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The Cuckold Journal of Jane and Mark - Part VI

It's one week on in Jane and Mark's cuckolding jouney


It had always been something that I wanted to see; a man sucking another man’s cock. I knew that Mark would be easy to persuade to do it. I knew that I had him in a position where I could do anything I wanted with him. I also guessed that Alex could be cajoled into it as well. One thing that I was also learning was that a Cuckoldress also has a lot of power over the ‘Bull’ as well. They want your pussy as well as wanting to control and humiliate the cuckold, both belong to you!

I unzipped Alex’s pants and took out his huge cock. I stroked him first, watching the reaction on his face and then took his manhood to my lips. Mark was looking down watching me; watching me kissing it; watching me lick it and watching me suck it. Pointing to the floor, I motioned him to get down on his knees and then put my hand to the back of his head. It was then just a simple case of pulling him forward; pulling his head to Alex’s cock. As his lips touched the tip Mark closed his eyes and opened his mouth wide.

I pulled until his mouth was completely full; pulled until he gagged and then stopped. “See how easy it is.” I told him. “Now lick and suck him like a good cucky boy.”


Did I really want to suck Alex’s cock? I don’t know. I knew that I was enjoying being under Jane’s control. I wanted to do anything that she asked me to do. That was the effect that being cuckolded was having on me. I was under her control; I was letting her fuck another man; not just letting but participating as well. Dressing her; shaving her; buying sexy clothes for her; letting another man take my place in my bed for her. I was doing things that no normal husband would do for his wife or allow her to do.

Sucking Alex’s cock was no biggy in that context.

Jane reached down and began stroking my bulge as she urged me on. “Use your tongue.” She said. “All over the tip of his cock, down his shaft and then around his balls.”

I just obeyed her as she rubbed me.

“Is it nice?” She asked.

I was gagging on it but I still nodded.

“I would love to see him cum in your mouth but I want his cum inside me.” She said.

She kept me sucking him for a few minutes and then she pulled me away. I knew that she was taking him away for sex and I expected her to take him straight upstairs to the bedroom but she took into the lounge instead. I stood and watched them go in. I hadn’t expected to be invited along as well but Jane came back out and waived me in. “Come on Cuck Boy.”

I went in and closed the door.

“I've changed my mind.” She said. “You can get your punishment now. Get your pants off.”

I quickly unbuckled my trousers and pulled them off along with my boxers. My cock was obviously erect but it was also very wet with pre-cum. Jane made me bend over the arm of the settee and put her arm around as Alex hit me. She told him four strokes and counted each one as it struck. They were hard; they hurt and I yelped with each one.

“Now go and stand outside the door and wait until Alex has fucked me.” She told me.

I went to pick up my trousers and boxers but Jane told me to not only leave them but strip off my top as well.

The extent of my humiliation and submission seemed almost total now. Ashamedly I stood completely naked outside the lounge door with my head bowed listening to Jane’s cries and moans of pleasure as Alex fucked her.


I was now finding new depths to my humiliation of Mark; depths that I never realised existed. Knowing that he was stood outside the door as Alex fucked me pushed me into orbit and what made it even more exciting was the fact that Alex was fucking me in Mark’s armchair. I was naked; legs spread apart over the arms of his recliner chair with Alex ramming his huge cock into me.

When we had finished I shouted for Mark to come back in. I hadn’t moved from my position and I could see the look of shock on his face as he saw me lying there. I didn’t need to tell him what to do next; he was already starting to kneel down between my legs but I decided to humiliate him even more first by making him clean Alex’s cock before cleaning me up.

I made him clean not just his cock but also his scrotum and when he finished I made him crawl over to me and get to work on my pussy. Mark completed his task with excellence.

I knew that as a cuckold he deserved a reward and I allowed him to sit in his armchair while I masturbated him. I told him of my plans for the spare bedroom. It excited him. I also told him that he had to contact Mick first thing on Monday morning to get him to come round and give us a quote for the job.

He looked at me as I told him. I could see the pain on his face mingled with the pleasure my hand was giving. “Please don’t tell me you are going to fuck him?” He groaned.

I smiled.

“No Jane. Not him, please. Please don’t fuck him, anyone but him.” He cried out.

I smiled again.

“Nooooooooo.” He cried out as his cum filled my hand.


I sincerely didn’t want Jane to fuck Mick. Yes, he was a friend in the sense that we knew each other and had known each other since teenagers but we had history as far as girls were concerned. He once dated a girl that I was going out with the time. It was never very serious on her part but I had quite a crush on her and was upset for a while when I learned that he had gone out with her. I asked him why he had gone with her when we were supposed to be friends and his reply was. “I am sorry but friend or no friend if I get a chance to fuck another man’s wife or girlfriend I will.”

Mick had a reputation as far as women were concerned. He had never married but there had been a few relationships that had produced children. He has cuckolded a few husbands in the area and I didn’t want my name added to the list. But as much as I hated the idea I knew that there was little I could do about it if Jane decided to have a relationship with him.

After we all got our clothes back on we went back into the dining room to finish off the wine. We spoke about Jane’s proposed boudoir. She spoke about the last time she had her own room at home before she married. I remember then that it was out of bounds to me; well until we became engaged anyway, and even then she had to leave the door open.

Jane made it quite clear that this room would be out of bounds to me and that she even planned to put a lock on the door. It seemed absurd; we were a married couple but we were no ordinary married couple. Ours was a cuckold relationship where the wife, though married, could live like a single woman.

