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The Black-On-White Photo Studio

My wife models for black and white photos and we end up making cuckold movies with black men.
My wife Denise and I have lived in the Dallas suburbs for the past 15 years, since graduating from college and moving here for jobs. We met at UT in Austin in our junior year and got married during the summer before our senior year. Our marriage at such a young age was the result of Denise getting pregnant soon after we started dating, and our daughter Danielle was born in the fall after our wedding. Our friends and family call her Dani for short, and she is now 16 years old and a junior in high school. We tried to have more kids, but it seemed that Denise was not able to conceive again after Dani’s birth. Dani is a beautiful girl, and the spitting image of Denise.

Denise and I were 37 years old at the time of this story, and we stayed in great shape by going regularly to a health club only about 10 minutes from our home. With our busy schedules we didn’t always workout together, but we tried to as much as possible. I was at the club alone one evening after work and was getting ready to do my normal reps in the weight room. I had just lain back on the bench to do some presses when a black guy came into the room and asked, “Hey, would you like me to spot you on the bench? It would be a lot safer if we worked out together. I usually exercise with my friend Jeremy, but he couldn’t make it tonight. By the way, my name is Marcus, and I have seen you and your pretty wife in the club many times.”

I also recognized Marcus from previous visits to the club over the past year. He was a handsome guy who looked to be about 32 years old, about six feet three inches tall and probably weighed 210 pounds. His friend Jeremy was also black and about the same size. I could tell from the way his tight t-shirt and spandex workout shorts fit him that he worked out a lot and was very muscular. So I replied, “Hi Marcus, my name is Ed and it’s nice to finally meet you after seeing you here so often. It would be a lot safer to spot one another, especially on the bench, so I’d like to workout with you.”

Marcus came over to spot me and I began my workout. When I looked back I could see that his crotch was only inches from my face and I couldn’t help but notice the huge bulges in his tight shorts. I could see his thick, soft cock running down one leg, and his big balls hanging down the other side. I had never paid any attention to other men’s genitals before, but those impressive bulges really got my attention. As we continued our workout, it seemed like his bulges were always in my view. And if I didn’t know better, I would have thought he was displaying himself to me on purpose.

After we finished lifting I headed to the sauna to enjoy the wet heat and let it relax my muscles. I had no sooner sat on the bench on the first level when Marcus came in and sat on the level behind and above me and a little to the left of where I was sitting. We were both totally nude and sitting on towels and idly chatted about our workout, the weather, and other mundane things. But when I turned around to talk to him, I noticed that he had his legs spread wide open and turned slightly towards me. And there were his big cock and balls hanging down on his towel only two feet from me and at face level.

His soft meat must have been at least seven inches long and a little bigger around than a toilet paper tube, or about six inches. I couldn’t help staring at him although I tried to hide it. I also had to wonder how big his cock was when it was hard. His balls looked to be the size of small plums, and they hung down in his dark, hairy scrotum as far as his cock was hanging. All of this could have been innocent, but I still had to wonder if he was somehow trying to entice me to do something.

Then we went to the open showers, and he stood at the shower head right next to mine. He bent over in front of me to wash his legs, and I could see his cock and balls hanging down between his legs from behind, and a very long and thick perineum above his balls. I probably stared at him too much because at one point I came out of my daze and saw him looking back at me with a smile on his face as I watched him. However, nothing was said, and Marcus left the shower first and I followed a few minutes later.

I wrapped my towel around my waist and headed back to my locker. But as I turned onto my row, I noticed an open locker and there was what looked like a full-sized calendar sitting on the bench. I glanced at it as I walked by and noticed on the top half a very tasteful black and white photo of a large black man with a petite, blonde white woman. They were clothed in skimpy bathing suits and posed in a mildly seductive way. I really wasn’t thinking when I reached down and turned a few of the pages, and saw several more similar pictures. But then I was startled when I heard someone say, “Well Ed, do you like what you see?”

I looked up and saw Marcus standing there, still nude with his toiletries in hand. He had just come back from the sink area and caught me looking at his pictures. Then I replied, “Sorry Marcus, I didn’t mean to look at your stuff like this. It’s just that the calendar and those pictures caught my eye when I walked by. Sorry for invading your privacy man.”

