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The Cuckold's Reward - Alistair's Story - Part II

Alistair hears more about his wife's holiday with her lover Abdul
Alistair was awoken next morning by his mobile phone. It was Julie.

“How are you darling?” she asked him.

“Just woken up,” he told her. “I’m missing you.”

“Missing you too,” she replied. “I’ve sent you an email about last night.”

Alistair felt his cock stirring, “I look forward to reading it. Was it good?”


“Abdul fucks you well then?”

“Abdul fucks me very well.”

Alistair was fully erect now.

“I wish I was there with you,” he told her.

“I bet you do.”

Alistair smiled, “So what’s on for today then?”

“Apart from sex?” Julie giggled. “Well it’s just after 1pm here so it we just about to go out for lunch. Then a walk into town. Maybe do some shopping and then back for more sex.”

Alistair was silent for a moment. It was strange hearing her talk about having sex with another man.

“Got a stiffy have you?”


“Take hold of it,”

Alistair reached inside his boxers with his free hand and extracted his erection.

“Got it?”

Alistair groaned.

“I had Abdul’s in my hand a short while ago,” she said softly. “He was just stirring from sleep and I stroked it hard for him.”

Alistair was lying back now; his mobile to his ear and his cock in his free hand.

“W...what happened next?”

“I slipped under the duvet and took it in my mouth,” she told him.

Alistair groaned.

“That’s what Abdul did,” she told him. “He loves his cock being sucked; loves his balls being touched and kissed too.”

Alistair’s breathing began to get heavier as he masturbated.

“You nearly cumming darling?”

“Yes,” he gasped.

“So was Abdul,” she said. “I took him to the brink and then I got on top and fucked him. I fucked him hard and good.”

Alistair groaned loudly.

“That’s it darling cum for me,” she said softly. “Think about me on top of Abdul; his cock deep inside me. Think about me kissing him and telling him what a big thick cock he had, while I fucked him hard.”

Alistair cried out as he climaxed.

A few minutes later she spoke again, “Was that good darling?”

“You’re a dirty girl,” he told her.

“Am I?” she teased.

“Yes, you know you are.”

Julie laughed.

He heard a man’s voice in the background. It was Abdul.

“How are you my friend?” Abdul asked him.

“I am well,” he replied, “and you?”

“Very well too,” Abdul told him. “Your lovely wife is taking good care of me.”

“Is she?”

“Yes. She is one very hot lady in bed.”

Alistair felt both excited and jealous.

Suddenly Julie came back on the phone, “I had better go now,” she told him, “we have a table booked.”

“I love you?”

“I love you too?”

“Be good,” Alistair told her.

She giggled, “Abdul will have no complaints I can assure you.”

Alistair felt better for hearing from her but he still felt a little down. He was missing her and, setting the sex aside, he hurt. He showered and made himself breakfast, then sat down at his laptop.

Hi Darling,

It’s 10.00am here. Just got up to make myself a cup of tea. Abdul is fast asleep; he’s had a hard night!

Last night was good. We went to a restaurant belonging to one of his friends. Don’t ask me to tell you what was on the menu, it was all in Turkish. But we had a traditional lamb dish; it was very nice. Afterwards we went for a walk around the small town. There were shops that I think might be interesting and I will go to them tomorrow.

So what else did I get up to? I think you know that already don’t you? I think you know that Abdul fucked me again. And again. And again.

I don’t know where he gets it from. He’s no sooner finished and he’s getting hard again. He says it’s me. He says I am so sexy that he can’t keep his hands off me. His hands are all over whenever he gets the chance. He kept pulling me into alleys last night and putting his hands up my skirt. On the way home he managed to get my panties off and put them in his pocket. I had to walk home without any knickers on.

I have to admit that I like the attention. I like being wanted like this. I’m not saying that you are not attentative, but Abdul is something else. He just wants into my knickers the whole time.

We fucked in his kitchen when we got back. He got me over the table and lifted my skirt and that was it. Gave me a right good fucking I’ll tell you. Afterwards we had a drink and then it was up to bed and guess what? Yes, he fucked me again.

