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The Cuckold's Reward - Alistair's Story - Part XIX

Jeff spends his first night alone with Julie as Alistair's cuckolding moves towards permanency
Alistair was asleep in the marital bed when Julie came in and joined him. He woke and glanced at his watch, she had been with Jeff for almost two hours.

“Thought you were spending the whole night with him?” he said to her.

She slid up next to him and kissed him. “I’ve finished with him for now.”

Alistair smiled. “For now?”

Julie kissed him again. “Don’t want him thinking that if he just snaps his fingers I come running,” she replied. “You’re still the boss that way.”

Alistair reached down between her thighs; she was very wet and sticky.

“Sex good was it?”

“Mnnnnnn,” she murmured as she reached for his cock. “Very good.”

Alistair felt his cock stiffen in her hand. It suddenly occurred to him that just a short while ago she would probably have been holding Jeff’s cock in the same way.

“You are okay about Jeff and me?”

“What, being together?”

She nodded.

“I like being cuckolded.”

“But are you okay with Jeff doing the cuckolding?”

Alistair thought for a few moments. It was difficult thinking objectively with his cock in her hands and being stroked.

“If... if I am going to be cuckolded, then I would sooner it be with someone you enjoy being with,” he replied. “And if that happens to be Jeff then so be it.”

Julie kissed him.

“He’s in for the long haul,” she told him. “He’s willing to forsake all others and have a long term relationship with me.”

Alistair suddenly felt insecure. “You... you’ve obviously been talking.”

Julie nodded.

“We’ve had a long chat about things,” she responded. “If... if I am going to have someone’s child then I do want to be sure of them. I want some kind of commitment.” She explained.

“You’re obviously serious about Jeff getting you pregnant then?”

Julie nodded. “We... we both would like to cuckold you that way but I want the relationship to be meaningful,” she responded. “I at least want to like and respect the father.”

Alistair said nothing in response.

“So you are okay with that then?” she asked as she stroked his cock.

“I... I want it to be your choice,” he told her. “I... I want you to tell me that you want him to be the one to get you pregnant.”

Julie reached up and kissed him.

“I thought that would be the case,” she told him as she tugged gently on his cock. “You prefer me being the boss sexually, don’t you?”

Alistair nodded.

Julie kissed him as she began to stroke his cock. “I’ll be a good boss,” she told him, “Firm but fair.”

Alistair groaned.

“S... so when will you make a start on getting pregnant?”

Julie kissed him again. “When I feel ready,” she replied. “and you’ll only be told once I am pregnant.”

Alistair moaned softly as her fingers gripped his cock tightly and worked to bring him to orgasm. He knew that last night would probably be the last time in a while that he would get to fuck her. He knew that it was possible that it could be his last fuck ever with her, but instead of being sad he felt even more excited. Jeff was not only taking over his position of satisfying his wife sexually but he was also going to be fathering her first child. He let out a huge groan as he came in her hand.

Afterwards they huddled together and slept.

Alistair awoke early next morning, showered and dressed, and went off to work. Jeff had already joined Julie in the marital bed before he had even finished off his coffee. As he closed the door behind him Julie was already crying out loudly under Jeff’s heavy pounding of her pussy.

Later that day she met him from work and together they went off to Jeff’s flat. She had packed a small overnight bag and had also brought him his laptop. “There may be some juicy emails later,” she had told him.

Julie helped him put his things away. It was not only obvious that she had made space in Jeff’s wardrobe for his things but that she had also prepared him for more than just the one night’s stay. He felt unsure and nervous but Julie was reassuring. “It’s just in case Jeff wants more time alone with me,” she told him. “You do want to be cuckolded properly don’t you?”

Alistair found it hard to argue, especially when she began to unzip him after gripping his bulge. “Let me tell you what Jeff and I got up to today,” she said as she released his cock from the restraints of his pants.

Alistair gasped as she took him in her mouth.

“Did you do this to him?” he asked her as he gripped the back of her head.

Julie glanced up and nodded; his cock still filling her mouth.

Alistair closed his eyes, “Tell me?” he asked her.

“I’ll email you later,” she told him before taking him in her mouth again.

He wasn’t going to press her. She was masturbating him now as well as sucking on his cock. There wouldn’t be enough time anyway. He knew that. Alistair knew that they would have fucked a few times already that day and the excitement of hearing about their first fuck would be more than enough to send him over the edge.

He began to recall leaving the house that morning; Jeff was already fucking her then. Alistair surmised that he had slipped in beside her while he was downstairs preparing to leave for work. Taking advantage of his absence, he had slipped into the warm bed and reached for Julie. She would have welcomed him with a kiss and reached for his hardness. Another kiss, and then she would have rolled onto her back and spread her legs. Jeff would have gratefully accepted her welcoming into the marital bed for the first time, and Julie would have wrapped her legs around his waist pulling him deeply into her.

