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The Cuckold Test - Part II

Back from their holiday and Danny faces more cuckold tests
Danny stood next to Claire as she sat at her dressing table reading the airmail letter that the postman had just delivered. She was naked and Danny wore just his boxers. He couldn’t read the writing on the letter but as much as he was interested in her letter he was fixated with her body. They had been back from Jamaica just over a week now and she still held her suntan. The only real white areas on her body were around her bikini area. The whiteness of her flesh stood out glaringly.

Danny looked down at her pussy as she sat with thighs parted. He had fallen in love with it all over again. He remembered all those years ago when he first seen it how he would stare at it for ages taking in every curve, every crevice, every fold of flesh. Until their holiday he had taken her pussy for granted. Yes, he did pay attention to it when he made love to her but outside of that, if he had seen her without knickers he would rarely take the time to stare at her. Not so now. Danny had spent most of their holiday sharing her pussy with another man and he was no longer taking it for granted. There was no longer any surety that it would solely belong to him from now on.

Sharing her pussy was not quite the right way of putting because he hadn’t in one sense. Danny had only resumed making love to Claire since they returned from holiday, before that her pussy had become exclusively used by Joe, the man who had become her lover; the man with whom he had passed the Cuckold Test.

It was not that Claire had refused him like some cuckoldresses do. Some wives, once into a cuckolding relationship, refuse penetrative sex with their husband’s altogether and restrict them to hand or blow jobs. No, the simple reason was that Joe exhausted her and she was also often slightly sore afterwards. Joe was very big and she was not used to a man of his size. Claire needed time to recuperate afterwards.

Danny did however have the pleasure of giving and receiving oral sex afterwards though. When Joe had finished with her Danny would go to the bedroom and gently use his tongue on her; cleaning her; tenderly licking and kissing her tender parts; helping her swollen pussy lips to recuperate after Joe’s heavy pounding. Afterwards he would kneel at her side and Claire would take him in hand; take his hard, cum covered cock in her gentle fingers and slowly masturbate him.

Claire would sometimes torture him; not physically, but mentally and emotionally. She would relive her lovemaking session with Joe; telling Danny how good it was; telling Danny what positions he had fucked her in; telling him how long he had taken; telling him how many times he had made her cum. Telling him how he had made her feel. It wasn’t so much what she said but the way she said it and the way she would play him. She quickly got to sense when he was about to cum and she would stop for a few moments before she resumed. There were times however when she didn’t need to touch him again; Claire could keep on talking and he would sometimes cum without her lifting a finger.

Although most of his cuckolding was done without him being present there were no times when he would participate. Sometimes Joe would tell him to take off Claire’s panties before he left them to fuck in private. Having her stand there lifting her skirt while he knelt and took her panties down while Joe looked on was both tortuous and highly erotic. Danny would stand up and his prominent erection would bring comments from Joe like “You keep passing the test Danny!”

There had been two occasions when he had actually assisted Joe to fuck her. On both occasions Joe had popped round for a quickie. Danny had taken off her skirt and panties for him and then held her legs in the air while he fucked her. Claire had held onto his cock while Joe pounded her. He had long since come before Joe had unloaded his seed inside her. On one occasion Joe had held her legs up in the air and edged himself forward so that his cock was actually lying across her mound and then told him to guide it into her. Claire had told him that she actually came before his whole length had entered her; it was so erotic watching her husband guide another man’s cock into her pussy.

The sound of Claire’s voice brought his thoughts back to the present. “It’s from Joe.” She told him before beginning to read aloud.

“Darling, I am missing you.” He had said. “I hope you don’t mind me calling you darling. I know that you belong to Danny and you are his darling but it doesn’t mean that you can’t be my darling as well. I trust that you both got back safely. I expect that by now you have settled back into your normal lives again.

Was all this just an adventure for you my darling or has it changed you? I would like to come and see you. I miss you. I miss what we had together. I miss your body. I miss touching you. I miss feeling your body shudder with excitement as I touched you. I miss, dare I say it, fucking you. I have fucked many women, as you know, but you stand out among them. I have never missed anyone before like this. I miss the way you give yourself totally to me. It wasn’t just the way you opened your thighs for me to posses you, it was also the way you opened your soul to me as well. It wasn’t just your pussy that I was fucking but you. I don’t know if that makes any sense to you. I also miss the way you held onto me as I came inside you, not just with your legs and arms but also your pussy. I swear it felt as though your pussy was squeezing every last drop of cum from me!

So where do we go from here, darling? Can I come and see you? I would like to come and spend a couple of weeks with you; live with you. I would like to sleep with you in your bed; fuck you to sleep every night and fuck you awake in the morning. Would Danny let me? I think he would. I know that he enjoyed my fucking you on holiday. Yes, I know that he was jealous and like all cuckolds, hurt, but I also knew how excited he was. His cock was always hard and dribbling when I was with you.

If I did come over to see you I would like him to watch us more. It is very satisfying looking up at a husband’s face just as you are cumming inside his wife. I would enjoy seeing him see the pleasure on my face as I came inside you. I am not sure how much that appeals to you as well.

Anyway, after I finish this letter I am going to stroke ‘king dick’ as you called him. I will think about our last fuck together before you rushed off to the airport with Danny. Do you remember it? Do you remember standing in front of me drying yourself after our shower and reaching for my cock and asking is ‘king dick’ finally done in!

You slut, you! You knew ’he’ would get hard again didn’t you? I made you pay for it though didn’t I? Made you bend over and touch your toes so I could give you a right good shagging from behind didn’t I? I bet your pussy ached for ages afterwards didn’t it!

