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Surrogate Cuckold at the Car Show

I suck my freind's cum out of his wife's pussy when we are out of town at a car show.

I was fifty-five years old, an avid classic car enthusiast, and had been restoring a 1957 Chevy two-door sedan for several years at the time my company transferred my wife, Joan, and me from Boston to the Atlanta area. I had attended many classic car shows in the New England area, and since the restoration of my Chevy was almost complete, I was really looking forward to showing my car at the events in the southeast.

After getting settled in my new office and buying a home, I started going to car shows in the Atlanta area, before traveling farther to other locations. Joan doesn't share my enthusiasm for classic cars, so I usually go to those events alone. I met a lot of nice people at the events, and some of the other exhibitors became friends after we ran into each other several times over a period of months.

I grew close to one couple, because they also had restored a 1957 Chevy, and that gave us something in common. That couple is Clark Goodson and his wife Betsy. Clark was fifty-seven years old and a pretty normal guy at five feet and ten inches tall and weighing about one hundred and seventy-five pounds, and he seemed to be in good shape from working out. I felt a little jealous of them since they both enjoyed the same hobby and were spending a lot of time together, while I had to attend the shows alone.

Betsy was a lovely woman of fifty-four years old. She is what you might consider to be a full-figured woman, at five feet and eight inches tall and about one hundred and sixty pounds, but she isn't fat, and has a beauty that is hard to describe. It was obvious that she also exercised regularly, and she is the kind of woman you might see in the grocery store or somewhere, and not notice her at first. But after taking a closer look you’d see a very attractive lady who could even have been called beautiful in her younger years. But her graying, shoulder-length hair that she keeps in pony tail most of the time, and very tan skin with distinctive age lines, revealed her age.

Her thighs are a little thick, and she has a gorgeous, full, protruding ass that is a little bit big, but it has a perfect shape and sways seductively when she walks. Her breasts are also very nice and look to be DD-cups, and although they sagged a little due to her age, they were still full, round and big, and had thick, protruding nipples. You could get a good sense of the fullness of her breasts when you saw them shift and jiggle beneath her t-shirt when she was braless.

I thought she was gorgeous and sexy, even if she didn’t fit the definition of beauty that many guys use. Maybe it was because she seems a little more approachable than some of the younger, pretty women. One other thing that make Betsy so desirable is her charm and wit; and she could be just like one of the guys and tell some raunchy jokes and stories.

Clark and I would often go to each other’s homes, especially on the weekends, to help with little projects on our cars, and also because we were becoming very good friends and enjoyed spending time together. Sometimes when I was at their home, Betsy would come out to the garage and talk to us about the car, and if she had just finished working out, she’d be wearing a spandex body suit that left nothing to the imagination. I could make out every curve of her voluptuous body, and her big nipples would be plainly visible.

But the best part is the large camel toe that her vulva creates in the body suit, with those full labia lips. I often thought that her labia should be called a camel foot instead of a camel toe, since her pussy lips are so thick and long. I had never seen a pussy that large and I also saw the matted down hair of what had to be a very hairy crotch. She really drives me crazy and I tried very hard not to stare at her too much. Like I said before, everything about her is sexy, and I often jacked off while thinking of her fantastic body, and I especially wanted to stick my face into her hairy pussy.

Betsy usually joined us at all our classic car shows, but every now and then she couldn’t make it to some of the out of town events due to other commitments. One time Clark and I went to an overnight event in Alabama, and although we both had to drive to tow our cars, we did share a hotel room for the night. After a long day in the sun at the show, we had a nice dinner and some drinks in town, and then went back to our motel room.

We continued drinking in the room, and as usually happens when men get together, even older men, we started talking about women and sex. At first, we were discussing some of the sexy women we had seen that day at the show, and how we’d like to fuck them, and then I said something about Betsy. I was getting pretty drunk or I would never have made a comment about her, but I was getting aroused talking about those other women, and I thought Betsy was sexier than all of them.

In my stupor, I heard myself saying, “Yes, Clark, we have seen some lovely ladies today, but none of them can hold a candle to Betsy.”

Clark was obviously drunk as well and said, “Thanks a lot, Ed. I think she’s pretty hot too. I know that a lot of men stare at her whenever we’re out together, and I’ve even caught you looking at her many times. Don’t worry though, I’m not mad. I take it as a compliment that other men are attracted to Betsy.”

I then said, “Oh shit, I’m really embarrassed now. I’m sorry, but sometimes I just can’t take my eyes off her. You two must have a great sex life.”

