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The Cuckold's Reward - Alistair's Story - Part VIII

Julie continues to arouse Alistair with her cuckolding taunts
Julie’s email sent Alistair straight up to the bedroom. He quickly got out of his trousers and pants and grabbed a pair of her knickers and lay on the bed.

He didn’t know where to start as he began to stroke himself. Should he concentrate on Bajram fucking her? Perhaps he should think about Ceres and his Julie together? Maybe even think about Abdul and Bajram both fucking her that very morning? But the two faces that filled his mind were those of Jeff and Alan, his friends of longstanding.

They had both asked her out; they had both wanted to date her. He should have been shocked but he already knew they fancied her. He had seen the way they looked at her. He knew the way that guys mentally stripped a woman naked. He had done it himself on occasion. They had done it to her. They may have been friends but they were also red blooded males and any attractive female coming their way would be fair game to them. Wife of a friend or not, they would still fuck her if they got the chance.

He should be hurt; he should jealous but he just couldn’t bring himself to do so. He knew Jeff better than Alan and he also knew that he played around a lot. In the early days of their friendship he would tell him the lurid details of his conquests. Women he knew; some that he even worked with, Jeff would give graphic descriptions of the way he fucked them and their enjoyment of his cock.

Alistair remembered one girl that Jeff had been fucking. She worked in his office and was just nineteen years old; she was also engaged to be married. She used to drop by his flat on her way home from work. Her boyfriend thought that she always worked an extra half and hour to help her boss out. It was partly true of course; she was helping her boss out. Helping him out of his trousers, sucking him nice and hard and then helping his erection to subside with a vigorous fuck on his bed.

“I love sending her home to her fiancé all wet and sticky,” Jeff used to say.

Soon Julie would be getting fucked by him as well. He would ask her out another time and this time she would say ‘yes’. Behind his back, she would date him. Make some excuse to go out and be alone with him. Jeff had a flat in town. He took his women there. He would take Julie there and he would fuck her. She too would be coming home to him all wet and sticky.

He should be hurt; he should be jealous but he wasn’t. All he could do was conjure up graphic images of him fucking her while he masturbated into her panties.

A short while later he got up, cleaned himself up, and went downstairs to cook dinner. He was spent and yet still horny. He still couldn’t get the idea of Jeff fucking Julie out of his mind and then there was Alan. Alan worked for the same company but in a different department. He had seen him when Julie came to visit; seen his smile, seen his lust. He didn’t know much about his private life but he knew that he wanted Julie.

He would have to contend with that. He would have to contend with the fact that he would be sitting in a meeting with him and that Alan would look across at him with thoughts of his last fuck with Julie running through his head. He would know her as much as he did. He would know her body as well as he did. He would take pleasure from her in the same way as he did. Alan would look across the table with thoughts of Julie’s naked body pleasuring his memory.

An hour later Alistair went back to his laptop and read her email again before replying.


What a filthy woman you have become? Filthy and yet delicious. You have just had me masturbating into your panties thinking about you... and Jeff. I was picturing you in that flat of his in town. Picturing you in his bed and getting fucked by him.

I will be looking out for the signs; you know that don’t you? But I want you to do your best and keep it from me. It will excite me to never know for certain. It will excite me to come home from work and wonder if he has been round fucking you that day. It will excite me having you come home after being out and not knowing if you have been with him or not.

It will also excite me bumping into him from time to time knowing that he has had you; not knowing when or how but knowing that he has undressed you; stripped you naked; gazed on your naked body. It will excite me to know that he has tasted you; that he has had his cock deep inside you and that he has cum inside you. It will excite me to know that he has given you pleasure.

Darling, I am horny once again.

I have lost count of the number of times that I have masturbated this past week. Sometimes I have even woken up the night and masturbated after falling asleep after masturbating. And I have woken each morning and masturbated as well. You have made me so horny.

Now there is just one more night’s sleep without you. I will pick you up at the airport and bring you home. I want to taste you. I want to look at that pussy of yours again; the one that three men have looked at this week. The pussy that three men have enjoyed this past week.

I want to taste it and I also want to receive pleasure from it as well.

I have booked a table for dinner, by the way. Hopefully it will be quiet and you can tell me in person how much you have enjoyed yourself this week.

I love you.

Your cuckold


The next morning there was an email from Julie.


Filthy am I?

You haven’t seen anything yet. I am going to be the perfect Cuckoldress. You think you have masturbated a lot so far this week? Well let me tell you something...

Yes, I have been thinking some more about Jeff too. I didn’t realise that he had a flat in town. Very handy that, hey! Close to the shops. I could be out for the afternoon shopping couldn’t I, or maybe I would really be in his flat; in his bed, getting fucked. Maybe it could be a regular fuck, if he’s good that is.

I think he would be though. He does have a big one, that I do know. Remember that New Year’s party three years ago? He danced with me a couple of times. The second was a slow one and he pulled me close and pressed his groin against me. I thought at the time ‘what a cheeky bugger’.

I am getting used to big ones now. The first time with Abdul I was a bit sore next morning but I am used to having something big and thick inside me now... well I have had three this week haven’t I? I will enjoy Jeff’s I am sure. I will suck him nice and hard first before I let him loose at my pussy. I learned from Abdul and Bajram just how beneficial it can be; lick and suck them until they are quite close to the edge and then let them get at you.

Are you hard again darling?

Maybe you can order some sex underwear for me to wear for him? You know my sizes don’t you? Some nice lacy top stockings as well! If you don’t see them after a while you will know that will be at Jeff’s flat. I quite fancy the idea of having my own knicker drawer at a lover’s flat. Let myself in and dress up ready for him. Do you like the sound of that?

Has my filthiness made you hard again?

I hope it has.

I only want to please you. I only want to give you what you want; you know that don’t you darling? I know that you want lots of erections don’t you? It will be my pleasure giving them to you!

Oh before I forget, did I mention that I have a surprise for you my darling?

Should I tell you now or should I wait until we meet at the airport?

I think I will leave it until I see you.

See you soon my cuckold.


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