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The Cuckold's Reward - Les's Story - Part I

Les is introduced to cuckolding
Les knocked lightly on the lounge door and waited. He could hear the faint sound of background music coming from the room, but nothing else. He raised his hand to rap the door again, but suddenly he heard Lindsay’s voice call out, “Come in,” she said.

Les reached for the door handle. He was not yet a cuckold in the physical sense, but he was aware of the formalities and protocols: when your wife is in a room alone with her lover you knock and wait to be told to enter. Your wife and her lover are entitled to privacy and even though she is your wife you do not have the right to just barge into the room.

Lindsay was looking down as he entered. She was fastening the top button of her blouse; Clive, her potential lover, was pulling up his zipper. He looked Les in the eye as if to say, ‘Yes, your wife was giving my cock some attention.’

Lindsay brushed down the hem of her skirt, before looking up at him. She had a sheepish, ‘I’ve been caught’ look on her face. Les didn’t need it spelling out that they had been kissing and petting. Clive was a red blooded male; he was black as well. His hands would have been all over her body. Clearly he had been fondling her breasts and his hand had been up her skirt; no doubt the encounter with her stockings would have greatly excited him.

It had surprised him though that Lindsay had been fondling him. She had been very shy and kind of backward in coming forward in their early days together. Obviously, she had been in exploratory mood as well. Though surprised and hurt he was also excited. Both he and Clive had one thing in common at that moment; they were both sporting bulges in their trousers. However, Clive’s was much more prominent; which was probably the reason that Lindsay’s hand had been inside his pants.

“Clive will be staying the night,” Lindsay said, as she stood up.

“I...I see,” was all that Les could say.

He had expected it, of course, even though they had both agreed that their first meeting would just be a ‘getting to know one another’ affair. He knew that if she liked him she would be spending the night with him.

“It is okay with you, isn’t it?” Lindsay asked him as she drew close.

“Y...yes, of course.”

Her hand alighted on his bulge as she kissed him.

“We’ll need the condoms,” she told him as she gave him a gentle squeeze.

He nodded. It was coming down to that now. Clive would be using his condoms to wear while he fucked his wife. Lindsay was unable to take the contraceptive pill and they relied on condoms. Les hated using them but they were not ready to start a family yet.

He looked at her. There were things he wanted to say but he held back.

“Put them in the spare room please.”

Les stood for a few moments before turning and walking away.

They had decided on using the spare bedroom from which to cuckold him. He knew that it was customary for the husband to sleep in the spare room alone while the wife shared the marital bed with her lover, but Lindsay preferred to leave the marital bedroom as the marital bedroom and use the spare bedroom at the end of the hallway for sleeping with her lovers. The room also had the advantage of having a lock on the door. For some reason the previous owners had put a lock on it. Maybe they had engaged in similar activity?

Les went upstairs to their bedroom and he took out the box of condoms from his bedside drawer and went to the spare bedroom. It was a smaller bedroom, of course, but it was very cosy. Lindsay had aired the duvet earlier and lying across the bed was her new nightdress and panty set. It was lacy, lilac in colour and of mid thigh length. It was also completely see-through. Les picked up the panties and momentarily crushed them in his hand. He knew that they would not be on her for very long.

He put the box of condoms down on top of the bedside table, stared at them for a moment and then decided to take one out and place it down beside the box. Lindsay always liked to sleep nearest the door and this would be her side of the bed. Lindsay also liked the pleasure of rolling the condom down the cock; he wanted to make it easier for her.

They had discussed the risk. When Les first mooted the idea of sharing her with another man she did warn him of the risk. They always knew the risk of a condom breaking whenever they made love. A pregnancy would be inconvenient for them, so early into their marriage but at least the child would be theirs. Should one break while on another man then any resulting baby would not be his.

The risk now however was much more serious. A resulting pregnancy from a male of their own colour could very easily be passed off as his child. He was prepared for that. But Clive was Jamaican. There was no way that the baby could be passed off as his own. The baby would be coloured; everybody would know that Lindsay had been fucked by a black male. Everyone would know that he had been cuckolded. Was he prepared for that?

Footsteps from behind him interrupted his thoughts. He turned and saw them hand in hand in the doorway. Les felt a stirring in the pit of his stomach. He knew it was actually happening now; the fantasy that had excited him all these years was coming to fruition, but was he prepared for it? In a few minutes another man would be fucking his wife; he loved her, did he really want this?

“Will you undress me darling please?”

Her words caught his attention again. She stepped forward as Clive walked past her to the other side of the bed. He started to unbutton her blouse, but in the corner of his eye he saw Clive starting to undress and he found himself stripping his wife while watching the man who was going to be fucking her undress.