Then Clark said, “Yes, we do enjoy sex a lot, and fortunately I have a big cock to keep her happy. She started wanting sex more after she went through menopause, maybe because of the hormone therapy she was taking, and that was great news for both of us.”

I said, “I really envy you for that. After my Joan went through menopause, she lost all interest in sex, even with those hormone treatments. I guess that different women have different reactions to menopause and that medication. So, I don’t get any sex at home anymore.”

Clark looked very sympathetic when he continued, “Man, that’s a tough break, Ed., but my love life isn’t without some disappointment. Since Betsy got that higher sex drive, she started reading porn stories on the internet, and she eventually discovered stories about cuckolds. Ever since she started reading that stuff she's wanted me to suck her pussy and pretend that I am her cuckold husband sucking another man’s cum from her. She even likes some of the kinkier aspects of being a cuckold wife like being dominant and riding my face to orgasm when her pussy is full of cum."

"But I have to tell you, I have never liked the taste and smell of pussy, and I think it’s nasty to suck a cunt, with or without another man’s cum in there. Hell, she pisses from there and I stick my cock and cum in her pussy, and I’m not about to put my mouth down there. My refusal to suck her does cause her to get angry with me sometimes, but by the same token, she refuses to suck my cock because she thinks that would be nasty too. I would much prefer just to fuck her, which we usually do five times a week”

I found myself getting turned on at hearing about Clark and Betsy’s love life, so I decided to tell him about mine. I said, “I hope that you won’t think that I’m a pervert or anything, but I really like the fantasy of sucking a pussy, with or without it being filled with cum. My wife won’t let me have any sex, so I also read those cuckold stories, and imagine myself as the cuckold husband. I love everything about sucking a pussy, and some of my fantasies can get pretty nasty. Please don’t get angry with me for saying this, but Betsy has such beautiful breasts, pussy and ass, and I fantasize all the time about being her cuckold husband.”

Clark looked a little surprised at my comments and kind of wrinkled his nose when I mentioned that I liked it nasty. He then said, “Thanks for telling me, and I don’t mind if you fantasize about Betsy that way, but I do have a question. What do you mean by nasty, Ed? Isn’t it nasty enough just to put your mouth on a pussy?”

I then clarified my comment saying, “Don’t get me wrong. I like to fantasize about sucking women who are clean and have good hygiene, and a clean pussy has a very arousing scent all by itself. But sometimes it’s fun to think about sucking a pussy after a woman has just worked out and is a little sweaty. One other exciting thing might be to suck a woman right after she has taken a piss, and not wiped herself completely. I know that sounds sick to you, but I just like to think about that ripe, musky taste and smell. And it even gets better when you add a big load of another man’s cum.”

Then Clark said, “That all sounds pretty gross to me, and I don’t understand how you can think like that, but I have another question. Most of those cuckold stories also talk about the cuckold husband sucking the other guy’s cock. Are you saying that you think about doing that too?”

I said, “The sad thing is that all of that is just a fantasy for me. I’ll probably never get a chance to know if I would do any of it. It does arouse me to think about it but sucking a cock would be a pretty big step to take.”

Clark then said, “Well, maybe we can help each other out. I know that fucking is my favorite thing, and I could never suck a pussy, but if you would like to suck my cum out of a pussy, I might even let you suck my cock someday. I’ll talk to Betsy when we get home and see if she has any interest in bringing you into our sex life.”

I thought that Clark was way too drunk to know what he was saying, so I just ignored what he said about trying to get Betsy involved with me, and we eventually just passed out for the night. We continued seeing each other at car events and at our homes for a couple of more weeks, and then it was time to go to another car show in Alabama where we would stay over for two nights. Betsy would be going with us on that one, and of course Joan would not be going.

We all took Friday off from work and left Atlanta early in the morning, arriving at the car show around noon. We put our cars on display and walked around the grounds for the rest of the day. Betsy was braless and wearing a tank top that was very revealing and I had a hard on all day watching those big tits swaying and moving in her tight top. She was also wearing shorts that really accentuated her meaty ass, and they were just tight enough in the crotch to show her big camel toe.

At one point in the day, Clark and I were standing a little apart leaning over looking under the hood of a car, and Betsy stepped up and squeezed between us to look. I wasn’t sure at first that she fully realized it, but her right breast was pressed against my left arm. I felt the heat and softness of that big breast, and when she turned to back away, I feltl her hard, protruding nipple move across my arm.

