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The Cuckold in the Hallway

My wife and I usually arrange our cuckold sessions, but I came home to a surprise.
My wife and I decided it was time to rip out the lawn and put in a "rain-garden" with all native plantings. Time to throw that old lawn-mower away!

This naturally involved ripping out a lot of turf, as well, as selecting and planting all of the native species. We decided to spend the extra money and hire a landscaping service. Fortunately, there was a service that was well-known and recommended in the neighborhood, and we hired them right away.

One day, I came home from work at the usual time, and I had to park out in the street because the landscaping van was parked in the driveway. I didn't think anything of it, and went inside. I figured the workers were having some iced tea or maybe using the bathroom.

When I went inside, however, I heard a noise upstairs. It was the unmistakable, rhythmic slapping of flesh-on-flesh, and I could hear my wife moaning her usual chant of "Yes! Yes! Yes!"

She was getting fucked, and fucked good. I hurriedly pulled off my shoes and crept up the carpeted stairs. My cock was already starting to swell at the thought of what I was going to see, and I was hoping I hadn't missed much.

I got about halfway down the upstairs hallway before I could see anything. My wife was pinned up against the bedroom wall, and some Hispanic stud was fucking her from behind. Her breasts were mashed against the wall, her eyes shut tight, and her mouth open as she moaned and urged this bull to keep on fucking her.

The stud that was slamming his prick into my wife was young, not more than thirty, with a deep outdoor tan that complemented his naturally olive skin. His well-muscled body was shining with sweat, and his coarse, heavy hands gripped my wife's hips as he kept pounding her cunt with a pile-driving stroke.

This was too good to be true. My wife and I loved doing three-ways and cuckolding scenes, but we usually surfed the personal ads and arranged our fun in advance, and with consent. This was something brand-new. She was getting some cock on the side, and in a totally spontaneous and unplanned scene. I quickly shucked out of my pants, kneeling down on the carpet, and taking my swollen prick into my hand.

The concealment in the hallway was slim to none. All she had to do was open her eyes, or he could turn his head slightly my way, and I would be busted. I crouched down and watched the two of them and jacked my cock for all I was worth.

But the surprises kept on coming, as another man stepped into view! He had his back to me, and I could see him grab my wife by the shoulders, turn her, and then roughly force her to her knees. I saw her neatly manicured hands grab and knead his ass-cheeks. I couldn't see her face, but I knew she was giving his cock a vigorous sucking.

The first man muttered something in Spanish, and pointed his prick towards my wife's face. She immediately took the hint, and started blowing both of them in turn. I wasn't feeling left out in the least. It was one of the hottest things I had ever witnessed in my life.

She blew them both, switching back and forth, but it was obvious that they were up for still more variety. They exchanged comments in Spanish, and then they bent down and lifted my wife up off the floor as easily as you could pick up a basket of laundry. The disappeared from my view, but I heard them toss her on the bed. She gave a surprised gasp, and then laughed, "OK, you studs ... what are we going to do next?"

Not wanting to miss a thing, I scrambled to my feet and positioned myself next to the bedroom door. I laid down on the floor and positioned my head so that I was just peeking around the corner. My wife was on all fours, and she was already sucking one cock while the other stud got himself positioned behind her to fuck her, doggie-style.

Once his cock slid in, he immediately resumed his hard, powerful thrustings, and my wife shrieked and moaned her appreciation, or as well as she could with her mouth stuffed full of cock.

I was furiously beating off while witnessing this scene. I was wondering how long I was going to last, when my wife gave a loud, low moan and started twitching and convulsing. She took her mouth off of the other guy's prick, and she was uttering things like "Oh, fuck! Oh, Jesus Christ!" I could tell she was having one hell of an orgasm, but trying not to make too much noise.

The buck who was fucking her suddenly gave a series of grunts, and I could tell he was blasting a load up her willing cunt. The sight of it made me so hot and so humiliated that I almost shot a wad against the wall, right then and there.