Marcus laughed and said, “Hey, no problem Ed. The truth is that I wanted to see if you had any interest in those pictures. And since you do, I’d like to talk with you about something. You see, my friend Jeremy and I, and another friend named Kendall have started a small photography business named ‘The Black-On-White Photo Studio’. We just do this in the evenings and on weekends, and are just barely covering our costs on the photos right now. But we are also starting to produce videos.”

I said, “First of all, thanks for understanding me looking at your calendar. But what does your venture have to do with me?”

Marcus continued, “The name of our business is meant to convey several meanings. We do some color photos, but our specialty is black and white because we can create some very artistic effects in that medium, as you saw on that calendar. But we also specialize in doing photos of petite white women with large black men. There seems to be a good market for those types of photos these days. We are looking for the contrasts in both size and color. So we are always on the lookout for white couples who want to model for us. We want the wife to be petite, in shape, pretty, and naturally blonde. You and Denise look to be in your mid-to-late-30s, the perfect age for our customers’ tastes.”

It was obvious why Marcus wanted Denise to model for them. She is five feet three inches tall and weighs 110 pounds. Her hair is also naturally blonde and her eyes are sparkling blue. And her D-cup breasts look huge on her small frame. Her ass is a perfect heart shape, and the package was enhanced even more by her flawless, smooth white skin. My only question was why I should be involved and I asked, “Why do you want the husband involved if the pictures are of the wife?”

Marcus then said, “We like the husbands to be involved to avoid any chance that we three black men will be accused of trying to take advantage of a pretty white woman. We also like the husband to be handsome and in decent shape, so we can include him in some of the photos. Part of our method is also looking for the contrast of the husband being smaller than the black models. Jeremy and I took an interest in you and your wife when we saw you at the club.”

I laughed and said, “That’s pretty funny thinking that Denise and I would be models for you guys.”

Marcus took a more serious tone and said, “You must be kidding. If you don’t mind me saying so, Denise is a beautiful woman with a great body and her hair looks like it is naturally blonde. And you are a nice looking, in-shape, average-sized guy. You’d make the perfect couple for our photo shoots.”

I wasn’t totally fooled by his flattery, but it still made me feel good hearing nice things about Denise and myself. I kept thinking about Marcus’ comments about wanting the white couples to be small in comparison to the black men. Something in the back of my mind was telling me there was more to his story. But before I could formulate my next question, Marcus spoke up and said, “I want to be perfectly honest with you about something. Most of the white couples we photograph just want to do the G-rated pictures like you saw in the calendar. But we also do some provocative poses if the couple agrees to it. So, the black-on-white label actually has a triple meaning, and has sexual connotations as well.”

I was getting very curious now and said, “Go ahead and tell me more Marcus.”

He continued, “There are many stories and pictures on the internet portraying some white men and women being sexually attracted to big, black men. And while it may not be a universally true stereotype, we have met many white couples who feel that way. We are trying to make our business a financial success, and we get paid much more for photos of those sexually suggestive situations. Please don’t get angry with me for saying this, but you would be perfect in those types of photos. You are a nice looking normal guy, who I noticed in the shower also happens to have an average-sized dick. I saw you staring at my big cock while we were lifting, and then in the sauna and shower. So you must see the contrast in our dick sizes, and you haven’t even seen me hard yet. The interest I saw in your face when you were looking at my cock and balls would come through as you being very attracted to my cock in the photographs and would sell.”

I was getting irritated being characterized that way by Marcus and said, “Look Marcus, I consider myself to be a normal, macho guy who just loves pussy, and I really didn’t mean to stare at your cock. It’s just that I’ve never seen one that big close up, and it was somehow interesting to me. That doesn’t mean that I would want to be submissive to black men. And besides, it seemed to me that you were purposely showing me your cock.”

Marcus responded, “I believe you when you say you feel like a normal macho guy, but trust me, I’ve seen that look before. You might have more interest in black men than you know or are willing to admit. But I will admit that I was baiting you by purposely showing you my cock. That was just my way of seeing if you would have any interest in doing the more-provocative photo shoots. Why don’t you think about it and also ask Denise if she has any interest.”

I was still irritated by what Marcus was saying, yet at the same time I was strangely attracted to his masculinity. In the back of my mind I wanted to know what his hard cock looked like. I decided to show interest for now, at least until I could determine how Denise felt about being a model for them. I thought there was little chance that she would agree to model for Marcus and his friends at this stage in our lives. But since she modeled for some of the art classes in college, it was at least worth asking. I also wasn’t sure how she would feel about the whole black-on-white dynamic.

