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The Cuckold's Reward - Ken's Story (Part 3)

The Cuckold's Reward - Ken's Story (Part 3)

Ken's cuckold days end only to find himself cuckolding his ex-wife's new husband

There were tears two weeks later when Sandra received the letter from Ken’s solicitors informing her about the divorce petition. She knew that it was coming but getting the letter that Friday morning caught her emotionally off guard. It put a dampener on her weekend with Samuel. She was so upset that she told Ken that she did not want him to divorce her and also told Samuel that she was having second thoughts about their relationship.

Samuel handled it all well. He did not storm off like Ken had expected him to do but stayed the whole weekend and slept on his own in the spare bedroom. Ken had the pleasure of sharing the marital bed that weekend with his wife. By Sunday morning, however, Sandra’s emotions had managed to return to normal; the three of them went out for lunch and when they got back home Samuel and Sandra went off to bed. By late evening Samuel had reminded her of just what she would be missing if they were to split up.

Sandra called Ken up to the bedroom, while Samuel went down to watch television, to talk about the future. She was still in the afterglow of Samuel’s last fuck. Ken had heard them. He had heard the bed straining more volubly than on previous occasions; heard her cries of passion echoing around the house for longer than usual and more importantly heard his own reasoning voice stronger than before.

She was still lying in bed when he entered the room. She sat up. “I need to talk...” she started to say.

Ken put a finger to her lips as he knelt on the edge of the bed before kissing her. “There’s no need to say anything,” he told her.

“But... “

Ken put his finger to her lips again. “I know,” he told her. “I know what you need. I know you need to be with Samuel. You need him and he needs you.”

“But... “

“But, if I didn’t let you go, if I didn’t give you your freedom, if I made you stay married to me it would make you miserable. In the long term you would grow to hate me. I don’t want that.”

She hugged and kissed him. “You’re such a sweet man,” she told him.

Ken tugged at the duvet, pulling it down over her naked body. Her skin was damp from the rigours of their lovemaking and beads of perspiration had formed between her breasts. Ken reached down and touched her skin. Her nipples seemed more erect than usual and he brushed his fingers against them.

“I will never deny you, Ken,” she told him. “No matter what Samuel says, I will never refuse you.” she told him as she reached for his groin.

“You mean... “ he started to say as her fingers drew down his zipper.

“Yes... you will be cuckolding him,” she told him as she reached inside his pants. “Apart from times when we are making babies, you will be able to fuck me at will.”

Ken groaned.

“Come on,” she said tugging at his trousers.

Ken didn’t need any further encouragement. He pushed down his trousers and stepped out of them. Sandra opened her thighs wide for him as he climbed back onto the bed. Her inner thighs glistened with their juices. Samuel’s creamy cum oozed from between her bright, red, puffy pussy lips. He lowered himself down onto the bed between her thighs. With his face up close to her pussy he stopped for a few minutes; he wanted to look at it. The musky aroma teased his nostrils; he wanted to take it all in.

When they had first married; when they had first been able to spend whole nights together, he would look at her pussy for ages. It was his. It was his possession and it belonged to him. He took pride in it; kissed it, stroked it; washed it with his tongue even. Sandra’s pussy was worshipped by him. He was worshipping it now. Even though it was soon to belong to another man. Even though another man had just been taking possession of it. Even though another man had pleasured himself with it and filled it with his seed. He still worshipped it.

Ken went to work on her with his tongue. Cleaning her inner thighs first he then proceeded to clean her pussy. Mouthful after mouthful of Samuel’s cum was lapped up and swallowed with abandon until there was no more left except form Sandra’s own juices from her orgasm. When he had finished Sandra reached down and took hold of him to guide him into her. He welcomed entrance inside her.

He tried his best to make it last long. He tried his hardest to focus on other things but it was hopeless. His thoughts kept coming back to the cock that had been inside her earlier. The much longer and thicker cock that had pleasured her previously. The cock that had filled her with the cum that he had just cleaned up. Ken tried his best but he came within a couple of minutes.

He apologised afterwards but Sandra would have none of it. “You don’t have to worry about that,” she told him. “You don’t have to worry about pleasuring me anymore; that’s Samuel’s job. I just want you to enjoy your own pleasure.

Afterwards they showered and went downstairs. Samuel was waiting with glasses of wine at the ready. He reached out for Sandra, who wore just one of Ken’s white shirts. He kissed her and reached behind with his hand and groped her naked bottom. As he did so he looked at Ken and smiled. It was a smile that was purposely meant to remind him whose woman she now was.

Next morning as Samuel prepared to leave he caught Ken in the kitchen, draining his coffee mug before rushing off to work. “Thanks’ for everything Ken,” he told him. “Glad we got things sorted in the end.”

