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The Cuckold Journal of Jane and Mark - Part VIII


Jane looked good in her new blouse and skirt; no, not just good, absolutely stunning and sexy. I stood back for a few moments and looked at her while she leant over her dressing table looking into the mirror as she applied her lippy. She had changed over these few two weeks; there was no doubt about it. I couldn’t put my finger exactly on one specific thing but she was more confident; more self assured and more self aware.

I wouldn’t exactly say that before embarking on my cuckolding that she was insecure or timid and I certainly wouldn’t say that she was frumpy or had let herself go but there was a complete change in character. Compared to the Jane I was married to a month ago this Jane was a complete transformation. I have often heard it said that a husband can tell when his wife is having an affair when she suddenly takes more care of her appearance and changes her style of underwear. Well Jane had certainly done both.

Of course, Jane was not having an affair. She had a lover; she had another man in her life; she had another man taking care of her sexual needs and it was all with my blessing. Yes, I know some might say I was stupid; sick even but I was happy and enjoying it. Tonight I had helped her bathe; shaved her pubic mound; massaged her with scented body oils and then helped her dress in a pink and black Basque and black, fishnet stockings. There were matching panties but she declined when I knelt at her feet with them in my hands. I had also helped her with putting her blouse on and then zipped up her skirt afterwards. All done for the pleasure of another man.

Am I sick? Am I stupid? Think what you want. I am a cuckold and that is what is cuckolds do. Yes I know that it’s degrading; I know that it’s humiliating but that is what is exciting about the all. Am I jealous? Of course I am. I am torn inside with the thought of her being in the arms of another man; the thought of their kissing; the thought of their caressing and the thought of their copulating. The thought of her touching another man’s cock; caressing it; kissing it; making it spurt forth its release had me churning inside but I was also excited.

I had spent all that time preparing her for another man, naked. My cock was in such an excited state that it leaked constantly. Jane had to keep wiping me to stop it getting on her clothes. Just before I had helped her with her skirt I was in such an excited state as she wiped me that I came. I leant on her shoulders with my hands telling her how sorry I was as started to cum. She didn’t chide me; she didn’t stop; she had no intention of denying me pleasure. Jane just continued to stroke me as she held the tissue against the tip of my cock. “It’s ok darling you can cum. I know that you are excited about Alex filling my pussy for the next couple of days.” She told me.

I came, not just in the tissue but also over her hand. Afterwards she washed her hand and wiped my cock clean. I was fully satisfied; not just fully satisfied but satisfied to an extent that I had not experienced in years. Jane had masturbated me many times over the course of the years I had known her. They had been satisfying of course but my orgasms had never been as fulfilling as the ones now. Having her do it while she teased me about her lover was absolutely mind blowing.


When Alex greeted me at the front door he immediately took me in his arms and pulled me close. As we kissed his hands slid over the silk material covering my bottom. “You look so fucking good!” He told me as his hand ventured under the hem.

“No fucking panties!” He groaned.

“Is there any point in wearing them when you are around?” I responded.

He kissed me as his hand made its way to the front and touched my mound. It is so exciting having another man’s hand touching you; so different to the one you are used to touching you. His fingers were getting surer now. At first they were hesitant as if they would be brushed away; as if their touch would be spurned, but he knew now that there would be no rejection; his fingers were free to roam wherever they wanted; free to touch any part of my body he desired, free to do whatever they wished.

His fingers slid down the grove between my cunt lips and back up again; reaching up to the hood of my clitty and then down to my opening. I parted my legs slightly; opened my thighs a little wider for him. I knew what I wanted from him; he knew what I wanted from him. His fingers slipped inside me; one finger at first, followed by another. I was wet, not just wet but soaking. “You’re so fucking wet.” He whispered.

I moved my hand down from his shoulder to his groin. “This is what I want.” I told him as I gripped his hardness.

He started to move towards the lounge doorway. Mark was stood by the kitchen door watching us. There was a bulge in his trousers too; I was surrounded by an abundance of bulging cocks; hard, eager cocks wanting my pussy but there was only one that would be penetrating me tonight.

