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The Cuckold's Reward - Alistair's Story - Part XIII

Alistair gets further drawn in to being cuckolded as Julie deals with a lover's complaint
They showered and dressed later. Julie put on stockings and suspenders underneath a pretty flared blue dress. Alistair watched her dress in pensive silence as he contemplated the change in her. There was an air of self confidence about her. He had watched her dress, in similar mode, a couple of weeks ago before she had set off for Turkey. She seemed a little timid. It was almost as if she was afraid of her sexuality, as if it was wrong to look and act sexy. All that had changed now. Her stay with Abdul and Jeff’s conquest of her had changed all that. She was a different woman; confident, assured and dominant. It made her even sexier but it also made him feel intimidated.

Julie noticed him looking at her and asked what was wrong.

Alistair shook his head.

“Come on tell me,” she insisted.

He told her his thoughts. Julie rushed to where he was standing and hugged him.

“Look, I am never going to leave you,” she told him. “All this is for our enjoyment. I am not doing this just for me but for you as well. I want both of us to get enjoyment out of this.”

Alistair nodded.

“You are getting enjoyment out of this aren’t you?” she asked him as she reached for his bulge.

Alistair nodded. “I am, yes,” he told her, “but I’m afraid of where it will all end.”

She kissed him.

“I love you and you only,” she stated. “Even though I am enjoying myself with these other men they will never take your place in my life. You will always be my husband.”

Alistair felt reassured as they kissed.

Her fingers unzipped him and her hand slipped inside his pants and withdrew his erection. He had also realised just how much he had changed as well. He had never been as horny as he was now. Not even when he was an eighteen year old.

“You only have to ask to get relief,” she told him as she stroked him.

“I...I...” he started to say.

Julie sank to her knees. Her lips engulfed his cock and she began to masturbate him.

Alistair groaned as he reached for the back of her head. “You should do this for Jeff sometime,” he moaned.

Julie pulled away and looked up at him, “Oh, believe me he will be getting this and much more next time I see him.”

Alistair groaned as her lips returned to his cock. A few minutes later his cum was pumping into her mouth.

After she had reapplied her lipstick she moved to where he was sitting on the edge of the bed.

“Take my panties off please,” she told him as she stood before him.

Alistair looked at her with a shocked expression on her face.

“Come on darling,” she told him, “I want you to know that you will be having your Sunday Carvery with a filthy dirty slut.”

Alistair’s hands moved under her dress and to the waistband of her panties. He hesitated for a moment.

“Come on,” she said, “you never know Jeff might be there and maybe he will want another look at my pussy. Maybe even touch it once again.”

Alistair’s hands gripped her panties and moments later she was stepping out of them. He then stood up and kissed her.

“You really are a filthy slut aren’t you?” he said to her.

Julie kissed him back, “I know, she said “but I am your filthy slut.”

Alistair was quite nervous as they sat together enjoying their lunch. He kept up looking at the door every time someone came in. The last person he wanted to see was Jeff. Alistair had no idea how he would handle such an encounter so soon after his fucking of Julie.

The meal was almost over and he was just starting to relax when he looked up and saw Jeff at the bar. Jeff had spotted them too and gave them a friendly waive. He was dreading him coming over to their table but he didn’t. Instead he turned and walked away from the dining area. Julie however got up and told him that she was going to the cloakroom.

She returned five minutes later. There was a smile on her face. She leant over and whispered to him, “Jeff will be fucking me on Tuesday morning,” she told him.

Alistair swallowed hard.

She took a sip of wine and then leaned forward again, “He thinks I am a filthy slut too.”

“Oh,” Alistair said.

“Going out without panties.”

Alistair gasped.

“ the hell does he know?”

Julie smiled.

Alistair groaned at his own stupidity. It was a stupid question. It was obvious how he knew.


Julie leaned forward. “He pulled me into the store room and kissed me,” she told him, “and put his hand up my skirt. He wanted to fuck me there and then”

Alistair groaned again.

She leaned over and kissed him, “He did have a small complaint though,” she said quietly. “He said I had missed a bit. I was a bit bristly down there. Said he would spank me next time.”

Alistair was tongue tied. He couldn’t find the words to say at first.

“’s my fault,” he finally managed to say.

Julie gave him another wicked smile.

“Maybe I should take you home and give you a good spanking,” she told him. “Can’t have my lovers complaining about the state of my pussy like that can I?”

Alistair gulped.

Julie smiled again, “Shall we pay the bill and go?”

Alistair moved to stand up but he had a huge erection that was straining inside his pants.

“I...I can’t move just yet,” he whispered.

Julie stood up. “I’ll pay then.”

Alistair watched her walk over to the bar. He swore that her hips swayed in a way that he had never seen before. She returned a few minutes later and took his hand. He was more decent now even though he still had an erection.

“Does the thought of me spanking you excite you?” she asked as they walked away.

Alistair could feel his erection getting stronger. Julie noticed it too. “I think that answers my question,” she told him. “When we get you home you will get me a garden cane from the shed and come to the bedroom and get your punishment. Then you will shave me properly and service me with your tongue. Do you understand?”

Alistair nodded. He was completely lost now. Where had all this come from? Where had the idea of spanking him come from? Was all this a new awakening inside her? More to the point, was this a new awakening inside him? It was something that he had never even contemplated before; it was way off his radar and yet he clung to her hand full of excitement as she led him home.

Julie was waiting for him in the bedroom when he returned from the garden with a long thin cane. She had removed her dress and was standing by her dressing table stool in the centre of the room in just her bra and stockings and suspenders.

“Strip!” she told him as she took the cane from his hands.

Alistair was all fingers and thumbs as he took off his shirt and then his trousers and briefs. Julie sat on the edge of the bed resting the can across her knees looking at him as he stood in front of her.

“Darling, we just can’t have this can we,” she told him as she reached out with the cane and tapped his left thigh, “it’s just so unacceptable having one of my lovers complaining that my pussy hasn’t been shaved properly, isn’t it?”

Alistair nodded.

“Okay, I know that you are new to all this so there are mitigating circumstances,” she told him, “but lessons have to be learnt for the future. A pussy with bristles can be off putting for a guy especially if he is tonguing me down there. You do understand?”

He nodded again.

Julie stood up. “Okay, lie across the stool please.”

It was small in height so it was just a case of kneeling over it but it served a purpose. Julie walked to the side slid the cane across his bottom. He turned and around looked up at her. Suddenly she moved away and went to the wardrobe. Moments later she returned with a scarf. She straddled him as she tied it around his eyes and then resumed her position.

“You do deserve six of the best,” she told him as she tapped his bottom with the cane. “But I will limited it to just three on this occasion.”

Alistair had no time to respond as the first strike came down across his fleshy bottom. He cried out in pain only to quickly cry out again as the second blow came down. He tensed his muscles in expectation of another blow coming quickly but it didn’t. He waited and waited and then just has he relaxed the final blow came. This time he let out a scream.

Julie straddled him again and removed the scarf.

“Now I hope that you will learn from this lesson,” she told him as he stood up.

He was fully erect and his cock was dribbling precum. Julie reached forward and took him in her hand, running her thumb over the tip of his cock.

“Jeff won’t have reason to complain again, will he?” she said.

Alistair shook his head.

“Good,” she told him. “Now let’s have a proper pussy shave this time and if you please me properly with your tongue afterwards then I’ll get a pair of my soft cotton knickers from my drawer and take care of this for you. Okay?”

“Yes darling,” he told her as he began his walk to the bathroom.

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