Ken nodded in acknowledgement.

“Just one thing Ken,” he said. “I know that you and Sandra will still be... well... you know. But I would be grateful if you would start wearing condoms from now on. It’s only right that Sandra should be receiving seed from just one of us and that should be... well you know... “

Ken nodded.

As he drove away that morning he glanced at Samuel’s car in the driveway parked behind Sandra’s. It was customary that he always left before Samuel and it was nearly always customary that he would take Sandra one more time. Ken rubbed his cock momentarily as he took one last look before concentrating on the day ahead of him.


It was six months later when Samuel and Sandra and married. It was a small Register Office wedding with a few close friends as well as both their parents and Sandra’s sister and Samuel’s brother. Ken and a one of Samuel’s close friends acted as witnesses. The best man was Ken.

It hadn’t been an easy time. Telling friends and family that they were divorcing had been met with shock and disbelief and the inevitable polarisation of loyalties caused a few problems. The most difficult time came when Samuel officially came on the scene as Sandra’s new boyfriend. The fact that Ken was still sharing the marital home with his, soon to be ex-wife, puzzled many and brought humiliation on him from some family members and friends.

The animosity and ambivalence though only served to strengthen the bond between the three of them. At one point Ken and Sandra had considered moving but Samuel, who had known prejudice all his life, was determined to stick it out. It worked. As time went by the relationship came to be accepted and when Sandra and Samuel held a small engagement party a few weeks before the wedding some of those who had been most vociferous in their objections came along and enjoyed themselves.

Back home later that night Sandra told them that she had caught her sister, Emma, snogging with Samuel’s brother, Solomon. They were both still single and not seeing anyone else so no harm was being done but Sandra did say that her mum and dad would have a fit if they did get it together. “I don’t think they envisaged both their daughters marrying black guys,” she had said.

Samuel and Sandra went off to bed later and Ken stayed downstairs to watch television for a while. As usual, the sound of their creaking bed sounded throughout the house and then the house fell into silence. A while later Sandra came downstairs, “Samuel’s asleep,” she told him as she snuggled up next to him on the settee. She was wearing a thigh length nightshirt and Ken cropped his arm across her legs and pulled her closer.

They talked for a while, had a glass of wine and Ken examined her engagement ring. “Happy?” he asked her.

She hugged him. “Very,” she replied.

They found themselves kissing and Ken slipped his hand between her thighs. Her white cotton panties were quite damp from the results of her lovemaking with Samuel earlier. It wasn’t long before they came off along with Ken’s trousers and pants. He muttered something about getting a condom but Sandra stopped him. “You might wake Samuel, “ she told him. “Besides I’m not coming off the pill for a few weeks yet.”

They fucked long and slowly and then Sandra crept back to bed. Ken stayed a while longer reminiscing on the times when they were first going out together. Sometimes her parents would let him stay over at weekends, making up a bed for him on the settee. Sandra would sneak down in the early hours and they would make love before she crept back up to bed again. It had brought back memories of illicit sex. Sometimes sex could be at its best when trying to avoid getting caught.

Though Ken and Sandra snatched further moments of illicit sex up to her wedding with Samuel, the best moment came on the night before the wedding. Samuel held with tradition and spent the night away from Sandra, leaving her alone with Ken. It had already been agreed that Ken would help her prepare for the big day. Though her wedding dress was nowhere near as lavish as the one she wore for her marriage to Ken, it was still a lacy, white affair. Ken paid for it. Not only that, he also bought her wedding day underwear and nightwear; virginal white being the order of the day. Ken had the privilege of helping her bathe and dress as well as escorting her to the Register Office.

He also had the privilege of spending the night with her. They had a small, intimate, candlelit dinner at home and cracked open a bottle of vintage champagne. They also made love. First, on the sheepskin rug in front of the fire and then twice more later in bed. Unfortunately, Ken had to wear condoms each time; Sandra was now no longer taking her contraceptive pill but the lack of skin sensitivity made him last longer.

Ken also fucked her once more just before they left in the wedding car. Sandra had been standing there in front of the mirror admiring herself in her wedding dress; they had time to spare and Ken was horny. Ken guided her back to the bed and pushed her down onto her back; raising her dress back up over her waist he stood between her parted legs and dropped his trousers. Sandra looked up, resting on her elbows as he rolled a condom down over his erection and then she pulled her white, lacy panties to the side. Ken smiled before stepping closer and grabbing her ankles.

