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The Cuckolded Reviewer - Part III

The Reviewer's story begins to take shape and takes him closer to being cuckolded

Nothing I had read from the accounts of cuckolded husband prepared me for the next ten days. I had read many first time cuckolding accounts but none really seemed to give me a full insight into what I would go through.

I knew the moment that I got off the bed wearing my new attachment, that things were never going to be the same again. Trish was already racing ahead of me and setting a pace that I just couldn’t keep up with. For one thing, if I was going to write a cuckold story it would never have occurred to me to actually live the experience. Instead, I would have taken other people’s accounts and put them into a fictional context, but Trish had a different approach.

That evening we sat quietly and talked. She was still wearing her yellow tennis dress but her panties were quite damp now. I fondled her as we spoke about where we were going with all this. Trish admitted that she was getting quite swept along with it as well.

“I used to think that most women would be horrified if their husbands turned round and asked them if they could share them with another man but I can see things differently now,” she told me. “If you just look at it from the sexual side, it is exciting. Having the sexual freedom to enjoy sex with other men is really exciting.”

“You want to fuck Abe don’t you?” I asked her.

“I’m not sure to be honest,” she replied. “I find it exciting that he wants me. I enjoy hearing from him about what he would like to do to me in bed. It is nice to be wanted in that way. But I don’t want it to affect our relationship.” She added.

I said nothing.

Trish reached over and touched my bulge, “Mind you, I do love leading you along with it all. Abe thinks I would make a good Femdom wife.”

I remained silent as she fondled me.

“How far will you let me take you?” She asked me.

I shook my head, “I don’t know to be honest,” I told her, “I really don’t know.”

I felt quite uncomfortable. My cock couldn’t stretch properly. It wanted to grow fully erect; it wanted relief as well but none was forthcoming.

Trish reached over and kissed me. “Let’s just see how it goes,” she told me. “This weekend we will go shopping and you can buy me some really sexy underwear as well as a new dress.”

“You have lots of sexy underwear already.” I told her.

“I know,” she replied as she touched me again, “but they have all been for you. I want something special for him; something exclusively his and I want you to buy it for me.”

“W...what’s the point if he won’t be seeing it?”

Trish kissed me again, “Who said that he wouldn’t?” she told me as she smiled. “I may let him see me and I may not. It just depends how I feel at the time.”

I kissed her and at the same time slipped my hand inside her panties. She was very moist; wetter than usual in fact. I suddenly felt the urge to taste her and I slipped down on to the floor between her legs. Trish lifted her bottom as I reached for the waistband of her panties.

She cried out the moment my tongue touched her and a flood of juices greeted my tongue. She was horny; there was no doubt about that. Using my thumbs, I prized her pussy lips wide open to feast upon her. I knew that Trish liked to be eaten this way; long strokes of the tongue up and down her furrow and over her clitty, followed by some deep penetration inside her love channel. Trish also liked me to take her inner labia lips in my mouth and gently nibble at them.

I knew that Abe was on her mind as I did it. I knew that she was thinking of him but it didn’t bother me. I just enjoyed her bucking and writhing under my face. I enjoyed her hands digging deep into my skull as she held me in, and I enjoyed the feel of her juices gushing against my mouth and soaking my cheeks. I also enjoyed her cries and screams that resulted from her oral satisfaction. Trish must have had four or five orgasms by the time I finished.

Naturally, I wanted satisfying as well. I wanted my cage off and her hand around my cock but Trish wouldn’t comply. As I stood there in front of her with my trousers down and holding up my shirt to give her access, she just gently held my cage and shook her head. “Abe said I should leave you alone until he comes next weekend,” she told me.

My heart sank.

“Abe says that he never lets his Cucks touch their wives in between his visits,” she told me.

“But...but I am not his Cuck,” I told her feeling disappointed, “not in reality anyway.”

Trish cupped my testicles in her hand and looked up at me, “And what if you are about to be cuckolded...?”

Her words brought back that sense of insecurity. One part of me felt that she would not take it all the way but I also felt unsure and uncertain. It was easy going along with it if I knew that at the end of the day she would not go as far as letting Abe fuck her, but I couldn’t be sure of that and neither could I be sure of what my reaction would be. I had read accounts of cuckolds who actually preferred the fantasy of it all rather that the actual reality, but they went along with because their wives wanted to do it. I knew deep down inside that if Trish insisted on doing it I would probably go along with it just to please her.

It was a couple of nights later when Trish came into the room with her mobile phone in hand. A few minutes earlier she had been in the kitchen talking to someone. I assumed that it was her sister.

“Abe wants a word,” she told me upon handing me the phone.

I had never spoken to him before so I had no idea what he sounded like. His tone was obviously African American.

“Hi Tim. How’s it going?” He asked me.

I stammered nervously in replying that things were fine.

“How’s the story coming along?” He asked.

“W...well, got a few ideas.” I told him.

“Good, good, Tim,” he replied, “You know that Trish has asked me to help you both out?”

“Yes.” I replied.

“I thought I might give you some pointers about Saturday night,” he said to me.

I felt a heaviness in the pit of my stomach.

“I would like you to book a table for us both in a restaurant that is special to you and Trish,” he said.

“W...wouldn’t it be better in one that we are not known in?”

“No, Tim,” he responded firmly. “The object is to humiliate the cuckold. It’s all part of the cuckolding Tim, the wife and her lover dining in a public place and one that she usually frequents with her husband.”

“I see.” I sighed.

“I would also like you to take us there and pick us both up when we are finished.”

I said nothing.

“And I usually ask the cuckold to pay for the meal the first time as well,” Abe said.

It was like a kick to the gut.

“You can give me some cash before we go in, Tim. I have had cuckolds actually come into the restaurant and pay as I am leaving with his wife but I will spare you that humiliation.”

I didn’t know what to say in reply.

“ do know that Trish isn’t actually going to...going to go the whole way, don’t you?” I said after a few moments.

“Do I, Tim?” Abe responded. “I have been on many first dates and I have learned that on a first date only the woman knows if sex is going to happen. The man always wants it and if it was down to him he would get it, but you know as well as me Tim, it’s the woman who gives it. If and when is always down to her.”

I said nothing.

“There are a couple of other things to sort out as well, Tim.” Abe said breaking the silence.


“You will be buying some lingerie for her won’t you?” Abe asked.


“I prefer black,” he told me, “black and lacy. I prefer panties to be see-through and it goes without saying, that stockings and suspenders are required as well.”

“Okay.” I sighed.

“I suggest that you also buy her something to wear in bed,” he said. “Maybe a black and lacy negligee.”

I said nothing.

“I wouldn’t bother with the panties, Tim.” Abe told me.

“B...but things won’t be going that far?” I said.

Abe cleared his throat. “Neither of us know that for sure, do we Tim?”

I was speechless.

“One more thing Tim,” Abe said. “You will be bathing her and dressing her for me won’t you?”

I knew that a lot of cuckolds liked to do that because it added to the humiliation. “Yes.” I told him.

“I am very particular about the pussy shaving being done properly. I like it as smooth as possible.” Abe told me before he asked me to pass the phone back to Trish again.

I could only look on in a stunned daze as she said “Goodnight,” in a soft and gentle tone. The boundary edge was getting uncomfortably closer.

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