Anyway, it’s all down to you now, and Danny, of course. I guess if I don’t hear back from you then you want what we did to remain an adventure. I will accept that and sadly wish you both all the best but if you would like to see me again please write and tell me. I can be on a plane within days!


Missing you

Big Joe and ‘King Dick’


P.S. If you do let me come over I will take that ass of yours this time. I know that we did try it and you found it painful but I will take it slowly next time and get some lubricant. Believe me, you will enjoy it.”


For a few minutes there was just silence between them. Claire sat there holding the letter and Danny just stood staring into space. The letter spoke of the intimacy between them; the intimacy between his wife and another man; the intimacy between lovers. Claire broke the silence again by reaching up and touching his cock; it was erect. “Well darling?” She said.

Danny looked down at her. “You would like to see him again I take it?” He said to her.

Claire nodded.

Danny said nothing.

“You know that what we did on holiday has changed things don’t you?” She said to him.

“Between us?” Danny asked.

“Yes.” She told him. “I will always love and I will never leave you but I will always have other men as well; other black men that is.” She added, still holding his erection.

“It’s true what they say then about never going back?” Danny replied.

Claire slipped her hand in the opening of his boxers and pulled out his hard and sticky cock. She leant forward and took the head of his cock in her mouth and ran her tongue over it to clean it. “There is something about being fucked by a black man,” she said. “”It’s hard to explain but it’s as though you shouldn’t be doing it and that makes it so much more exciting. Joe only had to touch me and I would start to cum. That first time, that very first time when we went upstairs leaving you downstairs, I was already starting to cum just climbing the stairs. Having him following on behind; having him following me up to our bed to fuck me was just indescribable. When I lay back on the bed and he climbed between my legs I just lost it. I came before his cock even touched me.” She tried to explain.

Danny reached and stroked her head. “I know. I understand.” He told her.

Claire started to stroke him. He was already starting to lose it himself. He shouldn’t be; a man shouldn’t be getting excited about another man fucking his wife. A man should be angry; a man should be jealous; a man should be hurt. But he was all these things; he was angry; he was jealous; he was hurt and yet he was also so sexually excited. He couldn’t explain it. Just as Claire couldn’t fully explain what is was about a black man that sexually excited her so much.

“I need to have him fuck me again Danny.” She told him. “I need Joe to fuck me.”

Danny groaned as his cum splashed against her. He too needed Joe to fuck her again.

It was a couple of hours later when Claire joined Danny in the kitchen; she had been in the lounge writing a letter to Joe after popping out the post office to buy an airmail letter. “I have written a reply to Joe.” She said quietly. “Can I read it to you?”

Danny nodded and lowered his head as she spoke.

“Darling Joe,

Yes you can call me darling. I don’t mind and I am sure that Danny doesn’t mind either sharing his Darling!

The first thing is that if you are reading this then you will know that it is okay to come and visit. I will write this letter, read it to Danny and then hand it to him to post. It will be his decision whether to post it or not .He is my husband and he has to make that choice of giving me to you. I have already told him that I will fuck other men, black men that is. He knows that. But I would sooner it just be you.

Obviously I do want you to come and stay with us. I miss you. I miss your fucking. I miss the way you just took me as and when you desired. I miss the nights we had together when you would fuck me as you pleased. I miss how you would just change positions partway through our fucking; you were just satisfying yourself with my body any way and any how you wanted. You found my submissive side. I like to be just taken; fucked and used. You do that so well Darling.

You don’t have to ask me if Danny can watch us and neither do you have to ask me if you can take my ass if you come over. You don’t even have to ask if you can sleep in my bed with me. You tell me what you want and I will do it. That is the way I want things to be when you come over. I want to be your slut to fuck and use as you desire.

If you get this letter then Danny will know and understand that is the way I want things. If you want him to watch us; want him to watch you satisfy yourself with my body then so be it. I am sure that in letting you come to me then he knows and understands that I need you; he understands that I have needs that only a man like you can meet; he understands and loves me enough to share me with you.

I look forward to seeing you again and I have put our telephone number at the end of the letter for you to call and discuss travel arrangements.


Your darling and filthy slut





P.S. Give King Dick a hug from me. I can’t wait to give him a nice long kiss when I see him and my pussy wants to give him a good tight, wet hug!”


Danny stood there sensing his erection hard and uncomfortable in his trousers. Claire looked at it as she handed him the letter. “You really want me to post this?” He asked her.

Claire reached out with her hand and touched him. “You know that I do and I think you do as well don’t you?”

“I....I am worried Claire.” Danny started to say. “You might fall in love him. You might want to go away with him. You might leave me for him.”

Claire looked pensive as she gently squeezed his hardness. “There is always that possibility darling. There is always the chance that I won’t want him to leave but that is the risk we take.” She replied.

“I......I...... always want to be with you Claire.” Danny told her. “I love you but I am willing to share you with another man. I am willing to share you with Joe.”

Claire looked up at him for a moment and then dropped to her knees and began to pull down his zip. “I always want to be with you as well,” she told him. “But I am always going to put you to the cuckold test and you are always going to pass it, you know that don’t you?”

Danny groaned as her lips folded around his cock. She sucked him for a few minutes and then pulled away and put his erection back in his pants and zipped him up again. Standing up, she kissed him “Are you going to post it then?” She asked him.

Danny stood in silence for a few a moments.

“While you are out I will make a start getting the spare bedroom ready for you.” Claire told him.

“For me?” He asked.

Claire put her arms around his neck and kissed him again. “Where else are you going to sleep when Joe comes to stay?” She said as she pressed herself against him.

Danny felt his erection bulging in his trousers.

“As I said,” she told him. “You are always going to pass the cuckold test with me!”

Danny walked away hoping that by the time he got to the front door his bulge would have subsided.

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