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The Cuckolded Reviewer - Part IV

The story reviewer is on the verge of being cuckolded
I had shopped many times with Trish for underwear. There is something deliciously exciting about standing next to your beautiful wife as she chooses something sexy to wear just for you. Watching her holding it against her body and looking at you with that ‘Well, what do you think?’ look in her eye.

She did it again that Saturday but when she held garments up against her it was a ‘Well, what do you think about this for him?’ look in her eye.

It was agonising. I felt heavy in my gut but at the same time my cock was straining to break free from its restraint. With a couple of pairs of stockings to accompany her lingerie and night wear I took the items to the pay counter. Trish stood by my side as I paid for them. I couldn’t help wondering what the sales girl would have said if she had known that she was folding and gently placing underwear in the store carrier bag for another man to see my wife in.

A short while later and with a new dress to add to the purchases we went back home. Trish laid out the underwear on the bed and took a couple of pictures of them on her mobile and then sent them to Abe. Minutes later her mobile rang. It was Abe. Trish walked away to the kitchen with the phone pressed against her ear.

I sat on the bed feeling both lost and horny. I just didn’t know how I was going to survive another week. A few minutes later Trish returned to the bedroom, there was a serious look on her face. “Abe wants to come over tonight.”

“WHAT?” I exclaimed loudly.

“Abe can’t wait another week,” she said as she sat down beside me and held my hand. “I said it would be okay.”


“I can’t wait either,” she said quietly. “What’s the point of waiting another week anyway? It just drags it out.”

I could see her point but how far was this thing going to go?

“I was not expecting things to get this far.” I told her.

Trish squeezed my hand. I knew now that I had been naive about the whole thing. Putting myself into Abe’s place I would be doing the same thing. There was sex on offer. I knew from accounts I had read by other Alpha males just how much they relished taking another man’s wife.

One account came to mind of a black male’s encounter with a white couple. “I love turning and watching her husband’s face as she kneels and takes me in her mouth. She probably has not done that to him in years and here she is, within minutes of meeting me, with my cock in her mouth. But better still is when I am fucking them. She is squirming and squealing in a way that she has never done for him.”

Abe had been chatting to her for over a week now and there was no doubt that he felt quite assured that he would be cuckolding me. The pictures of the underwear that I had bought for her date with him would have been the final straw. If I was that way inclined and some wife had sent me pictures in the same circumstances I would have been round like a shot.

Trish squeezed my hand again. She could sense my insecurity. Suddenly I remembered the table I had booked for them.

“The table is booked for next week,” I told her with excitement, “you won’t get one tonight. You know how busy they get.”

“I just changed it,” she told me. “They had a cancellation.”

My heart sank again.

“’re not actually going to do anything tonight?” I asked her.

Trish shifted uneasily beside me.

“Probably not,” she replied, “you know me and first date. I may not even like him; maybe there won’t be any chemistry between us anyway.”

“But what if there is?” I asked her.

Trish squeezed my hand again, “Let’s just play things by ear.” She told me.

I just sat there for a few minutes as Trish tidied up her lingerie. I knew that her quietness meant that she was deep in thought. What she was thinking about I didn’t exactly know but It was bound to be about Abe. How far she was intending going was bound to be uppermost in her thoughts.

She was also no doubt thinking about my reaction to all this. I had also read accounts of wives who were eager to cuckold their husbands but were also concerned about their husband’s feelings and reactions. Was Trish one of those wives? Was Trish eager to get fucked by Abe but was holding back because of me?

There were lots of questions running through my mind. In one way though I was glad that Abe had rang. I couldn’t take another week of this. Trish was right. It was pointless waiting another week.

I glanced at my watch.

“Abe will be here about 5.00pm,” Trish told me.


Trish nodded, “I know that the table is booked for 7.00pm but it gives us a chance to have a chat and I have to get ready as well.”

I looked up at her concerned.

Trish came over to me at the edge of the bed. She kissed me, “Maybe he wants to supervise you getting me ready?”

There was a smile on her face but mine had a look of horror. Trish kissed me again and fondled me. I was locked in my cage but I could still feel my erection pressing against the constraints.

“Would that bother you?” She asked.

“Of course it would,” I told her.

Trish knelt down in front of me resting her hands upon my knees.

“What if that is not my ‘edge’?” She asked me.

I gulped.

Trish got up and left me alone to contemplate the hours ahead. Once again, I had read many accounts of first time cuckolding and by all accounts this was the worst time. Most cuckolds were full of excitement about what was to happen but at the same time very nervous and feeling jealous as well. I remembered one man writing that he felt his knees wobble the first time they had met his wife’s lover to be. “I shook his hand and then watched in horror as he gave my wife’s hand a gentle shake and then kissed her on the lips.” He had said.

When our door bell rang just after 5.00pm I didn’t want to answer it. I told Trish to but she said that it wasn’t really her place to do that. It was left to me then to open the door to a tall, well built black American. We shook hands and then Trish stepped forward with her hand out. Abe took it and shook it gently as he reached forward and kissed her on the cheek.

I knew from the look on her face that she had immediately taken to him. It was only a split second look but I saw that smile; I saw that look of lust. I also saw her eyes fall to his groin area. In just a split second I saw that Trish wanted him. I felt very uneasy.

