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The Beginning of Summer - Made to Cuck

Sam takes on a new persona.
Suddenly I felt a vibration in my pocket, it was my mobile phone. As soon as I was free, I sneaked a peek being as I was still at work.

Damn! It was the wife telling me she would be working late again, then going on to the gym. That damn gym was taking over her life, she was now training every day.

I wouldn’t have minded that, but when she got home she would grab some food then head for bed. Even if I followed her up, the moment I would try to get her in the mood she would turn her back on me and sleep.

All afternoon all I could think of was what I could do to give myself a little extra spice to help me come. It had been that long now that I often found it hard to achieve orgasm.

After work I jumped in the car and started to drive home, but an accident made me take a different route.

As I drove, I noticed an adult book shop.

"That was it, that might help!" I was thinking, as I pulled the car over to go look around.

After a quick check up and down the street, I entered the shop.

Some of the magazines were expensive and the videos were a crazy price. I started to wonder if this was a good idea or not.

It was then I noticed a bargain bucket of books. They were all wrapped in what looked to be three books to each package. I also noticed they were marked as old stock and xxx, but not what the contents of each book was.

I could only see the front cover of the one book in each package. They were sealed in plain wrapping with only a clear window at the front.

I liked the front cover of one particular pack, it had some really hot girls on the front.

I paid the assistant and continued my way home, without any more traffic problems.

On getting inside my house, I ripped open the package and made sure to hide the wrapping in the trash. It wasn’t long before I headed up to the bedroom with all three magazines clutched tight in my hand. I knew I could easily hide them if I slid them under my jumpers in my wardrobe. Being as it mid-summer, there was no way they would be noticed.

Sitting on the edge of the bed, my trousers and boxer shorts were soon on the floor. I thumbed through the first magazine. To be honest, it wasn’t that good and I was only semi-erect from the pictures. I was really disappointed that the book only seemed to be soft porn, considering I had paid for triple X.

I slipped it under the others and opened the next magazine, the very first girl looked amazing. I turned the page for the final naked shots and it was then I got the shock of my life.

The girl that had given me such a huge erection was a bloody guy.

I quickly shut the magazine, slipping it under the pile, opening the next, feeling totally ripped off.

I couldn’t believe it, that magazine was the same, more trannies. I was fuming, what a mug I had been; strange that I was still stiff though.

Desperate as I was, I just wondered if I used my imagination, could I actually think of them as girls?

Eagerly, I concentrated on getting a good rhythm going. My hand now firmly wrapped back around my semi-erect member, I stroked away. I was actually getting more aroused by each page. My eyes kept wandering, seemingly directing my focus to the girls' cocks.

No matter how often I looked elsewhere on the page, my focus soon dropped back to what seemed to me the biggest manhoods I had ever seen. In a lot of the pictures, the girls had their cocks hanging out the side of the panties they wore. Could it really be those panties that helped them in some way? Some sort of trick that made them big? Well, there was only one way and I was going to find out!

I headed to the wife’s underwear drawer and soon picked out a very silky black pair of her panties. Instinctively, I stepped into them. Pulling them up my legs, the soft silk seemed to affect on me. I had never known my four inch cock to be as hard. I slowly rubbed my silk encased cock; God this felt so good!

I hadn’t even slipped my cock out yet, and here I was close to exploding. Panic took over for a fleeting moment, I noticed a rather large damp patch had formed. Well, it was to late now, I couldn’t have stopped if I wanted. I was now desperate to come.

I would just have to slip them in the laundry after I was done, and hope she would just think she had worn them. 

Watching myself in the mirror was amazing, seeing my hand rubbing away at that fictional girl's mound. My legs shook in anticipation. I cried out; jet after jet of warm sticky cum soon shot inside that black silk prison.

“What the… you fucking pervert, those are my favorite panties.” It was Susan, my wife.

“I’m sorry… I can explain,” I said as I nervously stared back at her in the mirror.

She ran at me like a mad woman slapping me hard in the mouth. “Get out…get out,” she screamed at the top of her voice.

Quickly, I grabbed my trousers and shoes, pulling them up before running out the front door. 

What the fuck had I done, I was so mad with myself, how was I ever going to fix this?

I decided to go to the pub in the village. After being caught like that, I needed a drink. I just hoped if I left it long enough she might cool down.

