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The Begining of Summer Made to Cuck part 2

The Begining of Summer Made to Cuck part 2

If you read the first part of this story, it will help you make more sense of the characters.
That morning I woke early, not that I really slept that well. My mind was a total blur of visions from what I had witnessed the night before. My only chance now, was to try to talk Sue in to dropping the whole thing, I just didn’t want to be Summer anymore.

I decided to go shower before Sue got up. At least that way I could look more masculine when we had our chat.

I tried to reach the dress zip but could only edge it down a little way. If I tried to reach it from below it was just out of my reach. I was stuck in it!

I waited downstairs not wanting to wake her and put her in a bad mood.

After drinking my 6th cup of tea that morning, Sue finally appeared in the kitchen.

“Morning Summer.” She quipped.

“Look about that Sue,” I took a large breath.

“Shhhh.” Quickly she silenced me with her finger over my lips.

“Did you or did you not accept the terms of our agreement?” She asked.

“Well, I-I did yes,” I gasped, “look I just think you were a little…..” again she silenced me with her finger.

“There's no going back on this, from now on unless your leaving me you better get used to it.” Again her voice was menacing.

I quickly decided to back down remembering my split lip from before. At least we talking, maybe I could pick my moment and try again.

After breakfast Sue said we would just have a relaxing day. I smiled at that thought and asked her to unzip my dress.

I quickly got myself out of those clothes showered shaved and headed to my room.

Sue came in before I could dress.

“Second drawer down is a bikini put it on and I will fix your hair and make-up.” Somehow she just knew how to make me feel uneasy.

It wasn’t long before I was ready. She kept my make up minimal so that my face would tan easy. I was told to get the sunbeds from the shed and set them up in the garden.

Just as I finished the second sunbed Sue joined me.

The sun was hot and beating down so sunbathing sounded like a great idea. I lay on my back while Sue covered me in coconut oil on the front of my body. She explained that the oil would soften my skin more and she would tell me when to turn over.

We sat side by side although She had decided to tan her back. Not that she ever needed to tan, her skin was always golden from using the sun beds at the gym.

“Time to turn Summer your front half will look good.” Again she rubbed the oil into my skin.

I didn’t think she would notice that her touch was turning me on. Obviously I had got it totally wrong as I felt the sting of a well placed slap in my crotch.

The lack of sleep from the night before finally took it’s toll. My eyes closed as I drifted off with the sensual smell of the coconut.

I’m not sure how long I had slept but was woken by the sounds of voices. Clearing my vision, I turned back over to see Sue standing at the fence and topless. What I wasn’t expecting was for those that had stayed over from the party next door, all looking not at her, but at me.

I jumped up quickly trying to cover my modesty, and the fact that my tiny cock was pointing straight at them all.

“Ha-ha,” said a bald guy “wow,” another.

“I can see why he’s no use in the bedroom to you now,” said a blonde woman.

I lowered my head as the rest joined in, although some of them were more kind than others.

As most of the day had gone, I quickly said that I would go prepare dinner scurrying indoors as fast as I could.

After we had finished dinner, Sue told me to go up to my room.

It wasn’t long before I was back in another dress. This time it was an extremely silky white one with lots of petticoat underlay’s, and very very short. She had chosen white matching panties and bra with the panties having white frills with a hint of pink. Instead of stockings, she had me put on some long white, over knee socks, with pink ribbons on the sides near the top. She handed me some black Mary-Jane shoes which I slipped on. Again she brushed out my hair and fixed my make-up. I was then allowed to go back downstairs to wait while she sorted herself out.

Forty five minutes or so later, she entered the room.

I was totally gob smacked! She was wearing a leather micro mini and a corseted bra along with black sandals. Yet another outfit I had never seen before. (I had to admit though she looked stunning again.) My tiny cock then decided to tent my panties which she soon noticed.

“I really am going to have to do something to stop that,” she giggled while pointing directly at my cock.

My embarrassment was obvious, as I tried to push the skirt section down without success.

Putting a CD in the player, she got comfy on the sofa. I was half hoping to be able to join her, but no invite was forthcoming so I sat in a chair.

I was just about to try to work on her again when I heard a key in the front door. A few seconds later John walked into the room.

Flashbacks were straight in my mind and I struggled not to be sick.

