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The Cuckold's Reward - Alistair's Story - Part XIV

Julie confesses to Jeff that Alistair enjoys being cuckolded bringing changes to their relationships
Alistair did shave her properly that Sunday afternoon, just as he shaved her properly at 7:30am on the morning of her rearranged assignation with Jeff. Julie lay naked across the bed with a towel underneath her and her legs dangling over the edge of the bed.

He stared down at her pussy for a few moments with a can of shaving foam in hand. ‘Another man was going to be looking at this in less than a couple of hour’s time’ he thought to himself. Not just looking but touching. Not just touching but pleasuring as well. Jeff would be taking care of it properly, as he liked to put it.

Alistair leaned over and kissed her mound before squirting some foam onto his hand. Julie lay back with her hands under her head and watched him as he spread the foam over her cunt lips and between her thighs before applying the razor to her. With each stroke the realisation that he was preparing her for another man hit him harder and harder. Emotionally, he was being torn apart with the strong and natural pangs of jealousy raging against the sexual excitement. Another man would shortly be sliding his erection inside her receptive cunt giving both her and him sexual satisfaction.

“Would it be okay if I got Jeff to do this for me sometime?” she suddenly asked.

Alistair felt his cock straining in his briefs.

“Y...yes,” he replied.

His hand shook momentarily.

“It’s nice having this done, it’s like a form of foreplay," she told him, “and it’s also nice having a guy take his time looking at me like this. It would be good having Jeff getting to know my pussy as well as you do. ”

Alistair could feel wetness around the tip of his cock.

“Did he look at you last time?”

“Yes,” she told him. “In between fucks on Saturday he looked at my pussy a lot and touched it as well. He looked at it Sunday afternoon as well; held my dress up for a few moments and just stood back staring at me.”

Alistair’s hand was shaking almost uncontrollably.

“D...did he say anything?”

Julie smiled. “He said that I had a beautiful one.”

“No wonder he wanted to fuck you there and then?”

Julie laughed. “I thought about giving him a blow job,” she suddenly admitted. “Gave him a gentle squeeze and seriously considered getting down on my knees and pleasuring him.”

Alistair groaned.

“’ll be doing that today, I take it?”

“Maybe, maybe not,” she replied. “Play it by ear, as they say.”

Alistair said nothing as he finished shaving her and then ran his fingers all over her to make sure that there were no bristles. He glanced up towards the corner of the room. The cane was still there and was a timely reminder of what lay in store for him if he failed in his task.

Julie caught his stare and turned around, “Yes,” she told him. “Better be sure there are no complaints this time.”

She sat up and faced him, “You will help me dress will you?” she said as she gripped his bulge.

Alistair nodded silently.

“Think I will wear the other lingerie set that you bought for me this time,” she said as she began to move her hand backwards and forwards. “Not the panties though. I’ll put those on when I leave.”

Alistair groaned.

“Well, there’s no point in giving him extra work to do is there?” she told him. “Besides, I want to lift my skirt for him and show him what an eager girl I am for his cock.”

Alistair let out a load cry as he began to cum. He couldn’t stop himself; he couldn’t hold back from cumming in his pants and anyway Julie wouldn’t stop masturbating him. When he had finished she stood up and kissed him. “Better get cleaned up and changed and help me dress for Jeff.”

An hour or so later Alistair pulled into the car park close to the High Street with Julie beside him. She glanced at her watch. “Eight forty-five,” she told him, “better get going. I will give you a call afterwards and you can take me home.”

Alistair nodded.

Julie reached across and rested her hand on his crotch, “You did put my panties in my handbag didn’t you?”

He nodded again as he felt himself hardening again.

Julie leaned over and gave him a kiss and a final squeeze before stepping out of the car. He watched her walk out of sight then turned around and headed for the office a few minutes away. His mind was all over the place. To make matters worse when he pulled up at the Zebra crossing he spotted Jeff going into the newsagents. He was glad that Jeff hadn’t seen him.

