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Story Night

A Wife's bedtime story becomes reality for her husband
Billy sat uncomfortably on the settee facing Jake. Apart from the fact that he had only just met him, their meeting had also been thrust upon him by his wife Suzy. Having casually dropped it into the conversation at the end of dinner, she had given him only fifteen minutes notice before the doorbell rang and in stepped Jake. But that was Suzy all over, suddenly thrusting things upon people and catching them by surprise.

If there was one thing she could not accuse him of after almost five years of marriage was that he took her for granted. She never gave him the chance. Suzy was the type of girl that lived on the instant, if she wanted something she would go for it there and then. It had only been six months ago that she announced that she was fed up with the house they had bought a year earlier; two months later they were installed in a new home. Suzy had arranged the sale of the old home and the purchase of the new one all within six weeks and it was only now that Billy was starting to relax and enjoy their new surroundings. For all her unpredictability though, he adored her. Suzy was sexy and vibrant as well as very attractive. With their new home came a new four poster bed, Suzy’s idea again. It had been well used.

“So what do you think of Suzy’s writings then?” Jake asked him.

This had been the purpose of their meeting, to discuss Suzy’s stories. Suzy wrote erotica. Once again she had caught him by surprise by thrusting this side of her life upon him a few months previously. It had shocked him but not put him off. Her stories were arousing; descriptively filthy; shocking and surprising and they had excited him. Also there was the way that she would sometimes present them to him that made them even more enjoyable.

A few nights earlier she came to him as he relaxed watching television, naked except for a sheer black negligee, waving a sheaf of papers in her hand. As he sat and read the short story she unzipped him and took his erection in her hand. Billy managed to get to the part where the husband had just lifted his wife’s legs onto the shoulders of the man positioning himself between her thighs. Her hand reached down to his and pushed it gently towards the other man’s penis. “Guide him into me darling.” She said softly. It was that vision of a man taking hold of another man’s erection and guiding into his wife’s pussy that sent him over the edge. His cum splashed over the pages and covered his groin as his cock pulsated in her hand. Suzy could masturbate him like no other girl had done before.

“They are good……very good.” He replied nervously as he began to wonder what the purpose of all this was and why she had left the two of them to talk alone.

“I hope you don’t mind but I have been giving her some details of my experiences as a ‘Bull’.”

Billy knew that she had been chatting to people on the internet about their sexual experiences using the material for her stories and Billy knew what the term ‘bull’ meant as well. He began to feel a little intimidated being in the presence of a man who ‘serviced’ other men’s wives. Billy nervously shook his head.

“So what’s your take on all this then?” He asked. “You know, a husband allowing his wife to have sex with other men.”

“It……….it’s………’s not something that I would be interested in.”

Jake adjusted himself on the settee, sitting almost sideways on facing Billy and relaxing with his right arm resting on the back of the settee.

“Some guys get a real kick out of it Billy.” Jake told him. “The mixture of jealousy and sexual excitement can get the adrenaline really flowing in a man.”

Billy said nothing.

“You like the stories though don’t you?” Jake asked him.

Billy’s intimidation began to grow as he came under Jake’s scrutiny. Jake was a big man and he seemed to fill the stereotype black male lover that filled Suzy’s stories. There was nothing spectacularly attractive about him but he knew that women would be turned on by his dominant masculinity. He could sense that a woman being bedded by Jake would know that she had been with a real man. Billy suddenly realised that he was gazing down at Jake’s crotch and turned away in embarrassment.

“The stories Billy?”

“Yes…..yes they are good.”

“Suzy tells me that you get quite excited reading them.” Jake told him.

Now he was beginning to feel very nervous.

“It’s nothing to feel ashamed about, you know, wanting to have your wife fucked by another man Billy.” Jake told him. “I know some guys start off feeling very guilty about their feelings but it’s more common than you think. I always find that sitting and talking to a guy beforehand, getting issues out of the way, goes a long way to making things as relaxing and enjoyable as possible for all concerned.”

