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The Cuckold's Reward - Alistair's Story - Part XVII

Julie's dinner with her husband and lover doesn't go as planned
Julie was in the kitchen making a start on the dinner when they walked in. She was wearing a pretty floral patterned dress. Her legs were bare, making Alistair wonder if she was wearing anything at all under it. He stepped forward and kissed her.

Jeff must also have had the same thoughts because he kissed her too after Alistair but he put his hand up her dress. “Fucking hell, Julie,” he said, “you’re not wearing knickers.”

Jeff then lifted the hem of her dress. “Look at the state of your wife, Alistair!” he told him.

Alistair felt his erection stretching his pants again. Another man was holding up his wife’s dress and showing him her nakedness. He was speechless.

“When you guys have finally finished, I would like to get back to cooking dinner,” she told them with a smile. Jeff let go of the hem and her dress fell to cover up her nakedness.

Julie looked down at Alistair’s bulge and gave it a pat. “How about showing Jeff round,” she suggested, “especially where he will be sleeping tomorrow night.”

Alistair looked at Jeff and saw the smile on his face. It added to the humiliation. He left the kitchen with Jeff in tow and showed him the dining room and the lounge.

“Which is your chair Alistair?”

He knew exactly why he wanted to know that as he pointed to his favourite armchair. He had heard the expression ‘fuck around the house’. He knew that Jeff wouldn’t probably manage it all in one night, but it would take him long to fuck Julie in every room of the house. They went into the utility room next. Jeff eyed the table in the centre of the room with the laundry basket sat atop of it. He had never fucked her in this room. It looked as though Jeff might beat him to it.

The final room he showed him was their bedroom; the marital bedroom. Jeff stood by the large double bed. “So this is where I will be sleeping tomorrow night then, Alistair?”

Alistair nodded, trying to avoid Jeff’s eyes.

Jeff walked to the side and pressed down vigorously on the mattress with both hands a few times. “Lots of bounce but quiet,” Jeff commented. “Don... that other couple I mentioned, their bed squeaked like hell and the headboard made a hell of a racket against the wall. Poor guy used to get woken up by us if he was sleeping at home.”

‘So it was Donald then?’ Alistair thought.

Jeff gave it one more vigorous pressing and then turned to Alistair, “Just something about fucking a married woman in the marital bed,” he said. “It’s a bit like violating her husband.”

Alistair turned away.

“What does Julie usually wear in bed at night?”

Alistair turned back. “Sometimes just her knickers, but mainly nothing, most of the time,” he answered.

“No negligee or short nightdress?”

“Very rarely,” Alistair shrugged.

“I think I prefer them,” he told him. “Something to lift in the night. No knickers of course. Don’t like to wake them up beforehand. Just lift and slide it up. Best way to wake a woman!”

Visions of Jeff lifting back Julie’s nightdress and slipping his cock into her from behind filled his head. He just had to get out of their bedroom.

“I’d love to help Julie conceive in that bed, Alistair,” Jeff said as he moved away from the bed.

Alistair said nothing as he continued towards the door to go back downstairs.

The atmosphere was sexually charged. Alistair had poured them all a glass of wine before going to the bathroom. When he returned, Jeff was stood by Julie’s side as she put the finishing touches to their steaks. His hand was under her dress and he was fondling her bottom. His hand had pushed the hem of the dress exposing her bottom. Julie didn’t seem to mind or care.

When they all sat down at the dining table a few minutes later, Alistair noticed that Jeff had the resemblances of a tent pole in his trousers just like himself. Julie saw it too, reached across and gave it a playful shake. “What’s all this then?” she laughed.

“Blame your husband,” Jeff replied, “he tells me that he would love me to help you conceive in the marital bed.”

Alistair gasped.

Julie laughed and gave his erection a final playful shake. “Now I know you are lying. Alistair would never say such a thing.”

Alistair gave a sigh of relief.

“Alistair prefers to be told what is going to happen rather than make a decision,” she told him. “Isn’t that right darling?”

He knew that she was right. All along she had been the one taking the lead. He may have started the ball rolling with the cuckolding, but it was Julie who was doing the leading now. She was the one running the show. He would follow where she led him, even if it was to position where Jeff would be the one to get her pregnant.

“Who would you prefer to be the father of your child, Julie?” Jeff asked her.

“Alistair, of course,” she said quickly. “He will make a wonderful dad.”

Alistair felt relieved.

“But if you are asking me who I would prefer to be the biological father, then I would prefer the one who is the best lover.”

Alistair felt a pang of despair as Jeff smiled.

There was silence for a few minutes as they ate. “When do you intend to start a family?” Jeff asked her breaking the silence.

