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The Cuckold Journal of Jane and Mark - Part V

One week on in their cuckold marriage

Alex didn’t make it on Thursday; work commitments meant that he had to cancel. He called Jane on Wednesday evening and told her. I thought that she would be disappointed but she told me that she was a little tired anyway, adding that she had had more orgasms this week than she had normally got in a whole month. He was still coming over on Saturday though and staying the night with her so it was no big deal.

When he called her she went up the bedroom with her phone so at the time I couldn’t hear what they spoke about but she did spend over half an hour on the phone with him. Later I would read from her journal later exactly what they had discussed but I knew that they had been talking about me because the following day Jane and I had sex.

I had not expected it. I had resigned myself to waiting at least a month so when Jane told me next morning to get some condoms from the chemist it came as quite a shock. When the girls had gone down for the night Jane and I went to our bedroom and she asked me to undress and lie on the bed. I lay there excited and ready and watched as Jane slipped her hands under her short skirt and took down her white panties. As she sat down on the edge of the bed beside me she took a condom packet out of the box and held it in her hand.

“Would you like me to unwrap it?” She asked.

I nodded. Of course I did but I had a strange feeling that it was going to come at a price.

“Alex is pleased with the way that you coming along and has said it is okay if I let you use HIS pussy for just this once.” She said waiving the packet in her fingers.

With her free hand she reached for my erection and ran a finger up its shaft and over its tip. It made she tremble with excitement. “Are you pleased with your journey as a cuckold so far?” She asked me.

I nodded. “Very.” I told her.

“I am not sure yet.” She said. “I think we need to take this much further before any real assessment can be made”

“Further?” I asked.

“Further.” She repeated. “Much further.” She added.

“How?” I asked her.

“Well you see Alex was someone that I found; someone who you had never met before. I think that you need to prove yourself by finding someone to fuck me as well. Someone who knows you and knows you well!” She said as she rubbed a finger over the tip of my cock.

“Someone I know?” I asked her.

Jane nodded as she wrapped her whole hand around my cock. “Someone you know very well.” She added.

“I.......I......I just can’t go up to someone I know and ask them to fuck you.” I told her.

“Oh no you don’t have to ask them.” She replied. “You just have to give me a name and I will do the rest. But it has to be someone fuckable and someone who’s carnal knowledge of me would be very humiliating for you.”

I was stunned. I was horrified in one sense as well but Jane had hold of my cock and she held a condom in her hand. She was also sat on the bed in such a way that I could see right up her skirt. I could see her pussy; I could see her open cunt lips; her pink, wet, open cunt lips. I could see.........I could see nothing but lust.

“I.....I.....I’m not sure who to name.” I found myself telling her.

She suddenly lifted her hand from my cock to tear the condom packet open. “That’s okay.” She replied. “You can give me a name later.” She said as she took the condom out of its wrapper.

For the first time in almost twelve years she rolled a condom down the shaft of my cock. Reaching over to kiss me she straddled me and positioned herself above my erection before reaching down with her hand and guiding it to her cunt lips. “You are going to enjoy me fucking someone who knows you aren’t you?” She said as she sank down.

I didn’t last long. I was pathetic I know, lasting less than two minutes. It felt strange as well not feeling my cum spurting inside. It filled the small teat of the condom but after that it was just blockage. Jane did not cum but I did make up for it with my tongue right afterwards. Jane took the condom off my cock and after rolling on her back poured the contents over her pussy and told me to lick her clean. That was a first for me, licking my own cum from her and I had to admit that Alex’s tasted much better.


When Alex called and told me his news he asked me take the phone to the bedroom so that we could speak privately. I lay back on the bad with the phone to my ear listening to him speak. It was his suggestion that I fuck someone that Mark knew. Although I was quite happy to have a cuckold relationship with just him he reminded me that he was training me to be a Cuckoldress. I would always have more than one lover.

Alex told me that fucking someone close to the cuckold not only increases his humiliation but also increases his entrapment into the cuckold lifestyle. I had some ideas of my own who I would like to fuck that knew both of us. There were friends and work colleagues, even family but leaving Mark to make the choice or rather make suggestions, increased the excitement.