“Is… this why you are here?” Billy asked him.

“Why do you think I am here Billy?” Jake asked him.

“I….I…..I don’t know. I knew nothing about it until half and hour ago.”

“Yes Billy I do want to fuck your wife. She’s very attractive and I would imagine a great shag as well, so what man wouldn’t want to fuck her. Suzy also wants me to fuck her; wants me to help her out with a fantasy of hers, but first of all let’s get your needs attended to first.”

“I don’t have any needs.” Billy told him.

“I’ve been in this game for years Billy so I know how to read guys like you, also Suzy knows you better than you think.” Jake told him.

“I’ve never talked about this with Suzy.” Billy told him.

“You have told her that it turned you on though.” Jake said.

“But I have never said I wanted to do it though.”

Jake smiled. “That’s how it starts Billy. A fantasy then reality.”

“But I love my wife. I don’t want to see another man fuck her.” Billy said adamantly.

Jake smiled again and this time reached out and patted Billy’s knee. “Of course you love your wife and I know she loves you but……….isn’t there just a teeny weeny bit of excitement there in thinking of her with another man.”

Billy said nothing.

“You see Billy I can read guys pretty quickly; you have to in this game. I know within a few minutes, seconds even, of meeting a man whether or not he will let me fuck his wife. You are one that will Billy.” He told him. “Yes I know you love her and you’re feeling very jealous right now but I know that you would get a great deal of excitement from watching me with her. Watching me kiss her; watching me explore her body; watching me slide my hand up her skirt and inside her panties, knowing I was touching her. Watching her touch me as well. I often look up at a guy when his wife starts to fondle me and see the look of shock and excitement on his face as the realisation that his wife is touching another man hits him. And then of course there is the oral sex Billy. Watching your wife suck me; watching her take my cock in her mouth; watching her touch and suck me in a way that she never does with you. You would enjoy seeing that Billy wouldn’t you? And after a little while Billy I would slide her panties off her and get down to some oral myself. I always make sure they cum a couple of times with my tongue before I get big Jack inside them. Yes I am big Billy, very big and very thick. Suzy will enjoy my cock very much, and you will enjoy hearing her cumming as I fuck her.”

Billy was in such a state of sexual stupor listening to him that he did not realise that Jake was touching him. Jake’s large dark skinned hand was squeezing his bulge, gently but firmly.

“I….I….I am not gay you know.”

“I know that Billy. Neither am I.” He told him as he withdrew his hand. “But I know you will willingly suck my cock before I fuck her Billy, make sure it is extra hard for her. I also know you will suck me afterwards Billy; clean me up after I have cum deep inside her. Some husbands like to taste their wives juices on another man’s cock and you will be one of those who enjoy it; just like you will enjoy going down on her afterwards as well. Cleaning up all that cum; my cum Billy, as it oozes out of her. And afterwards I will toss you off Billy; masturbate you while I tell you what a great shag Suzy was; make you cum as you hear how tight she felt while she gave herself too me. You will enjoy the humiliation of it all Billy.”

Suddenly a shadow filled the doorway. It was Suzy. Jake stopped talking as he moved to give her space on the settee between them and Billy came back to reality.

Suzy looked different. She had changed out of the jeans and top she had worn earlier. Now she was wearing a dress, a loose fitting black dress that seemed accentuated by her short blonde hair. She was wearing stockings too. Billy knew at once from the dark sheer silk material that they were stockings, and she was wearing perfume. The Chanel was intoxicating. Suddenly his heart began to sink.

“So what have you guys been talking about then?” Suzy asked as she sat demurely between them.

“This and that.” Jake said. “I was just about to tell Billy about the fantasy you want fulfilling as you came in.”

“And what is that?” She asked.

“But firstly Suzy, how do they fit?” He asked her.

Billy looked surprised.

