

Finally we separated and Tony had me lay my head back on the cushion, and he moved Joan over me. As I felt her knees on either side of my head, she sat on me and I sucked those two loads of Mexican cum from her well-fucked cunt.

Tony was watching me suck her dry and said, “Enjoy this Ed. This is the biggest fantasy for most of you horny white cuckolds. So drink all of our cum and let it fill your stomach with our millions of swimming sperm.”

Joan was smiling down at me as she fucked my face with her slimy cunt, feeding me her juices and the cum of those two men. I could tell that she liked me being in the submissive role as her cock-sucking, cum-eating cuckold husband.

She then said, “I hope that you’re happy getting this started, because I couldn’t be more anxious to get all of the thick, brown cock that I can. I want Tony and Jose to come over here and fuck me every chance they get, and maybe introduce us to few of their friends too.”

Tony and Jose were still nude sitting on the couch rubbing their softened cocks, and then Tony said, “Damn Joan, we knew you’d like our cocks, but now it seems that you’re almost a whore for Mexican cocks. I have an idea to get you all of the brown cock meat you can handle if you want that. My brother Carlos is 43 years old, and he has a big maintenance shed across town where he repairs heavy equipment for construction companies. In the back he has a separate room that is set up for his high school aged sons and their Mexican friends. He has weights and boxing equipment for the boys to work out. He sometimes likes to bring in women to satisfy the boys’ needs.”

I thought that Tony’s characterization of Joan as a whore might upset her or turn her off, but instead she seemed to be even more excited about fucking these men and was anxious for more sex right then.

She said, “Okay Tony and Jose, I really do want to hear about those boys, but right now I need some more of your huge cocks. You’ve had time to recharge while we were talking. So I want Tony to fuck me doggy style on my knees, while Ed gets under me in a 69 sucking your cock and balls and my pussy. Then I want Jose to sit on Ed and feed me his cock while you’re fucking me. After you cum in my pussy, just keep your softening cock in me and I’ll tell you what to do next as a surprise for Ed.”

We all got into position, and I had no idea what Joan might be planning, and didn’t really care. I just loved the thought of her getting more of that thick cock, and I liked being under her to suck both of them. It was amazing seeing that thick, brown cock moving into and out of Joan’s pussy, and it was so tight that her inner labia were be drawn out and then pushed back in on each stroke. I could also tell from Jose’s movements that he was holding Joan’s head and fucking her mouth with his big cock. We were in this position for about a half hour since this was their third load, and then I heard Joan struggling to swallow Jose’s load at about the same time as Tony’s cock started throbbing, his balls pulled up and he was filling Joan with another load of his seed. Tony continued to slowly fuck Joan as his cock softened and some of his big cum load began to run out of her pussy and into my waiting, sucking mouth.

I could tell that Joan had finished swallowing Jose’s load of cum because she pulled her head away and said, “Okay Tony, if Ed likes piss so much, I want you to piss in my pussy and let it wash out your cum and then continue to piss and fill his mouth. If he wants to be such a nasty cock sucker, then let’s give it to him.”

It took a few moments for Tony to be able to pee, but then I saw the bottom of his cock pulse as he started pissing and said, “Holy shit Joan, you are even nastier than Ed is. Just watch him take our fluids and how much he will enjoy it.”

There seemed to be a little delay before the piss and cum started flooding out, and I covered the base of his cock and her cunt with my mouth as best as I could to keep from spilling a drop. It seemed like he fortunately didn’t have to pee very much because he soon pulled his soft cock out of Joan’s pussy, and I covered her labia with my mouth to catch any remaining fluids.

I swallowed quickly until the flow subsided, and then Joan rolled off of me and said, “How was my little surprise Ed? You seemed to like it wet so I hope you enjoyed it.”

I was still recovering a little from all of their fluids that I swallowed, but soon was able to say, “Oh fuck Joan, that was hot, and I loved every bit of it. It’s amazing to me how after having no interest in sex for so long, you could be that filthy and willing to take advantage of my submissiveness to you and the guys.”

Then Joan said, “Oh fuck, I have enjoyed these big, brown cocks and everything we did so much, and I would like hear more about Carlos and his setup with those boys. I just must have a steady diet of Mexican cock to satisfy my reawakened lust.

(Part three to follow...)

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