I ordered a drink and sat in a corner, hoping no one would ask about my split lip. As I sat, I realized I was still wearing her soaking wet panties. With a quick glance around to check nobody was watching, I kept feeling my trousers checking for wetness. They seemed to be fine so I had a few more drinks before heading home.

Walking along, my mind was a blur trying to think of what she might do or say. Even the thought of a divorce gave me a shiver. Would she? Could she? What could I do?

I just hoped she would forgive me for what I had done.

Tentatively, I opened the front door, trying to be as quiet as I could. The last thing I wanted was for her to attack me again.

“So you decided to show your face again did you,” she said catching me sneaking in.

I felt like a hare trapped in the lights. “I’m so sorry, I was frustrated, you're always at the gym these days,” I explained, as I waited for her to lose it again, but this time she seemed calm.

“You have been doing this for years, haven’t you.”

“No, this was the first time,” I quickly replied.

“Liar! You fucking liar,” she snapped back. “These magazines are over a year old.”

Before I could reply she snapped again, “Sleep in the spare room until I decide what to do.”

I was just so glad that she hadn’t thrown me back out.

Quickly, I got myself out of her way and up to the spare room.

The following morning was bad, not a word spoken between us. If looks could kill, I would be on my way to the cemetery. She had a face like thunder.

All day long I struggled to keep on task at work, as I was so worried. I just hoped that she would break her silence soon. It was Friday, so I knew that the weekend would be hell without speaking.

Finally, the work day was over and I headed back home to another empty house.

Hours went by. I guessed she must have gone to the gym again. It was unusual for her not to text or phone and I started to fret. What if she’s left me? Would she ever forgive me? My mind was in such a fuzz.

I waited and waited, but still there was no sign of her. Tiredness took over and I needed sleep. I thought it best to go back in the spare room.

By morning she was back and I was so relieved. Even though we still hadn’t spoken, it was obvious she was still mad with me. I was too scared to break the silence, in case she said something I didn’t want to hear.

Mid-morning I heard the back gate open. It was Dave from next door as usual, he just came strolling in just like he always did. 

“Only me, I hope you're both indecent.” He laughed as he entered our lounge.

“Hi, Sue, Sam, can I borrow your lawnmower again? I’ve still haven't gotten mine fixed yet.”

“I’ll get it out the shed for you," I quickly replied.

“Thanks, Sam. Do I detect some tension here?” I overheard him say, as I left for the shed.

When I got back they were both chatting, but it suddenly went quiet.

“It’s by the gate for you,” I announced.

“Thanks, mate, we're having one of our parties tonight, so apologies for any unusual noise.” He giggled.

Dave headed out the room but before he left turned to Sue. “Anyway that’s what I would do if I were you, that’s if your really serious about that.”

“Thanks,” Sue shouted as he disappeared.

Still she blanked me, my mind now wondered just what had been said.

The whole weekend was just us in silence, with me still in the spare room. The only sounds we heard all weekend were the grunting and groaning going on late into the night from next door. It was nothing unusual. Dave and Debbie were avid swingers, not that they ever pushed anything on us. We all got on living at the end of the village and we both enjoyed the privacy.

What they did in their own home was fine with us, they had always been great neighbors.

Monday morning, Sue finally spoke, “I’m going to test you this week.”

“What, what do you mean?”

“You will see.” With that, she left laughing.

I got off to work wondering what sort of test she had in mind.

Arriving home that night, I was really surprised to see Sue’s car already parked outside. I walked into the lounge to see her sitting in my favorite chair. 

“Do you love me?” she asked.

“Yes,” I quickly replied.

“Do you really love me? I want you to prove it.”

I told her I was willing to do whatever it takes to prove I loved her 100%.

She asked me to write down all my passwords to all the web sites I used. She explained she wanted to check that I wasn’t cheating on her. I never hesitated, and gave her full access to everything I used on my computer.

“It’s time for your test now, you do know I only married you for that tongue don’t you? That thing you call a cock just isn’t that great.”

I bowed my head both in shame and surprise at those cutting words. It was true, when we did have sex, it was always with my tongue that I seemed to give her satisfaction. 

“W-what sort of test?”

“Dave thinks you might be a sissy and I’m going to find out,” she barked at me.

What made Dave say such a thing and why? At least this was going to be easy to prove, there was absolutely no way I was a sissy.