“I’m sorry Billy, I should have mentioned. I bought Suzy a top and some panties.” He told him. “I know it’s usually the other way round, you know, the husband buying something sexy and alluring for his wife to wear for me but I saw something special that I knew she would like.”

“They fit fine thank you.”

“Can I take a look?” He asked. “I am sure Billy wants to see as well.” He said as his hand alighted on her knee and touched the hem of her dress.

Billy looked on in a state of shock as Jake slid his hand up her legs, pushing back the hem in the process. It was slow and deliberate, allowing the stockings to be fully exposed gradually until the tops came into view, then the naked flesh of white thigh before the crotch of her white cotton panties came into view. As he pulled it right up to her waist Billy saw the words on them written in black ‘Black Cock Only’.

For a moment there was just silence in the room with Billy sitting staring at the sight of Jake holding the hem of his wife’s dress up exposing her. Suzy was also still, her eyes looking down at her thighs. Then Jake released his grip letting the hem rest around the waistband of her panties before resting his hand on her stomach. Billy found it hard to believe what he was seeing.

“Should I tell Billy about your fantasy Suzy?” Jake said suddenly breaking the silence and the tension.

“Yes.” She answered softly.

Her eyes were still looking down at her thighs and Billy knew that she was doing her best to avoid his gaze.

“It’s like this Billy,” Jake said as he shifted slightly and slid his hand down to rest on the expanse of soft white flesh above her stocking tops.
“Suzy imagines herself alone. You have been away on business for a few weeks and of course she is missing sex. Anyway, along comes a black guy at work and he starts to take an interest in her. He wants her; he makes it obvious he wants to fuck her. She is interested too; she is desperate for sex and she has heard about black guys from her friends. How big they are; how their cocks are much longer and thicker than most white guys. And she has also heard what they are like in bed; how they will fuck well into the night and make sure their woman is well and truly satisfied.

But of course she is worried that you might find out, not only that, she is also is taking no contraception. It will be a big risk fucking a black man. Condoms are known to break on them because of their size and she knows from experience how hard it is for a guy to pull out at the last moment. Anyway, he manages to persuade her to go for a drink with him and she gets a little tipsy.

She finds it hard to resist his advances and very soon they are back at her home kissing on the settee. His hands are all over her, touching her in places she hasn’t been touched in for a long time; stroking flesh has not been stroked by male fingers in ages. Before she knows it he is sliding her panties down her thighs. She tries to stop him but he won’t stop now and besides, his lips are already kissing her thighs. His tongue is working its way to her sex. No can longer she resist him; no longer can she stop either him or herself and she finds herself opening her thighs wide for him. First, for his tongue to explore her and then for his cock to violate her.

Yes it will be a violation; nothing so huge has entered her before; nothing so consuming has filled her before. As she feels the tip of his cock at her opening she looks into his eyes and pleads with him to pull out before he comes but she knows from the look in his eyes he won’t. She knows that not only does he want to fuck her; he also wants to fill her with her seed. All through those first slow satisfying thrusts she pleads with to pull out before he cums and all the time he keeps saying ‘no’.

Telling her that he is going to fill her. She keeps crying ‘no’ but then his thrusts start to speed up; they get harder and deeper and his words get more vulgar. He is calling her a whore now; telling her what a slut she is and he is telling her that he is going to give her his baby. With each thrust though Billy her orgasm is getting closer and closer; her excitement getting more and more obvious; her intensity building up and building up. She is almost screaming the place down now Billy. Then he tells her he is almost cumming; he tells her to get ready to receive his seed; tells her that his first load of cum is on its way.

And Suzy is screaming now Billy; screaming as she wraps her legs around his waist drawing him in; screaming as her actions tell him that she wants him inside her; screaming for him to fill her. At the very last moment he decides that he wants to withdraw Billy but he cannot; her grip is tight; so tight that even with his brute strength he cannot prise her legs apart and so he cums. All that cum that has built up over a few weeks is gushing inside her now; copious jets of potent sperm are lashing against her cervix; wave after wave of cum is filling her womb and as she relaxes her grip; as she allows her thighs to rest alongside his, she concedes. Your wife, Billy, allows him to remain deep within her until the last droplets of cum drain from him.”