One other aspect of this was interesting. One of Denise’s friends from college told me confidentially one time, when we were all drunk at a party, that Denise had a serious relationship with a black guy in college before I met her. I really didn’t believe her and Denise had never mentioned that to me. I never mentioned it to her because I make it a point not to pry into her past unless she willingly shares it. It never seemed like a big deal to me anyway.

I thought it might be very revealing to see how she felt about doing a photo shoot with three big black guys. So I glanced down and took one more look at Marcus’ soft cock and balls and said, “Okay Marcus, I’ll talk to Denise about this, but can’t make any promises. And even if she did agree to the G-rated photos, I seriously doubt that she would go any further. And she definitely wouldn’t be involved in any sexual situations. But for now, I’ll only tell her about the G-rated photos anyway.”

Marcus smiled and said, “Oh that’s great Ed, and I couldn’t have hoped for more from this first discussion. Here’s my card. If you and Denise decide to meet with us, our studio is on Kendall’s property at the edge of town, about 20 minutes from here in normal traffic. He has 10 acres of land with a nice home and an old barn that has been completely refurbished on the inside to accommodate three studios and some guest rooms. The high ceilings are perfect for studio lighting.”

Denise and I had good jobs right out of college, and were doing very well financially until the past year. Denise works in sales and commissions were a big part of her income. The poor economy had hit her company very hard, and her income was only half what it had been in the previous years. And all this came at a time when we were trying to save for Dani’s college expenses. So I asked, “Do you compensate the models for their time?”

Marcus replied, “Yes, we do compensate the models, but only for the more-provocative photos that sell for more money. Just give me a call if you’re interested and we can arrange to meet you guys at the studio.”

When I got home that night I told Denise about most of my discussion with Marcus. I just left out the part about some couples doing provocative photos. There was no need to bring that up then and take a chance of her turning the whole thing down. I was still curious enough to at least want to check it out, so I really played up the flattery about how beautiful Marcus thought she is. When I was finished she asked, “So how old are those men anyway? And did they say anything about paying us for this. As you well know, my commissions at work have really suffered in this bad economy, and it would help a lot if we could make something for our efforts. But it is very flattering that they are actually trying to recruit us for our good looks.”

I tried to answer her question as honestly as possible, while still being vague about the more-provocative photos and replied, “Marcus and Jeremy look to be about 32 years old, and I’m assuming that Kendall is too. As far as money is concerned, they probably won’t pay anything for the normal calendar photos. But there could be a chance to make some money if we model for some other photos that sell for more money.”

She replied, “Well, when I was modeling for the art classes in college, I got paid a little bit for the normal sessions. But we can check it out and make our decision after I meet them. It might be fun to do some modeling again anyway. Any extra money we can make will help us build up Dani’s college fund.”

Then I said, “Okay, I’ll give Marcus a call and see when they want us to stop by.”

I was surprised that Denise agreed so easily to visit Marcus and his friends at the studio. She didn’t even ask about what kind of photos would sell for more money. The flattery and the chance to model again sure seemed to get her attention. I called Marcus and let him know that we wanted to visit the studio at his next convenience. He was obviously pleased and invited us to come out to the studio the following evening.

We showed up at the studio at 7:30 pm the next night, and Marcus, Jeremy and Kendall greeted us warmly. Denise was wearing a pair of tight shorts and a tube top, and she really looked hot. They offered us some mixed drinks, which we accepted, and then began a tour of their studios. Their facility was very nicely, yet simply appointed. The two studios used for black and white photo shoots had a variety of benches, couches, chairs, and padded platforms, some of which I recognized from the calendar that I saw at the gym. They only briefly opened the door to the third studio, which they said was used for making videos. Denise wasn’t paying that much attention when Marcus quickly opened and then closed that door. But I saw that the room was divided into two sections. It was arranged to look like a hotel room with a bed on one side, and a typical home bedroom on the other. That seemed a little suspicious to me, but I decided not to ask Marcus about it or mention it to Denise.

Those three men paid a lot of attention to Denise on our tour, and took every opportunity to compliment her on her looks. I could tell that they were having the desired effect, because Denise was openly flirting with them. By the end of the tour, they were like old friends. We then sat around a small table in one of the studios while Marcus showed us some of their calendars and other examples of their work. Denise took great interest in the artistic beauty of their work, and complimented them on their mastery of the black and white format, and the contrast of the models’ size and color. But then she had a question for them.