“Take off all your clothes and stand before me, if you pass this test then nothing will be said further.” Sue suddenly sounded menacing. “But if you fail, then from that moment on you will do as I say. That’s if you truly love me.”

I nodded and quickly stripped naked, standing right in front of her. She reached behind the pillow and pulled out a small carrier bag. Standing, she rummaged inside the bag pulling out a white bra and slipped it on me.

Next she pulled out some matching panties. I stepped in to them before she pulled them up my over my cock.

“If you cum in these panties, then it proves your just a secret sissy. Agreed?”

Again I nodded wondering what would come next.

“You love being dressed up in women’s pretty clothes don’t you?” her voice was raised.

“No, it was one time, I don’t,” I tried to protest.

“Well, we will see,” again she laughed out loud.

Slowly, she started circling my left nipple. The teasing feeling was immense. My cock had already gone firm in it’s silk prison and was straining to find its way to escape. My nipple soon stood proud, so she moved to the other, giving it just as much attention.

I tried hard to think of anything apart from what she was doing to me. The last thing I wanted was to fill those panties with cum.

Once she was happy that both my nipples were fully erect, she ran her fingers down my sides.

As she reached my waist I was now physically shaking with her soft touch. Slowly, she moved on down the outside of my thighs. My breathing quickened as she reached just above my knees.

She now turned her attention to the inside of my thighs, as she slowly moved up towards my balls.

The sensation was driving me crazy I just couldn’t hold back. Biting hard on my bottom lip, I felt the cum release from my cock.

She didn’t even reach my balls, and my little cock had gone off like a rocket without any warning. I could feel my face redden with embarrassment.

It was then that I realised what I had done.

A flash hit my eyes like a bolt of lightning, then another. I rubbed my eyes struggling to see.

As my sight returned, I found Sue was standing a few feet back from me holding a camera.

“See, I knew it you’re a sissy,” she laughed.

I tried to complain but she was having none of it.

“You can go shower, I have a few things to do,” again she hissed at me, in a way I had never heard from her ever.

On getting to the bathroom, I slipped of the damp panties and put them in the laundry basket.

I struggled madly trying to reach the clasps on the bra, but just couldn’t get at them. Eventually, I pulled the straps over my arms and twisted it around freeing myself.

I soon showered and dressed, returning back downstairs wondering what Sue was doing. She sat at her computer tapping away for a while, just as though I was non existent.

“Come here sissy,” finally, she acknowledged me.

“I want you to see this before I close everything.”

Quickly, I was at her side staring at the pictures she had taken of me on the screen.

“I have copied all your friends and workmates e-mail addresses, just in case I ever have to send these pictures to them.” I was stunned by what she had said.

“If you break our agreement, that’s what I will do. You can go and live elsewhere because you don’t love me.”

“But I do love you, there really was no need for that” my voice was shaky.

“Just call it my insurance policy,” She cackled.

She then told me how I would be sleeping in the spare room from now on, permanently. I was also told that everything of mine was already in the drawers and wardrobe. She reminded me of more changes to come.

I slept uneasy that night, it felt to me like she had planned everything in detail.

Dave kept springing to mind had he put her up to all this? She seemed so changed in her way’s.

The following evening when I arrived home from work, she was back before me once again.

Maybe being her sissy might not be as bad it seemed. I was able to see more of her, even if she still was offy still towards me.

We ate dinner in silence before she announced she had bought me more presents.

Soon a new pair of white satin panties and bra were upon me. Again, my tiny cock stuck rearward in that tucked position trapped in a satin prison. I just hoped that she wouldn’t tease my cock like she did before.

The last thing I expected was a pair of black patent pumps being forced onto my feet. The heels I would guess were about three inches high. I thought it best to just accept my fate, even if they did pinch my toes and made me feel uncomfy.

“Don’t worry sissy, you will get used to them,” she teased.

She made me stumble around the room in them, shouting instructions at me to take small steps and sway my hips. This was a lot harder than I expected and those satin panties seemed to rub against my cock.

I must of walked around in those heels for hours as she clicked away again with the camera.

Without any warning whatsoever, I suddenly felt a damp patch in the base of the panties.

It had happened again! I had shot my load from my semi flaccid dick.

I felt so ashamed.

