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The Cuckold's Reward - Sandy's Story

A further story in the series about the rewards a husband can expect when he is cuckolded
Patty turned around on her dressing table chair to face him. She wore a very short red silk nightdress that barely covered the top of her thighs. The matching panties lay on top of the dressing table. Sandy reached for them and picked them up, “Are you going to put these on?” He asked her.

Patty ignored his question as she reached for his erection. Sandy wore just a t-shirt. Her hand gently took hold of him as she ran a finger over the tip. He was wet; wet and sticky from his secretions. “It really gets you going doesn’t it,” she said quietly, “talking about me with another man?” She added.

Sandy nodded. Just before coming up to bed they had been kissing and cuddling in the lounge and Sandy had got into fantasy mode with her. As usual it was about sharing her with another man. The thought of his very attractive thirty year old wife being fucked by another man was something that occupied his mind greatly of late.

Her hand began to move slowly up and down his shaft, “Could you really bear me actually having another man in our bed?” She asked him as she nodded towards the bed behind. “Would you really let me share our marital bed with another male?”

Sandy groaned and momentarily closed his eyes in excitement.

“Could you?” She asked him.

“Yesssss,” he told her.

“I am being serious now Sandy,” she said as she stopped stroking him. “Could you take it, me with another man in our bed? Without you in the room; without you even in the house probably. Could you take it Sandy?”

Sandy reached down and cupped her breast, “You know that it’s all I have ever wanted,” he replied.

“You want me to cuckold you then?”

Sandy nodded as he toyed with her nipple, “Will you?” He asked.

Patty looked up and caught his eye, “I will do it,” she told him. “I will cuckold you.” She added as she stroked him again.

“Thank you......thank you,” he told her as he groaned before leaning over and kissing her.

Patty stopped her slow masturbation of him, “You are sure about this. You are sure that this is what you want?” She asked him.

“Yes.” Sandy replied softly.

Patty sat still for a moment.

“You don’t have to do it if you don’t want to,” Sandy told her. “I don’t want to pressurise you.”

“I do want to do it,” she replied. “It’s just that I wonder if you fully understand the implications of it all.”

Sandy looked blankly down at her.

“I mean me in that bed with another man will not be just about the sex,” she started to say. “It’s more than just about a few minutes of physical sex while we exchange bodily fluids.” She explained, “It’s about making love; the intimacy before; the kissing and cuddling afterwards and the resting in each other’s arms for hours afterwards.”

Sandy stood motionless.

“He will be more than just a fuck Sandy,” she said as she stroked him again. “I will want to socialise with him as a friend and I want to be free to sleep with him whenever I want to.”

Patty could see that Sandy was not seeing things the way that she was.

“I think that you are expecting me to just fuck another man whenever you want it to happen aren’t you?”

Sandy nodded.

“I’m sorry Sandy but these things are not like that, not with me anyway,” she told him. “As I said, he will be a friend; someone I like and we will fuck whenever the mood takes us and not when you want it to happen.”

“I....I..... wanted to be part of it too,” he told her. “You know...... help you dress for a date; buy some nice lingerie for you to wear; undress you for him. Maybe watch you on occasion and ......... you know.”

Patty continued to stroke him, “Clean me up afterwards?” She asked. “Lick up all his cum after he has finished with me?”

Sandy nodded.

“I have no problem with that,” she responded. “I have no problem with the dressing and buying me clothes either but the undressing and watching....... sorry but no.” She added with a shake of her head.

She could the sadness on his face.

“There will also be times when you won’t be able to dress me,” she told him.

“Oh!” Sandy said.

“Times when you will be away on business or when we want to fuck without your knowledge.”

Sandy looked at her with surprise.

“Sorry Sandy but that’s the way it will be,” she told him.

For a few moments there was silence between them: silence that is except for the sound of Sandy’s heavy breathing as Patty slowly masturbated him.

“Ok.... I agree to do things your way,” Sandy told her breaking the silence between them.

“You are sure about this Sandy?” She asked. “Because once we start there will be no going back.”

Sandy’s breathing was getting heavier now and his cock was covered with his secreting precum, “yesss.”

Patty said nothing for a few moments as she continued to stroke his cock even though her fingers were getting covered in his juices.

“What if you have already been cuckolded Sandy?”

He stared blankly at her for a moment.

“Did you hear what I just said?” She asked after no response. “What if you are already a cuckold?”

W...when? How?” He asked. “ can’t have,” he said with surprise. “You wouldn’t?”

“Why wouldn’t I?” She asked him. “You have wanted me to cuckold you for some time now so I might just have gone ahead and already done it.”

Sandy said nothing.

Patty looked across at the bed, “I might have had another man fucking me in our bed for months.”

“I.....I would know if you had,” Sandy replied.

Patty gazed up at him and looked him in the eye as she continued to slowly masturbate him, “you have nights away, at least two nights a month. “She told him, “then there are days when I am not working.” She added.

Sandy’s breathing grew heavier as he remained silent.

“I get asked out a lot,” she told him. “What if I had taken up one of those offers?”

Sandy took a huge deep breath just before Patty leant forward to take his cock in her mouth. For a few moments he just stood there enjoying her warm lips and tongue on his shaft, “you are just testing me aren’t you?” He said quietly. “Testing my reaction. There is no need to; I want you to go ahead with it.”

“What if I am not testing? What if I am confessing?” She asked him as she interrupted her sucking of his cock.

Sandy felt his whole body stiffen.

