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The Cuckold's Reward - Alistair's Story - Part X

Julie's return to Alistair's side brings a new cuckolding adventure
They showered together shortly afterwards and then Alistair brought up her suitcases so she could unpack. He watched her put away her lingerie and wondered if Abdul had seen her in every pair of her knickers. She pulled out a red baby doll nightie and panties set. “I never did get around to wearing this,” she said. “I bought it in one of the airport shops on the way out to wear for him. I’ll have to make sure I wear it for him next week when he comes.”

Alistair was hard once again.

Later they went out for dinner. Julie talked about Turkey. She talked about the shops; the food and the lifestyles of the ordinary people. She talked about Bajram and Ceren and their home and she talked a lot about Abdul. It was clear that she had enjoyed herself there.

Afterwards they popped into one of their favourite pubs for a quick drink before heading back home. Alistair went off to the toilets and when he returned he was surprised to see Jeff talking to Julie. He knew that Jeff often went there but he was still shocked to see him. He held back for a moment to watch them; they were laughing and joking. He felt heaviness in his stomach and yet he also felt an excitement stirring.

When he joined them Jeff quickly left after a quick greeting.

“What did he want?” Alistair asked her.

She smiled. “Nothing really,” she replied, “just making small talk.”

There was more that he wanted to ask; much more, but he didn’t. And anyway Julie quickly changed the subject back to Turkey. Later in bed that evening they did talk about Jeff. Alistair told her about his meeting with Jeff that morning. With her hand holding his cock as she snuggled up to him he told her what Jeff had said.

“He knows his stuff,” Julie told him.

“How do you mean?”

“Guys do tend to get stale when they are well into a relationship,” she replied as she gently stroked him. “Men like Abdul and Jeff pick up on that. They take their time down there and make sure that a woman is ready for cock. Abdul has me screaming and begging for his.”

Alistair’s cock twitched in her hand.

“I’m looking forward to being fucked by Jeff,” she told him softly.

Alistair groaned.

“W...w...when do you think it will happen?”

Julie looked up at him as she increased her stroking of his cock. “Soon,” she said, “very soon.”

Alistair sighed loudly.

“W...will you tell me about it please?” he asked. “I need to know.”

Julie reached over and kissed him. “Depends on how well you treat my cunt,” she responded.

Alistair wanted her to finish him off with her hand. He wanted to cum. But Julie had needs too. He rolled her over and moved down between her open thighs. She was already wet, no doubt from thinking about Jeff or Abdul or even both, but he still continued. Julie gripped the back of his head and forced him tighter into her. Her thighs squeezed tight as she writhed and squirmed. Alistair soon had her cumming.

Afterwards she rolled him into his back and took his cock in her mouth; Alistair came within a few minutes.

They awoke early next morning.

Alistair wanted to fuck her. He had woke before her. The feel of her naked body against his aroused him. It had been a long time since he had felt his erection pressing against her nakedness. He thought about Abdul waking up next to her each morning and feeling that nakedness against him. Abdul would probably have reached between her thighs with his hand and stroked her. Her pussy would already be well lubricated from their fucking the night before so it was just a case of arousing her gently from her sleep.

Once awake, he would gently roll her onto her back and then climb between her parted legs. Julie would probably have raised her knees and opened her legs as wide as possible for him. Abdul would have adjusted his position before pressing the tip of his cock against her opening. Julie would look up at him and give him that ‘please fuck me’ look. With one thrust, Abdul would be fully inside her.

Perhaps he would reach under her bottom with his hands and pull her tightly against him. Perhaps Julie would wrap her legs tightly around him. He didn’t know. He didn’t care. Abdul would continue to pound away at her and amidst all that screaming and moaning from her excited lips he would cum deep inside her and fill her once again.

Alistair wanted her.

As they showered she reached for him and began to stroke him. “I thought we might go into town early,” she said to him. “I know that you want to buy me some nice underwear to wear for Jeff.”

He stammered before managing to say, “There’s no rush is there?”

Julie kissed him and stroked his cock harder, “Maybe,” she replied, “maybe not.”

She stepped out of the shower leaving him not only bewildered but also very horny.

They had breakfast in a cafe in town and then went to Julie’s favourite lingerie shop. Alistair followed her around as she chose some bra and panties sets as well as some stockings and suspenders. The sales girl smiled as she gave him his change after putting the items inside a bag and handed them to him. If only she knew that he was buying these for his wife to wear for another man.

Julie also bought a skirt and top before they did some food shopping and went back home.

Alistair had mentally prepared himself for a quiet afternoon in but Julie had other ideas. She went upstairs and over half an hour later she came back down. She had changed her clothing and was now wearing the new skirt and top she had bought. Alistair had no doubt that she was also wearing some of the new underwear that he bought for her earlier.