He sat at his desk shuffling papers from one pile to another. It gave the semblance of working but he wasn’t really in a fit state to work. All he could think about was Jeff fucking Julie. He looked up at the clock on his wall; it said 9:15am. ‘They would be at it by now’ he thought. Jeff would be getting deep down and dirty.

He gave his papers another shuffle and looked up again; it was 9:20am. ‘I bet he’s inside her now’ he said to himself.

A phone call from a customer took his mind off them for a few minutes and another call a few minutes later took him away from his desk and to the factory floor. By the time he got back to his desk it was 10.00am. His mind had just started to switch back to Jeff and Julie when his mobile phone rang. It was Julie.

“Hi darling,” she said, “can you speak freely?”

“Yes. What’s wrong?”

“Nothing’s wrong,” she replied, “just a couple of things. First off, Abdul can’t get a flight tomorrow so he will be here on Friday as planned have told Jeff everything.”

“You mean...”

“Yes, he knows about our cuckolding lifestyle. ”

“How come?”

“Well,” she said with a laugh, “Abdul rang when we were hard at it and after I got back to him I decided to come clean about everything.”

“What did he say?”

“Mmmmm, he loves it,” she said. “He wants to know if you can get off work and come round.”

“What now?”

“Huh huh.”


“Come round and find out.”

Alistair thought for a few moments. He was scared and yet excited to find out why. He could easily make some excuse and leave the office for a while. He was a senior manager and the Managing Director was away at a trade mission.

“Alistair?” Julie said.

“Okay,” he told her. “Okay, I’ll be right round.”

Alistair spoke to his deputy and to the receptionist and then left the office. Ten minutes later he was nervously climbing the rear staircase to Jeff’s flat. His finger hovered over the doorbell for a few moments then he took a deep breath and pressed.

Jeff came to the door. He was naked and he hid behind the door as he opened it and beckoned him in.

“Well you’re a dark horse hey,” he told him, “never had you down for this sort of thing.”

Alistair followed behind him. Not only was Jeff naked but he had an erection as well. He found himself embarrassingly drawn to it. He followed him through the lounge and to the bedroom where Julie was sat up naked. He had already seen her dress, bra and stockings lying across the back of an armchair in the lounge.

Jeff patted the side of the bed next to Julie before hoping into the other side of the bed.

“Sit down,” he said as he slid up close to Julie.

Alistair sat down as Jeff slipped an arm around Julie.

“So, you have a thing about Julie fucking other men?”

Alistair nodded meekly.

“I was telling Julie that I used to know a similar couple a while back. You would probably remember the guy if I mentioned his name,” he told him. “We had some good fun, I can tell you. It always makes it easier if it’s out in the open. No sneaking around and telling lies all the time; no guilt either.”

Alistair nodded in acknowledgement. “What happened to them?”

Jeff’s hand had moved up from Julie’s waist and cupped her breast.

“Well they took time out to start a family,” he replied. “They were going to get back into it but ...well raising a family is a full time occupation and then he got a better paid job and moved away.”

“It wasn’t Donald...whatisname was it?” Alistair asked him.

Jeff shook his head. “I’m not saying,” he told him. “What happens in the bedroom stays in the bedroom as far as I am concerned.”

Julie turned to him and reached between his thighs, “So you had lots of fun then?”

Jeff smiled.

Alistair found himself transfixed on her hand around Jeff’s huge cock.

“We did,” he smiled. “She actually wanted me to get her pregnant but he wasn’t all that keen on the idea.”

Julie smiled and then turned to Alistair. “Why don’t you undress darling?” she told him, “You must feel overdressed.”

Alistair stood up and turned his back on them as he stripped. He was nervous as well as shy. He had never been this way in the presence of another man before and he also wandered about what was going to happen. Once naked he turned to face them again. Julie reached up and took hold of his erection. She now had Jeff’s cock in one hand and his in the other hand. She looked at Jeff’s first and then turned back and looked Alistair’s. It was obvious that she was not just making a comparison but also letting both men know too who had the largest erection.