She finally told me that I could go to bed, laughing and calling me sissy as I went.

The next morning, I slipped off the panties and went to my drawer to put on some clean boxers.

To say I was shocked, would be an understatement. In place of my boxers were just as many silk and satin panties. I was just about to yell out to Sue when I noticed her standing in my doorway.

“Oh good, I’m glad to see you have noticed, I replaced all your boxers,” she roared almost uncontrollably at my plight.

“Get used to them sissy, because it’s the only panties you are ever likely to get into from now on!”

I just nodded my head not wanting to show her my displeasure. I couldn’t go back on what I had agreed. I wanted to show her I loved her and would do anything for her.

The rest of the week during the evenings was spent with me parading around for her pleasure. Often ending in me making my panties wet, much to her amusement. I was becoming quite good with the heels after practicing each night.

I managed to get away early on the Friday evening, but still found Sue home before me.

She seemed in a very strange mood.

As I went to remove my clothes and put on the shoes and a bra she followed me up.

“Wait, you're taking a shower, just strip and wait for me.”

Finally, I thought my luck was in. I stood naked as she also stripped naked next to me. She sprayed my legs and chest with some sort of liquid soap, which had a strange smell. After a few moments, I felt a niggling burning feeling in the places she had sprayed.

Finally she turned the shower on and ushered me in.

As the water cascaded over my body, I felt a new sensation and looked down, it seemed the soap hadn’t foamed much. It was then I realized that all my hair had dropped off onto the floor of the shower. I watched as it disappeared down the drain. She soon joined me, but now I really began to worry on seeing she was brandishing a razor.

“Keep very still while I do this or I might cut you.” she said as she grabbed my cock and started to take off the hair around my balls and cock.

She made me turn around and bend as she removed any hair from my ass. Finally after a very close and intimate inspection she was happy. She stopped the shower then watched me towel myself down, while drying herself.

The cold air hit my smooth body like someone had run ice over it, as I adjusted this new feel of smoothness.

She told me to go through into her bedroom and sit at the dresser.

Quickly, but very professionally she worked on my face, covering it in powders and creams of every description. Look up, look down, suck in your cheeks, blink, pout, blot the list went on keeping me totally confused most of the time.

“Good, I am finished,” she smiled, “now you really do look more like a sissy.”

I looked straight at the mirror and saw myself I was shocked. Staring back at me now was this weird looking half guy half girl.

Sue went over to the bed and picked up some clothing.

“Stand up,” she demanded.

She wrapped a black satin suspender belt around my waist then fixed it in place.

Taking a fishnet stocking she expertly rolled it tight in her hand. She then placed it over my foot, slowly stretching it out right up to my thigh. She then attached it at the front and back before, moving onto the other leg.

Once satisfied, she made me step into some white panties with frills across the bum. She pulled them in place tucking my cock back.

Next, she made me raise my arms, then snapped a white bra in place. She placed some soft water filled bags into each cup before, I realized that it was to give me breasts.

She next got me to step into a dress, zipping it tightly at the back and arranging the frills under the skirt section.

“Back to the dresser and sit.”

Again I did as I was asked.

Pulling a wig onto my head, she soon brushed it out so it looked good.

Now staring back in that mirror was nothing but a girl. In one way, I felt I looked good, but in another I felt shame.

Passing me new shoes similar to the last pair but slightly higher, I put them on.

“Go on downstairs, and practice walking in those shoes.”

I muttered a yes, and stumbled my way down to the lounge.

I soon got used to the new height of the shoes, feeling good that she would be pleased.

About an hour later she walked in the room.

I was totally gob smacked by her look. She had on the most amazing dress, like nothing she had ever worn before.

The sides were tied from the very bottom to under her arms in a crisscross. Revealing the fact she had on no undies whatsoever. Her heels were strappy and high showing off her stunning tanned legs. I noticed her makeup looked like she was going out to a club.

Again I started to worry that's what she had in mind.

“It’s still lovely outside, lets go to the garden and take some pics of you.”

I wasn’t so sure of this but took a deep breath, and followed her out into the back garden.

I was soon posing for photos, strangely forgetting that Dave and Debbie might spot me.

“Wow, you finally did it then,” Dave blurting out as he appeared.

I tried to cover myself up, but that was impossible and I wanted to run indoors.