For a few minutes there was just the sound of breathing as Suzy’s fantasy began to sink in. Billy could sense his erection bulging in his trousers and as he came out of sexual oblivion he suddenly realised that Jake’s hand was resting at Suzy’s crotch, not only that, a grove had appeared in her panties. Jake had obviously being running his fingers between her pussy lips while telling him her fantasy. Billy had not even noticed him do it.

“So Billy,” Jake said suddenly. “Are we going to sort this fantasy out for your lovely wife here?”

Billy sat up. “Er….er how? I am not away on business.”

“It’s just figuratively speaking Billy. We just have to imagine it.” Jake told him.

Billy stared at Billy’s fingers. They were beginning to trace along the elastic waistband of her panties.

“Also Suzy is on the pill.”

Jake smiled at him.

Billy looked back oddly.

“When did you last fuck your wife Billy?”

“The other night.” Billy responded.

“I meant a fuck Billy…………..penetration. That was a sixty-nine I believe.”

Billy was astounded. “Ss……six weeks ago.”

“Six weeks and four days Billy. Exactly when I told Suzy to stop having sex with you and stop taking her pill.”

Billy gasped. “Jeeze Suzy, Is that true?”

Suzy nodded.

“Bloody hell Suzy!” Billy said. “You can’t be serious about doing this?”

“She is very serious Billy.” Jake told him as his fingers began to slip inside her panties.

“You….we ……..can’t do this Suzy.” Billy told her mesmerized by the sight of Jake’s hand deep inside his wife’s panties.

“I know you want to do it Billy. I know you want me to fuck her don’t you?”

Her legs were parted now and his hand was right down inside her panties, his fingers moving as he stroked her.

“Suzy is all wet and ready for cock now Billy, my cock. Now why don’t you go and get a chair from the kitchen and take it up to the bedroom.” Jake told him.

“A chair?”

“Yes Billy a chair. I am going to tie you to it while I fuck your wife. You have read the story haven’t you?”

Billy found himself involuntarily getting up and going to fetch a dining chair. Yes he remembered the story about how the husband was tied naked to a chair and made to watch as another man fucked his wife. He recalled how they followed behind as he struggled up the stairs carrying the heavy chair to the bedroom. Once inside his wife told him to strip and as he stood there naked for a moment she took his erection in her hand and looked at her lover with a smile. A smile that said “See how small it is.”

Within he a few minutes he too was in exactly the same position. Humiliated, he waited for Jake to tie some of Suzy’s old pairs of tights together and then sat down and slipped his hands behind for him to be secured in the chair. As soon as he was bound Jake took his wife in his arms and began to kiss her. He watched their deep and passionate kissing lead into embraces and then fondling. As Suzy’s hand cupped Jake’s groin, Jake turned to look at him. Yes, Billy knew he too had that look of shock and excitement on his face. Just like all the others. His biggest shock though was watching Suzy’s eagerness in getting Jake naked. Her hands seemed to tear at his clothes with the excitement of getting him naked.

Once naked she sank to her knees and took his cock in her hand and between her lips. Both of them turned and gave him that look together. Suzy, telling him what a lovely big cock she had in her hands and Jake telling him what a greedy whore his wife was. As she continued her attending to Jake’s cock Billy realised that he was wet between his thighs. Looking down he saw a stream of pre-cum running down his erect cock and onto his thighs. He had never been in this state of sexual excitement before.

Jake and his wife had also seen his excitement and they broke away from their own lovemaking to attend to him. Suzy knelt down and began to lick the flowing pre-cum while Jake stood menacingly in front of him; menacing because his huge erection was inches from his face. “Excited hey Billy?” Jake said.

Billy said nothing.

Jake’s hand alighted on the back of his head and he looked up at him. “Just wait until I have her on the bed Billy, fucking her like you never can.”