We lay awake and talked for a while (I’ll tell you about that later) and then we fucked again before we slept. He woke me early in the morning. It was dark so I guess it was about four or five o’clock. He slipped his cock into me from behind while I lay on my side and did me again.

I awoke again just after eight. He was fingering me. I thought it was a wet dream but no, it was Abdul. We fucked again and then went back to sleep.

And so here I am sitting naked on a towel writing to you telling you all that I have been up to. Once I have finished I will go back to bed and wake him with a nice bit of cock sucking. Is that okay?

I know it is.

I am so glad that you persisted with your fantasy. I know I didn’t like it before but you won me round and I am glad. You somehow knew what I needed. I needed a man like Abdul. He is so full of lust and he has released the lust in me. He can’t get enough of my cunt and I can’t get enough of his cock. Thank you my darling.

I will ring you later. I want to hear your voice and I am sure you want to hear mine.

Bye darling. I think I will get him nice and hard and then get on top. Is that okay?

Of course it is. This one will be especially for you!

Bye darling.


Alistair was hard again. Julie had made him hard. Abdul had made him hard He was missing her like crazy and yet he was glad she was with Abdul. He had always fantasised about her being with a man who just wanted to keep on fucking her at every opportunity. She had found one. It was Abdul and he was fucking her with every chance he got.

He made his way upstairs and went into Julie’s knicker drawer. He pulled out a pair of white cotton ones and lay back on the bed. With his trousers and shorts pushed right down and her knickers wrapped around his cock he closed his eyes and thought about Abdul and Julie together.

They could well have been together at that very moments. Abdul could already have removed Julie’s knickers. He could be kissing her pussy right now. He could even be fucking her. He could picture them together; Abdul with his huge cock embedded deep within Julie’s pussy. Her legs wrapped around waist; kissing him, urging him on. Encouraging him by telling him what a great lover he was; telling him that he was bigger and better than her husband.

He could well be filling her pussy now with his semen just as he was filling her panties with his own.


He awoke a little while later. For the second time that day it was to his mobile phone ringing. It was Abdul.

“How are you my friend?”

“I am fine,” he told him, a little worried. “Where is Julie?”

“She is here,” he told him. “She is sleeping.”

Alistair could picture them together. Julie lying there fast asleep and Abdul sitting up in bed besides her talking to him.

“I wanted to ask you my friend if I could come and stay with you both in a couple of week’s time?”

“Y...yes,” he replied. “If that’s okay with Julie.”

“It is,” he told him. “We discussed it over dinner last night and again today.”

“When were you thinking of coming over?”

“Well Julie goes back Friday and I was thinking of flying over the following Friday.”

“Seems okay to me then.”

“Thank you my friend,” Abdul replied. “It will give you the opportunity to watch her with me. You do want that, don’t you?”


“That’s good. I like having a husband watching me fuck his wife,” he told him. “You will enjoy watching me. You will enjoy it even more watching Julie as well; seeing how she responds to my fucking her.”

Alistair had another hard on. He heard Julie’s sleepy voice in the background; heard them talk and then heard her directly.

“Hi darling,” she said, “I was sleeping.”

“I know,” he told her, “Abdul told me. Told me that he wants to come over as well.”

“Is it okay with you?”


“That’s good darling,” she told him. “I know you will enjoy meeting him.”

“Yes, I’m sure. Daresay I will enjoy watching the both of you fucking.”

“Oh you will, darling. Believe me you will.”

Alistair fell silent for a moment.

“I will go now. I’ll email you later,” she told him.

“Lots to tell me, hey?”

“Mmmmmm,” she murmured, “and I’ll have a bit more as well. Abdul is hard again.”

Julie blew him a kiss over the phone and then there was silence. She was gone. She was taking care of Abdul’s erection.

Alistair too had another erection that needed taking care of. Her panties were still wet from his earlier exertions but he didn’t care. He needed to cum just as Abdul was probably needing to cum inside his wife again.

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