Right before me again they were both in a passionate embrace. It was as though I was invisible again as his hands roamed all over her body.

“Bring some drinks for us both up to my room,” she demanded as she took his hand and lead him upstairs.

When I arrived with the drinks they were already on the bed. He removed his hand from under her skirt just long enough to take his drink and set it down on the bedside table.

She stood up took a few sips of her own and unzipped her skirt letting it fall to the floor. I couldn’t help but look down to see that she wasn’t wearing panties, but revealing her already soaking wet pussy.

I tried to speak out once more, but I had gone mute, physiologically I was already beaten.

I wanted to go back downstairs instead of having to watch or listen, but again I was rooted to the spot on the side of the bed.

He slipped out of his clothes and lowered his head to her pussy, lapping at what should have been mine. By the look on her face he was doing a good job as I just got more and more jealous. The rage inside me was bursting to get out but his rippling muscles and size soon stopped me!

It wasn’t long before she pulled his head up spurring him on to work his way back up her body.

Her pussy opened up as he entered her pussy like a peeled banana. Then rhythmically he thruster his huge cock like a piston as she locked her legs around him. I now felt like I was watching a live porn show as I listened to her moans of shear ecstasy.

This was having a huge effect on me! I couldn’t help myself with a stifled grunt, I emptied what little cum I had into my panties. I could feel my cheeks warming with my obvious embarrassment knowing that I had lost control.

They stopped for a fleeting second just long enough to have a giggle at my plight, then returned to their lovemaking.

To say he was a man on a mission would have been an understatement. They shifted position and he took her doggie fashion. I could see his long thick cock all shiny and wet driving in and out of her pussy.

Finally he reached his orgasm! It didn’t take much working out to realise that with each thrust and grunt, he was pumping more and more of his seed deep inside her.

They both collapsed on the bed with him still locked deep inside her. He started kissing and nibbling on her neck.

Once again like the night before I became tearful. Although, by biting my bottom lip I was able to keep quiet. The teardrops slowly slipped down my face.

Not Long after I watched as his semi-hard cock finally slipped out of her.

“I have to go back to the gym babe.” I felt some relief that again he was leaving.

I could see the disappointment on her face that he had to go. It was then I realised that she still hadn’t reached orgasm.

I hoped she might go clean up when she stood up as John let himself out.

“Oh…not again I suppose your going to blub all night again.” Her voice was raised and she was angry.

That was the moment I lost control and burst into tears.

“Piss off to your room you useless sissy!” I ran out as quick as I could.

Once again I had let her down just when she needed. I was angry with myself which made me cry worse.

Once I pulled myself together a little I tried to make some sense of the last two nights.

Why had he left straight after on both occasions seemed strange? All night long I tried to figure it out apart from when I heard her using her favorite toy. The distinct sound of her cries of pleasure told me that she had got what she needed.

On the Sunday again we sunbathed and that night once again she readied me. All night I waited for the turn of that lock but it didn’t happen.

I was relieved, no ecstatic, when she finally called me over opened her legs wide and told me to make her cum.

I knelt before her and started to lick her beautiful pussy which seemed to part quite easily. Gently I ran my tongue up the outside of her labia then back down nice and slow. Her juices were starting to flow freely as I kept lapping away. Every now and then I used my nose to rub on to her clit checking for the moment it showed. That would be the moment to use my lips to suck and lick on her cherry. It didn’t take long before I reached my goal. I licked fast dancing my tongue across her cherry sucking her into my mouth with my lips. Finally, I felt her legs tremble then clamp tight round my head, while at the same time she let go. A short squirt in my mouth as reward finally made me feel good.

That night I tried to bring myself off properly. I used my fore finger and thumb to rub myself off. Although it got stiff the flash backs stopped me reaching the point of no return. Much as I tried it just wouldn’t happen and eventually I drifted to sleep.

As I got ready for work on the Monday pulling on some fresh panties I glanced in the mirror. My eyes nearly popped, when I saw I had a complete set of strap marks where the bikini had covered my body. All I could hope was nobody would notice at work.

Most of that week, John would turn up for what seemed to me to be his nightly shag. Although by now, I was getting more used to things, I was still curious as to why after he always left.

