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The Cuckold's Reward - Alistair's Story - Part I

Alistair's introduction to cuckolding is told
Alistair heard the short ringing tone of his mobile. It was an email notification signal. He leapt up from his chair and picked up his mobile. It was from Julie:

Arrived okay. Abdul here to meet me. Off to the apartment now. Will email later. Luv Julie xxx.’

He breathed a sigh of relief. At least his wife had arrived safe and well. He reached over for his glass and took it across to the drinks cabinet so that he could refill it. He had worried about her flying to Turkey on her own and away from the usual tourist areas. She was there now, safe and well. He could relax now.

But could he relax? Could he really relax? His wife, Julia, was holidaying without him. Not just holidaying but also holidaying with another man. She would be staying in his apartment; sharing his home and sharing his bed. Alistair was being cuckolded.

Alistair sat down with his drink. He wondered what they would be doing now. He smiled at his own stupidity. He knew what they would be doing now; they would be fucking. What else would they be doing?

Abdul was a Turkish guy they had met on the internet. He was in his late thirties and single. Abdul was looking for white European couples to have adult fun with. Alistair had been unsure about him at first. Abdul was foreign and ideally he was looking for someone from within the UK to cuckold him with Julie but she thought he was ideal.

It had taken her a long time to accept her husband’s fetish of wanting her to sleep with another man, but once she had settled it in her own mind, she was insistent on doing it with someone far away. She was also insistent on being on her own with the male. Alistair wanted to watch but it was the last thing she wanted. She knew that she would be unable to relax with him there for one thing and for another she saw sex as something private between two people. If she was going to cuckold him then she would do it on her own terms. Alistair knew that if he was going to have his fantasy come to fruition then he would have to accede to her terms; he reluctantly accepted.

In Abdul’s advert he offered a free holiday to couples. They could stay with him in his apartment but the wife would share his bed and the husband sleep in another room. They had friends who had recently holidayed in Turkey and they had spoken very highly of the country. The people were friendly; the weather was good and food and drink was relatively cheap. So once Julie had got to know him a little through emails and telephone calls she decided that she would accept his offer of a holiday, but only on her own. Abdul was delighted.

As the time for her holiday drew near Alistair had got used to the idea of her being alone with Abdul. He had been apprehensive about her being in a strange country with a man they knew little about but the fact that he had also chatted with Abdul helped to lay aside his fears. He had enjoyed listening to Abdul’s tales of other couples who had taken up his offer in the past. He had also enjoyed listening to Abdul telling him what he was going to do with Julie when she came to him. From the pictures that he had sent them, they already knew that he had a very big cock and once Julie had sampled it she would come back for more and more. He had no doubt about that. He had looked closely at her face when she had studied his pictures; Julie had drooled.

As the time drew near Alistair had also noticed a greater intensity in her sexual excitement. She was constantly horny, as he was as well, and they found that they were making love much more regularly than in the past. Alistair knew that she was looking forward to being fucked by Abdul. It excited him greatly but it also tore at his emotions. He loved her very much. She had been his wife for almost ten years. He would miss her.

The worst time came on their last evening together. Her flight check in time was at 6.00am so it was an early start. He had been with her in the bedroom as she packed. Watching her pack her own clothes in the suitcases; watching her pack the underwear that only another man would see her wearing. It was painful.

Later there would be a tear in his eye as he watched her walk on her own through the departure gate.


Alistair had dropped off to sleep. He woke startled but he was still holding his glass. He didn’t know how long he had slept but it was getting dark outside. He looked at his watch. It was 9.30pm which meant it was 11.30pm with Julie. He reached for his mobile but there were no messages or missed calls but there was notification of an email from Julie. He rushed to his laptop and opened his mail:

‘Hi Darling, hope you are okay. I am fine, so is Abdul. He sends his regards.

I suppose you want to know what I have been doing, don’t you? What Abdul and I have been up to together, hey?

Well, as I said, he was waiting at the Arrivals Terminal for me. He had my name written on a large card. It made me smile. I already knew that it was him from his photograph. I have to say he looks better in real life. Very handsome and tanned. Very sexy.

We kissed briefly. Shows of affection between men and women are frowned up here so it was more like a brotherly hug and kiss. Once we got away from the airport and into the country Abdul pulled into a lay-by and we greeted one another properly. His hands were all over me. He was so excited at seeing me. He was also very horny. He had a huge bulge in his pants and I couldn’t resist touching him.

I wanted to take his cock out and suck it but there were a few cars about so I had to stop unzipping his pants. He was a bit disappointed.

As I had promised him, I had taken off my knickers just before we landed. He went wild when he put his hand under my skirt and realised that I wasn’t wearing any. He also went crazy at seeing my shaved pussy. He’s never seen one shaved. I told him that you had done it special for him. He told me to thank you...

When we set off again he asked me if he could push my skirt back for the rest of journey and I said yes. I spent most of the time sitting back with my skirt up and legs apart. He couldn’t keep his hands off me. I must say I found it very stimulating being fondled like that. I also reciprocated by holding onto his bulge most of the journey. I guess that as well as exciting it also painful for him too. Well, you would know what it is like for a man wouldn’t you?

When we got to the apartment we unpacked and had a long slow drink.

No, only kidding!

Abdul dumped the cases in the hallway and closed the door. He pulled me too him and kissed me and then scooped my up in his arms and carried me upstairs He had me stripped naked and on his bed in seconds. I thought that would get down to fucking me right away but no, he took his time kissing me before he got down between my thighs.

I have never had oral sex like it before. His tongue just kept lapping and licking away at me. He also used his fingers like a cock on me. I lost count of the number of times he made me cum.

He’s big. But you know that anyway from his photos. I was scared about his size and thickness but he was very gentle at first. He eased it into me very slowly and then stayed very still so that I could get used to it inside me. Once he got going though it was very different.

He’s fucked me three times so far and I am quite sore. As I am sat here typing this email before we go out to dinner I can still feel him inside me. I am not complaining though.

Anyway how are you?

I guess that reading this has made you very horny. I bet you are very stiff and hard aren’t you. I bet you are leaking cum as well. I am leaking cum too, Abdul’s cum is still leaking from me. I will have to change my panties before we go out.

I hope that you will go and lie down now, if you haven’t already, and masturbate. Stroke your cock very slowly and think about me and Abdul together. I will get him to take some photos of us together. It won’t have my face on, of course, but you will know that it is me.

So, I will say goodnight now. I do love you and miss you and I really thank you for letting me come away and stay with Abdul. Maybe next time you can come with me and sleep in the spare room.

Write soon,



Alistair sat staring at his computer screen for a few moments as he took in the enormity of what had happened. He was hurting and he was missing her but he was also horny. He wished he could have been there to see Abdul fuck her. He had read accounts from cuckolded husbands of being in the bedroom while another man cuckolded them. Some had stood by the bed and watched of sat in chair in the corner of the room. Some had even sat by the side of the side holding their wife’s hand while she got fucked.

He would have liked to have seen the excitement in Abdul’s eyes; watched Julie’s face as she orgasmed, listened as she screamed. All he could do was imagine them together. Alistair switched off his laptop and went up to bed. It was time to masturbate.

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