“Don’t disturb us please Mark.” Alex said as he closed the door behind us.

Alex dropped down to his knees and lifted my skirt. With his head under my skirt and his hands firmly gripping my bottom he pulled me tight against him and buried his face into my mound. I groaned loudly as his tongue penetrated me. For a few minutes I stood there with the hem of my skirt in my hands. I had them lifted high, high enough to uncover his head but I could not keep it up for long. I was cumming; my knees were starting to tremble and I need to support myself. Alex brought me to a shattering orgasm as I leant on his shoulders; my skirt fully around his head.

When he pulled away I kissed him; kissed his lips; kissed his cheeks; kissed his chin; I kissed his wet, pussy scented face. His hands then began to frantically tear at his belt. I looked down and watched him free himself; watching him loosen his trousers; watched him push them down and then step out of them; watched him push his boxers down as well and step out of them. I watched him bare himself; bare his throbbing cock. He wanted me; he was rampant and I trembled again at the thought of him penetrating me.

He pulled me over to the settee and twisted me around. I didn’t get the chance to bend over voluntarily; he grabbed the back of my neck and pushed me down. Moments later my skirt had been lifted around my waist and his cock was pushing against my pussy lips from behind. It was fast; it was furious and it was violent. He gripped my long dark hair and pulled; he slapped my thigh hard and he called me names; wonderful filthy names. He didn’t need to call me a fuck whore; he didn’t to tell something that I didn’t know already. I was a fuck whore and his fuck whore.


It hurt seeing that passion; it hurt watching them kiss; it hurt watching his hand under her skirt. I could understand things from his point of view; he was a man; that’s what men do if they get the chance. I remembered the times at the start of our relationship when I tried that and got my hand slapped away. Jane did not slap his hands away; in fact she actually parted her legs wider to give him greater access.

When the door closed behind them I moved down the corridor and stood outside. I wanted to hear them; I wanted to hear them fuck; I wanted to hear her moans and cries as he fucked her; I wanted to hear his groans too as he emptied himself inside her. I wanted to experience their coupling.

I did hear her cries; I heard her groans; I heard the slaps too and heard the names he called her. I heard her tell him that she was his fuck whore. I heard him groan and as I did I could almost feel his emptying of himself inside her.

There was silence for a few minutes and then I heard them talk. Suddenly I heard her call out. “You can come in now Mark.”

I walked in like an errant schoolboy. They were stood next to each other by the settee with their arms around one another’s waist. Alex was completely naked but Jane was in her Basque and stockings. I had had a feeling that they had something in store for me that night. I wasn’t wrong.

I knew instinctively to drop to my knees before them. I knelt before Jane first but as I reached to hold her thighs she said, “Alex first.”

I obeyed. He was wet and sticky; his thighs were wet with her juices; his cock was sticky and covered with both his cum and her juices. He wanted cleaning up. Alex, my wife’s lover required my services. I was a cuckold and that is what we do.

Part way through Jane moved closer and reached for his cock to lift it. “His balls too cucky.” She told me.

My tongue obeyed.

After a few minutes she grabbed me by the hair and guided me too her own thighs. She was wet and sticky too; her pussy was covered with Alex’s cum, not just her pussy either. His cum was running down the inside of her thighs to her stocking tops. To some the whole thing might have been degrading and humiliating but to me it was exciting and pleasurable. My wife was filthy with another man’s cum and I delighted in cleaning her.


It wasn’t just the freedom to fuck other men that excited me about cuckolding; it was also the participation of Mark. I had friends who were having affairs; I knew that they were doing the things with their lovers that I was probably doing with Alex; I knew that they were having the excitement that I was having but there was a huge difference. They had to sneak around and snatch moments here and their; I did not.

My husband would be sleeping in his bed or standing outside the door while I was enjoying my lover. I could relax. I had freedom. I am sure that my orgasms were so much better than theirs.

