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Tease to please

A fantasy that is the beginning of sexual experimentation.
This was to be a brief encounter. Well, that is what Jake thought. What he did not bank on was meeting Maria.

Maria was spell bounding. Her wavy long brown hair with a hint of gold streaks blew with dominance in the prevailing wind. Maria’s dark brown eyes were mesmerizing, her facial features are to die for, she has high cheekbones and with her ever happy smile melted anyone who took pleasure at looking at her. And Jake was one.

Maria was not that person who would stop the traffic, but she would have this control that would captivate. Her curvaceous figure was eye catching. She certainly looked after herself by running and cycling. Jake loved feasting his eyes on her.

They were friends as teenagers and when they were in their early 20's, started dating.

The attraction was mutual.

Jake was a swimmer and dreamt of making the National squad. It never happened but he had the talent.

They dated for about 4 years and Jake was starting to get these sexual desires that went beyond Jake and Maria’s relationship.

Whenever Jake and Maria went out, whether it was to music festivals, a popular wine bar, clubs or art openings Maria dressed to be on show. Jake encouraged this. He loved the idea of Maria getting the attention from both guys and girls.

He however really enjoyed when a good-looking male paid particular attention. There was this one guy who they often saw out and later met out that gave Maria much attention. Maria certainly did not shy away from the fact Ben was feasting his eyes on her.

There was one night Jake and Maria decided to have a party at home to celebrate Maria’s 24th birthday. Her birthday was in summer, so it was only logical to have a pool party. The apartments they lived at had two pools, one at their backdoor. They lived on the bottom floor.

Maria looked stunning in her bikinis. Her cheeky bottoms did not leave much room for the imagination and her ample breasts revealed her rounded 34Ds. Ben could not keep his eyes off her and Jake subtly observed this. Dark sunglasses help.

Maria and Ben flirted with each other to Jake’s delight. At one stage Maria came in to get a couple of drinks when Jake happened to be in the kitchen getting some food ready.

Jake smiled and quickly grabbed her with intention and held her tightly and gave her a kiss on the lips.

“You having fun?” he asked.

“Of course,” she smiled. “Are you?”

“Absolutely,” he said.

Jake had a cheeky smile on his face, Maria looked at him inquisitively and then left with the two drinks she came for. One of the drinks was for Ben.

Ben and Maria laughed, he put his arms around her gave a big hug and kissed her on the cheek as they sat on the steps in the pool.

Later when the party had calmed down, most had left except for about 4 or 5. One of those was Ben. But he soon came up to say good-byes. Maria and Ben gave each other a big hug and Jake enjoyed watching her beautiful breasts press into Ben’s body. This did turn him on a little. Only if Maria knew he thought.

The others left soon after.

Both Maria and Jake were sexually charged from the night. They were soon in the bedroom clothes off and indulging in each other.

As Jake went down on Maria he could feel how turned on she was. She was so wet and all he was thinking was Ben must have turned her on and he liked that thought. He was imagining Ben in the bedroom with them and he was feeling totally wanting for that situation.

As he was getting off on his thoughts he felt Maria’s body buckle. She gently pulled his head away and as Jake came up to breathe, his mouth worked his way up her gorgeous body over beautiful full breasts and as his hard cock teased her wanting pussy. A warm smile came across Maria’s face. He whispered to her, “What?”

“You almost made me orgasm,” she said.

He smiled and cheekily said, “Well you are rather turned on aren’t you?”

She said, “Yes…”

That’s all she could say as she grabbed Jake’s cock and started masturbated herself with it.

“I love it when you’re this turned on,” he said. She smiled.

“Ben must have really got you going,” Jake said.

Jake didn’t mean to let his guard down, what he said just came out.

But to Jake’s surprise Maria replied, “Did you mind?”

“No, of course not.”

“Really?” Maria asked.

“No, not all I actually enjoyed watching him give you attention,” he said as he kissed her.

Jake gained a little bit of confidence.

“ I bet he’d like to be doing what I’m doing with you right now.”

“What if he was?” Maria asked.

“Would you like him to?” Jake replied.

“Right now, I would not say no,” she said

Jake slipped his cock in her. She was so wet and horny.

“And feel his hard cock in you,” he said.

Maria moaned as Jake gently stimulated her as he slowly pushed his wanting cock in and out of her.

“Would you like him to do this with you,” he whispered.

“Oh gosh yes,” she panted. She paused for a brief second, almost in shock of the ease of saying yes.

“We should have asked him to stay,” he said

This got Maria really so horny

“Would you let me fuck him?”


“You don’t mind?” she asked.

“Only if I can watch,” Jake replied.

“Oh babe, of course, anything.”

“You really don’t mind if we fuck?”

“No, not at all. The thought of seeing Ben’s cock in you really turns me on,” Jake said.

Maria was squirming with pleasure. They soon twisted and rolled around and Jake was now on his back.

Maria was riding Jake like no other.

She slowed down a little and lent over. Jake licked her hardened nipples. She whispered, “Your really turned on aren’t?”

“Oh yeah!”

“I like the idea of you watching me and Ben.”

Jake smiled at her.

“Hope you don’t mind, but I’ve been imagining fucking him as I ride you.”

“I don’t mind at all, “Jake said.

Maria told Jake that Ben said he wanted to have her when they were sitting in the pool.

Jake said, “ You’ll have to set things up then.”

Maria kissed Jake and said she would.

That night Jake and Maria had the best sex and indulged in the thought of cuckolding Jake. Their minds wandered into sexual fantasy oblivion. The foundation for sexual experimentation had been laid, but that’s another story.

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