“Jeff was pleased that I was shaved properly this morning, by the way,” she told Alistair as she looked up at him.

Jeff dropped his hand from her breasts to between her thighs. Julie parted them to allow him touch her and Alistair watched his fingers slip between the furrow of her pussy lips.

“Yes, much better job today, Alistair,” Jeff said to him. “And thanks for buying that underwear too; very nice choice. Not forgetting you’re dressing her for me as well. It all adds a nice to touch to it all.”

“D...did that other husband do that as well,” Alistair found himself asking.

Jeff nodded, “And much more besides.”

Alistair felt a nervous shiver down his spine. “W...what was that?” he asked not realising just what he was letting himself in for.

“Well, “Jeff said as he stroked Julie’s pussy again. “He liked to help out. Bit like you with what you’ve done so far but with, shall we say, a few touches that were much more humiliating.”

Julie ran her fingers over the tip of his cock. They were quite sticky with wetness from his precum by now.

“What were they?”

“Things like guiding my cock into his wife if I was going on top or hold it still for her if she was getting on top.”

Julie looked up at him and smiled. “He also liked to make sure that Jeff was nice and hard for his wife.”

Alistair’s jaw dropped.


Julie smiled and then pulled away to lean over Jeff. Alistair watched in horror as she took his cock to her lips and began to lick and suck him. Jeff looked up at him as Julie sucked him. It was clear that he was enjoying her attention. She continued to suck for a few minutes and then she stopped and looked up.

“Do you think Jeff is hard enough for me?” she asked him.

It was clear that he was as hard as a pole. “Looks like it to me,” Alistair told her.

“Come and check for yourself,” she told him as she got onto her knees beside Jeff and beckoned Alistair to get closer as well.

He was like a lamb to the slaughter as he climbed on the bed and shuffled over to them. Julie reached for his hand and pulled it to Jeff’s erection. It was wrapped around Jeff’s shaft before he could do anything about. He had held his own cock many times but never anyone else’s. He had felt his own hardness many times but never anyone else’s. In all this he had never realised just how solid a hard cock felt to the touch.

“Is it hard enough?” Julie asked him.

“I...I think so.”

“Hold it for me,” she told him.

Suddenly she swung her leg around and over Jeff’s body. Alistair held on tightly as she positioned herself over Jeff’s cock with her back to the headboard and facing Alistair.

“That’s it, hold it nice and still for me,” she told him as she lowered herself over the large head of Jeff’s cock.

Alistair gasped as he watched her cunt lips engulf his cock. Julie then reached for him and held onto his shoulders for support. “That’s it darling, help me fuck him.”

He looked down as Julie clung to him with her head resting on his shoulders. He was watching her rising up and down on Jeff’s cock. He was watching it come into view one moment and disappear the next. He saw her glistening juices on his hard shaft and him getting wetter and wetter. He could also hear the sound of slapping thighs and, of course, there were the moans and sighs.

Jeff’s moans were getting louder and louder and he was also thrusting harder and harder against her. And then of course there was Julie not only clinging onto him for dear life for support but also telling him of her pleasure. He had never seen her like this; he had never seen this side of her before. She was screaming about how big Jeff was; shouting about how much she loved his cock. Crying out with her own announcements of oncoming orgasms.

Alistair had always wanted to watch her fuck another man but he had never expected to not just help her fuck another man but also share in that moment of unsurpassed pleasure. Julie clung to him in an almost hysterical craze as she screamed out her own final orgasm just as Jeff’s pumped his seed into her.

They all remained motionless for a few minutes and then Julie began to stir. Alistair looked down and watched her lift herself of Jeff’s cock. It was still hard and very wet. She then pulled away and lay back on the bed next to Jeff with her knees raised and her thighs apart. He looked down at her wet pussy covered in Jeff’s juices. Some were also beginning to seep from her opening. Suddenly her arm came up and reached out for the back of his head.

He had never done it before but he knew exactly what was required of him as she gently pulled him down between her thighs.

“That’s it darling, enjoy!” she said softly.

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