I was surprised when Alex told me it was time to let Mark fuck me as well but it proved the right thing to do. Alex said that once a cuckold gets started in the lifestyle they find it difficult to maintain any longetivity when having sex. They get so excited knowing that another man has had his cock inside his wife that they cum very quickly. The fact that the cuckold can no longer satisfy his wife serves to drive her to seek lover(s) as well as making the cuckold amenable to her having extra marital sex. It becomes ingrained in the cuckold’s mind that he is incapable of sexually satisfying his wife and that she has no option but to seek out other males to satisfy her.

We spoke a little about the coming Saturday night and then Alex asked me to describe what I was wearing. I told him that I had on a top with no bra, a denim skirt and a pair of knickers.

“What colour?” He asked.

“White.” I told him.

“I want you to touch yourself.” He told me. “Play with your nipples first.”

I did. Touching them through the material of my top I soon found them erect and jutting out. Alex then asked me to start touching myself through my knickers. While I stroked my clitty Alex spoke softly to me telling me about some of the future plans he had for me. When he told me about a couple of friends of his that he would like to share me with I got really excited; I had often fantasised about having a couple of guys at the same time.

I finally brought myself off when he told me that he would organise a gang bang for me and get me down to stay with him for a weekend. The thought of having a group of guys using me for their pleasure for a whole weekend gave my one hell of an orgasm.


Alex arrived on Saturday afternoon. Jane wore a dress for him with nothing on underneath except for a pair of black stockings and a suspender belt. The plan was that he and Jane would spend the night in the spare room. The girl’s bedroom was right next to our bedroom and Jane was worried that they might wake up if she got too noisy having sex. The spare bedroom was at the end of the hallway and the sounds from their noisy lovemaking would not carry. Unfortunately, it also meant that I wouldn’t be able to hear either.

They did intend to fuck in the marital bed though. Jane had told me that once he arrived I should take the girls into town for a couple of hours so that they could be alone together. As was becoming customary now, I shaved her pussy for him after she had bathed.

Afterwards she stood in front of me drying herself as I sat on the edge of bed. My eyes were transfixed on her mound.

“I hope you are not thinking of touching Alex’s property!” She said.

I knew that she was teasing me.

“Perhaps you want to touch me so that you will get spanked again.”

I said nothing.

Jane took a step closer. “You know you want to don’t you?” She teased. “You would like him to spank you again wouldn’t you?”

I looked up at her. She knew me so well but I kept my hands firmly at my side.

“Have you decided who you want me to fuck yet?” She asked.

I had completely forgotten about our conversation on the matter. I shook my head. “No.” I told her.

“Shall I make the choice for you?” She asked.

“Who would be your choice?” I found myself asking her, still fixated by her pussy.

“Hmmm there are two or three I quite fancy fucking.” She replied. “Maybe I will try them.”

“Who are they?” I asked her.

“Best if I tell you afterwards.” She told me. “Tell you after it has happened.”

I looked up at her again. I was getting to know her well too. She would probably do that; fuck all three of them and then tell me after the event. She might even fuck them and not even tell me their names just to make my cuckolding even more humiliating.

I watched her put her stockings on and then helped her zip up her dress. Just before I turned to go though she lifted the hem of her dress above her waist. “Come on touch me Mark you know you want to!”

I couldn’t help myself. I reached out and started to fondle her pussy lips. “You are so going to get punished for that Mark!” She smiled.

I turned away with my erection bulging in my trousers.


We introduced Alex to the girls as one of Mark’s business clients who would be staying overnight to discuss business with us. It satisfied their curiosity. As soon as Mark took them out Alex and I were kissing and his hands were busy under my dress.

I was excited but I wanted more; I wanted something different than just wild sex. Maybe it was because the time of the month was approaching, I don’t know. I told Alex that I wanted him to make love to me. “I don’t want fucking I want making love to.”