I was almost but not quite surplus to requirements and not often needed. Bringing myself to orgasm a thing of the past, even I was now starting to realise that I was an excuse for a man.

That next weekend was a similar situation as the last. That was until Sunday when once again my tongue was finally needed. After her orgasm, she announced she had something for me and pulled my panties down. I thought she was finally going to give me some relief as she took hold of my tiny cock.

It wasn’t what I expected as she slipped some plastic device over my cock and balls. Before I could do anything I saw her click a padlock in place.

“That should help stop those urges,” she giggled like a child.

“It’s okay, you can still pee!” I was sickened by the thought that she had taken away my last bit of manhood.

Thing’s didn’t change over the next seven months. In all that time apart from when she unlocked me to shave me, not one orgasm had I been allowed.

Still he was leaving straight after their sordid antics, I somehow needed revenge. That was when I decided to make an excuse to have to go into work while they were busy at it.

I drove my car and parked a short distance down the road from the gym to see if he would turn up. I didn’t want to be too close so not to be noticed. I’m not really sure why I did it, but I needed some answers.

It wasn’t more than about an hour or so, before I saw him walking down the street from the opposite direction. Indeed he did go straight into the gym, I was disappointed.

I thought it best that I got myself home and started the car. I knew I had to pass the gym and just hoped he wouldn’t notice.

As I drove past I couldn’t help but glance in, John was still in the reception area but with his back to me. What I hadn’t expected was for him to be kissing the girl on reception. I so wanted to get back home and tell Sue, but I knew if I did she wouldn’t believe me.

I decided to tell Sue that we were going through the office inventory each evening that week. I even managed to convince her that it was mandatory but unpaid.

For the whole of the week I kept a close eye on John and the receptionist. I was always careful to keep just far away enough so as not to be noticed. Often they would both leave together. I wanted to follow them but thought better of it not wanting them to be discovered.

When John and Sue sometimes met he would end up naked downstairs. He would leave all his clothes before they disappeared upstairs.

One night I finally got my chance for revenge!

He always switched off his cell phone on arrival. This particular night they needed some drinks. Of course while I got the drinks for them I decided to send Sue a text from his phone. I kept the text simple just asking her to join him at the club in thirty minutes. I knew that when home, Sue always left her cell in the hallway and would check it not long after he had gone. She always did this just in case anyone might of wanted her.

After he left she noticed my text from john. Luckily for me she didn’t notice the time it was sent. Smugly she said she needed to go out, which is just as I hoped. I wanted to follow but thought it best to stay home and wait.

Two hours later she finally Returned.

It was obvious she had been crying. Her normally smart look seemed disheveled.

“Oh Hi Sue…..are you okay?” I asked.

“No I’m fucking not!” She sounded really pissed off.

“I don’t want to talk about it.” She stormed off upstairs and slammed her door.

An instant rush of pure satisfaction came over me. I just hoped that this would now be the end of me being Summer.

The following Morning was a Saturday once again I asked if she was okay.

“No, I’m not, he’s fucking married.” Those words were like music to my ears. Of course I gave it my best not to show it but deep down I was laughing so hard. I offered my sympathy and tried to act normal, as she banged and smashed around the place all day.

Instead of calming her rage seemed to be getting worse as I soon found out on the Sunday!

While watching television later that day a text came in on her cell. Not long after she exploded!

“It was you wasn’t it!” Her anger was directed at me.

“I-I didn’t know he was married…..I found out accidentally that he was seeing someone behind your back,” I sobbed.

“Yes he fucking was…….his wife!” She screamed. “You ruined things.”

“I’m going to make you suffer like I did for this, like I have.” This was now the nasty side of her I didn’t like.

My heart pounded and sweat was beginning to bead on my forehead. I wasn’t sure what she might do to me, but I knew enough that I had this wasn’t going to go away.

Once again she warned me that I would suffer and stormed off to her room.

Again that night I slept uneasy.

I managed to get off to work without any problem on Monday. All day long I just worried more and more on what she might do.

The week went by without further discussion, although Sue had once again gone mute on me. A couple of times that week she would disappear next door leaving me alone.

Would she mellow in time I just wasn’t sure anymore. If punishment was forthcoming what form might it be? I thought back to my very first punishment when I became Summer. What could be worse?

To be continued…
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