“I was saying to Alistair earlier that now is as good a time as any,” she replied. “I think once Abdul has gone back home, I’ll give it a month and then come off the pill.”

Alistair felt his hand starting to shake when suddenly Julie’s mobile phone rang. Almost as if on cue, it was Abdul ringing. Julie went into the lounge with the phone held to her ear and left the two men alone. “You know, I’m actually jealous of the guy,” Jeff confessed.

Alistair smiled just as Julie returned. It was clear from the look on her face that something was wrong. “Abdul won’t be coming,” she told them, ”His dad’s had a stroke.”

“Sorry to hear that,” Jeff told her.

Julie took a mouthful of wine. “Thanks,” she told him.

Alistair reached across and gave her a hug.

“I was actually hoping that he wasn’t going to come, as well,” she said. “If he came, I was going to tell him just before he left next week that I probably wouldn’t be seeing him again. I’m quite happy with the way things are turning out here. Just didn’t want it to happen this way.”

“You can’t blame yourself for the way things have turned out,” Alistair told her.

“Alistair’s right,” Jeff said. “Don’t feel guilty about what’s happened.” He added as he reached across as well and gave her a hug.

Julie gave both of them a kiss on the cheek. “Thanks, guys,” she told them.

There was a sudden realisation of the bonding that was taking place between them all now.

“It’s nice having you two guys taking care of me,” she told them.

Jeff patted her thigh. “Well that’s what we’re here for.”

Julie got up to clear away the dishes, but Jeff told her to sit down. “We’ll do it.”

She sat there smiling as she watched the two men clearing away. It was nice being taken care off. “I have made some fruit salads,” she told them. “I don’t feel in the mood, but you two help yourself. There’s some squirty cream as well.”

Alistair opened the fridge door. Jeff looked in as well and spotted the cream. He smiled at Alistair as he took it out. “Alistair and I just fancy the squirty cream,” Jeff said.

Alistair looked puzzled and so did Julie as he approached the table. “Just cream?” she asked, “on its own?”

Jeff lifted her out of her seat and sat her on the edge of the table. “Not exactly on its own,” he told her as he began to gently push her onto her back.

“W...what the...”

“Pussy and cream,” Jeff interrupted as he lifted back the hem of her dress.

She gasped as the first squirt of cream shot over her mound.

Jeff stepped back and motioned with his hand, “After you,” he told him.

Alistair stepped up to her and began to lick the cream from her. Julie squirmed with delight. “You dirty buggers,” she called out.

They ignored her.

Once the cream had vanished past Alistair’s hungry lips, Jeff applied some more, but this time held the nozzle between her labia lips and squirted it between them. Alistair went down on her again and cleaned every drop up. Julie was beginning to moan softly now. Jeff applied two more lots of cream, and as Alistair finished cleaning the second lot, Jeff stood back and dropped his trousers. He saw Jeff in his erect state and stepped back.

Julie had intended a no sex night, but it was obvious that Jeff had other ideas. He stepped up between her thighs and prodded up her opening with his huge manhood. Alistair reached to take hold of him, thinking that maybe Jeff wanted him to guide his cock inside her, but he was already deeply embedded before his hand reached him.

Julie moaned loudly and swore at him for taking her but Jeff gave her thigh a slap, “Quiet,” he said loudly, “You’re getting fucked and that’s all there is to it. We’re both having you tonight so get with the program!”

She groaned loudly again but this time there were no profanities or objections. Julie drew her knees back and opened her thighs wider for him. Alistair began to unbuckle his trousers as Jeff pounded away at her. He intended taking her as well. He intended taking his turn and fucking her. He watched as Jeff slammed into her. He looked on as Jeff pushed her thighs back and slammed harder and deeper into her, bringing loud cries and moans of pleasure from her. He could see Jeff’s cock getting wetter and wetter from Julie’s juices.

He could also see from Jeff’s face that he was getting closer to cumming. Those facial contortions spoke volumes. He knew that he was enjoying the tightness of Julie’s pussy gripping his cock and that it wouldn’t be long now. He could hear and see Jeff’s testicles bouncing against Julie’s bottom; large balls brimming with cum ready to unload inside her.

Suddenly they both began to cry out loud in unison as they came together.

There were a few minutes of silence; a few minutes of gaining composure and then Jeff pulled out of her. His glistening and cum covered cock withdrew to make way for him. He didn’t take long to cum. His cock was already leaking cum as he stepped up between her thighs and pushed her knees back. As he pushed the tip of his cock against her cream filled opening, Jeff suddenly moved around the table and gripped her ankles. “Fuck her good Alistair,” he told him as he pulled back.

He managed a dozen or so thrusts before his cum joined Jeff’s deep inside her.

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