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The Cuckold's Reward - Alistair's Story - Part IV

Julie continues to cuckold Alistair and enjoys exploring new things
Good Morning Darling,

It is 11.00am here so I guess you have just sat down at your desk and are getting into your first cup of coffee of the day. One part of me wishes that I was there with you.

Has Janice been in yet asking how my sister is and when will I be back? Perhaps you should tell her the truth. I can just picture her face after you have said to her, ‘Well actually Janice, Julie is in Turkey getting fucked by her lover who has an enormous cock’. LOL I bet she wouldn’t believe you!

Not long to go now is there? Just four sleeps as they say.

Abdul is already a bit sad knowing my time here is getting shorter.

Last night we had anal, as you know. We came back early evening after spending time round the markets and then having a meal. I was a little tired actually but I had a long soak in the bath to revive me. Abdul joined me. He made sure I was thoroughly cleaned!

After drying me he took me to bed and got out his lubricant jell. He took his time making sure that I was nice and relaxed and ready for him. He used his fingers quite a lot on me and got me used to being penetrated down there. He was very gentle. He eased himself inside me, taking his time. He would get so far in and then stop to let me get used to him. It was hard relaxing at first so that I was able to open up for him but we got there in the end.

Once he got going it was great. Abdul was able to finger me and play with my clitty at the same time as he fucked me so it was a very enjoyable experience. I much prefer though to get fucked the proper way. I like cock inside my pussy better.

Tonight Abdul’s friend comes round. Abdul is looking forward to sharing me with him although he also says that he will be a little jealous. It almost sounds as though I will be cuckolding him, hey?

They like to make it a competition between themselves; seeing who can cum inside the woman the most times. Zeki beat him last time five to four with a tourist that Abdul had picked up a couple of months ago. Overall Zeki is beating him. I told Abdul the reason is that he has already been fucking them in the days before. Zeki hardly has a decent sex life so he is always fresh and hornier. I think he has caught on now.

It may be too late to save his pride for tonight’s rematch though. He fucked me three times last night and once this morning. He was teaching me the reverse cowgirl this morning and I fucked him hard and long. I have promised to do my best and bring Zeki off in my mouth if I can at least once. Give the poor man a chance, hey?

Not sure when you will be reading this. If you are reading this as soon as you got home then it will be about 8.00pm here. I might well be into my first threesome by then. Zeki will be coming round at 7.00pm and cooking dinner for the three of us. He will no doubt be making something quick to eat so that he can get into my knickers as soon as possible.

Not sure if I will be ringing you tonight but I will ring tomorrow at about ten o’clock your time. I hope you get a chance to email back to me. I will tell you all about it tomorrow of course. I know that you will be dying to know who won, won’t you?

Love you,



Alistair smiled as he read her email a second time. She knew him so well. It was exactly eight o’clock and he was dying to know how things were going. He had this mental picture of Zeki being very enthusiastic about fucking Julie. If he had a poor sex life he would be relishing his opportunity with her.

He knew that Julie would probably not read his email until the next morning but all the same he sat down to reply as his dinner cooked.

Hi Darling,

Just in. Put the dinner on and I have just read your email. I hope as I write that the guys are getting down and dirty with you. I look forward to reading all about it tomorrow.

You were right about Janice. Just sat down at my desk and she was knocking at my office door. “How is Julie’s sister?” she said with that bloody screechy voice of hers. Luckily the phone rang and I got stuck into a conversation with a client. She really is a nosy bitch, isn’t she?

Yes, I would love to have told her the truth; told her also that you were having a threesome tonight.

So, Abdul has been teaching you new positions has he? I hope that you will be passing on your experiences to me. I might get that Kama Sutra DVD that we looked at a few months back. Perhaps we will all have some tutorials together when Abdul comes.

From the sound of it he is going to be very sad to see you go. He obviously likes you a lot doesn’t he? Not that I blame him.

I was wondering last night about the sleeping arrangements when Abdul comes over. Will you and Abdul have our bedroom while I sleep in the spare room? Maybe Abdul will have the spare room and you will alternate between us? Abdul will obviously want you all to himself but what do you want?

You’re a lucky girl hey, having two horny males who are eager to bed you all the time. I will leave the decision to you.

Well my love, I will get on with dinner now. I will await your call with baited breath and of course I can’t wait for your next email.



Alistair spent most of the evening close to his mobile phone. Somehow he hoped that Julie would call him; take a break from her threesome and find time to chat to him. He wanted to hear; he wanted to know all about her night. She didn’t call and he was left to his own imaginations. Later in bed he masturbated twice before finally falling asleep.

Julie did ring him next morning. It was midday her time but it was 10.00am with him. He asked her how things went.

“Mmmmmm,” was all she said.

“That good hey?”

She laughed, “It was very good.”

“And who won?”

“Zeki won 6 – 4,” she replied.

Six four?


“Bet you’re knackered?”

“I am,” she told him. “Got your email, by the way.”

“That’s good,” he replied, “and?”

“And what will be the sleeping arrangements you mean?”


“What would you like them to be?”

“I...I don’t know,” he told her.

“I think you do.”

“How do you mean?” he asked her, feeling his erection growing.

“I know that you want me to tell you that Abdul and I will be sharing the marital bed and you will be in the spare room while he is here.”

Alistair remained silent.

“You have an erection don’t you?”

Alistair looked down. His bulge was prominent.


“Is that because you know what I am going to say?” Julie asked.


“And what am I going to say then?”

Alistair looked across his room. His door was ajar and people were passing.

“Difficult to speak is it darling?”

“Yes it is.”

“Well darling,” Julie said, “The one sharing my bed will be the one with the biggest cock.”

Alistair gasped loudly, surprised not by what she had said but by the way she was saying it.

“That’s what you wanted to hear wasn’t it darling?”

“Yes,” he replied softly.

“And who has the smallest cock darling? “she asked him. “You or my lover, Abdul?”

“Me,” he sighed, “I do.”

Alistair was silent for a few moments. There was a change in Julie. She was humiliating him which was unlike her, but it also excited him.

“Perhaps you could send me an email for Abdul,” she said. “You can tell him that you would want him sleeping with me all the time he is with us.”

“I will,” he told her.

There was silence again.

“I will send you an email about last night,” she told him. “You should have it by the time you get home tonight.”


“I do love you,” she told him. “And I miss you. Just three sleeps left now.”

“I know,” he told her, “I can’t wait. You do love me don’t you?” he asked very quietly

“Of course I do darling,” she told him. “I will never leave you, you know that darling.”


“Sorry if I sound different but Abdul’s been telling me about cuckold relationships,” she explained. “I’m getting to understand the cuckold’s mind set a bit more. Getting to know what drives him. I know what turns you on darling. I know the things that you want to hear from me. I am right, aren’t I?”


Julie was right.

“Well I will go now,” she told him.” Next time we speak I would like you to thank Abdul.”

“Thank him?”

“Yes thank him,” she told him. “Thank him for satisfying me in bed.”

Alistair gasped.

“You will do that won’t you darling?”

“Yes,” he sighed.

The phone went dead and Alistair remained glued to his seat, deep in thought. He couldn’t move anyway, even if he wanted to. His cock was producing a large bulge in his pants. He would have to sit tight until his thoughts went elsewhere and his sexual excitement diminished.

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