Trish poured a glass of wine for herself and Abe. I was driving later and I had to sit there with them around the kitchen table drinking coffee. I desperately needed a large glass of brandy. We talked about things in general at first. Abe asked me if I had been the site and I told him that I hadn’t had time.

He smiled, “Other things on your mind, hey?” He said.

Out of the corner of my eye I saw Trish smile at him. I knew that she was warming to him.

“So,” Abe suddenly said, “are we going to address the elephant in the room then?”

Trish smiled again but I just looked down at my half empty coffee cup.

“W...what usually happens at this stage?” Trish asked him.

Abe shrugged his shoulders, “There’s nothing set in stone,” he told her. “We can just talk or you can jump on my body and ravish me if you prefer.” He added with a huge grin.

Trish giggled.

I just sat nervous and silent.

“We are new to this,” Trish told him, “We have no idea what comes next.”

Abe took a sip of his wine, “Well you do have to get ready for our date,” he said, “Maybe we should start there.”

Trish turned and looked at me for a moment and then turned back to Abe. “Tim is to bathe and dress me then?”

Abe nodded.

“W...what if you were to do it for me?” Trish asked him.

Both of us sat bolt upright in surprise with her question.

“Unconventional I know,” Trish said, “but maybe Tim needs to be shown what to do.”

Abe looked at me and then turned to Trish, “Whatever’s okay with you both is fine by me.”

Trish turned to me,”I...I would like Abe to get me ready,” she told me as she lay a hand of comfort on my thigh.

I was stunned. I didn’t know what to say.

“B...but he will see you naked.” I said stupidly.

I saw a flicker of a smile on Abe’s face.

“I know,” Trish said, “I want him to see me naked.”

I was still stunned when Trish suddenly got up. Abe stood up as well. Moments later we were both following her up out of the room and into the hallway.

I knew that I should be putting a stop to the proceedings. I knew that I should be putting the brake on things. It was all racing ahead of me and getting out of control but I missed the moment. I followed the two of them upstairs and into our bedroom.

For a moment was all stood there looking at one another and then Abe spoke, “The bathroom’s en-suite then?”

Trish nodded.

“Okay Tim,” Abe said, “Let’s run a bath for Trish.”

I followed him into the bathroom. We have a large round bath as well as a shower unit. Abe reached for the plug and placed it in the bath and then turned on the taps. I stood there helplessly and just watched. Trish came into the bathroom and stood for a moment before Abe moved to her side.

“Better get you undressed then young lady.” He said reaching for waistband of her top.

“I hope I am not going to be the only one naked?” Trish said.

“No, of course not.” Abe said.

He stopped tugging at her top and stepped out of the bathroom into the bedroom and began to take off his own top. I found myself tugging at my shirt and in a few minutes I was naked alongside Abe. Trish stood with her arms folded watching.

I saw her eyes looking at Abe and I too began looking where she was looking. There was only one place attracting our interest and it was Abe’s groin. I turned away after a few moments feeling guilty about looking at another man’s penis in such a way. I looked up again when Abe stepped up to Trish and continued undressing her.

It was an odd thing but I had never read anywhere in the stories I had reviewed of the lover undressing the cuckold’s wife at the first time of meeting. It had always been the cuckold undressing his wife for her lover not the other way around. It was so odd and so strange. I just stood there and watched as he undressed her, garment after garment, stripped away from her until she was standing there completely naked.

I just stood there watching for a moment or two as he stood back and admired her. I stood there watching as his cock stiffened. I suddenly realised that he was only the second man to see her naked; only the second man to gaze on her nakedness and get an erection. I also suddenly realised my own erection struggling against the constraining cage.

A few more moments passed before Abe put his hand on her shoulder and led her to the bathroom. I followed them inside and watched as he guided into the bath. Trish sank down in the warm soapy water before reaching for one of her sponges.

“I think Trish could do with another glass of wine Tim,” Abe said as took the sponge from her hand.

I returned a few minutes later. Abe was leaning over her and the way his face pulled away from her told me that they had been kissing. Trish’s hand was half closed and just inches from Abe’s erection. It was obvious that she had been holding him. Abe had now had the pleasure of Trish holding his cock. I felt jealous.

“Better get your razor ready Tim,” Abe turned and said, “Trish needs a pussy shave.”

I gulped. There was no need to ask how he knew that.

I had read lots of accounts of husband shaving their wives before a date. Preparing their wife’s pussy for her lover. Making them ready and more pleasant to the touch. There is something very humiliating in a cuckold preparing his wife in that way for another man. I had never read of the lover preparing the wife for himself.

What I witnessed would stay engraved in the mind forever. Watching her stand up for Abe; watching him apply shaving foam and then applying the razor. Stroke after stroke; scrape after scrape. Watching his fingers gently open out her folds of flesh as he applied the razor and afterward watching him rinse her clean. Finally watching him run his finger inside her folds of flesh ensuring that all was smooth.

Abe spoke and awoke me from my trance like state, “Have a feel Tim tell me what you think.”

I stepped forward in disbelief and touched her; touched my own wife’s flesh at the behest of another man. She was perfectly smooth. I looked up at Trish. Her eyes were glazed and I knew that this moment would also be ingrained in her soul as well.

As she stepped out of the bath and into the awaiting towel that Abe held out for her she reached and touched him.

“Thank you,” she told him as she released his cock, “that was so nice.”

Abe smiled, “It was a pleasure.”

I stood back realising that I was witnessing the boundary of the edge she was setting getting further and further away from me.

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