Then the man who was getting the blowjob looked right at me. He gave a quick bark of surprise and said something to his friend, who also turned and looked me right in the face. I was busted.

Far from freaking out, the guy who was fucking my wife casually stood up and padded over to me. He tapped me on the shoulder and said "You come in now," in heavily accented English.

My wife recovered from her exertions, looked at me, and smiled. "Well, look who's here!" she beamed, rolling over on her back and spreading her legs wide.

The other man popped his cock back inside my wife's willing mouth, and she started sucking him lustily. He said something in rapid-fire Spanish, and his friend grabbed my head and pushed it towards my wife's open cunt.

"Tomas has no English," he grunted. "He wants to fuck your wife, but she has to be clean up first."

My wife looked me full in the face, her eyes shining with eager anticipation. I willingly thrust myself between her legs and started licking out this Hispanic bull's salty load from her cunt. She has always had this expert trick of squeezing her pelvic muscles, making all the hot sperm come bubbling up to her frothy entrance. I greedily lapped up every drop, and then started focusing on her clit, giving it my full oral attention while she continued to suck Tomas' cock. It wasn't long before she shuddered and gave another series of muffled shrieks. She was coming like a firecracker!

After what seemed like an eternity of riding out her orgasm, I pulled my lips from her clit. My wife let Tomas' cock plop out of her mouth, and then rearranged herself so that she was on all fours again. His long, thick cock bobbed freely in the air, while a pair of large, heavy nuts swung below it. A shiny pearl of pre-come was already leaking out of the head, although it was mostly concealed by a dark, heavy foreskin.

I thought he was going to fuck her, but -- to my surprise -- Tomas arranged himself on the bed and then peeled back his foreskin and aimed his cock at my face! He may not have had any English, but I didn't need a translator. I immediately got my mouth on his massive organ and sucked it as best as I could.

I don't give head nearly as well as my wife does -- she's a cocksucking expert -- but I throated his dick and played with his nuts to the best of my ability. Tomas thrust his cock in and out of my sucking mouth, plunging it in deep and using my throat roughly. I was worried I was going to gag one or two times, but I rode it out.

After a minute or so of this, I guess Tomas decided he was ready because he pulled himself off of my lips and plunged his dagger into my wife's plump and meaty twat with one swift stroke. She groaned, burying her face in the pillows while he plowed her pussy with slow, deep, cunt-stretching strokes.

The other buck (I found out later his name was Emilio) must have liked watching the blow job I gave his friend, because he aimed his dick at my face while Tomas fucked my wife. His fat, meaty, uncut prick was drooping somewhat, but it was by no means flaccid. I peeled back the foreskin and started sucking his man-meat with gusto, tasting both his sperm and my wife's pussy fluids in an intoxicating mixture. Emilio was fully erect again in no time, and I was soon blowing his fully erect cock like there was no tomorrow.

This went on for some time, until Tomas started gasping and we could tell he was getting close. He pulled out and indicated for my wife to turn over on her back. No sooner was he in place, when he started shooting huge, ropy jets of white cum all over her heaving tits.

This guy was really a shooter, and I'm always amazed when someone has a big load. He covered my wife's tits with his heavy sperm, and I knew I was going to be the clean-up crew.

Right on cue, my wife guided me on to my back, and then got on top of me. She dangled her tits in my face, and I licked up every last trace of Tomas' load from her round, full breasts.

While I was doing this, I felt a rough, calloused hand on my dick, stroking me. Was it Emilio? Or was it Tomas? The fact that I didn't even know turned me on to an incredible degree, and it wasn't long before my own come was flying all over my belly.

We shook hands all around, and they got dressed and left. Later that night, after dinner, my wife told me that she was a naughty little slut that needed to be punished. She thought tying her to the headboard and fucking her up the ass was a good place to start.

And I couldn't have agreed more.

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