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The Cuckold's Reward - Alistair's Story - Part XVI

Julie's control over her cuckolded husband increases
One hour later Alistair was back at his desk after taking Julie home. He was still reeling from all that had happened earlier. He sat back finding it hard believe what he had just done and what he had been part of.

Jeff had wanted to fuck Julie again before they left. The two men had just managed to get their socks on when they both found themselves standing there watching Julie put her stockings on. They were both mesmerised watching her fastening her stocking tops to her suspender straps. Julie had looked up and saw the two of them stood there staring at her, mouths agape and cocks erect.

“What is it with you guys?” she asked with a smile.

“You have no idea just how sexy it is watching you dress,” Jeff told her as he stepped forward. “It’s even better than watching you undress.”

He kissed her and reached between her legs with his hand. Julie laughed and gently pushed his hand away. “I need to get home,” she told him.

There was disappointment on his face as he pulled away and allowed Julie to pick up her panties.

Alistair also wanted her. When he took her home he stood in the hallway and kissed her. It was a long passionate kiss and he slipped his hand up her dress. She didn’t push his hand away as she had done with Jeff. She allowed him to stroke her and then slip his hand inside her panties. She responded to his touch by reaching for his bulge. “You’re okay with Jeff spending tomorrow night alone with me here aren’t you?”

“Do I have a choice?”

She smiled and said nothing as she squeezed his bulge gently.

“You two must have had a good talk about cuckolding,” he said to her.

“We did,” she replied, “He loves fucking other men’s wives and girlfriends and enjoys it even more if they know about it.”

“I bet he was surprised that I was into that.”

“Very, but absolutely delighted as well.”

Alistair sighed.

“He has the hots for you,” Alistair told her.

Julie kissed him. “I know,” she admitted, “and I have the hots for him as well.”

Alistair was stunned.

“I don’t love him,” she told him, “but I do need him sexually. No man has ever made me orgasm the way he does.”

He was hurt and yet he was also so horny. “So once Abdul has gone he will be a regular then?” he said.

She kissed him again, “Very regular!” she replied, “but you want that too don’t you? You enjoy him fucking me don’t you?”

Alistair nodded.

“You remember that other couple he told us that he cuckolded?” she said as she stroked his bulge.

He nodded again.

“He was asking me if we intended starting a family soon,” she said.

It took him a few moments to realise exactly what Jeff had meant with that question.

“ don’t mean...”

Julie nodded.

“What did you say to that?”

Julie kissed him. “I told him that we did intend starting a family one day and that I had been thinking about it a lot recently. What, with supply teaching work drying up and that, it does seem a good time doesn’t it?”

Alistair felt his knees go weak. “ wouldn’t want Jeff to get you pregnant would you?” he asked her.

Julie looked away momentarily. “Well I will have to come off the pill,” she told him. “There would be a fair chance of Jeff getting me pregnant if I continued sleeping with him.”

One part of Alistair felt horrified at the thought but the sexual excitement from the thought of Jeff making her pregnant hardened the erection that was resting in Julie’s hand. would stop seeing Jeff wouldn’t you?” he asked, “at least until after you got pregnant?”

Julie was silent.

“ could make him wear a condom?”

Julie remained silent as she gently squeezed him.

A few moments later she kissed him goodbye as he left for the office.

Alistair began to realise that things were quickly spiralling out of control and that there seemed little he could do about it. Even if he really wanted to, there seemed little that he could do now. He seemed well and truly entrenched in the world of cuckolding. He was trapped in a web that he truly enjoyed being captured in.

Julie had quickly taken to her new found sexual freedom. The restraints of her fidelity vows were now broken; the weight of morality had been lifted and the suppression of her womanhood had vanished. She was free to have sex with men other than her husband; she was free to allow her sexual desires to be satisfied and she was also free to expand her sexual boundaries in the way that a single male could.

She no longer had to be coy; demure and ladylike. She was free to reach out to any male of her choice and enjoy sex with them without fear of guilt and condemnation. A single man was free to seek and enjoy a sexual conquest without any recrimination and so was Julie now. When she had walked through Jeff’s door that morning she had felt the wetness of her sexual excitement between her thighs. She had lifted the hem of her dress above her waist to share her excitement with him. He had fallen to his knees to taste her excitement for himself and then he had stripped her naked and taken her to his bed to fuck her. This was her world now.

And what of the men who had welcomed her to a new world. First there had been Abdul. A man who enjoyed sex; a man who let his erection lead him, a man who took his pleasure with her married cunt. Night after night and day after day he had filled her with his seed at will, not only that he had shared her with other men. Men like him who took pleasure from fucking women just like Julie, married and unfulfilled. Finally there was Jeff, a womaniser who preyed on women in relationships. A man who got enjoyment out of taking another man’s woman and taking her to a new level of sexual satisfaction. A man who was a danger to couples in a relationship.