I looked down at her breast as she moved back, and then looked at her face. Betsy was looking right at me and smiling, and it seemed at least to me, that she had rubbed her big tit on me purposely. I wasn’t sure what to say or do, so I just ignored it.

At the end of the day we all went for dinner and beer at a nice restaurant near the show location. We then picked up a case of beer and went to our motel rooms. We were staying at the same motel, and our rooms were right down the hall from each other. I was invited down to Clark and Betsy’s room, and we continued drinking beer and talking about the events of the day.

I was sitting on the couch and Clark and Betsy were sitting on the bed, and we continued drinking for another hour and were all getting a little buzzed. Betsy then got up to use the bathroom, and after I heard the toilet flush, she came back into the room.I didn’t notice at  first that she had taken off her shorts, but finally my head cleared enough to notice it. She still had her underwear on, which were brief panties, but they almost looked like a thong on her big ass. I saw her thick, gray and black pubic hair all over her crotch area and sticking out of the panties, and her thick camel toe was clearly visible.

Her crotch also looked a little wet. Her lovely ass cheeks were perfectly separated and bounced as she walked. I was sitting there with my mouth hanging open as I watched her move across the room towards me, and then she surprised me by sitting next to me on the couch.

Betsy said, “Sorry to shock you like that, Ed, but we need to talk, and I just wanted to be more comfortable. I noticed from the first time we met that you haven't been able to keep your eyes off my breasts, pussy and ass, and I have to admit that I enjoy you admiring me so much. I used to come into the garage in my spandex outfit on purpose when you were over at our house, because I really liked seeing that hungry look in your eyes when you saw my thick labia lips puffing out. I also enjoyed today pressing my big breast up against your arm, and was amused that you looked a little scared of it. But I had no idea that you had those kinky cuckold fantasies about me."

"Clark told me about that conversation you guys had a couple of weeks ago, and I haven’t been able to stop thinking about it. Clark and I have talked it over, and we thought it might be fun for all of us to see if we can live some of our fantasies. I know that we’ve never done any of this, so let’s just progress slowly and see how it goes. My only condition is that if I let you suck my tits and pussy, you will also have to suck Clark’s cock. If you start sucking my tits, I’ll take that as an agreement from you.”

Betsy remained seated on the couch and stripped off her tank top, bringing her pendulous, sagging breasts into view. Even though I had seen them many times when she was clothed, it was much more arousing to see those full, round tits in the flesh. Betsy placed her hand behind my head and pulled my mouth to her breast, which brought me into a position lying across her lap.

Her big nipple felt wonderful in my mouth, and it had a bit of a salty taste from her sweating in the sun all afternoon. I sucked on both of her breasts like I was a newborn baby, and I also held them, massaged them, and felt the weight of them with my hands as I switched back and forth between them, sucking hungrily the whole time. Betsy had her eyes closed as was quietly moaning as I sucked her tits, and Clark was still sitting on the bed watching all the action and rubbing his cock through his pants.

After about twenty minutes of me sucking Betsy’s breasts, I felt her reach around me to remove her panties, and then she placed her hands on my head and started pushing me down towards her pussy saying, “Come on, baby, move on down and taste my nasty pussy. Make those fantasies come true for all of us. This will be the test of whether those fantasies are real or just hopeful thoughts. I'm trying to make this as much as possible like the fantasies you described to Clark, so I didn’t wipe myself after I pissed a little while ago. Go on down there now and cover my pussy with your mouth.”

It was like I was in a trance as I moved my mouth from those gorgeous breasts and down Betsy’s stomach, until I saw and felt her bushy pubic hair. It was awkward to suck her pussy while sitting on the couch, so I slipped onto my knees on the floor between her legs, and she scooted her ass to the edge of the couch to give me better access. I then had a perfect, close-up view of the pussy I had been admiring for so long, and her thick labia lips were plainly visible amidst the thick growth of hair.

The aroma was almost overpowering, but in a good way, and as my mouth covered her vulva for the first time, I tasted her natural juices, as well as the remnants of her piss and the sweat from all afternoon in the heat. I dove into that gamey pussy like I hadn’t eaten for a week, and then lifted Betsy’s thick thighs over my shoulders so I could pull myself even farther into her vulva. That was a fantasy come true for both of us, and the scents and tastes were tangy, but at the same time delicious almost beyond description.

I continued sucking her pussy with my face pushed into that mass of hair, and I sometimes would take each side of her labia into my mouth separately and suck them as hard as I could. I also enjoyed pressing my face into her large vulva, and it was a wonderful feeling to have my face surrounded by her hot, hairy and wet pussy. Betsy truly has a big vulva and vagina, so I was sure that Clark must really have a big cock to be able to satisfy her.