A little later I watched as Jane took Alex up to bed. She held his hand going up the stairs; it was hard to watch. Their sexual coupling I could take; it excited me; it made me constantly horny but their intimacy was hard to accept and hard to watch. I could see it slowly developing. This time last week when their relationship started it was all sex and lust; the sex and lust was still there but I could see a closeness and togetherness there as well. Small things like holding hands, touching, sharing a joke and intimate kisses outside of sex were all starting to develop.

I did not want them to become a couple but could I stop it? I couldn’t I knew. I couldn’t expect Jane to allow a man to join with her in the most intimate of acts and not have feelings for him.


I knew that Mark was noticing an intimacy develop between Alex and I. I saw the look on his face a few times when he saw us kissing and touching at the table and I saw the hurt on his face when I turned my back to Alex in the lounge for him to zip up my dress after sex. Normally he would do that but there again he would be the one having sex with me wouldn’t he!

But yes, we were getting close. It was bound to happen though, I mean, I just couldn’t let a man put his penis inside me, fill me with his seed, and in the process get sexual release myself without some kind of feelings developing. Once the lust has been exhausted there is a time of togetherness; bodies touch; naked flesh warms against naked flesh; bodies rest against bodies. Intimacy develops.

It was happening with Alex and I. After we made love that night in the spare room bed we cuddled and went to sleep. Our bodies moist from the perspiration released from our coupling; my thighs wet from the seepages of Alex’s cum from my vagina and his penis wet and sticky from the juices of my own orgasms.

We woke in the night for more sex. His hardness pressing against my bottom woke me from my light sleep. He was also awake. I turned around and cupped his testicles in my hand; they were still moist from our coupling but more importantly they were refilled. They were replenished and ready for use. His cock was rigid and excited with my touch. There was nothing else for it but to kiss him and ease him over onto his back. It was my turn to take control now; my turn to mount; my turn to mount my steed and ride him; ride him late into the night!

Part way though he tried to buck me off him; turn me over onto my back so he could take over the thrusting but I wouldn’t let him. “No, stay please.” I whispered. “You stay and let me make you cum. don’t wait for me. This is for your pleasure.”

Alex groaned and gave one huge thrust into me. I felt his cum surge deep inside me. It was at the expense of my own orgasm but sometimes you don’t need an orgasm to make you feel fulfilled. My fulfilment came from knowing that the man under me was satisfied. I kissed him and rolled off him and turned to continue with my sleep.


I awoke early. Like last week I didn’t sleep well. Like last week I slept alone while my wife slept with another man. The fact that we slept in separate rooms in our own house made it more unbearable. She would be more relaxed; more at ease with her lover. I was in the marital bed alone. Like last week I masturbated as well but just the once this time.

I got the girls washed and dressed and gave them breakfast before settling them in the TV lounge. I then took some tea up to Jane and Alex. I was about to knock on their door but I suddenly heard groaning coming from the room. They were making love.

I returned fifteen minutes later. There was silence now so I knocked on the door. Jane asked what I wanted and told her that I had tea for them. “Come in then.” She told me.

I had taken her tea in bed many times but never when she had been lying there with another man. It was another absurdity. She asked how the girls were and when I told her that they were settled she then told me to go and get a condom from the bedroom and come back.

I returned and nervously stood by edge of the bed as Jane sat up and faced me. She reached for my belt and started to unbuckle it. I looked down at her nakedness. I wanted to touch her; I wanted to kiss her; I wanted to make love to her. My trousers hit the floor and she pulled down my boxers. I was erect again.

“Did you masturbate last night?” She asked me as she took my cock in her hand.

I nodded.

“Alex fucked me three times.” She told me as she started to stroke me. “Alex says that as you have you have been good about everything you can fuck me if you want.” She added as she took the condom wrapper from my hand.

I just stood and watched as she opened it and took out the condom. Moments later it had been fully rolled out over my cock.

“Do you want to fuck me or would you sooner let Alex do that for you?” She asked.

Of course I wanted to fuck her but I was a cuckold wasn’t I. Cuckolds prefer other men to fuck their wives don’t they. They want their place taken by another male; a male with a bigger cock; a male more able to satisfy their wives.

“It’s okay Mark.” She said softly. “There is no shame in handing the responsibility over to Alex. I know he will fuck me well, you know that he will fuck me well too don’t you? She said as she started to slowly masturbate me.

I groaned.

“Was that a yes Mark?”

“Yesssssssss.” I told her as her strokes increased.

Her other hand cupped my balls as she masturbated me; slow firm strokes mingled with taunting words. “That’s it Mark you can fill the condom and Alex can fill my pussy.”

My knees started to buckle. I reached out and held onto her shoulders. I closed my eyes then a loud groan escaped from my lips as I began to fill the condom. A few minutes later I left the bedroom shamefully satisfied.


As the door closed behind him Alex reached for me and pulled me too him for a kiss. “I don’t think I have ever known a woman learn so fast.” He told me. “You are going to be one hell of a Cuckoldress. I would hate to be married to you.” He added with a smile.

I kissed him back. “You make a good teacher.” I told him as we moved into a coupling position.

After we made love we walked down to the marital bedroom and showered. Mark had taken the girls for a walk to get the papers so we had plenty of free time and privacy. Alex managed to find the strength to fuck me one more time, starting in the shower and finishing up on the bed.

By the time Mark returned he had gone and I had tidied everything up. It was now my turn to be wife and mother again, until the next time that is!

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