She said, “Guys, I have noticed a theme besides the black and white format and size differences of the models. It seems that each of your portfolios starts with the models being fully clothed. Then the subsequent shots show them wearing less and less clothing. I agree that the photos are tastefully done, but why the obvious transition to less and less clothing?”

Jeremy spoke up and said, “Our customers for these photos like more than anything else to see the contrast in skin color of the models. But when we get a new couple to join us, the wife is usually very nervous and much more comfortable being fully clothed. After a few dozen photos and a few drinks, she will loosen up and begin to trust us. Then we can get down to the photos in bathing suits, lingerie or even less. So after meeting us, seeing our studios, and examples of our work, what do you think? Do you think you guys will want to be models for us? If you do, maybe we can take a few shots tonight.”

Denise looked at me and I affirmatively nodded my head. Then she replied, “Okay, let’s give it a try. I’m just wearing these shorts and tube top, so I hope that will be good enough to see how friendly the camera is to me.”

The guys were very happy with Denise’s decision, and we were ushered into one of the photo studios. Kendall took charge of setting up the lighting and camera and fixing us all some more drinks. Marcus and Jeremy went into a changing room and changed from their jeans and polo shirts into black spandex workout shorts and tight, black t-shirts. I could tell by the look on her face that Denise was very impressed with Marcus and Jeremy’s physiques. It was also apparent that she liked seeing those big bulges in their shorts, and she openly looked at them.

Then they took a series of photos with Denise, some with Marcus and Jeremy separately and some together. They were either standing with Denise beside them or with her sitting next to them on a lounge, and the contrasts were both stark and beautiful. She looked tiny next to those huge guys. One shot was particularly arousing even though they were fully clothed. Denise laid on her side on the lounge, and Marcus lay behind her with his arm draped over her stomach. With Marcus dressed in black, it almost looked like he was nude. They took about three dozen pictures in all, and the last one was particularly arousing, at least to me.

The guys were standing facing one another and Denise was between them and facing Marcus. They took a few shots with them slightly separated. But for the final shot, both guys moved together and pressed themselves against her. She looked so tiny sandwiched between them like that, and I was surprised that she didn’t get upset with the intimate contact. I knew that she had to feel their cocks and balls pressing into her back and stomach.

With that round of photos over Marcus said, “If you can wait a few minutes, we can give you prints of the shots we took tonight to take home with you. That’s the benefit of using a digital camera. I think you’ll really like them, especially the effects that Kendall achieves by using different camera settings and filters. The photos might help you decide whether you want to continue with more photo shoots with us in the future.”

We sat around talking while Kendall printed out the photos, and then we all looked at them together. Denise and I were very impressed with the shading and contrasts, and some of the filters gave the photos an almost ethereal look. And the one with Marcus lying behind her and the other with Denise sandwiched between them really did look like the guys were nude. Marcus could tell that we were very pleased with the prints and said, “Go ahead and take those with you, and then give me a call to let me know if you want to continue. And if you do, maybe next time you could bring a bikini bathing suit with you, and even some flesh colored panties and bra if you have any.”

Denise didn’t react to his suggestions for the next photo shoot, and we took the prints and headed for home. We had just started our 30 minute drive when Denise said, “Oh my Ed, do you see how good those guys look in those photos and how hot I look? I would never have believed they could make such simple poses look so sexy. And don’t get upset, but I could feel Marcus’ cock pressing into my ass when we were in that reclined pose. And they were pressing hard into my stomach and back in that standing sandwich pose. Forgive me honey, but their cocks felt really big, even though I don’t think they were hard.”

I was a little surprised that she was turned on by those poses and asked, “So it doesn’t bother you that those big, black guys were so close to you, and even pressing their cocks against you? I would never have guessed that you would be okay with that.”

Then she said, “Well there’s something about my past that I have never told you before. I dated a black boy in college before you and I met, and we were pretty serious for a while. We finally had to break up when he decided on a new major and had to transfer out of state to follow his dream. So forgive me for saying so, but it was actually enjoyable being so close to those guys tonight. I think you know that I wasn’t a virgin when we met, and that black boy is the one who took my cherry. His cock is almost as large as the ones I felt against me tonight. How do you feel about all of this? Would you mind if we continued with the photo sessions?”