He understood. He pulled his hands from under my skirt and continued with his kissing. It felt good to be just held and kissed. Yes, a woman likes to be fucked; taken; balled; humped; shagged or whatever else you want to call it but sometimes she likes to be romantically seduced. Led into sex; cajoled; teased and toyed with.

We kissed a while in the kitchen and then I took him up to the bedroom. We lay on the bed for a while kissing and caressing. At first I kept my legs closed tightly. It was a bit like my early days of sexual exploration; keeping them tightly closed not letting a man’s hand get between them; force would not part them, only tender kissing and caressing.

It took Alex a while before I succumbed to his gentle caressing of my breasts, groin and thighs with his fingers, lips and tongue. When I finally gave in and raised my knees and opened my thighs wide for him he teased me further with his tongue and fingers inside my pussy. In the end I had to beg him for his cock.

Afterwards I took him down the hallway to show him the bedroom we would be sleeping in, explaining the reason why we would we be sleeping there instead. “You should turn this into your boudoir.” He suggested. “Make this your bedroom to have sex with your lovers.”

It was an interesting suggestion.

“I thought you ‘Bulls’ preferred to fuck us wives in the marital bed?” I asked him.

“We do yes but I was thinking of you; maybe you would like a place of privacy; a place that your husband is not allowed in; a place for you and your lover of the moment.”

I kissed him. “You know you are right!” I told him. “It would be nice just having my own bedroom. I would need to make it en-suite though.”

Alex looked around. “It’s large enough. Get a builder in to look at it and give you some ideas.”

It was another good idea. I knew just the man too, Mick. He was a friend of Mark’s with his own building business. He was also a womaniser; chasing anything in a skirt!

“Two birds killed with one stone.” I thought!


Once the children were in bed I went out to get a Chinese takeaway for us all and we sat having dinner together and a few glasses of wine. Alex reminded us that it was this time last week when we first met and dined together. It seemed much longer; so much had happened in just a week. He asked me how I felt about it all now and whether I would not have allowed it all to happen if I could turn the clocks back.

I told him that it would be a hard decision to make. Jane surprised me by saying that she would change things and that if she had known what it would be like she would have cuckolded me a long time ago. I asked her why.

“It’s just so nice having both a husband and a lover. I love the sexual freedom. I think women were never meant to be monogamous.” She replied.

Alex agreed. “Most women aren’t anyway.” He said.

“How do you work that out?” I asked him.

“Experience for starters.” He replied. “You take a look at the amount of dating websites there are and then see how many of the adverts are from married females looking for no strings fun.”

“I’ve seen them too.” Jane said.

“You are one of the lucky ones Mark.” He told me. “You know you are being cuckolded and can enjoy it your own way. Most married men out there are going home of an evening and have no idea that their wives have been fucked by someone else that day.”

I could see that he was probably right.

“And how do you see things progressing from here Jane?” Alex asked her.

“Hmmm.” She smiled. “I am going to enjoy my new found freedom over the next few months with as many men as I can and then I would like to find one, maybe, two regular lovers. Perhaps make a baby with one of them as well.”

I was stunned by her bluntness.

Alex reached across and kissed her. “I hope that I will be in the running for making a baby with you.” He said.

Jane openly reached for his groin and fondled him as she kissed him. “I think you are in with a good chance.” She told him.

I watched as Alex responded by slipping his hand under the hem of her dress. Her legs parted to allow him access. Watching them openly kissing and caressing aroused me. I suddenly became aware of just how far I had come in such a short space of time. I was also quickly to find that I was about to take another leap forward.

Jane broke away and called me around the table. As I stood in front of her she began to rub my bulge. “Alex and I are going into the lounge to fuck cucky boy.” She said. “Once we are finished you will be coming in to get your spanking from Alex for touching me and then you will clean me up. Do you understand/”

“Yes.” I replied softly.

“And while Alex is fucking me I am going to try and persuade him to allow you to clean his cock as well.” She told me.

I gulped.

“There is no need to ask Jane.” He responded. “Cuck boy can suck my cock anytime you want him to.” He added.

I gulped again and then watched in horror as Jane told him to stand up and then began to unzip his trousers.

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