He had seen Samuel take her the same way many times, lifting her legs and resting them on his shoulders to fuck her hard and deep. It was his turn now. Sandra’s fingers brushed against his testicles as he pushed into her. She looked into his eyes as he reached under her bottom with his hands and then smiled before closing her eyes. He may not have had the endowment that Samuel had but at that very moment he had his woman, and that was all that mattered.

The wedding passed off happily. As they made their wedding vows Ken thought about the night that he had just shared with Sandra and those last few moments before bringing her to the Register Office. He knew that her panties would be quite damp as a result. When he stepped forward with the wedding ring Sandra gave him a knowing smile which brought an odd look from Samuel.

Later at the reception they managed to steal a few moments together; a kiss, a cuddle and a fondle. Ken felt comfort in the fact that he had beaten Samuel into touching her intimately before the marriage consummation. He slipped his hand down the front of her panties and touched her. To him it was still his pussy. The cunt that he had shaved and lovingly take care of the previous night still belonged to him. It helped him when the time came to say goodbye to her when they left the reception to start their honeymoon. A night in the Bridal suite followed by ten days in a secluded holiday cottage lay ahead. Ken managed to hold his emotions in check as he kissed her one last time.

He never expected to hear from her while they were away but she rang him next morning before they left for the cottage and then rang again to let him know that they had arrived at their destination. She rang him again a couple of days later; Samuel had popped out to get some shopping. They chatted. She told him that he had been vigorously fucking her. “Me being fertile seems to have put a spring in his step,” she told him. He missed her but hearing her telling him that also aroused him.

Before she said goodbye she asked him if he would like to join them at the weekend for the last few days of their honeymoon.

“Would Samuel want me there/” he asked her.

“I want you here,” she told him.

There was silence for a few moments.

“Want to know something?” she asked. “When you introduced me to cuckolding; when you persuaded me to cuckold you I never really thought that I would enjoy it. I knew that I would enjoy the sex with another man but I never realised that there would be so much enjoyment from being a Cuckoldress. But there was. It wasn’t just his fucking me that made it exciting but also knowing that while I was being fucked you were downstairs, listening, knowing that I was being fucked.”

“That’s interesting,” Ken responded.

“I miss cuckolding you,” she told him.

“I still think of us in a cuckolding relationship. You are still cuckolding me. Marrying someone else and fucking him is still cuckolding me as far as I am concerned,” he told her. “And Samuel getting you pregnant will the icing on the cake.”

“Awww, you’re sweet,” she told him. “But I need to cuckold Samuel. I need to experience, with him, the thrill I got with you.”

“I don’t think he is cut out to be a cuckold,” he told her. “He’s a bull; he’s an alpha male. I’m a natural cuckold and I always will be.”

Sandra laughed. “So you think Samuel will be a challenge for me then?”

“Hmmmm, well he doesn’t exactly have a cuckold’s equipment does he?

She laughed again. “Sometimes it’s not always about size,” she told him. “Anyway, who says you can’t be both a bull and a cuckold?”

Ken laughed. He had to admire her audacity.

“Anyway,” she said. “Now that I am a married woman how would you like to be the first to cuckold my new husband?”

Ken didn’t need to spend any time thinking about his answer.

“Well you better get your ass up here this weekend then, hadn’t you?”

Ken felt a surge of excitement as she put down the telephone.

Four days later he found himself at their cottage door. Sandra greeted him with a long passionate kiss and a hug. Samuel was standing in the distance looking on; he got the impression that he didn’t really want him there. Even so Samuel stepped forward and shook his hand and offered to take his suitcase upstairs.

Sandra looked different; she had a glow about her. He asked her how they were enjoying the area and what they had been up to. She giggled just as Samuel returned. “Apart from the local pub, we haven’t really been anywhere,” she told him. “We’ve been too busy baby making,”

Ken laughed as Samuel put his arm around her. He knew that feeling of insecurity.

“We thought we would eat out tonight,” Sandra said. “They do some nice pub grub in the local,”

Ken shrugged his shoulders. “I’m easy,”

“Samuel needs to get a few provisions from the shop in the next village,” she said. “Anything you need Ken?”

He shrugged his shoulders again. “Can’t think of anything.”

“It’s okay Ken you don’t need to be shy,” she told him, “I know what you may need. They’re already on Samuel’s list.”

Ken didn’t know what to say and was even more surprised when Samuel gave Sandra a kiss and said that he would be on his way.

A few minutes later they were all alone together. Sandra kissed him again. “You’ve never fucked another man’s wife before have you?” she said as she touched his groin.

He shook his head.

“We can’t have that, can we?” she said as she took his hand.

He let her lead him out of the room and up the stairs.

“My husband has never been cuckolded before, either.”

Ken smiled. “We can’t have that, can we?”

Sandra shook her head as she closed the bedroom door behind them.

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