Jake’s words sent a shiver through this spine.

“But you know what you have to do first Billy, don’t you?”

Billy’s jaw dropped as Jake’s cock moved towards his lips. Suzy stood up and watched as Jake’s cock inched ever closer to Billy’s mouth. “Come on baby; get it nice and hard for me.” She said as she started to undress.

Billy found himself accepting Jake’s huge cock in his mouth as he looked on, mesmerised, by Suzy stripping down to her stockings. When she had finished she stood close to Jake allowing him to put his arm around her as they watched Billy sucking Jake’s cock.

They gave him a few more minutes and then Jake pulled away. He was ready to fuck now. He attempted to guide Suzy to the bed but she pulled away and went to dressing table drawers. Suzy wanted to blindfold Billy. Taking a silk scarf from the drawer she folded it and placed it around Billy’s head covering his eyes. “You can watch another time darling, “she told him. “You can just listen to us the first time.”

He was disappointed; he wanted to watch. He wanted to see Jake’s tongue giving his wife’s pussy attention. He could hear her moans and cries but he also wanted to see for himself. He wanted to see the look on her face as she reached orgasm; wanted to see the effect of Jake’s pleasuring of her; wanted to share in her ecstasy. As he lifted his head he could see a chink of light and so he lifted it higher and tilted backwards. Now he could see; through a thin strip of light he could see them on the bed; Suzy in the middle of the bed, on her back, with her legs wide apart. Jake lying between them; his head between her thighs; gyrating as he tongued her. Her screams grew louder and louder and Billy watched as she reached behind and gripped the bed bars. Her knuckles were white as she screamed out for him to fuck her.

His neck was sore under the strain but he continued to watch them; watched with immense excitement as Jake got up and positioned himself between her thighs. For a moment he just held himself there; held himself up by his muscular arms; hovering between her wide open thighs. They were talking; whispering to each other. He couldn’t catch their words but he knew they were talking softly. Suzy reached up with her arms and pulled his face to hers and they kissed. He watched them kiss between their quite conversation. Suddenly there was a thrust of his thighs and a load groan from her lips. He was inside her now. Jake’s cock was deep inside his wife.

He expected his fucking to start immediately but instead he just seemed to hold himself inside her; and they were still talking. He could see their lips moving. At first he couldn’t make out any of their words but it seemed that Suzy was mouthing just one word all the time. With eyes closed she was mouthing the word “Yes”.

Jake’s hips suddenly started to move; slow, gyrating and thrusting movements; and they were still talking. Suzy was still mouthing “Yes” but now it was getting audible. Jake’s words were also becoming more audible too. Billy heard the word “whore” and Suzy was saying “Yes” to him. Jake was calling her “black cock whore” and she was telling him “Yes.” His wife was telling her lover that she was a ‘black cock whore’.

Billy looked on, his neck getting more and more painful as he stretched to watch them; stretched to watch Jake’s hard and deep thrusts between Suzy’s thighs; stretched to watch his wife gripping Jake’s muscular shoulders with her arms; stretched to watch her slim white legs around his firm brown thighs. He also stretched his ears to hear them; hear him calling her a whore; hear her confirming that she was a whore, his whore. They excited him but the words that excited him even more were Jake’s telling her that he was going to come inside her; telling her that he was going to fill her with his seed; telling he that she would be conceiving before the night was out.

And Suzy? Suzy screamed; screamed as her orgasm hit her; screamed as wave after wave of pleasure ran through her, and afterwards, as he lay still on top her of while the last droplets of cum drained from him, she whimpered like a child as her climax subsided.

It was a while before they finally uncoupled and got off the bed. Together they came over to him and released him; freed him from his bonds; freed him from the darkness; freed him to complete their humiliation of him. Making him kneel on the floor they stood in front of him; first Jake and then Suzy. He didn’t need to be told what to do; he didn’t need to be instructed to take Jake’s limp but thick cock on his mouth. The brown flesh sticky with their juices; wet from their lovemaking. Jake held him by the back of head as he cleaned; licking and sucking from the base of his cock to the tip before attending to his large scrotum.

