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The Cuckold's Reward - Alistair's Story - Part VI

Julie's Turkish adventures continue and Alistair prepares for the future as a cuckold
Alistair needed relief. He couldn’t wait until bedtime. He knew that at this very moment in another part of the world his wife Julie was getting fucked. He lay back on his bed with his trousers and shorts around his knees and a pair of Julie’s knickers wrapped around his cock. He could picture Abdul now between Julie’s parted legs furiously fucking her. Alistair had fucked Julie many times on their settee.

Julie loved it there. A quick, unannounced fuck. Knickers off, skirt pulled back. One leg on the floor and the other raised and resting on the back of the settee. His trousers and pants would be lying on the floor somewhere close to her knickers and he would be lying on top of her. Their fuck would be fast and furious; over in a matter of minutes, but completely satisfying all the same.

Perhaps she was lying just like that now but it wasn’t him between her parted thighs, it was Abdul. Abdul, the man with the bigger, thicker cock. Abdul, the man that he had just thanked for taking care of his wife. He wished he was there watching. He wished he could see Abdul’s manhood furiously thrusting in and out of Julie’s cunt. He wished that he could see him cum. He wished that he could hear Abdul’s satisfying moans as he emptied himself inside his wife’s pussy.

He wished that he was standing there now watching Abdul, satisfyingly, pulling his cock out of Julie’s cunt and trailing his cum in its wake. That was not possible though. All Alistair could do was watch his own pulsating cock pour forth it’s cum into Julie’s knickers.

Next morning, before he went to work he opened up his laptop. There was an email from Julie.

My Darling,

I won’t be around today so I thought I would get an email off to you early. Abdul is taking me into Istanbul and we will be staying overnight with his brother and his wife. He tells me that there is a lot to see and do there; lots of tourist attractions and some nice places to eat. I am looking forward to it.

Sorry about last night, Abdul... well you know. He wanted me there and then. It reminded me of our fuck times on the settee. He started off on top but finished me off doggy style. He had me lying over the arm of the settee and pummelled me from behind. It was a wild fuck.

So, just two days left here now. We will get back sometime tomorrow evening. Abdul isn’t looking forward to me going; he was saying so this morning as I was getting my things together. He told me you are a lucky man. I think maybe he is getting a bit too sweet on me. I suppose it’s only natural, isn’t it. We have been quite intimate together. I do like him; maybe even love him a little, but not like I do you.

Anyway, he would never share me like you do. He told me that he would never share me with Zeki again if I were to come over. Zeki must have said something or done something that offended him. Maybe it was that last morning in the kitchen when he tried to fuck me on his own. Anyway, at the end of the day who cares?

You will have to tell me what all this has been like for you; I mean emotionally. I would like to know what has been going through your mind these last few days. Less than a week ago I was a faithful wife and now? Living with another man as his wife, more or less, and had a threesome with his friend. What has it been like lying there at night and knowing that I have been getting fucked by other men?

You will also have to tell me how you see things developing, as far as our sex life is concerned. Have you enjoyed being cuckolded? I ask because I don’t think I could ever be a one man woman again. Abdul has taught me that you can separate love and sex. There is a difference between making love and having sex. Making love is something I do with you and I only ever want to do it with you but as for sex, well...I enjoy cock. I have enjoyed having another man’s cock inside me; bonking away, as they say, without any emotion behind it. I have found it to be such a release.

Anyway we have lots to talk about when I get back and lots to catch up on. Have you missed my pussy? Abdul calls it a cunt. He lifts my skirt and pulls my knickers aside and tells me how much he loves my cunt as he touches me. I like it when he refers to it so vulgarly, but for you it is a pussy; intimate and personal. I like that.

I will try and give you a call sometime either today or tomorrow but don’t worry if you don’t hear from me. I will leave my laptop at the apartment so you can leave me a message for when I get in tomorrow.

Love you and miss you



He was worrying about her. It was only natural wasn’t it? Julie was going to a place she had never been before and staying with people that she didn’t really know. When he got home that evening he went straight to his laptop and wrote her an email.


Hope everything is okay. I am worrying about you but there is little I can do. I tried ringing you this afternoon but there was no connection. I am looking forward to tomorrow. It will be Thursday and there is just one more night to go after that.

So Abdul keeps lifting your skirt and pulling your knickers aside hey? I remember those days when I couldn’t keep my hands off you. I remember how you loved it. I must be nice having it done again. I wish I could be there watching. It’s already a great turn on knowing that he is fucking you regularly but I would be even better catching a glimpse of him lifting your skirt and pulling your panties aside. It is almost as if he is entitled to do it. It’s almost as if he has a right to touch your body whenever and wherever he wants to. It is such a turn on.

You asked me to tell you what has been going through my mind these last few days. Well, first off I am confused. Someone outside of our marriage looking in would think I was some crazy pervert. There you are, on holiday with another man and getting fucked by him regularly. Not only have I encouraged you to do it but I am also getting great pleasure from it. It’s not normal is it?

At the office this morning I was looking at everyone and wondering if any of them were doing what we were doing. Janice was in prattling on about something or other and all I could think was ‘I wonder if someone else is shagging her with her husband’s knowledge?’ I can’t imagine another man getting a word in edgeways with her let alone get his cock into her but you know what I mean don’t you?

So yes. I am confused about my own feelings.

The other thing going through my mind is the future; our future. You are right; we can never go back to a normal marriage again. You must be enjoying that freedom now, hey? Knowing that you can take pleasure in another man’s cock any time you want to and not have to worry about your marriage.

I was wondering last night who those local guys are that you mentioned in your email yesterday. Are they men that I know? I can think of a few guys that I know who fancy you. I have seen the way that they look at you. It would be very humiliating for me if you fucked someone I knew and yet... it excites me. I can just imagine you coming home one night after being with one of my friends and telling me what you had been doing. I can just imagine lying next to you in bed and you giving me a blow by blow account of how you both fucked.

Then I would have to face him sometime wouldn’t I? I would be in his presence knowing that he has fucked you and also knowing that he knows your body as well as I do. That would be humiliating and yet, exciting.

So, the future?

I know that I am a cuckold now. I know that this is my future; being cuckolded by you.

I love you, my Cuckoldress.



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