I wasn’t quite sure how I felt about all of this and was very surprised that Denise was so openly receptive to those guys. But I was also turned on by all that I had seen and even Denise’s reaction to it. I wanted to be supportive and said, “I have to admit that it was hot seeing you with those guys, and I don’t mind if we continue with the sessions. But you have to realize that they will be relentless in encouraging you to wear less and less in those sessions, with the goal of you all being nude. And based on a few comments Marcus made to me that first day in the gym, they undoubtedly have the goal to take pictures of them fucking you. How will you feel if it goes that far?”

Denise looked at me and said, “I’m not going into this knowing for certain that they will fuck me, but I can’t say that I’d be unhappy if it happened. I know that we have a good sex life together, but I would also like to feel a big cock in me again. Can you handle it if that happens?”

One part of me was thinking they would not try to fuck her, but my heart knew that they would. But still, I wanted to be supportive of Denise and said, “We can do this honey if you’re sure, but I just hope that we can keep everything under control.”

I called Marcus to make arrangements to meet them at the studio again the next night, and he was very happy with our decision. He reminded me about bringing the bikini and underwear. Denise and I fucked two times that night which was unusual for us after 16 years of marriage, and she seemed to be especially turned on by the photo session and our discussion.

When we arrived at the studio the next night Marcus made sure that we always had a full drink in our hands. They started the photo shoot with many fully-clothed shots, and then as we drank more and Denise loosened up they had her put on the bikini. I must say that she did look amazing in the photos with Marcus and Jeremy, and they had changed into some very skimpy Speedo-type bathing suits which were quite revealing. Denise’s breasts looked huge in that bikini, and I could also see a very prominent camel toe from her fat labia.

After a couple of dozen bikini photos, Marcus said, “Okay Denise, we’d like you to change into your flesh-colored underwear now and we will too. Kendall will take the next set of pictures with a special infrared lens and filter that mixes normal light with infrared light. That produces some amazing effects that I think you and Ed will like.”

Denise quickly changed into the underwear and the men did the same. They took the infrared photos in a variety of sensuous positions. One had Marcus sitting on a bench with his legs spread, and Denise straddling his right thigh. Marcus had to be able to feel her vulva on his thigh. Another one had Jeremy standing, with Denise sitting on the floor next to him and hugging his thigh only inches from his crotch, while looking up at his crotch. The final one was of Denise lying on her side with Marcus behind her. Her one leg was stretched out on the bench and the other was draped back over Marcus’s hip. Then Marcus shifted his position so his crotch could be seen between her spread legs. When that shoot was over Kendall went to load the photos into his laptop computer so we all could see them.

The men and Denise just stayed in the underwear they had worn in the shoot, and Marcus freshened up our drinks while we were waiting for Kendall. Kendall then arrived with the computer and we started through the pictures. He started at the beginning with the fully-clothed pictures and we were impressed with how good they were and how good Denise looked. Then we viewed the ones in the bikinis, which were even sexier. I could see Denise fidgeting a little as she saw herself so close to those handsome and well-built black men.

Then Marcus said, “Okay Kendall hold on just a minute. I want to prepare Denise and Ed for how revealing these infrared pictures will be. The infrared filter allows the sensors to pick up the models’ body heat as well as the natural light. The effects can be quite startling as the combined modes can make it look like the models are nude. So don’t be alarmed as we view these next few shots.”

Denise and I sat breathless as the first photo came into view. We could see Denise straddling Marcus’s leg and it looked like she was completely nude. We could see her fat vulva lips spreading out against his thigh, and his large, but soft cock was plainly visible and pointing towards Denise. Her big breasts also looked magnificent and were hanging seductively on her petite frame. Denise reached down to rub her pussy as the next photo revealed her nude with her hand on Jeremy’s thigh and only inches from his plainly-visible and huge black cock. Then she said, “Oh fuck, that is so hot seeing myself totally nude and your big cocks right next to me like that. Hurry and show us the last one.”

The last picture was even more revealing. Denise was stretched out in front of Marcus, and it was apparent that he had adjusted his cock for the picture. With her other leg stretched back over his thigh, we could clearly see his cock pointed right at her cunt, and it looked as if he was getting ready to enter her. This was so erotic that Denise and all of the black men were openly rubbing their genitals. The silence in the room was deafening, but Marcus finally said, “I think you can see why these types of photos can be sold for a fair amount of money. But we can sell totally nude ones showing hard cocks, penetration and cum shots for even more money if you two are interested.”

