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The Cuckold's Reward - Alistair's Story - Part IX

Julie returns to the arms of her cuckold husband
Julie’s email was perhaps the last thing he needed that morning. It had him on edge most of the day. It was her promises of things to come that did it. The promise of a surprise when he met her at the airport and the promise of fucking Jeff and Alan.

To make matters worse he happened to bump into Jeff on the way to work. He had stopped by the newsagents and there he was coming out with his morning paper. They chatted briefly and then a woman walked passed them. She was attractive and had nice long legs that were accentuated by a pleated skirt that swayed from side to side as she walked by. Both of them turned their heads to look at her.

“I’d like some of that,” Jeff commented.

“She’s probably married,” Alistair replied.

“The best kind,” he replied. “They know what their pussy is for and they appreciate it being taken care of properly.”


Jeff gave him a playful nudge in the ribs with his elbow, “You know what I mean,” he grinned.” Most husbands hardly pay any attention after a while of being married. A quick feel, a lick or two and then a couple of minutes humping.”

“And...and you take care of them properly?”

Jeff turned and smiled, “I make sure that their pussy is well tongued before I fuck them long and hard. They always scream when I fuck them.”

Alistair found himself getting hard. He said his goodbye to him and turned away. A short while later he found himself sitting at his desk thinking about Jeff taking care of Julie’s pussy. In his mind he could hear her screams as she orgasmed under the deep penetration of Jeff’s cock. It hurt him but it also made him hard.

Julie called him from the airport at lunch time. It was just a brief call telling him that she was about to board the aircraft.

“And my surprise?” he asked her.

She giggled, “You will have to wait and see,” she told him.

It was all he could get out of her.

He left the office at; it gave him time to get changed before heading off for the airport. He decided to shower and he relaxed under the warmth of the water. His thoughts turned to Julie returning to him after spending a week with another man. He found himself stroking his cock as he thought about her being fucked by him; not just him but the others as well.

Leaning back against the shower wall he masturbated. In his mind he could picture their cocks thrusting in and out of her; their long thick cocks taking pleasure from her well stretched pussy. His cock began to pulsate, splashing its cum onto the shower floor. After a short while he recovered, dressed and left for the airport.

He checked the Arrivals board when he got there and saw he flight was scheduled to land on time. With just over half an hour to spare he went and had a coffee. Each minute seemed as long as ten as he waited impatiently.

When the Arrivals board confirmed that it had landed he went to wait at the barrier. It seemed busy. He watched as people thronged through the gates and then greeted loved ones waiting for them. One man was stood next to him and he watched as his wife threw herself into his arms. He had no idea where she had been but he wondered to himself whether or not she had spent her time away fucking another man. She didn’t look the type; they didn’t look that type of couple either but the same could also be said for Alistair and Julie.

He glanced up at the clock and noticed that it was getting late. She should have come through the gate by now. The throngs of people had now become just a trickle. He started to worry. He stood another fifteen minutes and was about to go and ask someone at the Customer Services desk when he saw this woman come through the gate. She wore a red and yellow Turkish dress and her head was partially covered with a scarf. The face seemed familiar. He glanced at the case that she was pulling behind her. He recognised it. He saw the smile on the woman’s face; it was Julie. She had surprised him all right.

“My bags got put on another baggage carousel,” she told him explaining her delay.

He didn’t care.

They stood clutched together for a many minutes. It was good to feel her body against his. It was warm and it excited him again. “Come on let’s get you home to bed,” he told her.

On the drive back home Alistair reached across and ran his hand over her mound. Her dress was long and the hem was too far down to reach and pull it back. Julie opened her thighs to let him touch her through the material of her dress.

“I can’t feel panties,” he told her.

She smiled and reached across with her hand and gripped his bulge. “That’s because I’m not wearing any,” she told him. “I took them off at the airport and left them with Abdul. He promised to wash them and bring them with him next week.”

Alistair groaned.

Julie squeezed him again.

“You’ll be looking forward to seeing him, I take it.”

“Of course,” she told him. “I’m missing his cock already.”

Alistair groaned again with excitement.

“I better take my hand away,” she told him, “Don’t want you cumming in your pants do we?”

Alistair wanted her hand to remain there. He wanted to cum. He was horny and he needed relief.

“Did he fuck you this morning?”

Julie reached across and touched him again. “What do you think?”

Alistair nodded as he pressed his fingers into the groove of her mound.

“Twice,” she told him. “We had a nice long slow one when we woke up and afterwards he fucked me in the shower.”

Alistair groaned as she squeezed him before taking her hand away again.

He remembered her account of what happened when Abdul took her to his home. How he had just dropped the bags off in the hallway and took her straight upstairs to bed. That was how it was for them when he had closed the door behind them. He pulled her to him; kissed her, and gave her a gentle shove towards the stairs.

Inside the bedroom he helped her out of her dress and as she lay back on the bed he kneeled between her parted legs. He remembered what Jeff had said that morning about lazy husbands not taking care of their wives pussies properly. He knew that Jeff was going to fuck her sometime soon but he wasn’t going to let him believe that he was one of those lazy husbands.

He gently parted the lips of her pussy with his thumbs. He saw the wetness there; he saw the redness there; her morning fuck was still showing its signs. He kissed her and as he did so he took her in musky aroma before applying his tongue. He couldn’t be sure if some of Abdul’s cum was still around but he didn’t care as he delved deep. He thought about the cocks that had been inside her not just Abdul’s but also Barjam’s and Zeki’s. Cocks much bigger than his; cocks much thicker than his, it drove him on.

Julie began to squeal. She began to writhe and squirm and her fingers grabbed fistfuls of his hair. She also became vocal; urging him to taste her. After a few minutes he replaced his tongue with her fingers and concentrated his tongue on her clitty. Julie soon achieved a huge orgasm.

Alistair raised himself from her and began to kiss her mouth. Julie’s tongue flickered across his lips and cheeks; she was tasting herself and it made him wonder who had who had taught her to do that. He wanted to fuck her now. He wanted inside her. He needed to reclaim his territory. Other men had been there and he had to lay claim once again but Julie had other ideas. She rolled him over onto his back and then took hold of his erection.

“You’re very wet,” she told him.

He glanced down and saw the streams of precum rolling down his shaft. He hadn’t realised just how excited he was. Julie took hold of him with thumb and forefinger and began to move her hand up and down.

“Abdul has asked me not to let you penetrate me until after he has gone in a couple of weeks.”

He was shocked.

“He wants my cunt nice and fresh for his visit,” she explained as her hand movements increased.

Alistair groaned.

“I’ll still take care of you,” she told him, “Just not by penetration though. Is that okay?”

He groaned loudly. How could he refuse? Her cunt was being denied to him by another man, not just that, she was keeping her cunt for another man’s sole use.

He nodded.

“Of course, if Jeff or Alan comes along in the meantime then my promise to Abdul goes by the wayside.”

Alistair let out a huge cry as his cum shot into the air and over his belly. Julie had learned so much about cuckolding since she had been away from him.

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