Alistair groaned loudly as his cum filled her mouth.

Ten minutes later Julie was gone. She had kissed him goodnight and left him alone to go back to the marital home where her lover awaited. He was saddened but also excited with her departure. Just before she left she went to Jeff’s bookcase and took a book; it was the Kama Sutra. It was not just a book but also contained an instructional DVD.

“You don’t mind Jeff taking me through the tutorial do you?”

It was a final act of humiliation, but he still kissed her and told her that it was okay. “You won’t get through that in one night will you?” he asked her.

Julie laughed. “No, silly,” she replied, “but by the time that baby comes along we should have covered most of it.”

It was three hours later when Alistair’s mobile phone gave out its tell tale sound that an email awaited him. Alistair had already eaten and was settled down in front of the TV with a large glass of wine. For a few moments it was reminiscent of Julie’s times with Abdul as he hurriedly reached for his laptop.

My Darling Cuckold,

How are you?

Hope you have eaten and are relaxed. We are.

Jeff cooked dinner, in between fucking me, of course. He has me wandering around in just a t-shirt and keeps me within easy reach. He’s a horny bugger! Not that I am complaining.

So you want to know about our fucking so far today?

Not sure if you heard us before you left the house this morning but Jeff was quickly in my bed as soon as you got downstairs. Dirty bugger pulled me onto your side of the bed and fucked me. He was very excited about fucking me in our bed and especially doing it on your side of the bed. Guys and their territorial obsessions hey!

We slept a while afterwards and then we jumped into the shower. Yes, you guessed it, he fucked me there too. We had some breakfast and then he took me into the lounge. I guess you know what’s coming next.

He asked me when was the last time that you had fucked me in your armchair. I couldn’t remember to be honest. Can you? Anyway, it must have been some time. He had me sat in it with my legs splayed over the arms and he went down on me. He can lick, that guy! He spent ages tonguing and fingering me before fucking me for a while. Then he had me lying across the chair while he fucked me from behind. We finished off with him sat in the chair and me straddling him. I couldn’t remember us ever fucking like that in the chair. It brought a big smile to his face when I told him that as we fucked.

After that we sat on the settee and talked for a while. He was telling me that Donald’s wife, Andrea, actually moved her husband into the spare bedroom so that they had separate bedrooms. Donald was only allowed in there by invite. Jeff was saying that Andrea felt more relaxed having sex with him while Donald was at home once they had separate bedrooms.

How would you feel about that? Personally, I feel relaxed anyway. I know that you love being cuckolded, and I’m sure that when Jeff and I share the marital bed while you are at home, then you would respect our privacy anyway. I think that Jeff maybe likes to think of the marital bedroom as his domain. He would like me to move you to the spare room, but I’m not sure if we need to go that far. Maybe we can discuss it when you come home.

After that we fucked again. Jeff was horny, so I took him in my mouth for a while and then took him upstairs and fucked him on top of our bed. We showered again afterwards, and then I went out and did a bit of shopping before meeting up with you. So that is my day so far.

Bet you are horny now hey? Bet you have a nice stiffy in your pants. Will you masturbate once you have finished this?

Jeff is lying naked on the settee at the moment. He’s reading the Kama Sutra and he has quite a stiffy as well. Once I press the ‘send’ button on this email I will be going over to him to take care of it. Not too sure of which position to fuck him in. Should I just simply straddle him as he is lying there or should I reverse cowgirl him?

Tell you what? I think I will do a bit of both and then get him to finish me off on the rug by the fire. Been a while since you fucked me like that hasn’t it? You don’t mind Jeff filling my pussy in front of the fire do you?

No, I didn’t think you would!

Your loving Cuckoldress


Alistair did have a stiffy. He gripped it tightly and moved his hand up and down. He thought about unzipping his pants and pleasuring himself there and then but held back. He read over her email again. Julie would be fucking now. He could picture her straddling Jeff and moving up and down on his cock. It wouldn’t be long before Jeff would have her on the sheepskin rug and in the final throes of orgasm. Julie was always a delight to climax inside.

He took hold of his bulge again and stroked himself and began to wonder where all this was going to end. Right now their journey was just starting; their train was just leaving the station, if you like. There would be many nights like this one; he knew that. Nights of pain as well as sheer sexual delight; nights alone and nights shared. Somewhere down the line Julie would announce that she was expecting a baby; more joy and more pain for him.

He stopped stroking himself and began typing.

My Darling Cuckoldress,

Thank you for cuckolding me.

Your obedient cuckold


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