Denise had pulled the crotch of her underwear aside and was now openly fingering her pussy and rubbing her clit, and Marcus and Jeremy had released their cocks and were stroking them. The sexual tension was very high as Denise looked at me pleadingly and said, “Oh baby, we just have to see how those other pictures will look. I’m sorry honey, but I just have to feel those big, black cocks in my pussy.”

They didn’t even wait for my response before Denise and the men stripped off their clothes and were totally naked. She looked so beautiful like that, and I could now see that those hard, black cocks had to be 10 inches long and as thick as her wrist. And their balls were huge and hanging heavily down between their thighs. We all moved quickly to the studio and Kendall began taking dozens of pictures with them in all types of positions. It didn’t take very long for Marcus to place her on a lounge and push that massive cock into her pussy. They took numerous shots of him just entering her, then progressively more as he pushed his cock into her to the hilt. I had no idea that Denise could take such a large cock. Seeing that thick, black cock moving in and out of her tight, white pussy was giving my little dick a hard on too.

While Kendall was taking still photos of them fucking, Jeremy quietly left the room and returned with a video camera from the other studio. They were now making a video of her being fucked by his big, black cock. Jeremy handed the video camera to Kendall and he got up onto the bench by Denise’s head, and pushed his big cock into her waiting mouth. She sucked on his cock as Marcus continued to pound her pussy, and the sound and smell of raw sex filled the room. Finally Marcus pushed himself fully into her cunt while she encircled his ass with her legs and he almost screamed, “Oh fuck, I’m cumming into your married, white pussy with my huge load of black sperm. Keep fucking me baby so you can get all of my seed.”

I could see the pulsing in the base of his cock slowly subside, and then he withdrew from her and held that position for a few more photos. His big cock was shiny with the fluids of their coupling, and his cum was just starting to flood out of her vagina and run down her ass. I had gotten closer to see this spectacle for myself, and Marcus put his strong hands behind my head and pushed me towards her wet, sloppy pussy. He then said, “Go ahead cuckold boy, let the camera capture you cleaning your wife’s pussy of my big load of black cum. Eat it up and show her that you appreciate the way I just gave her pleasure by fucking her with my big, black cock, in a way you never could. You will come to enjoy the taste and texture of our cum and will beg us to fuck her every chance we get.”

I sucked that massive load of cum from her pussy, and as I got used to the taste and texture of it in my mouth, I was happy thinking that Denise was not fertile. If not, that huge load of sperm would surely have gotten her pregnant. I was soon pulled out of the way, and Jeremy started fucking my wife just as Marcus had done. Kendall was now videotaping everything, including when Marcus sat down beside me and pulled my mouth onto his soft and wet cock. Then he said, “Part of your job as a cuckold is to keep our cocks hard for fucking your wife. So get used to sucking our cocks and balls and eating our cum.”

Jeremy finished fucking Denise and then we all moved to that third studio that had a hotel and a bedroom setup. It was now clear that those setups were for making genuine cuckold movies that could be sold for a high price. Kendall took his turn fucking Denise and then Marcus and Jeremy fucked her again. I had fallen into my real-life roll as her cuckold husband and was cleaning her pussy with my mouth after every fucking and sucking their cocks to get them hard and cleaning them.

I still don’t know how Marcus was able to sense that Denise and I would be a willing cuckold couple for them, but we soon learned to love the relationship and it was very profitable for all of us. It became very clear that the lead-in with the photos was just a way of enticing us into making cuckold movies for them. There seemed to be a big market for movies of black men fucking white wives with the cuckold husband watching and cleaning up his wife’s cum-filled pussy, and then sucking those big cocks clean.

Then we got a big surprise when we confirmed that Denise was pregnant just one month after that first cuckolding session. It turned out that I was the reason we couldn’t have another child, and now she was pregnant with a black baby. But this turned into even more-profitable movies as they filmed her fucking black men as her belly got bigger and bigger. They even made a video of her delivering the black baby, which was proof that she had fucked those black men.

We continued making those cuckold movies with Marcus, Jeremy and Kendall for several years, and we were making so much from the royalties on those videos that Denise was able to quit her job and just focus on making the videos. And because it was hard for me to always be there because of my work schedule, they even started using white male actors to play my part in some of the filming.

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