“What if last Thursday when you were away he was here in the house with me?” She started to tell him. “What if I was speaking to you from the kitchen phone and he was with me undressing me as we spoke? What if he stripped me right down to my stockings as we talked and then took out his cock and began rubbing it against my pussy as I said goodnight to you?

Sandy’s body jolted.

Patty started to slowly stroke his erection again, “What if there have been times when, as we spoke on the telephone, his cock was deep inside me? What if I was laying there talking to you and he quietly climbed on top of me and pushed his cock inside me?

Sandy groaned loudly.

“What if they have been times when I have been listening to you talking and his cock has been in my mouth? She asked him. “

Sandy’s hands reached out and gripped the back of her head to pull her against him as her hand began to stroke him faster.

“What if I have been talking to you while I was on top of him slowly grinding away with his hard cock deep inside me?”

Sandy suddenly let out a very load cry and his cum began to splash against her face. Patty managed to pull his cock into her mouth and catch the last spurts of his cum.

A little while after composing themselves and applying a few facial wipes Patty cuddled up to him in the warmth of their large bed, “you really had me going there,” he told her. “You bloody know what buttons to push on me,” he added as he hugged her.

Patty smiled as she ran her hand down between his thighs, “So whether I am going to do things like that or whether I have already done them makes no difference to you then, makes no difference to our marriage?”

Sandy smiled before he kissed her goodnight, deciding not to take her up on it further.


 It was ten days later when Patty popped into Sandy’s office as he was gathering some records together before heading off for a series of business meetings. It would mean another overnight stay before taking in some early morning meetings and then heading back home.

She kissed him before pressing her lips up against ear, “Thought you might like to buy me something nice to wear in bed tonight before you rush off.” She whispered.

Sandy smiled before he felt the back of her hand brush against his groin as she pulled away. He reached for her and pulled her back and pressed his lips against her ear so that he too would be out of earshot of others, “Trying to tease me about being a cuckold again are you?”

“Who said I was teasing?” She responded very quietly.

Sandy pulled her tighter against him and kissed her. He wanted to slip his hand under her skirt; he wanted to touch her; he wanted to finger her; he wanted to fuck her. This was not the time or place, “Okay we will play it your way then,” he told her. “Lead on.” He added as he grabbed his briefcase.

Patty took him to a lingerie shop on the high street and led him to the night wear section, “your choice Mr Cuckold.” She told him.

Sandy smiled and then looked at the rails. There were lots to chose from; too many in fact but his eye caught a white baby doll set. Sexy and yet virginal, “this one.” He told her as he snatched at the hanger.

Patty took it from him and held it up to view it properly, “Mmmmm I think he will really like seeing me in this.” She whispered.

Outside the shop he handed her the bag before kissing her, “I have to set off now,” he told her. “Give him an extra one from me. I will see you in this when I get back tomorrow night.”

She responded with a kiss, “I will be wearing it when you ring at nine o’clock tonight.”

Sandy pulled her close, “You will pay for all this teasing when I get back,” he told her before his final farewell kiss.

At 9pm Sandy telephoned her, “ring me back on the mobile.” She told him.

Sandy telephoned her again, “That’s better.” She told him.

He asked her what the difference was.

“Because I can send you a picture of me in my nice new night wear,” she told him.

“Ok then,” he responded.

He mobile went silent for few moments and then suddenly his screen lit up. It was Patty sat up on the bed in the baby doll nightie that he purchased earlier that day. He smiled and gave a wolf whistle as she raised her knees and opened her thighs letting him see her panty clad crotch, then suddenly he froze on the spot. Patty could not have been taking the live video that he was seeing.

“Who....who ...... who is taking the video? He asked.

The screen went blank and then he heard her voice, “What was that?” She asked him.

He repeated the question.

Patty went silent for a few moments,“who do you think?”

There was silence between them for a few moments. “ were telling the truth all along then.” Sandy said.

“Yes,” Patty replied quietly.

They became silent again.

“Are you okay Sandy?” She asked him.

“Yes...yes I’m fine,” he told her. “Just shocked that’s all.”

“It is what you want though isn’t it?” She said.

There was only one answer he could give.

“Would you like to say hello to him?” She asked, “his name is Ian.”

Sandy felt his throat dry up as he heard her talking to someone, “Hi Sandy.” Said a voice in a heavy Scottish accent.

Sandy could just about manage a ‘Hello.’ He was completely taken aback.

“Nice outfit you got for her.” he said. “Really given me a good boner!”

Suddenly he heard Patty’s voice again and his screen lit up. A huge cock suddenly came into view,“How’s that for a big one?” He heard Patty saying.

Sandy was shocked but it did not stop him getting an erection of his own. As Patty’s hand came into view and took hold of his cock he found himself touching his own bulge. He watched her stroke it for a few moments and then screen went blank for a few seconds. When it lit up again the screen was filled with the sight of Patty sucking the huge cock. It was obvious that Ian was holding her mobile phone and videoing her

It was not just a jaw dropping moment but one in which a rush of emotions suddenly started to come over him. He was jealous; pangs of gut wrenching jealous pain filled his stomach and yet his cock also hurt as it pressed hard against his trousers. Suddenly the screen went blank again and he heard Ian’s voice again, “Sorry Sandy but I just have to go now and get your wife’s knickers off.”

His mobile phone went dead and a deathly silence filled his room momentarily before the sound of his zipper was heard. Her knickers would be off now and a cock much bigger than his own would be making its way into her pussy. All that was left for him now was to take his own cock in his hand and slowly enjoy the cuckold’s reward.

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