Julie had known him many years. She knew the type of man he was; she knew of his reputations. He had chased her in the past; asked her out on dates even though he was one of her husband’s best friends. Little did she know it at the time but she needed a man like him. Like her, he had a sexual hunger that needed satisfying. She needed him.

Alistair was frightened of their relationship but in his own little depraved world he welcomed it and was enjoying it. Jeff’s words to him that morning were etched on his soul ‘the real fun of cuckolding is all about the wife’s lover having the run of the marital home. Not just being alone with her but also fucking her wherever and whenever he wants. Fucking her in the parts of the home that her husband has fucked her in previously; kitchen, lounge, stairs, and favourite chair. That sort of thing. It’s about taking over the marital home as well as the man’s wife.’

He also saw the dangers in it too. He had witnessed just how much Julie had enjoyed being fucked by Jeff. His manhood was larger and was one with more girth. He saw the pleasure on her face and had heard the screams of her enjoyment when she had been fucked by Jeff. He couldn’t compete with that and if he was being honest, he didn’t even want to try. It was almost as if he shared in her pleasure.

Later that afternoon Julie rang him at work and told him that she thought it a good idea to invite Jeff for dinner that evening. He was unsure.

“Thing is, the neighbours will be seeing Jeff coming and going a lot in the future so bringing him home with you tonight will help counter any suspicions from the nosey ones.”

“So you want me to pick him up then?” he asked.

“Please,” she replied.


“He’ll be staying the night as well,” she told him.

“Where will he be sleeping?” he asked, “or is that a stupid question?”

“In the spare room,” she told him. “Alone!”

“Oh,” Alistair responded,” and is he okay with that?”

“I told him no sex tonight,” she replied. “He has me all tomorrow night.”

Alistair couldn’t help but smile to himself, even Jeff was now under her domination.

It was just after 5:00pm when he called by Jeff’s flat. He was ready and waiting with an overnight bag as well as a couple bottles of wine.

“I’ve put some clean sheets on the bed for you Alistair,” he told him as he drove off.

Alistair nodded as he hid his hurt feelings. “Did...did that other guy sleep at your place as well while you slept in his bed?”

Jeff nodded, “Yes,” he answered, “two, sometimes three nights a week.”

“You fucked her a lot then.”

Jeff smiled. “Regularly, for over a year.”

“How did you get involved with them?” Alistair asked him.

“Much the same way as you and Julie,” he told him. “He had a thing about her fucking another man. I met her in the pub one night and took her back to the flat and fucked her. We used to meet up regularly. I started to think it was strange that she could stay out quite late. She would also go home without showering afterwards. Most women like to get rid of all evidence of being with another man but she didn’t seem to care. Anyway, one night I asked her and she confessed that he knew about relationship and liked her fucking other men.”

“Were you surprised?”

“A bit,” he replied, “but I wasn’t complaining. Made it sort of easier and it fed my predilection of fucking other men’s wives.”

Alistair said nothing.

“On the occasions when we let him watch he would sit in a chair in the corner of the bedroom and watch us. He would whack himself off while we fucked. Wacked himself off a lot when he slept over at my place as well.”

Alistair smiled.

“ wanted to get her pregnant.”

“Tried my best to persuade them,” he replied. “She was well up for it but he was afraid people would not see him in the child and he was also afraid that that I might want to be involved in the child’s life. I wouldn’t, of course. If I got a married woman pregnant in those circumstances the husband’s name would always go on the birth certificate and I would play no part in the child’s upbringing.”

Alistair felt Jeff’s eyes upon him.

“What’s so special about getting a married woman pregnant?” Alistair asked him.

“It’s the ultimate cuckolding humiliation Alistair,” Jeff replied, “a wife having her lover’s baby.”

“W...would you be there at the birth?”

“I would be there right through the pregnancy Alistair.”

“Not sure that we are both ready for the patter of tiny feet yet,” Alistair responded.

Jeff said nothing for a few moments.

“When the time comes would you want to experience that ultimate humiliation?” Jeff asked him.

Alistair found it hard to respond immediately.

“I would like to be the one to give you that humiliation Alistair,” he told him. “Julie’s a pleasure to fuck anyway but to get her pregnant as was well would be the icing on the cake for me Alistair.”

Alistair opened his mouth to speak but his driveway came into view and saved him from responding in words. He had already responded in deeds with the bulging erection in his trousers.

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