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The Cuckolded Reviewer - His Wife's Story

The Reviewer's wife tells her side of the story and reveals the truth
I think it only right and proper that I put you fully in the picture about Tim’s story. I also need to tell you the truth about Abe and me. Tim is now fully in the picture and wants me to share this with you all.

The first thing to tell you is that Abe and I actually got together a few weeks before Tim’s account of our first coupling. Some of you more observant readers may have guessed that already. The fact that I could be comfortable being naked in the presence of a stranger on that first night in Tim’s account might have been a giveaway. Most girls will tell you that they are quite shy that first time they get naked with a man. It is only natural isn’t it?

I was surprised that Tim didn’t notice how comfortable I was with letting Abe undress me let alone bathe and dry me. And as for shaving me down there, well...most women will tell you that they have to know a man quite well before they let him take a razor to their most intimate parts like that. The truth is I was comfortable being naked with him that night because I had been naked in front of him numerous times before. We had shared showers and baths together and as for shaving me...well he had become a dab hand at getting rid of my morning stubble! The truth is Abe had been fucking me a month or so before that night.

The real story began about a couple of months before that night when I suggested to Tim that he write a cuckold story and that I also help him. As well as helping Tim with his story reviewing I would also sort out his mail etc on the site. Tim is a very busy man and though I have a full time job working from home I have more free time and so I used to check his mailbox and deal with any non urgent things.

On that fateful day I came into contact with Abe for the first time over some very urgent business. Tim was out of town for the day and could not deal with it so I emailed Abe back and as well as getting the matter sorted we got chatting. I rarely chatted to people on the site. I am quite a reserved person actually and not a great one for spending time getting to know people. There is also the fact that you can’t be certain about who you are talking to anyway out there so I am naturally cautious. There are a lot of weird people out there.

I found Abe easy to chat to though. There was just something about him that drew me to him. He was cheeky too! We got talking in general and about each other and we then started talking about Tim’s writing and his penchant for ‘wife lover’ stories. Abe asked me straight out, “Has Tim been cuckolded?” He asked cheekily.

“NO!” I said adamantly.

“Would you like to cuckold him?”

I hesitated. Don’t ask why but I just had to think about it.

“Is that a ‘yes’ or a ‘maybe’?” He asked me.

I laughed nervously to myself.

“I would like to help,” he said.

I laughed again to myself, “I bet you would!” I told him.

“It would give me great pleasure,” he said, “and great pleasure for you too.”

“Bragging now are we?” I said to him.

“I don’t brag,” He responded seriously, “I can put my money where my mouth is or in this case put my ...”

There was a tone in his text that was kind of menacing and yet drawing. I felt afraid and yet I also felt drawn to him.

“I thought Tim was your friend?” I said to him.

“He is,” Abe replied, “but friend or not, if I can get away with fucking another man’s wife or girlfriend I will.”

The chat screen went silent for a few moments.

“I would love to fuck you Trish.” He said breaking the silence.

I closed off the screen and exited. I wasn’t offended by his come on, quite the opposite in fact. I was attracted to him. Don’t ask me why or how. I had had guys say things like that in the past to me and it just left me angry. When Abe said it I had a flutter in my tummy. I could just picture the tall, muscular and masculine figure of Abe reaching out for me. I could just see his large dark skinned hand reaching out to grab me and instead of pulling away I allowed him to draw me to him; pull me to him. I could picture his hands all over my body.

That was my introduction to Abe.

When I went back online a while later there was a very apologetic email in my inbox from him. I just sent one back saying ‘no worries.’ Over the next ten days or so we chatted again. Our chat’s got hotter and hotter. Abe was articulate. He had a way with words that would draw your inner most desires out of you. Tim had been the only man that I had had sex with and so it was only natural to wonder what other men would be like.

He asked me if I had ever thought of sleeping with a black guy. I hadn’t of course. He wanted to be the first, “I would love to introduce you to black cock,” he told me. “I want to be the first to slide my big black cock into your wet pussy.” He told me.