After a thorough cleaning of Jake he crawled the few inches to his wife who parted her legs specially for him. Jake’s cum was already leaking from her; running down her thighs between her legs. His cum had already reached her knees. While Jake had remained silent while he cleaned Suzy taunted him. “Clean up my lover’s cum.” She told him. “Don’t leave even a drop.”

As he did so she told him how good it felt having Jake’s cock inside her. “You don’t know what a difference it is having a real cock inside me.” She taunted.

Glancing up he noticed that her hand was wrapped around Jake’s cock. It was erect again. “Yes darling,” she told him. “Once you are finished I am going to have it inside me again.”

Billy could feel wetness again now between his thighs; once again he was leaking pre-cum profusely.

When he finished delving deep inside her with his tongue and withdrawing the last droplet of Jake’s cum Jake made him sit down again for his final humiliation of the evening. “You enjoyed me fucking your wife didn’t you Billy?” Jake said as he took his erection in his hand.

“Yesssssssss.” Billy groaned.

“I’m gonna be fucking her again in a minute Billy.” He told him as he began to masturbate him. “Fucking her inside the bed you share with her.”

Billy groaned again, this time from his quick and short climax.

Five minutes later he was slipping between the cold sheets of the bed in the spare bedroom. Jake had dismissed him; telling him not to disturb them for the rest of the night. As he pulled the bedclothes around him he could hear sounds coming from his bedroom; sounds of creaking bed springs; sounds of passionate cries; sounds of lovemaking; sounds from his wife and Jake as they fucked.

It was almost lunch time next day when he next saw them. They came down together and joined him in the kitchen. Both had showered and dressed but while Jake was fully dressed Suzy wore a white cotton t-shirt and a pair of white panties. The panties again bore the words ‘Black Cock Only’ but the t-shirt had a big red heart between the letters ‘I’ and ‘BBC’. Billy smiled.

She held him close and kissed him and Billy put his arms around her and hugged her. He needed that comforting touch from her. “We didn’t keep you awake all night did we?” She smiled.

“Well………” He replied.

She hugged him again. “Sorry.” She told him.

As they sat down she asked him how he felt about everything. Billy didn’t really know what to say. “Have you really come off the pill?” He asked her.

She shook her head. “No.” She told him. “It’s not something I would do without discussing with you first.”

Billy felt relieved.

“But Jake didn’t know either until I told him in the shower earlier. He thought he was really getting me pregnant.”

“Yes, she really had me going.” Jake laughed.

“But.” She started to say. “I really got a kick out of it. Having Jake deliberately trying to get me pregnant and humiliating you at the same time. It really was intense.”

“Does that mean you would like too?” Billy asked her.

Suzy looked and smiled.

“Yes I would like to have a baby.” She told them. “I think at 27 it’s time to start a family.”

For a moment there was silence.

“And who do you want to be the father?” Jake asked.

“Well, there is a woman that I have chatted to on the internet and when she decided to start a family she got her lover and husband together and told them to sort it out between them. She told them that they could both still fuck her but one of them had to wear a condom all the time.”

Again there was silence.

“And which one fathered her child then?” Billy asked her.

“Actually, neither of them were willing to stand aside so in the end she got them both together in the bedroom, took out a condom and slipped it upon the man she didn’t want to make her pregnant.”

“And which one was it?” Billy asked impatiently.

Suzy smiled. “Which one do you think Billy? She asked.

“The one that gave her the greatest satisfaction in bed?” He asked.

Suzy leaned over and kissed him, fondling him at the same time. “You’ve got it in one Billy.”

“Does that mean you want Jake to father your baby then?” He asked her.

“I want you two to sort it out between yourselves.” She told him. “But if you can’t then……………….well………….we might have to have another story night.”

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