The trouble was, I was so shocked by them both having seen me, I just stood shaking.

“Have you named her yet?” Debbie asked.

“I never gave that a thought,” Sue replied.

After a little thought, “Summer. Yes, Summer, well it is isn’t it?” She laughed quite loud with both Dave and Debbie joining her.

I tried to mutter that I didn’t need a name, I already had one, but just couldn’t get those words out.

“Do you know Summer, if I wasn’t straight I could easily take quite a fancy to you,” Dave admired.

I could feel the glow under my make up rise like a bad rash. All I could think now was, I wanted the ground to open and swallow me whole. Sue then sent me indoors while she chatted further with them both.

Eventually, she joined me indoors. I just thanked my lucky stars that our neighbors were nowhere to be seen.

Sue sat at the computer and uploaded the pics she had taken along with the others.

I must admit, that it didn’t seem to bother me anymore. After all I loved her, so I doubted that she would ever need to mail them out.

There was a knock at the front door, my eyes widened in fear as to who it might be.

“Well, go and answer the door Summer.”

“But, I can’t, not like this, please no,” the fear in my voice must have been so obvious.

“Just do it.”

This time I knew there was no arguing, she sounded mad that I had even complained. I got to the door took a deep breath and with a very shaky hand opened the door. There in front of me was a complete stranger, a guy not that tall but with huge muscles on his arms.

Before I could speak, he laughed, “I thought she was joking, fuck me you really are her sissy husband.”

He just brushed me aside, before he heard Sue shout, "In here." He followed the sound of her voice.

Quickly I shut the door wondering, who the hell this guy was and joined them both.

I was so shocked at what I saw as I entered the room, they were both kissing.

That I wouldn’t have minded, but this wasn’t the type of kiss when you meet a friend, this was a long lingering kiss. She hadn’t kissed me like that for a long time. I just stood and stared.

I wanted to punch him but, if those arms were anything to go by, he would of just made minced meat out of me.

Finally they broke off kissing.

“Summer, this is John, he teaches at the gym.”

It now dawned on me what I should of guessed all along. I now waited for the bombshell to drop.

John looked at me, “Listen Mate,” he laughed. “I mean sissy, I have been fucking Sue for Months."

My face dropped and I wanted to cry but still I couldn’t speak, I felt like I had been setup all along.

“This is a real man sissy. Look let me show you what a real mans like,” she pulled his zipper down and soon had a semi-hard cock in her hand.

“He’s bigger than you already.” They both laughed as she slowly started to stretch his foreskin back and forth, much to his delight.

As I could see, his ever growing cock got bigger and stiffer as she dropped to her knees. She licked the length of his cock like she was the cat that got the cream. Every now and then glancing toward me gauging my reaction.

With a lick around the tip, she slowly took him deep in her mouth. Just like a sword swallower she came back up to the tip, then back down once more, still staring right at me.

I could hear him gasping and moaning as she got into a steady rhythm. His hand now at the back of her head guiding her up and down.

I had been watching, for what seemed like hours, when she finally took it out of her mouth. The pre-cum around the tip she lapped at.

I was frozen to the spot by the sight and now felt totally inadequate. If that had been me I would of already have cum.

Sue dropped back on the floor raising the front of her short dress.

“Fuck me. Fuck me, now, I want you deep inside me.”

He was out of his trousers and right on top of her in seconds, his cock right near the entrance to her pussy. Without any guidance his cock entered her pussy widening it as it went in. He used his cock like the piston of an engine.

Sue let out one huge yell, as she hit her orgasm. Moments later he rammed in tight, holding it deep inside her.

It was obvious he had cum.

They held on to each other for ages locked together in an embrace. I watched his cock slip out of her, still semi hard.

Tears were now forming in my eyes, not only had he just fucked my wife, he had not even used any protection. I felt sick right to the core.

They kissed and cuddled on the floor like a couple of school kids on a first date.

“I have to go babe,” John finally said.

This time she saw him to the door, I was just glad to see him go.

As soon as I heard the door shut I ran upstairs to my room. Flopping on the bed, soon floods of tears fell into my pillow.

Sue popped her head round the door, “You better get used to that Sissy Summer, I have wanted him to give me what you can’t, we will talk more in the morning.”

That night I sobbed on the bed thinking about what was to become of me. Nothing could be worse could it?

To be Continued.

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