His words excited me and made me wet. I was in a state of continual sexual excitement from out online chats. Tim would often come home and wonder what had hit him as I dragged him off upstairs for a shagging. If nothing else, Abe had given our sex life a boost.

The next stage of our relationship was the telephone contact. I was very reluctant to make that first move but Abe gave me his number and I plucked up courage to ring him. His voice was as I imagined, commanding and authorative. He told me that I sounded very sexy.

“I wish I was there with you now,” he told me, “I would be pulling your knickers down your legs.” He told me.

“Why?” I asked him softly.

“So that I could taste your pussy.”

I could say nothing as I pictured him pulling them down and then spreading my legs to bury his face between my thighs.

“Would you like that Trish?” He asked me, “Would you like me to make you cum with my tongue?”

Of course I would. I wanted him. I wanted more than just his tongue inside me but I was married. I loved Tim. He was my world. Even so, I still wanted Abe. The calls continued. At the end of nearly every call I would be that wet that I would have to change my knickers, after lying down on the bed and masturbating of course.

It was inevitable that we would meet. We lived less than an hour apart. It was inevitable. Abe had said, “Just for a coffee in town.”

We both knew that it would be for more than a coffee. I chose a day when I knew that Tim would be out of the area and we met at the local Costa (fortune) Coffee House. I have a friend who has a term for men that she finds ‘fuckable’. She calls them ‘panty droppers.’ I knew as soon as I saw him stand up, as I entered the cafe, that I would be dropping my panties for him. He looked so big and masculine and had a smile that made me melt. He took my hand and shook it before kissing me on the cheek. I felt like a sixteen year old on my first date all over again.

We chatted, had a couple of coffees and agreed to meet up again. We left together heading for the multi-storey car park with the intention of going our separate ways. When we got into the stair well we found ourselves completely alone. It was very unusual, there were nearly always people milling around because it is a very busy shopping centre. Abe stopped, turned and pulled me to him. I pushed my hands against his chest as he kissed me intending to push him away but I found my hands gripping his jacket lapels instead. His hands quickly moved down my body to the hem of my dress. Before I knew it a hand was inside my panties.

His fingers slid down my moist furrow and inside me. They were fingers that I was not used to feeling against my flesh; thick probing fingers searching my most intimate place. They were a strangers fingers and I groaned and parted me thighs to allow him more access. It only lasted a few seconds as we heard voices above us but it was long enough. I drove away with an excitement that I had never felt before and with Abe following carefully behind.

Once inside the door I headed straight up the stairs with Abe following. Part way up his hands reached up under my dress and touched me between my thighs. He was eager to get at me. He started to tug at my panties and I had to stop for a moment and let him drag them off me, resting my hands on a step so that I could support myself as I lifted my feet. Abe left them lying there as we continued to our bedroom.

I turned around at the edge of our bed and Abe reached out and gave me a shove pushing me backwards onto the bed. He pounced like a lion pushing my dress back; uncovering me; exposing me; readying me. Gripping my hips, he pulled me to him and buried his head between my spread thighs. He wanted to taste me. He had told me that enough times. He did taste me. His tongue moved up and down my parted pussy lips flicking over my clitty before plunging into my love channel. I was soon screaming obscenities and writhing under him. No one had ever tongued me like that before.

When he pulled away I opened my eyes and watched him as he stripped. I saw his muscular body come into view as he pulled off his top; broad shoulders and biceps that a heavyweight boxer would be proud to own. He pushed down his trousers revealing his tight fitting white trunks. The bulge was obscene, ‘surely that wasn’t a penis inside them,’ I thought to myself. It was. I watched as he pushed them down to expose his huge cock.

I was scared as he crawled onto the bed between my legs. Not just scared but petrified, ‘Was he actually going to put that inside me?’ I thought.

He was going to and he did.

He was slow and gentle as he pressed its bulbous head against my pussy lips, “Its okay, he said softly, “just relax.”