I continued sucking her pussy for about a half-hour, and then I could feel Betsy tighten her legs around my shoulders to more forcefully pull my face into her cunt, and I could also hear her breathing and moans becoming louder. She then reached down with her hands and held my head in place, and she thrust her hips into me and had a huge orgasm. I’m not sure that I believe in women being able to squirt when they orgasm, but I do know that my mouth and face were flooded with her juices, what ever they were.

Betsy held me there for a couple of minutes and then said, “I need you to fuck me now, Clark. I need to feel your big cock thrusting into my pussy. I want Ed to follow me to the bed and get under me in a sixty-nine while you fuck me hard and pump me full of your semen. And, Ed, I want you to suck both of us while we fuck and then clean Clark’s cock with your mouth after he cums in me. Then I’ll sit on your face and feed you the rest of his big load.”

I lay down on the bed as Betsy directed, and as her beautiful pussy came into view over me, I also felt her big tits pushing against my stomach. I immediately started sucking her hairy pussy, and as I looked back and to the side of the bed, Clark was unfastening his pants and pulling them and his underwear down. I was surprised at how large his uncut cock is; even though he had told me before that he has a big one, and it must have been ten inches long and over six inches around.

I know that it’s not logical to think this way, but I somehow didn’t think a fifty-seven-year-old man would have such a big dick, maybe because most of the pictures of big dicks on the internet are of young men. But I guess that it only made sense that if it was big when he was younger, that it should still be big as he aged. I was also impressed with his large balls and heavily-hanging scrotum, and his testicles looked to be the size of eggs.

Clark climbed onto the bed behind Betsy and pushed his huge cock towards her pussy, as I dropped my head down out of the way. With my face right there, I saw his foreskin slide back onto his cock shaft as he pushed his dick into the black and gray hair and into Betsy’s pussy. It was amazing having my head between Betsy’s thighs watching those big labia lips spread and stretch as he continued to press himself into her. He kept pressing until it looked like he bottomed out on her cervix, and then he started moving in and out in a slow rhythm.

I tried to keep sucking Betsy’s clit as she was being fucked, but I usually had to pull away just a little each time Clark’s cock bottomed out in her. I also felt his heavy balls as they dragged across my face on each stroke, and I sometimes pulled away from her clit just to be able to suck on his balls a little. Sometimes Clark would momentarily hold his cock fully in Betsy’s pussy on the in-stroke, and I would take his balls into my mouth and suck his scrotum, until he started moving again.

The fucking continued for about fifteen minutes, and I was very impressed with Clark’s stamina as a lover. I couldn’t get enough of the aroma of their genitals and the tasty pussy juice and precum as it sometimes dripped onto my face and mouth. I also enjoyed the view that I had of Betsy’s full round ass, and I could see that she was hairy up to and past her asshole.

It was just so erotic seeing that big, thick cock as it moved into and out of her sweet pussy. Clark was moaning heavily as he took his last few strokes before pressing all his cock hard into Betsy’s pussy. I saw the base of his cock throbbing, and I covered his balls with my mouth as he filled her pussy with his cum.

He stayed in that position for a couple of minutes until his cock started to soften, and then he slowly pulled his meat out of her. I had my mouth waiting as his big, thick cock dropped to my lips, and I had my first full taste of his cum as he pressed his dick into my mouth. I really liked the feeling of his cock sliding into and out of my mouth, and I was just sorry that I had never tried sucking a cock before. He continued to fuck my mouth until he started to harden again, and then he pulled away and helped Betsy sit up on my face.

It is hard for me to adequately describe the feeling of having Betsy sit up and position herself so that my face was buried in her huge and hairy vulva. Clark’s cum was flowing heavily into my mouth and I was surprised at the amount of semen he produced, especially for his age. I swallowed as fast as I could, and the wetness and nastiness of it all was really getting me excited.

I felt her thick thighs pressing against the sides of my head, and it felt like my entire face, from chin to forehead was buried in her pussy. I was struggling a little to get a breath of air, and Betsy must have sensed my panic because she lifted slightly to give me a breath. She was also very turned on, and I could tell that was the fulfillment of one of her favorite fantasies.

Betsy placed her hands on my chest to support herself as she slowly started moving her pussy back and forth across my face. She then started to lengthen her strokes until she was fucking my face with her entire groin and ass. When she moved away from my chest, my nose would be in her vagina as my mouth sucked her clit. When she pressed herself forward towards my chest, my nose would be in her hairy ass crack and my mouth was sucking her asshole. Her big ass cheeks were pressed tightly against my face, and I finally learned to take a breath as she moved to the end of each stroke on my face.