Having Mark clean us like that after we had fucked was stimulating for both of us. I knew that at the end of it I was very wet again and I could see Alex’s cock beginning to stiffen again. Standing next to your lover, with your arms around each other, watching while the husband cleans you both is incredibly exciting.

Alex and I had talked about Mark’s further participation in our relationship and we had ideas of things we would like to try out. Alex, of course, had done it all. He had been around for a long time. Having a husband kneel and clean him up after he had fucked his wife was part and parcel of it all for him. He had even fucked men before; fucked them in front of their wives. He wasn’t gay; it was all part of the domination of the cuckold. I knew that he wanted to fuck Mark, and he would eventually do it, but he wasn’t ready just yet.

I knew that Alex was strongly into discipline as well. Making a husband do as he was told and getting him to be totally obedient was another stimulating experience that Alex wanted us both to explore with Mark. I wasn’t sure how to proceed in this area with Mark but Alex, as I have said, was experienced. I was filled with nervous excitement after Mark had finished and Alex sent him to get his bags from the car.


I washed my face after taking one of Alex’s bags into the lounge and then taking the other upstairs to Jane’s bedroom. When I went back downstairs Jane told me to go up to our bedroom and take off all my clothes and come back downstairs to them.

As I said, I had a feeling that they had things planned for me that evening. When I returned Jane was looking at some t-shirts draped over the arm of my chair. She held one up. It was a pure white t-shirt with the words in black saying “Proud to Be Jane’s Cuckold.” She placed it down and picked up another one saying “I am a Cuckold.” to show me before putting it down and picking up the last one. It said,”My Wife Cuckolds Me.”

“Alex had these printed.” She told me. “Choose one to wear for us please.”

I moved over and picked each one up before choosing the first one and putting it on. “Proud to be my cuckold are you?” She said.

I nodded and then looked on nervously as she delved into the Alex’s bag. I gasped as she pulled out a riding crop. I had never seen her with such an instrument before. I had never even imagined seeing her with one. Jane looked foreboding as she stood looking at me with the crop gripped tightly in her hand. Not only did she look foreboding she looked incredibly sexy; she looked the part; she looked like a dominatrix. I trembled as I looked at her but my cock also stiffened to full erection. Jane looked down at it and smiled.

I stood rigid on the spot as she stepped up close to me. “Do you like being cuckolded Mark?”

I nodded. My mouth felt dry.

“Do you?”

“Y...yes.” I said quietly.

“If I am to cuckold you properly you have to be fully willing.” She told me.

“I....I....I am.” I told her.

Jane raised the crop up and touched my rigid cock. “But you tell me that you don’t want Mick fucking me.” She told me. “You shouldn’t be telling me who I can and can’t fuck. I fuck who I want, when I want and how I want.”

I was trembling now. I had never seen her like this. This wasn’t the woman I knew and yet I was so horny I was dribbling again; my cock was leaking precum like never before.

“Is that clear Mark?”

“Y...y....y....yes.” I replied.

She steeped closed and kissed me. “That’s better my cucky.” She said as she stepped back. “Now hold out your hands.”

I held out my hands as if to accept a stroke of the crop but she placed it gently in my hands. “I want you to turn to Alex and apologise for being a disobedient cuckold and ask him to punish you.” She told me.

My jaw dropped. I stood for a few seconds with the crop resting in my outstretched hands and then turned to Alex. I stuttered out an apology and asked him to punish me. Jane moved back and sat in my chair and told me to come to her. “Rest your hands on my thighs.” She told me.

As she sat back, I bent over facing her, hands resting on her thighs. I heard Alex step up behind me and Jane suddenly grabbed my hands and pressed them tightly against her thighs. There were four strokes in all; four sharp and painful strokes of which I yelped with at each one. Jane kept her tight grip with each one and looked at me directly in the eyes.

“Now thank him for punishing you and then go and turn back the bedclothes for Alex and I, we are off to bed.” She told me.

I did as she ordered and then walked away with my bottom stinging and my cock dripping cum from the excitement. I was truly proud to be Jane’s cuckold.

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