Abe slowly inched his way forward. I kept looking down; watching as his huge dark skinned monster slowly disappeared into the white flesh of my body. Once fully inside me he pulled out and began to kiss me as he slowly pushed it back inside again. He did it again and again continuously as he began to build up a rhythm. I was already experiencing my first orgasm as he slipped his hands underneath my bottom.

I knew the heavy pounding was coming next as he pulled me tightly into him. I could see the lust in his eyes. I could see that look of conquest. He had me now; there was no escape. I was about get fucked properly now. He had promised me a proper fucking and now I was getting it.

I tightened my arms around his neck and kissed him, “Come on,” I whispered, “show me that you can put your money where your mouth is then!”

Abe growled and dug his nails into my bottom. He proved that was a man of his word.

Afterwards as I lay in bed next to him the guilt about what I had done came over me. Abe seemed to sense this and kissed and caressed me. He showed me that he had a tender side as well. Ten minutes or so later he showed me his wild side again as he turned me over onto my tummy. After placing a pillow under my hips he climbed on top of me and with his legs either side of mine, proceeded to fuck me. I had never been fucked in this position before.

After he left I knew that there was no going back. I loved Tim, he was my life, but I also now knew that I needed Abe as well. We had lain there after our second fuck and slowly touched and caressed. I watched his dark skinned hand exploring my white skinned body. It shouldn’t be. It felt like breaking a taboo; crossing a boundary that shouldn’t be crossed. But it also felt so exciting.

Afterwards we showered together. He became aroused again and fucked me. As I leant over the bath gripping onto the edge Abe took me from behind. It was out of this world. We showered once more and he grew excited again but there was no sex this time. There was a very passionate moment though as we kissed. Abe ran his hand over my tummy and asked me if I planned to have a family one day.

I nodded.

Abe pulled me tightly against him and kissed me, “I would like to be the father of your baby.” He said.

At first I thought that he was joking but he wasn’t. I could tell from the look in his eye that he was serious. The thing was I felt an excitement by what he had said. This should definitely be a ‘no no’ but for some reason I clung tightly to him in silence.

For the next couple of weeks or so we fucked regularly. At least every couple of days Abe would come round, mostly first thing in the morning. Sometimes Tim’s car would hardly be out of the drive way before Abe pulled up in his. I hardly had time to wash and dress properly at times.

Most times he would drag me back into my still warm bed and fuck me, but there were times when he would patiently wait while I showered and dressed for him. I enjoyed that, dressing for him, that is. He would always stop me at the panty stage. I would get as far as the stockings and suspenders and that would be it. His hand would grab my arm and pull me to the bed. My pussy would be treated to the gentle lashings of his tongue and then to the ravages of his large thick cock. I would be exhausted by the time he had finished with me.

Most days he would be gone by lunch time but there were a couple of days when he stayed the whole day. Tim was out of town so we were safe from being disturbed. Tim did telephone though. I would sit there in bed next to Abe with his cock in one hand and my mobile in the other. Abe’s hand would be between my thighs and his fingers toying with my pussy.

It was the second full day that we spent together that our relationship took a new turn. Up until then it had just been based on sex as far as I was concerned. I loved Tim and saw him as my life partner. Abe on the other hand, though I was getting close to him, was just a lover. That morning when he arrived I was having a coffee. I had just showered and had slipped on a short silk dressing gown in readiness for going back to bed. I was also in the process of taking my contraceptive pill and it was the first of my new cycle.

Abe picked up the strip of tablets at the side of my coffee cup. I knew what he was going ask before the words came out of his mouth.

“I would love it if you stopped taking these,” he said.

“I...I can’t,” I told him.

“I would pull out,” he said.

“I could still get pregnant,” I told him, “pre-cum and all that. Anyway you would have to be really disciplined to pull out each time.”

He leaned over and kissed me and slid his hand between my legs. His fingers felt good.

“It will be exciting taking that risk,” he said as his fingers probed.

His fingers found my clitty. His touch was soft and gentle, “Let’s go upstairs,” he suggested.