Betsy was then fucking my face hard, and she was breathing hard and moaning when she said, “Oh fuck, Ed, I'm really enjoying fucking your face and feeding you Clark’s cum. This is a fantasy come true for me, and I have been dreaming for a long time about fucking the face of a submissive cunt and cock sucker like you. Clark won’t suck my pussy and let me smother him like this, and I’m just so happy that you are nasty enough to enjoy it.”

She continued sitting on my face and fucking and pressing down, but she slowed down her thrusts to allow more time in each position. I went from having my entire face enveloped in her vulva as she slowly rocked back and forth, to the other extreme of having my face smothered in her big ass as I sucked on her asshole.

The hair and moisture and aroma of it all were very arousing, and I was enjoying my role as the sexually-submissive subject of Betsy’s face-sitting fantasies. Sometimes when she had her ass on my face, I would reach up with my hands to spread her ass cheeks even farther apart, to place my face as fully as possible into her warm and damp ass crack.

On her next stroke, I felt Betsy settle down more-heavily on my face with her thick vulva covering me from forehead to chin, and she started to quiver as I sucked her clit, and then she had her third big orgasm of the evening. My face and mouth were again flooded with her juices and the remnants of Clark’s cum, and I drank in every drop of her discharge.

During this orgasm, Betsy was almost screaming as she said, “Oh fuck, oh fuck, suck my pussy and swallow our juice you sick, nasty, cock sucker. It feels so great sitting on your face like this, knowing that you are helpless to do anything about it. It is such a turn on having control over you at this moment.”

Betsy finally rolled off to my side and off my face, and she laid back on the bed exhausted from having been fucked to orgasm by Clark’s huge cock and sucked to orgasm twice by my mouth. Clark lay down on the bed on his back next to her, and she rolled about half way over on him on her left side, and pulled her right leg over his thigh, to cuddle with him and rest after their powerful orgasms. That spreading of her legs opened up her crotch to my full view.

I was also exhausted from sucking her pussy and Clark’s cock, and having my face fucked for such a long time, with periods of not being able to fully breathe. I laid down the opposite way on the bed on my right side, and rested my head on the back of Betsy’s left thigh, which meant that my face was right next to her ass and pussy, and very close to Clark’s cock. I just loved the aroma of their hairy genitals and the residual fluids from their ejaculations. We all fell asleep in that position, and because I smelled her aroma, I dreamed all night that I was sucking her pussy and his cock.

I was dreaming that I felt movement on the bed, and when I realized where I was, I saw that it was morning, and Betsy and Clark had already gotten out of bed and were taking a shower together. I just stayed in bed and enjoyed the smell of their combined, dried, fuck juices on my face, until they got out of the shower and came back into the room.

Then Betsy said, “Ed, we have been talking, and Clark and I enjoyed last night so much that we would like to do it again and again, every chance we get when we are together with you. We’d like you to check out of your room this morning, and stay with us in our room again tonight."

"Maybe we can even find some new and exciting things to do that we didn’t do last night. I just love the feeling of smothering your whole face in my vulva, and having my ass sucked was definitely an exciting first for me. I still don’t know how you can be so nasty to do all of those things, but I’m sure happy that you and Clark talked, and we found out how compatible our fantasies are.”

I said, “Well, Betsy, I’m also very pleased that we found each other, and while I can’t even begin to explain why I like to suck your aromatic pussy and Clark’s cock so much, it is so arousing to me that I will do it whenever you’ll let me. It just feels so wonderful feeling your weight on my face as I suck your ass and pussy, and your big breasts are also a joy for me to suck. I don’t really know how much nastier we could make all of this, but I’m sure willing to experiment if you guys are.”

I then went to my room to shower, change clothes, pack, and after putting my suitcase in their room, we went to breakfast together and then to the car show for the day. Things were much different between us then, and Betsy was always rubbing her tits and pussy on me when she knew that no one else was watching. I could hardly wait for the day to end so we could eat dinner and then go back to the room to continue the love making that we enjoyed the previous night.

That established a pattern for us, and we had hot, nasty sex every time that we were together. Now, when I am over at their house, Betsy will walk into the garage with nothing on instead of wearing her spandex body suit, and I will drop to my knees right then and there and suck her gamey cunt. We still get together to this day, and I suppose we always will until we get too old to enjoy it.

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