“I thought I might have a wander round the shops this afternoon,” she told him. “You don’t mind do you?”

“,” he stammered, “I’ll take you if you like?”

Julie shook her head, “No, it’s okay,” she told him, “you put your feet up and watch the sport.” She added before kissing him.

Alistair could smell her perfume. He knew that she was going out for sex. He didn’t ask; he didn’t protest. He didn’t say a word. She kissed him once again and, as her hand brushed against his groin, she turned and left.

He stood there, almost glued to the spot, for a few minutes. He was lost; bewildered and an almost pathetic figure. He knew that she was going to get fucked but would it be with Jeff? He tried to rationalise the events of the previous night. Yes, she had seen him. They had chatted for a few minutes. But could they have arranged a date in such short a space of time?

As lost and bewildered as he was, Alistair was also horny. His erection throbbed inside his trousers. There was only one thing for it. He trundled off upstairs and went into Julie’s knicker drawer. Pulling a pair of soft white cotton ones from it, he lay down on the bed and released his cock from his pants. Closing his eyes, he wrapped them around his erection and began to slowly masturbate. The feel of the soft cotton aroused him but what aroused him more were the thoughts running through his mind.

Julie would be wearing stockings, of that he was certain, but what about the bra and panty set. He had bought two sets; a black with red frills one and a red with white frills one. The red set had a tiny white bow over the mound area. What would Jeff say when he saw them? What would Jeff think? Julie was dressed for sex; sex with him and not her husband. What did that say about him?

Alistair knew what it said to Jeff. It said that Julie was not getting enough sex from her husband; it said that she was not getting satisfied at home. He knew how Jeff would react. Jeff would show her what a real man can do in bed. Jeff would show how a real man makes love to his woman.

These thoughts taunted him and aroused him in equal measure.

It didn’t take him long to cum. It didn’t take long to bring his cum flowing into Julie’s panties. When his groans subsided he lay for a few minutes recovering before getting up and cleaning himself up. Back downstairs he glanced at the clock on the wall. Julie had been gone just under half an hour. It was a twenty minute journey into town. She would be there now. He was starting to get aroused again.

He found himself at a loss about what to do. He wasn’t in the mood for sport. He would not be able to concentrate anyway. He picked up his mobile. He had hardly bothered with it since Julie had been back. There were a couple of unimportant missed calls but there was also an email alert. It was from Julie.

He rushed into the study and switched on his laptop. The email had been sent to him forty five minutes ago. Julie had been home then. She had been upstairs changing to go out. She must have written it then.

Darling Cuckold,

Surprise. Surprise.

Thought I would write this while I get changed. Thought I would let you know about.... Well you know who I am talking about don’t you?

We chatted briefly last night while you were in the gents. He was his usual jokey self. I joked too. I told him that it had been ages since he had last asked me out. It caught him by surprise. He said to me that he had given up asking after all the refusals. We saw you coming back out and I laughed as I told him that I would be in Starbucks at 2:30pm. He laughed back.

So I have done it. What a slut I am hey?

As I rush this email out to you I am wearing the red and white lingerie set with stockings and suspenders of course. I showered again, put my new undies on and all that’s left for me to do now is put my make up on then get into my new skirt and blouse. Do you think Jeff will like it? I think he will.

Hopefully I will be out by the time you get this. I switched the sound off your mobile alerts, sorry. I didn’t want you to know anything before I left.

I am looking forward to cuckolding you with Jeff; really looking forward to it. I had intended to do it behind your back. I wanted to leave you uncertain of what was going on but the more I thought more about it I realised that it would be far more exciting for you knowing what I was doing. Knowing that Jeff was taking care of my pussy properly!

I also find it more exciting telling you. I have got used to it now, emailing you after the event and going into detail. It is like reliving it all over again. You know, when I used to tell you about Abdul and the others I could feel their cocks in me all over again. I could feel their tongues; feel their kisses, even feel their cum filling me again. I much prefer the open cuckolding, don’t you? I could never really cheat on you. I wouldn’t really enjoy it for one and also I need to know that you have shared in my enjoyment of being fucked by someone else..

To be honest though, as well as being excited I am also quite nervous. It was different with Abdul. I had got to know him before I went to stay with him. We also both knew what was going to happen when we met. But I don’t really know Jeff at all and what exactly will happen? Will we fumble about like a couple of teenagers?

Anyway, I had better finish readying myself for Jeff. I want to look my best for him. It will improve his performance, I am sure, and I know that you would want Jeff to enjoy me to the fullest.

Hopefully as you are reading I will be in Jeff’s bed. Please don’t rush off and masturbate I want you nice and horny for when I return. If you are a good cucky and clean up all Jeff’s remaining cum I will tell you all about it while I wank you.

Your Cuckoldress


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