A few minutes later we were in bed and fucking. I knew that my pills were still on the kitchen table and that I could take one as soon as we had finished but for some reason I found myself getting so excited fucking before taking it. As usual Abe told me that he was coming and then he pulled out of me. I looked down and saw his sperm splashing all over my tummy and my mound. I could feel its heat as well. It was exciting.

We fucked again afterwards and then had a snooze before lunch. After lunch we went back to bed and fucked again. Later Abe gave me my final fuck of the day. Each time he had pulled out and cum either over my tummy or over my ass. My pills were still lying there after he had left and I picked up the packet. I decided not to take one. It was a turning point. I also decided that it was time to get Tim interested in cuckolding.

How I got the idea about the story I don’t know. It just came to me. I was so pleased when Tim accepted it that night. Abe came round first thing next morning and I told him what had happened. I also told him that I stopped taking the pill. He took me upstairs and I expected to receive his usual hard fast and furious fuck but he was different this time. He was more gentle and loving. It was more of a romantic fuck.

Afterwards he took one of my wipes and cleaned up his cum from my tummy, “Thank you for trusting me,” he told me.

“What if I did get pregnant?” I asked him. What if you did make me pregnant? What would you do?”

Abe kissed me, “I would take care of you,” he told me.

Our get togethers became daily from then on. It was as if our relationship had gone into a different gear. It was a strain for me though at times. I was working on Tim so that I could officially cuckold him and I was also in a bit of turmoil with my relationship with Abe. We were getting closer. The idea of being able to fuck openly was exciting but I was also looking at the relationship long term. Abe wanted me, I knew that. It had been all lust before with him but now he was using words like ‘love’ and ‘darling’ more often now. There was also the fact that it would also only be a matter of time before I got pregnant. It was all getting a strain.

The relationship went up another gear a few days later, the day that I fitted Tim’s cock cage. It was Abe who bought the cage. He came round first thing that morning with it and put down on the telephone table. I had put on my tennis dress for him but I had left off the panties. Abe growled when lifted the hem and saw my nakedness.

“BEDROOM!” He shouted.

I dutifully obeyed.

Inside the bedroom Abe stripped the dress from me and then undressed himself. But before he climbed on top of the bed with me he took a pair of handcuffs from his jacket pocket. “I bought these to use on Tim as well,” he said as he placed them down.

I looked at them and then Abe looked at me. It was almost like telepathy between us. Abe picked them back up and fastened one cuff around my wrist before pushing me back on the bed and pushing my arms back. Moments later my hands were bound to the head board rails. I felt vulnerable. Abe stood over me looking down at me for a few moments and then ran his hand down my naked body and between my legs. I watched his cock fully stiffen.

I felt nervous and vulnerable, “You’’re going to cum inside me aren’t you?”

I don’t know why I said that. I don’t know how the thought even came into my head but when he nodded I felt a surge of sexual excitement that I had never experienced before. Abe climbed on to the bed and between my legs. He began to kiss the insides of my legs from the ankles upwards. He reached the top of my thighs and then started again. It was excruciatingly erotic.

Each time he came back up he kissed higher and higher until he reached my pussy. His tongue touched my pussy lips and I came. He spared any more excruciation and swept up my thighs under his arms lifted my legs onto his shoulders. As he lowered himself he looked into my eyes before kissing me.

“I ain’t pulling out,” he told me as he penetrated me.

I moaned softly as his fullness entered me. I knew that already. I also knew that I didn’t want him to pull out either. I was bound and helpless and I wanted him to take advantage of me. I wanted him to use me as he wished. When I felt his seed entering me I orgasmed. It was probably the best orgasm that I had had so far from him.

There was now a new urgency in our relationship, an urgency to get Tim to accept being cuckolded and an urgency to get him to accept that Abe was going to make me pregnant. When Abe spoke to Tim on the phone that night he told me that he thought Tim was ready. He had known many cuckolds over the years; he had cuckolded many husbands. Abe knew their mindset. He knew when there was a ‘no way’ is another man going to touch my wife mentality and he knew when a man was susceptible to being cuckolded. Tim lay in the latter category.