He was a big man; not just in the genital department but bodily. He was muscular; body well toned and well looked after. As he removed Lindsay’s bra he watched Clive drop his shorts; he felt quite minuscule in comparison. He watched Clive climb into bed and then returned his attention to Lindsay. He could sense Clive’s eyes upon him as he removed her skirt. When he turned he saw the movements under the duvet as Clive stroked his cock in anticipation.

Les knew that this was all part of the humiliation process that cuckolds undergo. Allowing your wife to be fucked by another man was humiliating enough, but to actually undress her for the other man as well just heaped more humiliation upon him. Les turned away as he removed her panties; there was a smile on Clive’s face. He then removed her stockings and suspenders leaving her completely naked.

Lindsay turned for a moment and faced Clive giving him a full frontal view of her nakedness, before she picked up the nightdress and handed it to Les. He fumbled with it for a few moments as he tried to raise it above her head the right way round and then once it was on she stepped away and picked up the panties.

As he held them while Lindsay stepped into them he wondered what the point of her wearing them was; they would soon be off her, but Les also knew the sexual joy of taking off a woman’s pair of panties. Clive would enjoy taking these off his wife Lindsay.

For a moment he just stood there looking at her and then Clive broke the silence, “Your wife looks so sexy in that Les,” he said.

Les turned and looked at him. He was practically drooling.

“Just one thing for you to do now,” Lindsay said as she turned.

Les watched her take the few steps to the bedside table. He gasped as she picked up the condom. Surely she wasn’t expecting him to...

Lindsay turned and smiled as she stretched out her hand with the condom in it.

“You don’t want me getting pregnant do you?”

Les opened his mouth to speak. All that he had done so far was humiliating enough but to actually have to put a condom on the cock of your wife’s lover as well was something else.

His hand hovered in front of hers and then Clive pushed back the duvet. “I would sooner not wear one,” he said, “but...”

Les found himself taking it from her hand and stepping towards the bed. As he tore open the packet Lindsay sat down the bed next to Clive and took hold of his erection, “That’s it roll it right down darling,” she told him.

Les had never touched another man’s cock before. It had never even crossed his mind to do so but he was about to break a personal taboo. He held the condom by the teat directly over the tip of Clive’s cock, took a deep breath, and then pushed it over the head.

“That’s it darling,” Lindsay said, “all the way down.”

Les held his breath as his nervous fingers rolled the gossamer sheath down as far as it would go. With himself there was always a little more left at the end as it reached the base of his cock; not so with Clive. It stopped about three quarters of the way down.

Lindsay held Clive’s cock by the tip and ran her hand down the shaft. “Do you think this is safe enough?” she asked.

“It should be,” Clive said. “You can get longer condoms, but this should be okay.”

Les just looked at it as it rested in Lindsay’s hand. It was, he had to admit, monstrous. It also looked unsafe. The gossamer seemed stretched to its limits by the thickness of Clive’s cock. He watched as Lindsay ran the tip of her finger down the length of the shaft and over his testicles as if making a point to him. Les looked away as she spoke, “Can you bring me our handcuffs please?”

He looked at her for a moment. Sometimes she liked him to handcuff her hands to the rails of the headboard and then fuck her. She liked the feeling of being restrained while being fucked. Les enjoyed doing it to her as well but she could trust him. Could she trust Clive? Not only would she be restrained but the door would be locked as well.

“W...will you be okay?”

She smiled. “Of course I will,” she said. “Clive’s a gentleman. I’m sure he won’t do anything I don’t want him too.”

Les saw Clive’s cock twitch in her hand. It was obvious that he was excited about having her at his mercy. Les waited for a few more moments and then went to their bedroom. Moments later he returned with the silver handcuffs encased with a fluffy pink padding. He handed them to Lindsay but she passed them to Clive.

Les stood at the edge of the and watched as Clive got out from under the duvet and made way for Lindsay to lie down in the middle of the bed on top of the duvet. Liz offered no resistance as Clive fastened one of the cuffs to her wrist and lifted her arm back above her head. After guiding her hand through the rail he then guided her other hand through the rail and fastened the cuff. She was secured now.

“Leave the key on the bedside table Les,” Clive said as he stepped off the bed.

Les looked at him for a moment as he stood menacingly in front of him waiting. His condom covered penis stretched out before him ready for action. As Les put down the key Clive stepped aside and opened the door for him. He glanced at Lindsay lying down on the bed helplessly bound; a nervous smile lit her face.

He pondered for a moment on whether or not he should leave her alone with Clive, but Clive’s impatient hand alighted on the small of his back. It was only a gentle touch but all the same it was a shove out of the door. Clive wanted to be alone with her.

Les glanced at his wife one more time and then stepped out of the room. The door closed quietly behind him, but the turning of the key seemed so loud that it sent a shiver down his spine. He turned to face the door and stood for a few moments. There was no sound coming from the room, but he knew that inside his cuckold’s reward was being prepared.

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