We had already decided when we would make our push but Abe also suggested leaving it until the last minute before we told Tim. On the day before we had spent the whole afternoon in bed together. We had fucked and talked; screwed and made plans; made love and plotted. It was a just a case guiding Tim into accepting the fate that awaited him.

It was Abe’s idea for us to sleep together that Saturday night and not have sex. He reckoned that if Tim could accept that then the rest would be plain sailing. Tim would just need a little shove in the right direction. It was strange though sleeping together without sex. It had been the first time that we had been in that bed together without actually having sex.

The drawing of straws didn’t go quite the way we planned. We were sure that one of us would win. The odds were in our favour after all but Tim won. It was easy to see though that Tim was pliable and when I saw how much he was aroused I just had to take the bull by the horns. Once Abe had fucked me in front of him the battle was won.

All that was left to do now was to push the advantage home. After a couple of weeks of having Abe practically living with us I took Tim aside and asked him if Abe could move in. I did feel guilty as I helped him move his belongings into the spare bedroom but I had reassured him that I loved him.

That night was also the night, I am certain, that I conceived. As Abe and I slipped under the covers I realised that this bed was now mine and Abe’s bed. It was no longer mine and Tim’s bed. It felt so different. When Abe came inside me that night I suddenly felt different. There was a strange tingling feeling deep inside. I knew that I was pregnant. When my period didn’t appear three weeks later I bought a testing kit and it confirmed that I was pregnant.

Telling Tim that I wanted to divorce him and marry Abe was very hard for me. I loved Tim and still do but for practicality it had to be done. I just couldn’t go around with a white husband and a coloured baby. Tim was quite willing to but I wasn’t and I also had to think about the child in the future. Tim was very understanding even though he was upset, and went along with things.

As Tim has already told you we sold our home and then the three of us bought a converted farmhouse and moved into it. After Primrose was born Abe and I got married. It was just a simple affair, as they say. You already know that Tim slept with me on my wedding night. He was already sleeping with me before the birth of my daughter so Abe was quite okay with it. Tim enjoyed the fact that he was officially cuckolding Abe; cuckolding the man who had cuckolded him.

Abe played his part very well. He undressed me for Tim and then left us alone to consummate his marriage. Next morning he brought us tea in bed and there were also the obligatory clean up duties for him as well. It was a honeymoon to remember I can tell you!

So what about the future then? Well who knows? We are all very happy together; we get on well and rarely fall out. Tim and Abe are good friends and are often out together doing the things that men do. And when they get back from their male bonding sessions they turn their attention to me. Although I sleep mostly with Abe, I sometimes slip into Tim’s bed and spend the night with him and every now and again Abe will invite him into our bed to share me. Which is quite nice really because they will compete and see who can shag me the most times that night. Abe nearly always wins but Tim doesn’t mind. He enjoys lying there with me, holding me, kissing and fondling me while Abe pounds the hell out of me

I suppose to some this lifestyle is quite a strange one and certainly is not what it was originally intended to be. It certainly isn’t your run of the mill cuckold relationship, that’s for sure. In many ways it is more of a polyamorous relationship, I am a woman shared by two men.

Will there be any more children in the future? For sure. Tim wants a child and we have agreed that in a couple of years time Abe will make way for him to achieve this. Will I divorce Abe and marry Tim for practicality sake like I did when I had Primrose? I just might, I don’t know yet. What does it matter anyway who’s ring I wear on my finger? I belong to both of them and both of them belong to me.

We’ll keep you posted!

In the meantime though, a few people have expressed an interest in receiving some advice from us about the cuckolding lifestyle. One couple in particular are very interesting in taking those first steps. I am sure Abe would be more than willing to guide them through it, with my assistance of course. I have already guided two husbands through the pleasures of being cuckolded. I am sure that I can manage another one!

I’ll keep you posted!

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